Linda Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I wouldn’t let her fall asleep, because the girls would be coming home from the movie soon. She put on her swimsuit, I got dressed and we went out to the screened in porch. I mixed drinks on the way, and we talked again.

She wanted to know why she could cum so fast with me when she couldn’t cum much at all with her ex Stan. I of course replied, proper technique, knowledge of the female body and liking to see women cum, all on my part. On her part, anticipation and willingness to follow my lead helped her to cum. She grinned and said, “I sure will do that just keep making me cum.”

I asked about her big breasts on such a slim frame. She said I am 5’9-1/2″ and 130 pounds, with 34 D breasts and some extra weight around the middle. I interrupted and said “you have 6 months to get rid of it.”

She frowned but continued. My dad is tall and thin; my mom is heavy built and big busted. I guess I got my fathers build and my mom’s tits. She added, “Abigail, my oldest is going to be big like me.”

Not one to check out 14 year olds I was surprised. Linda continued, “she is bigger than I was at that age.”

She said that “she felt bad that the girls didn’t get to take vacations like the other kids in school.”

Since the divorce there had been no money for vacations. Linda also said “she needed a chance to get away.”

I asked “what is the first weekend after school starts that the girls would be with their dad, and college hasn’t started for you?”

She wanted to know why I asked that question.

“Because you and I are going to Nashville that weekend. We will leave Friday as soon as the kids leave for school.”

“Their dad can pick them up from school. We will get to Nashville about supper time, check into my timeshare there, eat a good dinner then fuck until all hours of the night.”

“Saturday go to the Oprey Mills Mall, the Grand Ole Oprey Saturday night, and then fuck until the middle of the night. “Drive home Sunday after a good wake up fuck.”

She said “I’ll figure that date out and let you know.”

We left for Nashville the weekend after Labor Day. The 8 hour drive was pleasant and uneventful. Linda was excited to go to the Grand Ole Oprey, and excited about a weekend full of great sex. I was excited about seeing Linda’s big tits and trimmed landing strip. She had periodically stopped by the house during the end of July and August, pulled down her shorts and showed me how it was growing. She had trimmed it and shaved it in August but I hadn’t seen much of it.

I asked how her weight loss was doing and she replied, “wait and see in Nashville.”

We got to the time share about 4, checked in, asked about a place to eat, had dinner and back to the condo. As soon as the door closed I said, “in the bedroom, nude, now.”

She complied immediately. Once there I made her remove my clothes and suck my cock for a minute. She gave me a good deep throat to show she remembered how to do it.

I pulled out and pushed her over the edge of the bed, feet on the floor, and torso on the bed, and ass in the air. I knelt down behind her and started licking that juicy pussy. She giggled at first, and then relaxed. In seconds she was moaning. I slipped my tongue deep into the velvety opening and tasted her juices. She was enjoying her 2nd time getting oral sex, so I moved up to her hard clit. Lite licking strokes from side to side and a sucking in on the little bud brought an immediate orgasm.

I quickly stood up and buried my hot cock deep into her pussy and stuck my wet thumb into her asshole. She was moaning, whimpering and mumbling in seconds. I pounded her hard and deep and she was cumming continuously. She fell onto the bed shaking. I smacked her on the ass and said “get back up here, I am not done yet.” “Rule number 5 “you will not stop fucking me until I tell you.” She Pendik Escort was still shaking, but slowly got her ass back up in the air. I was tempted to shove my dick into her anus but decided not just yet. I went back to pounding that pussy and enjoying her cumming all over my cock. When the orgasm started to build in me I told her to turn around and give me a blow job. She was shaking so hard it was hard for her to get my cock in her mouth but once she accomplished that the sucking was great, and I was filling her mouth with hot cum in seconds. She swallowed it all, licked me clean, then asked if we were done for now.

“Yes,” I replied, “you can sleep now.” She was out in seconds.

Linda woke up purring like a cat and reaching for my cock. I moved out of her reach and told her she needed to earn more fucking. She never hesitated, “how do I do that?”

“You will lick and kiss every inch of my body, front and back, top to bottom, all of the crevices, cracks and openings. You get to pick where you start.”

She thought a second and said “on your stomach.”

