Linda’s Birthday Party

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It was December first Linda’s much awaited 18th birthday. The party was to be celebrated at her friend’s house as her friend Pam’s folks were out of town for the week.

Pam had really worked hard to prepare the party ordering a large birthday cake, decorating the house with streamers & balloons. She had also contacted some of her older friends to get a few kegs of beer, some vodka for the punch and some marijuana to insure a fun party.

Linda was aware of the party and had planned to finally loose her virginity on her 18th birthday. To prepare she had watched a few of her brothers porn movies to get an idea of what to do sexually as this was her first time. She had read that the first time could be painful as well as messy. To insure she had a good time she went to the refrigerator and took out a shinny 7 inch cucumber which she lubricated with vegetable oil. She proceeded to ease it into her vagina. It did hurt but in a strange exciting way. She finally broke thru her hymen which was painful and a little bloody. The more casino siteleri she eased the cucumber in and out the better it felt until she had a mind blowing orgasm. She could not wait for the big night.

To further prepare herself she shaved off all her vaginal hair as she noticed most of the gals in her brothers video were hairless down there. She was also intrigued with the girls giving oral sex in the movie so she practiced with another cucumber by stroking it while working her tongue around it and sucking it. After a few hours she was able to take it fairly deep in her throat without gagging. Linda was now ready for her 18th birthday celebration.

Saturday had finally arrived and Linda arrived at Pam’s house around 8;30 PM. The party was really cooking already with about 25 guys and an equal number of girls. They did the regular party stuff singing Happy Birthday, opening gifts and of course drinking heavily and smoking weed.

By 11PM Linda had more or less picked the guy she wanted to take her virginity away canlı casino Tom. They danced and kissed as Tom steered her towards an empty bedroom. This is what Linda wanted so she did not resist. They got into bed and started grouping at each other removing their clothing. The room was pitch dark. Tom went down on Linda which was a new experience for her. She had a fantastic orgasm and reciprocated by giving Tom a blowjob allowing him to come in her mouth. She loved the taste and soon they were fucking for what seemed like hours. She had at least half a dozen orgasms and Tom came inside her twice.

Tom excused himself and left the bedroom. She was alone or at least thought she was when someone she did not know whom crawled into bed with her and started kissing her playing with her nipples and fingering her love hole. Before she knew it he was inside her stroking his cock in and out at a slow pace then more and more rapidly. She could feel his penis literally growing inside her then he began to ejaculate into Linda’s vagina. The feeling kaçak casino was awesome and she began to have the best orgasm of her short sex life.. She then proceeded to suck this stranger dry wondering who he could be. It was now around 1 AM and the stranger left the room without saying a single word.

Linda was just glowing from the experience when a third guy got into bed with her. She did not know or care who it was. She summarized that both strangers must have entered the room as Tom left.

The third guy began licking her cum filled vagina until she had a mind blowing orgasm as he sucked her clit. She then proceeded to take his cock into her mouth. Now an experienced cock sucker she took him deep into her mouth while stroking his shaft and balls. She circled his cock head with her tongue paying special attention to the sensitive area under the cock head. She could feel him growing in her mouth and sucked hard until he literally exploded into her anxious mouth. He then entered her and after some time ejaculated deep inside her. He then left without saying a word.

It was 2:30 AM all the party guests were gone. Linda thought this was the best birthday party she had ever had and could not wait until her 19th rolled around in 364 days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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