Lindsay in the Shower Ch. 02

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I had been at the sports academy for one year and was looking forward to spending time back in my home town. I had worked at a job there with a very accommodating and adventurous lady before I gained a scholarship.

These plans came to nothing after I had spent the colder months at the academy and was told by my former boss that the summer break would prevent her having any spare time as it was the tourist season. I was disappointed but self-employed people seem to work harder than other workers and their business concerns take a higher priority than all other choices.

I was unsure how I would spend two weeks break. I was expected to return in good physical shape so my development program would need to continue as if uninterrupted.

Robbie, a senior at the academy had taken an interest in my development and knew I was at something of a loose end during the break. He told me his holiday beach house was vacant and he would be visiting it for a few days for maintenance and rest.

‘You’re welcome to stay any time during the break,’ he told me. ‘I’ll be there on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. You can use the guest room. It’s very basic so you’ll need to take anything you need with you, but you’re welcome to it.’

‘Thanks Robbie . That would be great.’ I said, grateful for his kind offer.

Next morning, I packed my clothes and bought a few supplies and caught the bus to the terminus. I followed the hand drawn map Robbie had given me and found myself alone in an empty house with two days of solitude and not much to do.

I thought I would continue with the core and cardio program and do some beach running and swimming mostly for relaxation.

I was keen to maintain my fitness during the break, and with no timetable to follow I was able to do some research on my laptop about past sporting champions and their lifestyles.

I relaxed andread a few novels and enjoyed the next few days before Robbie was due to call. Tuesday morning, he turned up at about 9 O’clock in the morning as I was returning from an early 30 minute beach run. He began unloading his car

‘Good to see you keeping up your fitness base Lindsay,’ he said with a smile as I approached.

‘Mostly just relaxation, Robbie. Nothing too strenuous, but I don’t want to go through that soreness I suffered when I joined the Academy. Self preservation mainly.’

‘Good for you. I’m going to pull a few weeds from what used to be a front garden before going for a swim. Just relax and make yourself at home.’

I settled on the back porch with a book I was reading when I thought Robbie might like a cool drink. Just then, he appeared walking from the front up the driveway past the house wheeling his barrow filled with weeds to the compost bin he had in the back yard and to my surprise, besides his gardening hat and boots, he wore no other clothing.

Somehow, his relaxed demeanor helped me act as though it was normal behaviour to be naked. After a moment, my shock subsided. To Robbie, being naked must be natural whereas to me to unnecessarily remove clothes during the day was a decision to make.

I asked him, ‘Would you like a cold drink Robbie?’

‘Love one thanks Lindsay.’

I had Ginger Ale in the refrigerator and we shared a bottle in two large glasses. He stood naked in front of me and it took all of my control to look away from his considerable member beginning to gain weight and hang down almost to its full length.

He dropped the shovel onto the ground and declared, ‘I think I’ve done enough gardening for the moment. It’s time for a swim. Want to join me Lindsay, or are you stuck in that book you’re reading?’

‘The book can wait. I’ll get my bathers and join you in a moment.’

As I exited the house, he reached through the window of his car and pulled out a towel, and still naked, continued across the street to the beach. A minute later I reached the sand in my bathers and a T-shirt, dropped my towel beside his and walked into the sea for a relieving invigorating short swim.

We emerged Cebeci Escort from the water and I noticed his shrivelled penis as he made his way to his towel.

He had a derisory tone in his voice when he asked, ‘Are you leaving your bathers on out here?’

‘Well being covered is normal for me Robbie. Is that OK with you?’

‘I feel a bit self conscious and undressed with you covered. You seemed to be at ease naked at the academy. But do whatever you feel comfortable with.’

‘I guess it’s private enough out here. It might be fun to be go without clothes.’

I slid my bathers down and wrapped them around my hand. My cock was similarly shrivelled by the cold water and I found myself staring at his as it gradually lengthened to the previous state he displayed while gardening. I didn’t notice him staring at mine.

The breeze was having an effect on me. I felt embarrassed for my cock to be shrivelling to less than 2 inches, in Robbie’s presence.

