Linda’s Erotic Fantasy for Mike

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They are both anxious to get home. They work together and have been sending each other that knowing look all day long. Linda took Mike aside at lunch and told him that she wanted to make the evening special. She reminded him that their daughter would be with her mom that night. The day drags on but finally it comes to an end. They go home together holding hands in the car.

They are anticipating a special night but don’t talk about it. They talk about their day. They get home and as soon as they walk in the door and put down there stuff Linda starts kissing Mike passionately. She excuses herself to go and put on some soft romantic music. She then comes out and takes his hand and walks him over to the sofa. She sits him down and gets on her knees in front of him. She leans over and kisses him passionately some more. Then she kisses his neck. He tries to resist it but finally gives and it makes it whole body feel good.

She takes off his shirt and tells him to totally relax. Sinop Escort That she is gonna make him forget his day and feel good. She kisses her way down his neck and then to his chest. She sucks on his nipples and then blows. It makes him shiver. She smiles and starts moving further down. She takes her time though to build up the anticipation. She is kissing every inch of his stomach on her way down to his now very hard throbbing cock. She looks up at him as she starts to pull down his pants and then underwear. She does not lose eye contact as she does this. She is giving him a hungry look. She wants to devour his cock. She is s hungry for him. He pulls her up to him and kisses her very hungrily.

As he is kissing her with such passion and yearning she is rubbing his now bare legs. After the kiss, she kisses her way down again, this time a little faster than before. She kisses and licks her way down to his stomach and then goes over to his thighs and kisses and licks his inner Sinop Escort Bayan thighs. Although Mike is fairly quiet during intimacy she can hear him moaning softly. This tells her that is her cue to start licking and sucking his cock. His cock is so hard. She starts at his balls. She licks his balls all over. He tastes so good. His moaning get just a little bit louder.

He adjusts himself on the sofa so she can reach his cock better. She moves up from his balls and licks the whole way up his shaft. Her initial touch on his cock makes him moan loudly. Linda starts licking his cock up and down hungrily. She does not miss an inch. Then she goes up to his head and sucks his head into her mouth. She starts slowly, sucking her way down, taking him little by little into her mouth. He is so big. They both love the feel of his cock in her mouth. She goes deeper and deeper into her mouth until he is all the way in her mouth. She starts moving up and down. Deep throating him. Escort Sinop He keeps moving on the sofa adjusting his position.

At one point she looks up at him and his eyes are closed and she can see how much he is enjoying it. This gives her so much pleasure. She does love to make Mike feel good. She continues to deep throat him for a while. Then she moves up and starts sucking on the tip of his head. She sucks harder and harder. She is moving her tongue all around as she is sucking. Then suddenly he comes hard in her mouth. She sucks up every single drop.

She continues to suck him until there is not one more drop. She then stops and looks up at him with such love and tells him that he tasted so good. He pulls her close to him and says “I love you baby”. She says, “I love you too”. They then go into the bedroom and take a nice long hot shower. They wash each other passionately and get more excited in the shower. They come out and lay down and kiss for a long time and then make sweet love. They then cuddle and fall asleep in each other’s arms feeling so loved and very satisfied. In the morning before they go to work they make love again. They just can’t seem to get enough of each other.

To be continued………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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