Linda lovingly licked and kissed the back of my neck and shoulders. Lite licks and butterfly kisses were the order of the day. She worked across the middle of my back and slowly moved lower. She lavishly licked my ass cheeks and across the tops of my legs. I told her that she missed the crack and opening. She mumbled something I couldn’t hear but started to lick into my ass crack. She used her hands to open me up so she could get all of me. I helped her out by pulling one knee up to my side. She kept licking the inside of my cheeks but wouldn’t go near my tight anal opening.

“ALL OF ME,” I demanded. Linda’s hot tongue slipped across my hole and chills went up my spine.

“AGAIN,” I said. This time she went slower and performed better.

“Now stick your tongue in that hole” I told her. No hesitation this time, she buried that pink flesh as deep in my ass as she could. Boy did that feel good.

“TONGUE FUCK MY ASS,” I demanded. She responded with fast in and out movements of her talented tongue. I was really hard and didn’t want to cum yet so I made her continue down my body. She found the sensitive spot under my balls and the on the inside of my thighs.

When Linda was done with my feet I rolled over and she started back up. When she reached my balls I told her to suck one into her mouth. She did and licked it with her tongue. Felt good.

‘I instructed her to continue.” She licked up from the base of my cock to the head, and swirled her tongue around the tip, gathering up the pre cum as she went. She then swallowed my whole cock in one motion. She had the deep throat thing down pat. I loved it, but still was not wanting to cum, so I said “move on.”

She licked up to my belly button, and tongued it some then to my nipples. She seemed to enjoy licking and sucking my nipples so I allowed her to stop there even though it doesn’t do much for me. She eventually worked her way up to my neck and ears, stopped and asked if she was finished. I told her to “get on top and fuck me.”

She obliged me at once. She has learned that she can’t make me cum while she is on top so Linda slowly worked back and forth on my erection. I pulled her to me so we could kiss. That started her moaning, so I reached up for a tit and squeezed it hard. The quickness of her orgasms still surprised me as she was cumming at once.

I deep kissed her and kept up the pressure on her tit until the shaking and mumbling began. I lay back down and pulled her with me. She relaxed and started to regain control of her body. When she rejoined the party I said “time for a good 69. I want to eat that pussy of yours.”

She sat up, pulled away, turned around and started sucking my cock. She is a great cock sucker, but I wanted to eat pussy. When I slapped Kurtköy Escort her on the ass she knew something was amiss. I demanded to know “if she had heard what I said a minute ago.”

“You wanted a 69, right?”

“You bet, now get your pussy up here where I can reach it, then suck my cock.”

“Oh, so that’s what a 69 is.” I almost laughed, married more than 10 years and still sexually a beginner, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I agreed, “yep that’s what it is.”

She buried her pussy in my face and went back to slurping my cock. Now I was ready to cum. I was licking her clit then tongue fucking her pussy and fingering her hot spot all at the the same time. She suddenly deep throated me and went nuts on my face. She was pushing against me, twisting and vibrating, moaning and mumbling and holding me deep in her throat. I couldn’t hold back any more so I blasted her throat with all of my cum. She finally calmed down and licked me clean.

“Are we done now” Linda asked?

“Yes we are, for now, let’s take a shower together.”

We turned the water in the shower on and got the temperature just right and climbed in. Linda had never taken a shower with a guy before and wasn’t sure what to do. I grabbed the soap and a washcloth, lathered it up and started washing her back. When I got down to her butt I re soaped the washcloth and slipped it between her cheeks. I gently washed that puckered little hole and the cheeks that surrounded it.

Then I moved down her legs to her feet. I turned her around and started back up her legs. When I got near her pubic area I re soaped the wash cloth again. I started washing her face and neck which was not what she expected. I then worked my way to those mammoth mammaries and lovingly soaped them up. She didn’t seem to be real sensitive around her boobs, but I loved playing with them so I took my time.

I begrudgingly re soaped the wash cloth and worked my way to her landing strip. I couldn’t help but notice she had lost some of that extra tummy she had this summer. I complimented her on her weight loss and then attacked her pussy with my trusty wash cloth. As I worked the cloth back and forth over her pussy lips she started that moaning sound I love to hear. I continued playing and took a tit in my hand.

I turned her under the water to rinse off her body while I cleaned her pubic area. She seemed to like the warm water cascading over her tits and I couldn’t help but take the other one in my mouth. I sucked in the nipple and as much of that beautiful breast as I could get in my mouth. I twirled my tongue around and around the hard nipple as I continued washing her pussy.