He said, ‘I’m so envious of your hard-ons, Lindsay. Just once, I would really like to feel your cock get hard in my hand.’

It was then I noticed ham staring at my shrunken cock. I stopped and stared at his as it moved away from his body taking on a life of its own. I could feel my own beginning to lengthen filling with the blood of arousal. It took on some funny angles and my self consciousness was forgotten as I became very excited. My cock filled with blood and moved away from my body and stood almost straight up.

I turned and led the way back and as we returned to our towels, my cock waved left and right with each step. It feels fantastic to walk with an erection.

I said, ‘I seem to get hard for no reason these days. Maybe getting naked causes it. Being watched too, I suppose.’

By the time I was sitting on my towel, it had gone down and began shrivelling in the breeze.

Robbie was kneeling on his towel beside me when he said, ‘It looks very appetising Lindsay. It’s just been in the sea. Would you mind if I taste your cock?’

‘I’d rather not if you don’t mind Robbie. You seem to be able to arouse me and it always embarrasses me when you make my cock get swollen.’

‘This beach is deserted Lindsay, so there’s no-one around to make you self conscious. When I found this place, I had to have it because of the privacy. It’s great to be able to share it with my friends. So you can completely relax out here.’

This seemed to be a veiled reference to his generosity in inviting me to stay here during the brief break from the sports academy program. But still, I couldn’t let him touch my penis just because he seems to want to. If he’s not gay, he seems to behave like he is whenever he’s around and I’m naked.

Then he added, ‘Yes, You’re right, and you have every right to keep it to yourself. I would have really loved to get those wrinkles out from it’s cold shrinkage. You have such a magnificent cock, and I find it irresistible for some reason. It’s such a pity to see it shrivelled up like that. . . . It displays so much strength and pride when it’s swollen and hard. Anyway, it’s up to you.’

He was making me refuse him repeatedly and I was very uncomfortable to be unable to grant him his wish. I began to feel intimidated, then thought it might sour our working relationship at the academy if I continued to decline his hints.

‘You’re very kind letting me chill out here for the break Robbie. I’m sure it would be OK for you to taste my cock if you really want to. I just don’t want to ejaculate in your presence like you made me do before. If you’d be happy to have a quick taste, that would be OK. Do you want me to stand up or what?’

‘No need Lindsay. Just lie on your back where you are and I’ll work up to it.’

I wasn’t sure how he would work up to tasting my cock, but I had agreed, so I reclined back on his beach towel, placed my hat over my head to block the sun’s glare from my vision and let him proceed.

He held both feet in his hands and Kolej Escort moved them wide apart. I felt his hand on my left foot and he circled his fingers around the sole of my foot, sliding lightly up my ankle, along my calf muscle and ran his fingers around my knee. Right then, I could feel my penis begin to fill with blood caused by my arousal. Then nothing happened for a second, before he repeated similarly on my right foot, ankle and knee. He alternated his feathering his fingers upwards along my thigh, left, then right, moving from the front gradually to the inside of my legs as though painting long slow pinstripes. I was hardening quickly, and as he brushed my short pubic hair, my cock was soon carrying it’s own weight.

I could feel his hand grasp my helplessly aroused cock at the base as it hovered urgently parallel with my stomach muscles. He began to bend it against it’s naturally erect position straight up towards his mouth so he could taste it and, I was hoping, for him to get it over with.

I took a quick peek and could see his hand holding it standing straight up like a pole. It seemed to be larger than it’s usual size and in this situation, it’s size embarrassed me. I hate to let people see me in an erect state apart from in the shower, because it seems more natural and acceptable when in a semi private situation. But this was out in the open in what could easily be a public place. But somehow Robbie had gotten a stiffy as well.

I begged him to finish, ‘Have a taste now please Robbie. I’ve got such a hard stiffy, I want you to stop.’

‘Sure Lindsay. In a moment. I would love to taste your precum.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘The oil you make when you get a hard-on. I’ll smear it around the swollen head of your cock with my fingers then suck it off. Mine has a kind of sweet taste. What’s yours like Lindsay?’

‘I don’t know. It must taste horrible. I could never do anything like that.’

