Lily’s Diary Ch. 01

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August 1, 2009

I was busy browsing porno videos and was getting horny just seeing those. I was thinking of my husband who has been away for most of the week because he attended a seminar. I missed him so much.

I looked lovingly at our wedding picture taken 2 years ago. We were very much in love and until now we’re still in love with each other. We find ways to explore new things to make our marriage exciting and stronger emotionally. We have not yet decided to have a baby since we planned to enjoy each other first before we will face responsibilities of raising a child. We wanted to be ready. And I thought two years is enough for us. All I would do is ask my husband about it. I had stopped taking pills a week ago about the same time Frank had gone to a seminar.

I smiled when I remembered how we met. We met through the internet chat. I never thought I will fall for him. Indeed, love moves in mysterious ways. Before I knew it, I have fallen for him deep to the point of madness.

I swallowed audibly when I watched a video of a couple making love in an office, and the guy was the lady’s boss. I thought of Frank. Somehow we have similar situation; I am a mere employee in the accounting department while he is the technical VP of the company. Sort of the same, only that my husband was my indirect superior. I felt my pussy getting wet with the scene, imagining it was us, making love in the privacy of his office.

I felt the aching need of my breasts to be touched and fondled. I slightly parted my legs and felt my juices soaked my panties. My heart was beating so fast and felt the urge to reach for my pussy and pleasure myself right there. I moistened my lips with my tongue and bit my lower lips to keep from moaning.

Someone cleared his throat behind me. I immediately turned and covered my computer screen with my back.

“Frank!” I exclaimed with a rush of relief when I found that it was him.

“You know it is prohibited to browse pornographic movies during office hours,” he said rather seriously. He stepped closer and cornered me in one side. I almost gasped when I felt his hand cupped my mound and moaned when he slipped a finger inside my panties and slightly touched my clit. “Hmmmm, I missed you, honey,” he whispered as he continued to slide his fingers in my wet pussy, making it wetter.

“I…ahh…your…ahhh…” I uttered haltingly, never quite know what pendik escort to say as I felt the tremor of pleasure course through me. “Frank,…we…ahhh…in…the..ahhh, please…I…ahh…want…you…ahhh…now,” I said finally, as I felt his hands went faster. I was nearing an orgasm and was oblivious to our surroundings. All I could think of was his fingers, sliding in and out my wet cave.

Then he stopped, and stepped backward giving me space. “In my office,” he whispered before leaving.

Suddenly I felt my knees buckled and looked around, and sighed my relief since no one is near. I immediately followed him, trying my best to walk straight. When I entered his office, I was surprised when he pinned me in the door, and kissed me passionately.

“I’ve missed so much.” He said when he broke our kiss. “I love you, honey.”

“I love you too,” I answered, and before I could speak another word, I felt him entered me.

“Right in your office door?” I asked, thrilled by the thought.

“Why not?” He asked and slid out of me until only his cock head is inside me. “I think the door won’t mind,” He said devilishly and thrust inside. He begun unbuttoning my suit and started to suck my nipples as he continued to slide in and out my wet opening.

“Frank,” I moaned, trying not to moan louder. I licked his ears, eliciting a moan from him, and kissed his neck. I fumbled for his button shirt and undress him. I spread my fingers in his chest and pinched his nipples, imitating his actions. I was rewarded with a strangled groan.

Then he grew impatient as he drove faster and deeper. His kisses grew wilder, his tongue clashing with mine as if to make up for the week that passed. Every thrust he made I met him halfway.

My moan was lost in his throat as he kissed me when I reached my first orgasm. I knew he has not yet cummed and that made me wilder and hotter. Frank carried me to the couch that was located in his office. Our sexes still joined

“Frank, some one might enter,” I said belatedly.

“Not when it is locked,” he said, undressed totally and started to remove all my clothes

“Frank, some…”

“Sweetheart, when you followed me here, it’s already closing time and probably they were already logging out of the office.”


He stopped me with his index finger. “No ifs and buts. Let’s just enjoy our time together.”

I thought for escort pendik a while and then smiled. I sucked his finger that was in my lips. “As you wish.”

He smiled haughtily. “Good girl.”

