Linda Ch. 01

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My wife was killed in an auto accident 18 months ago, and Linda had divorced her husband Stan about 5 years ago, so it was natural we, as neighbors, would work together grilling hamburgers, hot dogs and brauts for our neighborhood block party. We had a large cooler full of the meat behind the grill and a large box, with the buns in them, next to the grill. I grilled, Linda held out the bun for me, and she dispensed the condiments.

We started at 3:00 in the afternoon on a bright, hot July day. There were a lot of people walking in the street, talking to neighbors and eating food. Linda and I were busy keeping up with the crowd. Around 5:00 some one brought us potato salad and baked beans and we managed to eat while working. Shortly after we finished I noticed that a couple of buttons on Linda’s top had come undone. When she bent over with a bun for me to place meat on she showed me a set of really large breasts, enclosed in a very frilly bra that supported but did not conceal. I wondered how that happened but was not about to tell her because I was enjoying the view too much.

Finally at 7:00 the food part of the party was over. There would be people in the street talking and drinking for hours yet, but I was ready to return to my house and relax. Linda volunteered to help me clean up. After we moved the grill to my patio, put the remaining food in my refrigerator, cleaned up the cooler and put it away I asked Linda if she would like a drink. She nodded her head yes.

We took our drinks onto my screened in back porch. My house has a 16 X 20 screened in porch, a deck the same size and an in ground swimming pool. An 8 foot privacy fence and woods behind the house make it very private. My daughter Melody babysat Linda’s girls when she was in high school, and they came to swim in our pool a lot, so Linda knew what my backyard was like.

We sat on the porch, sipping our drinks and chatting about the block party, the neighbors, etc. She seemed to be at ease being alone with me. I took a good look at Linda. Tall, at least 5’9″, a little tummy and flaring at the thighs, typical of a 30 something women. Nice sized tits, I’m guessing 34D, and pretty, long legs. If she lost 15 pounds from around her middle and thighs her body would be nice. Pretty face, blond hair, probably colored, blue eyes and nice full lips. Not bad, not bad at all.

She said her feet hurt from all of the standing, and took her sandals off. I asked if she would like me to rub them. I am not a foot freak, but sometimes rubbing sore feet leads to rubbing sore calves, to rubbing sore thighs and rubbing other things that are a lot of fun. She looked surprised but held them out for me.

I moved her over to the love seat and moved my chair to the end of it. She could lay down, with her head on the pillows, with her feet hanging over the edge of the love seat in my lap. I took her left foot in my hand and started rubbing the ball of it with both thumbs. Gently at first, then with more pressure. I moved back to the heal and repeated the process. Then to the instep, same thing. I turned my attention to the top of her toes escort ataşehir pressing with one hand while holding her foot in place with the other. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning very softly. I put her foot down in my lap and reached for the other one. When she shifted slightly to accommodate my reach for her foot, it slid down between my legs near my cock and her shorts tightened up in her crotch. This was starting to get interesting, as I hoped it would.

I duplicated my efforts on the right foot and the moaning increased. The foot in my lap moved very slowly towards my growing erection. I love to hear women moan. I pulled her foot up to my lips to kiss it. This moved her other foot into direct contact with my engorged cock. It also caused the shorts she had on to pull away from her leg giving me a good look at a shaved pussy with no panties. I kissed her toes then moved my hands up to her calf muscle. Is this sore too? She murmured yes. I massaged her calf and moved up to her thigh without asking. The moaning was getting loud enough I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear.

I laid her right foot down and picked up her left. This meant she no longer was in contact with my very hard cock. As I started to massage her calf her other leg slowly slid into the space between my legs. It was an awkward position but I loved it. By the time I got to that thigh she was panting, so I slid my hand up to her pussy. She moaned and pushed against my hand. I reacted by standing up and leaning over her to kiss her. She passionately kissed me back. I had to see all of those great tits so I unbuttoned her blouse.

She broke the kiss, and said “I’ll stand up to make it easier for you to undress me.”

Wow, I loved that kind of talk. In seconds her blouse and shorts were on the floor. I gave her another kiss and a big hug as I reached around behind her and unfastened her bra. When it fell to the floor her huge boobs were hanging free. Very large, some sag, with nipples the size of pencil erasers.

She said “now it is my turn,” unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my shorts. She knelt down in front of me and pulled my shorts and jockeys down in one yank. My erection bounced up and hit me in the stomach.

She grinned and said “nice, let’s fuck.”

Who am I to argue with a woman in heat. Back on the loveseat we went. She lay down; I moved over her and kissed her hard. I slowly entered her, taking my time to make sure she wasn’t in pain. I guessed she hadn’t had sex since her husband left and she might be tight. She was wet and took all of me with no problem. I set up a slow deliberate rhythm, almost completely out then all of the way in. I sped up the pace and she responded by pushing back against me. She was panting hard but not moaning so I pulled out and made her kneel on the edge of the loveseat. Entering from behind I touched bottom on my first thrust. Now the moaning started. I started pounding Linda with all the strength I could muster; she was Cumming hard and not stopping. I wet my thumb and slipped it into her anus. She was cumming harder. I hadn’t been with a woman kadıköy escort bayan for a couple of months and couldn’t hold back any longer. I filled that hot, wet, velvety pussy with shot after shot of my hot cum. I felt completely drained when I finished and she was as limp as a dishrag. She managed to hold her position while I finished then collapsed of the loveseat.

