Life’s Changes Ch. 05

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The next morning I woke up alone in bed. Someone was in the shower and I could smell coffee brewing. Moments later Bill came out of the shower. And Pam walked into the room holding a cup of what I hoped was coffee and asked.

“Breakfast in here or down stairs?” I answered in a short clip tone.

“Coffee here breakfasts down stairs.” I didn’t mean to be short with her but any of you out there that are a coffeeholic will know what it’s like. I grabbed the cup from her hand that she held out to me and rushed in to the bathroom. I went potty and jumped in the shower. After drying myself off I put on my garters and stocking, my panties and bra then my makeup then my suit with the knee length skirt.

With in a half hour I was ready to face the day. Hoping that today wasn’t like last Monday. I went down stairs for breakfast. Bill was already there eating fresh fruit and toast. I sat down and Pam served me the same thing Bill was eating. Pam sat down with a bowl of cereal. I told Bill

“Please remember to call some contractors about the closet today.”

“I’m going to call a closet designer instead and let them hire a contractor.” I looked at Bill there was something different about him today. I studied him till I finally figured out what it was.

“That’s probable a good idea. They can design it first before they start tearing anything out. Oh and Bill the tie clashes with your nail polish. ” Bill Looked at his nails and said

“Dam I knew I was forgetting something.” Bill went off to remove his nail polish while Pam and I giggled about it. I took a look at Pam then said.

“Is that the same outfit you where wearing on Friday?” She looked exactly the same as she did at the restaurant except the skirt was slightly different.”

“No this is a different skirt and the blouse is a different one but the same color.” I’ve known women like her they wear basically the same cloths all the time. You have to look closely to see the difference.

“Do you always wear the same thing I mean style?” She nodded her head. “Well we’re going to have to change that. And we’ll do something about your hair too.”

“What wrong with my style and my hair. Bill likes it.” She said defensively

“Has Bill actually said he likes it?” I asked I was pretty sure Bill never told her he like it.

“Well he never said he didn’t. Why doesn’t it look business like”?

“Honey, please don’t take this the wrong way but you look like the school Marm on little house on the prairie. Yesterday you looked so beautiful and today you look like Miss Frump.” I could see she was upset. I didn’t want to upset her.

“Do you really think this is a bad look? I always thought Bill liked it. He never criticized it.”

“Bill wouldn’t criticize anything he’s too nice of a person. If you want tonight after work we’ll go buy a couple of outfits for you to wear to work and some for around here. If it’s ok with you I’d like to bring Jenny with us she’s very good in the cloths department.” Pam nodded her head. “I’ll call you later to tell you where to meet us. Ok.” She nodded her head again. I could see she was almost in tears. I put my arm around her and gave her a hug. “I have to go to work now would you be a dear and make sure Bill has all his nail polish off and check for any make up. And later today remind him about the closet.”

“I could find a designer for the closet myself and schedule them to inspect.”

“That’s not a job for a secretary.”

“No it’s not but it is one for a house mate. As long as my boss doesn’t mind me calling.”

“If he doesn’t mind then go ahead.” I said goodbye and called to Bill goodbye on my way out the door.

I arrived at work my usual half-hour early. Ginger was there to greet me as usual with a cup of coffee that I had told her a hundred times she didn’t have to get for me. And she would always say “I don’t have to get it for you I want to.”

“Anything on the agenda yet today.” I asked her as I drank my coffee and look though my mail.

“Oh yes you’re schedule is full this morning and you have a board meeting at one this afternoon. Mr. Burns would like to see you the first thing this morning. And I do mean the first thing.”

“See If Mr. Burns is in yet and set up a time.” Burns was the president of the company I didn’t want to keep him waiting.

“Oh. He’s in already, came in a hour early because he knew you came in a half hour early he waiting for you.”

“You know what he wants don’t you.” She nodded her head with a smile on her lips. “And your not going to tell me. Are you?”

“No but I will say it’s been nice working with you.” I didn’t like the sound of that. I was sure if they were going to fire me she wouldn’t be smiling. At lease I hope not. I took the elevator to the president’s office. I met Janie his secretary out side and she ushered me right in.

“Sheri come right in. Have a seat would you like a cup of coffee.” Mr. Burns asked. They don’t offer you coffee when their going to fire you do they.