“Now where am I?” He said. “Ah, yes…my favorite,” and started to lick me, starting at my breasts. Frank suckled like a hungry baby, flicking my nipples with his tongue while his hands started to strummed my still wet opening. I felt his hands teased my clit, massaging it with his thumb. Then he licked me down to my torso until he reached my wet pussy, still quivering.

I was completely lost as he licked me with his tongue, sliding up and down my vagina. He licked, sucked and entered me with his tongue. My juice kept on leaking, drenching him more.

“Frank, ohhh, ahhh, yes, that’s it…ahhhh,” I moaned.

“Ohhh, yess, ahhhh…Frankkk…” I moaned as my hips began to undulate in his ministrations, trying my best to catch up with the rhythm of his tongue. I hold his head, grasping desperately in his hair, trying to contain the pleasure he was causing. I can’t hold it anymore as I let the orgasm course through my body, almost suffocating him. But he just continued to lick and suck me.

My breathing was hard and fast as I opened my eyes to look at you. He was staring at me. I can see the desire in his eyes. I smile and switch our position. I let him sat in the couch, kissed him. I can taste my own cum in his mouth and imitated what he did with me. I licked his whole body, giving equal attention to his nipples as he did with my breasts, licking, sucking and nipping them with my teeth. I licked down to his waiting cock drawing a circle with my tongue in his navel before I finally give attention to his cock, very hard and aching with need.

I kissed his cock head with my lips, then lick the shaft with my tongue, then kissed his balls. I repeat the process in reverse. Then I finally sucked my husband’s cock head, tasting the precum. I licked and sucked, making him wild and hotter as one hand caress his balls while the other caress his butt and asshole. I explore him as if it was my first time to do it. I licked and sucked like a baby sucking her first bottle of milk.

I felt his hand grasped my hair to indicate his intention as he began to undulate, thrusting in and out my mouth. I hold his shaft to control his movement so as not to instigate my vomit-reflex in my mouth. I don’t want pendik escort bayan to ruin the moment. He thrusted deeper and faster. It did not take long as I felt his cock swell, his body went rigid, his breathing faster.

“Ahhh, Lilyyy….” And felt his hot cum shoot inside my mouth. I wanted to spit it out but thought otherwise. Instead I swallowed all of it.

When Frank recovered, he pulled me up and we kissed.

“Sweetheart, are you not tired?” I asked when we broke our kiss. His hands are busy squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples. I can feel his still half erect in the base of my ass. “You came from a flight, you ought to be resting,” I said full of concern. Despite that my hands began to caress his cock to full attention. I was not disappointed because Frank became full erect, ready for another action.

“Hush! Not with you around,” he said and began to suckle my breasts again. He lifted me up for a few secs and positioned me just above his hard cock. “Now.”

I smiled and obediently lowered my self to his waiting cock.

“Ohhh, it really feels good,” he moaned. “At your service, honey.” And arrogantly place his hands in his head.

I winked and began to ride. Slow at first as I build the tempo I want. Riding him is one of my favorite, as my breasts jingle in front of him. Faster and deeper.

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, yes,” I moaned as I kept on sliding in and out his cock. His hands suddenly grasped my buttocks as he helped me out, making the ride faster.

I held his face and kissed him as we continue to fuck. I can hear the friction of his skin with the leatherette couch. His chest glistened with sweat. The sloshing sound of my cave as his cock slid in and out.

“Ohhh, ahhh, you…ahhh….make…meehh wild,” he moaned.

Wild and hot, fast and deep. We are the only individuals in our world as we reached the heights of passion together, moaning, screaming our pleasure. Our juices mingled, the aroma of sex in the air.

“Ohhhh, Frankkkk….”

“Ahhh, Lilyyy…”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He seemed asleep, but his breathing was fast and hard. He opened his eyes as he felt my gaze upon him.

“I love you,” we said simultaneously and we smiled.

He moved and I realize he’s still hard inside me. My eyes widened. He winked. “We are not yet finish. We have two weeks of time to catch up with,” He said as he slid out and lay me down the couch and started to fuck me.

Our moans filled the room again. I lost count how many times we fucked and reached orgasm until we lay exhausted in his couch intertwined and with a smile in our lips…

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