Letters to Purvi Ch. 03

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The correspondence is between me and a lonely housewife in Calcutta, who has since become a very close friend.

* * * * *

My darling Purvi ,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for such a long while, but business has been keeping me on my toes and I have had to give all my spare time to Rajesh. I showed him a printout of my last letter to you, and it really got him excited, as I had expected. I had wondered whether it would make him in any way jealous, but the idea of another man’s cock in my cunt, another man lying on me, another prick in my lips, has really got him going and he’s been all over me like a college stud.

We’ve been fucking almost every day he’s in town — and all over the place! In my car, in his car, in the theater (where I had to suck him off twice in one show!) and even in a corner of the Borivli National Park where we had gone for a picnic and where we were surprised by two village women gathering wood (We really embarrassed them — I don’t think they had ever seen a cock being sucked before!). I think the general idea of sharing me is sexy to him and every time he gets one of those mental images of me fucking with Sunil, he wants to join in, so he tries to do it as soon as he can. Why, he’s even been dropping hints about inviting Sunil down again and making a threesome of it! I’ll have to think about that — while the thought of having two stiff dicks to play with at the same time is quite exciting –think of it – one in your cunthole and one in your mouth, filled nicely at both ends — but I sometimes wonder whether it might not put too much pressure on me!

So I’ve asked him to give me more time to think. But enough of me for the moment — what about you? That lovely husband of yours must be keeping your hole well oiled and filled with spunk — do kiss and suck his prick once -specially- for me! Fuck him well and wait until he’s come two or three times — then take his dick in your lips and use the ‘butterfly’ trick on him — with a little practice and some time, you should be able to get a decent stand any time you like! And believe me, once a man can feel his hard prick in your hand, it doesn’t matter how tired or fucked out he says he is — he’s sure to climb on top and give you a great poking just to get his cum out!

And here’s another idea for you — wear a rough silk kurta with no bra and just enjoy the feeling as you move about the house. The movement of your body as you go about your household tasks will make the slightly rough material rub constantly across your sensitive nipples. It’s a delightful feeling, and soon your sensitive nipples will be hard and erect. Then when Uday comes home, go and embrace him and push your tongue in his mouth while moving his hand up to your breast. The feel of that hard little tip will be very exciting for him and he is sure to fuck you almost immediately — and he will probably want to suck at those little points while he is ramming his cock in you — as they will be extra sensitive, the pleasure for you is certain to be mind-blowing!

Incidentally, it would be a good idea to buy a few of those large ribbed decorative candles you can get at any gift store. Buy a nice thick one with a fairly long base ( the candle must be at least 9″-10″ long). Then trim the wick off close and you can keep it anywhere around the house where it will look like just another show-piece. But it also functions great as a duplicate prick! Now, Uday, don’t be upset! I’m not suggesting this because I feel you aren’t satisfying my Purvi! It’s just that it will be a lovely release on lonely afternoons when you are away at work or if you are out of town — I use it a lot when Rajesh is on his long flights! Also you can use it on Purvi if that excites you. But a really good use is when you are coming home really horny for a fast fuck and you want Purvi to be ready.

Well, women like to be well greased up before you plunge your dick in, otherwise it can hurt! What Rajesh and I do in such situations is that he calls me from the airport as soon as he lands and we fix a time and place. Then I go to the place (normally a nearby hotel) and lie on the bed, pushing my sari up ,to my waist. I insert the candle very slowly into my cunt ( it helps if I oil it with Nivea cream or Vaseline) and fuck myself quickly, using a fast in and out motion along with a rapid rubbing of my clitoris with two fingers of my other hand. I cum nicely in about five minutes, and have just enough time to arrange my clothes and check my make-up and hair before Rajesh is in the room and pushing me down to the bed again.

He is normally so horny that he prefers to take istanbul escort the edge off by a quick screw with our clothes on and then have a nice leisurely shower and several more fucks and sucks later. Due to my masturbation I am soft and open and wet, so that it doesn’t hurt at all when he rams his bursting cock into me. Also, since I have already had one orgasm, my need is not so great and I can concentrate entirely on his urgency and use all my efforts to give him as much pleasure as I can possibly manage. All in all, a great way to start a evening of love. Try it — you can always burn the candle if you don’t like the sensation!

Please write and tell me of all the ways and positions you use to fuck with Uday. It will be really exciting to know.

Anyway I would like to tell you in detail all about a very memorable and sexy encounter I had – quite a few years ago — in fact, my very first. Yes, Purvi darling, it was the first time I saw and touched a proud male cock and then allowed that cock into my cunt, letting it tear aside that little skin of my virginity. So if Uday is with you, please lie down together and stroke his cock — if you are alone, then lie in bed and put a couple of fingers in your cunt. This is a really sexy story — in fact, I will probably have to masturbate a couple of times before I’m finished with this — the memory is really a very exciting one!