“No Kadıköy Escort sir I’ve had plenty already today, thank you.”

“Sheri I asked you up here for several reasons. First this Jeff Franks Incident” I thought to my self. Oh great the little worm said something.

“Mr. Burns let me explain what happen.” I started but he cut me off.

“Oh I know what happen. I’d like to know why you didn’t fire him. You could have you know.”

“Sir my job here is to make sure we keep the computers running. Jeff is a good Tec probable one of the best. If I fired him I’d be looking to replace him. So since I handle the situation I’d like to keep him.”

“I heard how you handle it, good going. I like that you thought of the company first and I like the way you handled it. Next I’ve been looking at you personnel file you have eight weeks of vacation due you I’d like you to start taking it at lease a day off now and then. I don’t want you burning out on me. Last but not leased we’re creating a new position vice president in charge of Systems Information and System Procurement. Are you interested?”

“Sure since that’s what I do now.”

“Well you can put your resume in with the others. But we are going to try and get the best person we can. VP’s start at three hundred and fifty thousand a year plus stock options and perks.” Why was he telling me this? I finally said

“I’ll put my resume in this afternoon sounds like a good job to me.”

“We should know in a month or so who it’ll be so don’t go quitting on us yet.” What the hell was he talking about first he wanted me to take vacation time then talking about me quitting? I just may if I don’t get that VP slot.

“Well Sheri don’t forget about that vacation time and get that resume in and I’ll see you this afternoon at the board meeting.” Mr. Burns walked me to the door. After I left I asked Janie

“Has he been ill” Janie gave me a smile and said

“He’s been just fine. Why do you ask?”

“That was the strangest conversation I ever had with him.”

“No he seemed ok to me this morning. Oh Mrs. Macon thank you for setting Jeff Franks in place he has been such a pain.”

“You welcome Janie and my name is Sheri.”

“Yes I knew that.” As I got back to my office I asked Ginger to come in.

“Now Ginger I know you secretaries have a inner office information network here. What was that meeting all about?”

“I have no idea he just asked me to sent you up there when you came in.”

“Are they planning on canning me over that Jeff thing. If they are I quit before they do.”

“If they do, which I doubt they’ll ask for you resignation first.” I knew she was right about that. “Mrs. Macon you have two hours before the board meeting if your going to the work out room you should go now. I though you might go today since you didn’t get there all last week.”

“Your right. Maybe I can work off some of this tension.” Just then the phone rang

“It’s Mrs. Marsh.” Ginger said as she handed me the phone “Don’t forget the Gym” Some times I swear Ginger is worse than my mother.

“Jenny sweetie what’s your day been like.”

“Busy how about yours?”

“Really weird. I’ll tell you later tonight. Do you want to go shopping with Pam and me this evening for work cloths for her.”

“Sure how come?”

“You seen how pretty she is. Well she dresses like my seventh grade teacher.”

“Sure we’ll go right after work. I’ll see you at six outside your building.”

“I’ll be there. Oh and can you do me a favor call Pam at the office and give her somewhere to meet us.”

“Sure no problem I see you a six.” I said goodbye as Ginger came back in the office

“I’m going, I’m going. You’re really being nag to me today.” She gave me a stern look as I walked out of the office. In the dressing room I stripped completely and donned my work out sweats. Going into the workout room I started stretching. One other person was in the room. He was a rather tall muscular man about forty. He was doing the Stairmaster. That’s where I usually start. I’ll do about fifteen minutes or so on that. Then the treadmill and then on to the pull-up bar. I started the other Stairmaster on medium and got on. The man next to me turned to me and said

“Hi I’m Malcolm.” I shook his hand not easy to do on a Stairmaster. And told him my name.

“I’m down here from the home office for the board meeting. I had a couple of hours to kill before it. So I came down here to work out.”

“I’m on my lunch break.” I really wasn’t interested in chatting but he didn’t seem to notice.

“What do you do here?”

“Department head for systems information.”

“I hear their hiring a VP for that.”

“I know I’m not real happy about that.”

“How come don’t you think they need a VP for that? It’s a pretty important department.”

“Probably one of the most important. But I think I’m doing a good enough job.”

“Well maybe they’ll make you VP”

“I doubt that. If they where Ataşehir Escort then why not just give it to me instead of have me put in my resume. They know my qualifications as well as I do. They probably think I’m too young for the job.”