I sat down on the chair at the end of the loveseat, spent, tired and really surprised. She asked if she could use my bathroom to clean up and I showed her the way. She sat on the toilet and I stood next to her wiping myself with toilet paper. She gave me an odd look and continued wiping herself.

She asked “how long have you been saving that load of cum for me?”

I chuckled and said a “long time.”

When she finished we went back to the porch. She started to get dressed then stopped.

“Can I do something I have wanted to do for years?”

“What is that I asked?”

“Go skinny dipping in your pool.”

“I laughed and said lets do it.”

She went out the door, across the deck and jumped into the pool, completely naked and loving it. I followed slowly enough so I could watch those tits bounce and get a good look at her ass. I dove in, swam up to her and gave her a big, wet bear hug.

“You should have asked sooner, I told her.”

She splashed me and swam away. I caught up to her, dunked her and then pulled her into another hug.

“You planned all of this for today, didn’t you, I asked.”

She replied, “I needed to fuck so badly, and I didn’t know you well enough to predict your reaction, so I unbuttoned my blouse to see if you would notice and react. When you looked a second time I thought you might want to play, so I took advantage of you. Are you sorry?”

“Not I was my answer, I’m glad you did.”

I asked about the lack of panties and the flimsy bra.

She responded, “I had to be ready in case you wanted me, but I seldom wear panties.”

I asked, “How long had it been since she had sex.”

She answered frankly; “about 2 weeks after Stan left I fucked a guy once. He wasn’t very good and I felt terrible, so I haven’t had sex since.” She asked me the same question.

It had only been 2-1/2 half months since Anna flew back to Romania, so I told her “10 weeks.” Still locked in a bear hug with Linda she could feel me growing. She grinned, and said “already, you animal you?”

“Have you ever had sex in a pool,” I asked Linda.

“No” she replied, “do you want to show me how?”

I replied, “Give me a couple of more minutes and yea, I’ll show you all about it.”

I pulled away from her far enough to get my hands on those tits. I love big tits. I took one in each hand and lifted them up to feel their heft. I leaned over and sucked the left nipple into my mouth, lapping it with my tongue and sucking in as much of that breast as I could. They were huge and I loved every minute of it. My hard on continued to grow and found its way between Linda’s long legs. She began humping it for all she was worth. Releasing that huge tit I escort bostancı joked, “You are getting the hang of pool sex.”

She laughed and asked “what next.”

I reached under her arms and lifted her up in the air. A shocked look came over her, and it changed to a grin when I lowered her onto my huge cock. With the warm pool water lapping at us, Linda’s warm pussy enveloping my cock and her huge tits pushing against my chest, I was in heaven. Slowly, up and down she went, the water helping her be buoyant, and my thrusting helping her go up. She leaned back as far as she could, most of her in the water, without pulling off of my cock. The moaning started, and the thrashing intensified. Something about that position allowed me to enjoy her without wanting to cum. She was really into what she was doing and started cumming again. I let her ride it out and then lifted her up and off of me.

“I want you in bed, now, I stated” We grabbed pool towels and dried each other off and she followed me to my first floor bedroom. When she saw the king sized bed she commented on such a big playground.

I laughed and said “sometimes it’s not big enough, and I fall off.”

Her eyes grew large, and she started giggling. I picked her up and laid her on the bed, and climbed over her. I inserted my throbbing hard on into that velvety pussy and went to town. She had liked it hard and fast on the porch, let’s try it in bed. I was pounding her as fast as I could and as hard as I could and she was cumming as hard as she could. She was moaning and shaking and being pinned to the bed by me not able to stop anything. I finally slowed to a stop so she could recover from her orgasm.

I rolled us over and said, “You are on top. Get with it.”

She smiled and started up and down motions. I sat up so I could taste those tits again. Then I kissed her passionately.

She asked “how I could still be hard and not cum yet.”

“Linda, I can go for hours at times. Shut up and fuck.”

Disbelieving she started to move as fast and hard as she could. I lay back and enjoyed those tits bouncing up and down, and her starting to cum again. She started to cum and didn’t stop. I love how she had continuous orgasms. She eventually collapsed on me for a breather, all cummed out. She was sweating, moaning, murmuring things under her breath I couldn’t understand and shaking from lack of energy. We lay like that for a long time, me still hard inside her and throbbing.

When she finally sat back up she said, “I can’t fuck anymore, can I blow you?”

Never one to turn a blow job, I replied, “sure, if you would like.”

She slipped off of me, laid her head on my stomach and pulled my cock to her lips. She licked around the head time and time again, tasting precum and her cum at the same time. Eventually she pulled the head into her mouth and sucked it like a pro. What a vacuum cleaner mouth she had. I started Cumming and she kept sucking, swallowing it all. She continued holding me in her mouth until I started getting limp. She then pulled off of me, looked to make sure there was no cum left on me and gave me a huge grin.

“You are way better than Stan ever was in bed. He couldn’t make me cum on a bet and he seldom got a good blow job because of it.”

I could only purr contentedly. She crawled up next to me to cuddle and we drifted off to sleep.

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