I was in college at the time. As my parents were not in Bombay during those years, I was living with my great-aunt, my grandmother’s sister. She was a widow, with all her children abroad, so she was delighted with the company. She didn’t interfere much in my life – as long as I got good marks and didn’t cause any scandals or gossip, she was too immersed in her ‘pooja-paat’ to worry about me. Over the months, I had gone out with about 4-5 guys in my class, but lately I had been almost exclusively going out with one guy – Rohinton, the captain of the junior college basketball team. Ronny was very fair and handsome, with thick curly dark hair and a hard, muscular body. We’d been going out about once a week (except at exam time!) for almost six months. We’d done some kissing, even with open mouths, using our tongues, but no more. Once, in a theater, Ronny had put a hand on my breast, but I had pushed it away and neither of us had mentioned it again.

Well, now it was my 18th birthday. And about a week before, I knew what I wanted for a present — to lose my virginity on the day I officially became an adult! This decision may have been brought about by the fact that I was thinking of Ronny almost every night and had lately begun to finger myself a little for some relief, every night. Also, I had noticed another girl Amita, from my class, who had begun to make a big play for Ronny – by ‘accidentally’ rubbing her breasts or buttocks against him. And she would definitely give him all the ass he could handle – I had heard her boast about her past exploits in the girl’s locker room, where she had also once given a pretty good demonstration on the art of sucking cock – using a banana! So I knew that I had to get my hands on that prick of Ronny’s before I was beaten to it!!

So Ronny asked me what I would like to do for my birthday. Having made my plans, I told him to book tickets for the late show at the Drive-in theater and also to make sure that we could borrow his father’s car (luckily for what I had in mind, it was an Ambassador – these days these Marutis are really small!!). I was pretty sure we would find it almost impossible to get a hotel room and we had literally no other place we could use, so I thought the car offered the best alternative – especially after the stories I had read about making it in the back seat at the drive-ins in the States. Meanwhile I carefully chose what I was going to wear – it had to be a sari, as that would be easiest to take off and on in the cramped space of the car!

When Ronny came to pick me up that night, my great-aunt was already asleep. I had spent most of the evening getting ready and the effort was really worth it as I saw Ronny’s eyes light up and heard his breath quicken. I had chosen a scarlet red silk chiffon that really clung to my figure – draped as low on my hips as I could manage without it actually falling off! I had stitched a new blouse, which was sleeveless and cut low in front and back showing off my cleavage to advantage – even though my breasts were not the size they are today, they were quite large for a girl of my age and they were as firm as mangoes. My hair was open, down my back.

Ronny held me softly and kissed me after wishing me. I istanbul escort bayan could feel his arms trembling slightly and his kiss was very soft, almost as if he was scared of letting himself really go. Soon we were in the car and at the Drive-in. As the film started, I moved closer and cuddled up to him while he put one arm around my shoulders.

The film was one of those Hindi formula films -I don’t even remember the name. Barely ten minutes into the film, Ronny leaned into me and I lifted up my face, lips parted. He crushed his lips down on mine and I opened my mouth wider, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues rubbed and our lips grew wet as we kissed long and deep. His arm was around my shoulders and the other hand was cupping my cheek as we kissed. I knew he was too much of a gentleman to go further without encouragement, so the first move was up to me.

Thrusting my tongue as deep as it would go, I put a hand on his knee and then moved it up his thigh. Then, with a soft moan, I placed it right on his bulging groin and squeezed! Ronny gasped and broke the kiss. Moving a few inches away, he looked deep into my eyes. I simply smiled and pulled his head down to mine and fastened his lips to mine.

Almost immediately, his hands were on my breasts – cupping and massaging them. I pressed the hard lump in his crotch again – he moaned into my mouth, much louder this time. Then I felt his trembling fingers at the front of my choli, unfastening the hooks. As I felt the cloth come loose, I reached behind and undid the snap of my bra. My breasts pushed free and Ronny broke our kiss to look down admiringly at them. His fingers teased and pulled at the nipples, which were soon aching with my desire. He then bent down and took one into his mouth and sucked. Now it was my turn to moan aloud, holding his head to my bosom – it felt so incredibly good! Soon he moved to the other breast continuing to stroke the first. I could feel a definite warmth in my groin and I was almost sure I could feel some juice wetting my thighs. So I bent down and whispered that I wanted to see his cock.

Ronny sat up and quickly undid his belt and the top button of his jeans. He then took his hand away and I understood that he wanted me to do the rest. So I leaned forward and slid his zip down, forcing it over the bulge in the center. A large mass, encased in the white fabric of his underwear, pushed out of his fly. So I pushed his jeans open and found the waistband of his underwear and pulled downwards with one firm pull. And there it was – rearing up, hard and throbbing, my very first prick!

Ronny’s cock was long and hard, rock-hard. I placed both my hands around the massiveness of his dick and began to gently stroke it. Up and down his shaft I went, using both my hands. Each time I reached the sensitive tip of his cock I’d gently rub my fingers across the bulging head and over the hole. Then down the shaft I’d go again, up and down, up and down, caressing his meat with my hands. I massaged his balls with one hand squeezing gently, while my other hand kept pumping his shaft. My pussy was by now very wet and I could hear myself panting with need, but there was one more thing I wanted to do with that tool before I let it ram through my virgin hole.