“You are kind of young what are you twenty three.”

“Thanks I’m thirty. This maybe the one time not showing my age may not be a good thing.”

“The owner is a pretty smart guy. I’m sure he’ll make the right decision.” I looked at the clock on the It was twelve already.

“I have to go.” I said as I jumped off the Stairmaster

“Can you stay a little longer I’d like to talk to you a bit.” Malcolm asked

“No I really need to go shower and get dressed. If I’m not back in the office by twelve thirty my secretary will be down here with a switch to find out why.

“Sounds like a good secretary. Kind of like my.”

“She is but sometimes I think she thinks I’m her daughter.”

“Mine is the same way.”

“Your secretary think your her daughter. What do you wear to work?” We both laughed at that. I said goodbye and went to the shower. Got dressed. I when back to my office

“Mrs. Macon the meeting time has been changed it starting now. They want you up there as soon as possible.” Ginger told me.

“Now I’m not ready. Don’t these people know what a schedule is.” I said as Ginger gave me a pen and a pad and pushed me out the door. I arrived at the board meeting once it was already started not a good thing.

“Sorry Mr. burns I just heard about the change in time.” I said noticing my normal seat was taken and the only one left was between Malcolm and Mr. Burns.

“That’s Ok please have a seat.” seating between them I noticed everyone had nameplate with their job title on it. Burns then said “Janie get Sheri’s name plate. Every one knows about the system crash we had last week that stopped this company in its tracks for most of Monday. Well last Friday at the executive board meeting it was agreed that since Information Systems was such a vital component to our company the we should hire a VP to over see it. Malcolm would you like to take it from here.” Malcolm stood up and said

“Most of the VP’s know me but I don’t know all the department heads. I’m here to hire the most talented and experienced person for this position.” He looked right at me and said “Regardless of age color or gender.” Boy did I put my foot in it this time. Malcolm reached over me and turned my nameplate around. I was sure he was going to ask me a question so I looked up at him.

“I’ve already made my decision.” I felt rejected I didn’t even get to interview with him. I looked down at my lap I could feel everyone’s eyes on me then I heard Mr. Burns chuckle. The old fool thought it was funny dangling the job in front of me then watch it yanked away. I resolved I wasn’t going to let them get to me I looked up. Everyone was smiling. So they thought it was funny that someone was picked over me. Well I wasn’t about to take this lying down. I went to stand when Malcolm put a hand on my shoulder and Mr. Burns tapped my nameplate with his pencil. That’s when I saw it. On the brass name plate under my name was V.P. Information Systems. Everyone applauded. Mr. Burns stood up and shook my hand. I gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. He said to me so every one could hear

“Well that’s the first time a VP ever kissed me” then quietly to me he said “After everyone’s congratulated you meet me in my office.” He and Malcolm left as everyone else congratulated me. When everyone was done Janie gave me my new nameplate and escorted me to Mr. Burns office.

“Sheri have a seat.” After I sat next to Malcolm Mr. Burns continued. “You will take the position won’t you?”

“I’d be a fool not to Mr. Burns. And thank you Malcolm for not holding against me what I said down in the gym”

“You didn’t say anything wrong. You spoke your mind and that’s all I ask. But the next time we talk it will be over lunch not on a Stairmaster you almost killed me down there.”

“Sheri from now on you will call me Fred no more Mr. Burns. VP’s have that right. You do know Malcolm Harding don’t you?”

“I remember the name but I’m not sure where I’ve heard it.”

“Most likely on your paycheck. Mr. Harding is owner and CEO of our company.”

“Now I really feel stupid. I’m so sorry Mr. Harding I didn’t know you.”

“The names Malcolm and it’s ok I don’t get down hear very much. Maybe I should.”

“Sheri Janie will show you your new office and maintenance will move everything up you’ll need. You’ll need to hire a secretary and a department head in a couple weeks. I’d like to see you take Fridays off for a few weeks to use up some of that vacation.”

“I was planning on taking ten days off next month. As for secretaries I’d like to bring Ginger up with me if that’s ok.”

“I would have been surprised if you didn’t bring Ginger with you. And the ten days next month is fine. If there is nothing else Malcolm we can let Sheri go and get Maltepe Escort started being a V.P.”