Soon the moaning was loud and the mumbling was starting up. To help bring her to her orgasm I bit down on the nipple in my mouth. Not real hard, but enough that she sure could feel it. The orgasm was almost instantaneous.

I dropped the wash cloth and pushed a finger into her pussy and found that sweet spot. She was almost screaming. The shaking started and the mumbling was close to recognizable. She was having trouble standing so I leaned her against the wall and pinned her there with my body. I stopped finger fucking her, let her tits go and just held her up.

She slowly regained control of her body. “That was fabulous,” she said, “can I wash you?”

She grabbed another wash cloth and soaped it up. She started with my face and worked her way down to my cock and balls. Then to my feet. I turned around and she washed the back of me as well. Linda pad close attention to my ass cheeks and little hole. When she was finished I rinsed off and we got out. We dried each other off and headed for the bed.

When we were lying on the bed I asked her if she knew why I had taken so much time washing her ass. She said she had no idea. I replied, “you seem to Tuzla escort like it when I stick my thumb in your ass, and really like it when I tongued your ass, so tonight I am going to fuck your ass, but first you will lick and tongue fuck my ass.”

She said, “Now?”

I rolled over onto my stomach and said “yes.”

She instantly was on my ass with that marvelous tongue of hers, licking the inside of my cheeks, that very sensitive spot behind my balls and that tight little hole. Linda expertly buried her tongue in my ass hole and twisted it in circles. She pushed it in then slid it almost out before she shoved it back in again. I was desperately holding back my orgasm so I could fuck her in the ass. I rolled away from her tantalizing tongue and told her to kneel on the edge of the bed.

She asked about lubrication. I will use my tongue and that will be all you need. She wasn’t sure about that, but she had come to trust me and do as I tell her to do. I got her ass into the position I wanted and commenced to licking the insides of her cheeks moving closer and closer to her little puckered rose bud hole with every lick. When I eventually slid my tongue across the opening she reacted with a purring noise. I licked her opening again, and the noise was repeated. This was a new sound to me, pleasant but different. The next pass of her hole I slipped my tongue part way into the hole. She purred louder so I pushed in further. I withdrew my tongue, made sure it was good and wet and inserted it again. I repeated this remove, get wet, and reinsert, action again and again.

Soon she was begging me to fuck her in the ass. I put my finger in my mouth and covered it with saliva and stuck it into her upturned ass hole. The purring turned to moaning. I added a second finger and the moaning grew louder. I couldn’t take it any more so I stood up and put the head of my hard cock against her tight hole. The muscles of her hole tried to repel my cock. I pushed a little harder and I still wasn’t in. A third push brought a grunt from Linda put no entrance for me. The hell with going slow and not hurting Linda. I pushed hard and popped the head past that sphincter and into her ass.

She groaned a little but didn’t complain or try to pull away. I slowly worked every inch of my now throbbing hard cock into he ass. She stayed motionless and allowed me to set the pace. When I had all of my cock inside her I asked how it felt.

She replied “wonderful.”

Her ass was tight, firmly trapping my big dick inside her, so I agreed with her. I reached under her and rubbed her clit hard with a finger. She responded immediately by squirming around my cock, forcing it deeper into her. I pulled out until the tip was near that tight muscle then pushed slowly back in while maintaining the pressure on her clit. The moaning started deep in her throat. I repeated the slow out and slow in movements for the next couple of minutes, which made her breathing become labored, and the moaning and squirming to increase.

The pressure from that tight ass was causing my orgasm to start building and I knew she liked me to hurt her a little so I pulled out past her tight ring, and then plunged back in as deep as I could. It had to be uncomfortable for her but the reaction was what I expected, louder moaning and more pushing back against my groin. Again I pulled slowly out than thrust in as hard and deep as possible. The 3rd time I did it she was cumming hard, her knees getting weak. She knew not to collapse on me because I wasn’t done yet, so she forced herself to keep her ass in the air. I rapidly withdrew, plunged back in until I could restrain myself no longer and started cumming in her ass.

She exploded with her orgasm, shaking violently, moaning that was almost a scream and using all of her reserves of strength to keep from collapsing on the bed. After the last shot of my cum had filled her ass I told her she could lay on the bed and gather enough strength to clean me up. In less than a minute she lovingly sucked my deflating cock into her wet mouth and sucked me clean. I told her she could sleep……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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