I bent and kissed the tip. It was my first taste of cock and I loved everything about it, the feel, the taste, the smell and most of all, the feeling of power. Ronny was completely under my spell, unable to do anything but sit there and groan while I mouthed his manhood. I wrapped my fingers tightly around his pulsating pole and licked the head like you would an ice cream cone, desperately trying to remember how Amita had moved her tongue around that banana back in college. Some liquid oozed from the tip and I lapped up every sweet drop while my stud sat there with his head thrown back in delight, shaking all over.

Though I was doing this for the first time, I knew enough to stop before Ronny shot his sperm into my mouth. That could come later – I had a virgin pussy that I wanted torn open and I didn’t want him to come before that!

So I sat up and we kissed some more, his hands on my breasts and mine stroking his throbbing rod. Then, just in case he still had any doubts, I whispered that I wanted him to fuck me. For a couple of minutes, we squirmed around, trying to get into position , but the steering wheel kept getting in the way. So Ronny climbed over into the back and then helped me to join him.

I lay on my back in the back seat. I was nude from the waist up, having discarded both bra and choli in the earlier struggle. istanbul bayan escort Now I thrust down with my feet and lifted my ass, meanwhile pulling my sari up about my waist. Ronny leaned forward, panting and I felt his hands on my panties, pulling them down my legs. They caught for a minute on the tip of one high heel, but then Ronny was back between my spread thighs, peering down at whatever he could see in the dim flickering light from the screen.

Now he pushed one finger into my hole and tried to push in a second. Being a virgin, I was awfully tight, so he really had to struggle. But I knew I was ready. Moaning softly, I reached up and pulled at his shoulders, trying to force him to climb onto me. I begged him to replace his fingers with that long hard pole sticking out of his groin.

He grinned and leaned down so that just the hot head touched my burning slit. The lips of my pussy parted softly and wetly before his cock as he dragged carefully up and down my slit, trying to wet the tip properly with the hot liquid oozing out of my slit..

Finally, in desperation, I grabbed his shoulders and pulled his body on top of mine. The force of his weight as he fell drove his dick straight through my virgin barrier. I pressed my mouth into his shoulder, desperately muffling my scream of pain as his hard tool tore its way through my virginity.

Ronny moved slowly at first, moving his dick carefully in and out of my tight tunnel. I guess my scream of pain had scared him, because he was barely moving, just holding that thick rod in my hole. Slowly, I relaxed and began to enjoy the sensation.

Ronny pumped slowly. It felt incredible. I felt his penis sliding in and out of me and my cunt began to ache with pleasure. My whole body grew warmer. I wrapped my legs across his back, crossing my ankles, and that pushed him even deeper. He was into me as far as he could get, and I could even feel his balls press up against my ass crack every time he went in to the hilt. He was squeezing my breasts, twisting my nipples. Oh, the sensation was driving me real crazy!

Now we went at it faster and faster. I thrust my cunt ,up at him as he shoved down and the rhythm took us over. We were both seconds away, a great orgasm building up inside. Ronny groaned out that he couldn’t hold out any longer. Then he thrust one last deep time – and I came! It was like a bomb going off inside me. I stiffened and arched my body up at him, and felt my orgasm sweep over me. Waves of pleasure swelled over me until I felt faint. Then Ronny buried his face in my neck and cried out that he was coming.

Deep in my belly, his cock-head spat forth spurt after spurt of thick cream. Thick, hot wads of hot semen pumped from his fleshy tube into my hole. And the sensation drove me so wild that my orgasm was prolonged on and on. We were both gasping and bucking, our bodies jerking uncontrollably as the pleasure rocked us.

Slowly we settled. We lay together, panting, our arms around each other. Finally Ronny sighed and sat up pulling me up to a sitting position beside him. It took us a while to catch our breath. Then we slowly began to dress. It was more difficult for me as I was not as expert at tying a sari as I am now – and my sari was a crumpled mess. Finally, we found my bra and choli under the front seat and then, as it was the interval, Ronny climbed back into the front seat and drove out till he reached a temporarily deserted by-lane where I could climb out and re-drape my sari. We then stopped off at a hotel where I visited the ladies and redid my make-up properly and brushed my hair. I didn’t attempt to mop up the liquid drooling from my cunt as there was far too much of it – by the time I got back home, my thighs were completely smeared with a mixture of our combined juices and blood from my torn hymen. I remember I was sore for a day afterwards!

I fucked Ronny plenty of times after that and we experimented with a lot of positions and techniques. But nothing ever felt like that incredible first fuck – I guess nothing can ever match first time lust! Maybe that is good because I’m not sure my heart could stand it.

Ronny joined the forces after college and is now posted abroad. I met him once last year at a friend’s wedding reception – I almost suggested we meet at a later date, but he had his wife with him – a really sexy looking Parsi girl – and I’m sure she’s giving him all the pussy he can handle!

Well, I hoped you enjoyed my account of how I became a woman. Why don’t you tell me how you first got fucked? Was it Uday? Tell me all the details, Purvi darling, I’m dying to know! I’d love to have a long descriptive letter from you which I can read and get hot with so that I can masturbate or use my candle or have Rajesh fuck me while I read.

Write very, very soon!!

Lots of hot kisses,


* * * * *

To Be Continued…

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