“I don’t have any thing. It’s been nice meeting you Sheri I’m sure it won’t be the last time.”

I walk out of the office and found Janie. “Ready to see you new office. It’s quite nice.” We walked down one flight. She showed me to a set of double doors that had a plaque with my name on it. We entered the office that was about the same size as the one I already had. I thought it would be bigger. I told Janie

“I thought it would be bigger.’

“For a secretaries office its pretty big.” She said then we stepping though another door she said. “This is your office.” It was immense It had large windows that looked out over the city a desk that was twice the size as the one I had now made of real wood. The office had a bar and it’s own bathroom with a shower. I said to Janie

“Pinch me to see if I’m dreaming.” Janie reached over and pinched my bottom. Which surprised me.

“Well you did say pinch you. Is there any thing I can do for you before I leave.”

“Yes call my worthless secretary and tell her to get her butt up here.”

“You do realize she was under orders not to say anything to you and to make sure you got to the gym. Tell me, does the stair master keep you butt so nice and firm.”

“Yes it does do you like it.” I asked wondering where this was leading.

“Yes I do. It’s quite yummy. I’d like to see more of It.” she said as her hand stroked my bottom. Now I knew where this was leading. I looked at her she was tall. Taller than Bill even in heels her hair was blond, not a cheap bottle blond but a real blond. Her d cup breast stood out proudly from her chest as she looked down at me with her deep blue eyes. I said

“Maybe we could work out together someday and watch each other sweat.”

“I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.’ I thought she was going to kiss me when she broke eye contact and said. “I’ll go call Ginger.” And walked to the outer office. I watched her as she walked away I’m sure she knew I was watching. I though to my self I wouldn’t mind getting some of that. She turned and said “I hope you like what you see.” I could feel the heat on my face as I turned red with embarrassment at being caught staring. Then she said, “Don’t be embarrassed I like that you looked. It gives me hope.” Then she turned and left. I walked to the window to calm down. A few moments later Janie said

“Ginger will be right up she’s transferring a call up from a Mrs. Marsh. I’m going back to my office now. Before I get us both in trouble.” The phone started ringing Janie answered it. “Mrs. Marsh on one bye now.” I waved bye as I picked up the phone.

“Jenny what going on.”

“You tell me I get put on hold then transfer to some VP’s office and then you answer the phone.” I thought I’d have a little fun with her.

“I’ll have you know your talking to the vice president in charge of systems information and procurement. You should be in awe.”

“Well la di da you still take your panties off the same way we all do wet and sticky.” We both laughed. “No really that’s great I’m happy for you. Pam said that she had a designer coming over to your place at two today. I said we should meet there. What time can you get off madam vice president?”

“I could be off in and hour I can’t do anything till I get my stuff moved up here.” I told her

“I’ll meet you at your place in an hour and a half dress comfortable it maybe a long night.” We hung up just a Ginger arrived.

“Mrs. Macon let me explain.” I stopped her

“No need to explain I know you where under orders. I just wish you’d follow my orders the same way you followed Mr. Burns.”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, I always follow your orders.” She said taking a defensive stand.

“What about my order to call me Sheri and not Mrs. Macon?”

“I sorry I do have a hard time doing that it’s just my up bring. I will make you a deal.”

“What kind of a deal?”

“I’ll call you Sheri when were alone but in front of others I have to call you Mrs. Macon.”

“Good enough for me. Would you like to stay my secretary and move up here with me.”

“Of cause I do. Do you think I want to brake in another department head after I finally have you straighter out.” Then she paused and said. “I’m really proud of you it almost makes me feel like.” Then she stopped herself so I continued for her

“Like my mother the day I graduated from collage.” She tried to put on her hard shell exterior but there was a crack in it and it melted away

“Yes that it exactly. Is that so bad?” I took her in my arms and kissed cheek and said

“No and I love you for it.” I held her for a few moments then said. “We did pretty good for ourselves didn’t we?”

“Yes we did.” She said as she looked around the office. Then the old Ginger was back. “I think it’s time that one of us gets back to work. You go home and celebrate and take tomorrow off. I’m under orders to see you start taking more time off. Meanwhile I’ll get this office organized. I presume you want all your files and correspondence up here.”

“Yes and all my personnel stuff too. And if you would pull all the personnel files on my staff I need to pick a replacement.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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