‘You never know. I’ll show you something in a moment. . . . . I think I can induce it like this.’

He squeezed the base of my hard-on and milked it upwards and I could feel the thick juicy oil ooze out of my cock. He used his fingers to cover the head of my cock with a thick film of my own oil like he said he would. I was dreading what I thought was coming next. Having induced such a hard erection, I found I cant control the feelings building up in my cock

I squeezed my eyes shut as he engulfed the head of my cock in his mouth. He licked all around the throbbing helmet of my cock and I knew he was going to make me come in his mouth again. My toes were curling and I started whimpering like a frightened puppy as my arousal built alarmingly quickly. Somehow he stopped just in time and I was gasping for nearly a minute as it went away.

‘You taste very nice Robbie. You should taste yourself. I can help you there.’

‘I don’t think I want to Robbie. And anyway, I can’t reach my thingy with my mouth.’

‘You could lick it off my mouth Lindsay. I wouldn’t mind.’

He must be gay. That would be too much like kissing another man. Whatever else he tricks me into doing, I could NEVER do that. I noticed his cock getting softer and beginning to lower becoming less erect.

‘No I couldn’t Robbie. Isn’t there another way?’

What was I saying? That was like agreeing to him still playing with my private parts. How could I get out of this now?

‘You could lick some of it off my cock. Lie still and we’ll see if you have any more.’

How did he have this influence over me? How could I stop him?

He remained kneeling between my legs and he pumped the perineum a couple of times. Once again, my oil oozed out, at least as much as the first time. He wiped it onto his finger and smeared his own softening cock with it.

‘There you are Lindsay. Taste your precum off my cock. Tell me what it tastes like.’

He didn’t move towards me. He waited for me to come to him. I shouldn’t have waited. I watched on horror as his Rus Escort cock hardened again. I was expected to taste my own oil off another man’s stiff cock. I could see no way out.

I got on my hands and knees and reached forward and held his cock in my hand. I put my mouth over it and ran my tongue over it to try and get the taste. To my surprise, it tasted OK.

I wondered if all men tasted the same. I asked Robbie, ‘Does yours taste like mine, Robbie?’

“Not too sure Mate. You might have to keep sucking my cock for a moment to produce some. Have a go and tell me what it tastes like.’

I was really curious now. I seemed to be getting used to the idea of seeing and touching and even sucking a man’s cock. I wanted to see what another man tasted like. The thought shocked me a bit but my curiosity over-ruled my reluctance.

I resumed sucking Robbie’s hardened cock and it seemed to fit nicely in my mouth. I could feel his pre-cum on my tongue. I withdrew and gently squeezed his cock and smeared it over the large head like Robbie did to me. Then I began licking it off again. It just occurred to me that I was tasting a mixture of his pre-cum with mine.

He started groaning almost straight away.

I thought he must be coming.

What could I do?

He was about to ejaculate and his cock was in my mouth.

I thought I had better let him come while his cock was in my mouth. I had come this far. It seemed rude to stop at such a critical time.

I held his cock and could feel the semen surge up under my grip, along his shaft into my mouth squirt after squirt. It was very dramatic and unstoppable. Then my mouth was full of his cum. I couldn’t speak and I thought it would be an insult to spit it out. For a moment I remained, speechless as his semen diluted with my mouth juices. I realised there was no other way out but to swallow his cum. . . .

I did it. I swallowed Robbie’s cum. I had just sucked a man off and I actually swallowed a whole mouth full of semen. And most surprising of all, I had an urgent hard-on that felt almost ready to burst.

I moved back and watched his swollen cock twitching and it went through it’s aftershocks for another half a minute while my own was pulsing and throbbing in a very noticeable and embarrassing manner in such a potentially public place. .

‘Lindsay, That was fantastic. I would be honoured if you would let me return the favour.’

I was very doubtful. But with such an urgently hard cock, I was unable to make a rational decision. It started out that he wanted to taste my pre-cum. Now it looks like two men are going to suck each other off if I agree to this.

He said in a soft reassuring voice, ‘It’s perfectly OK mate. We’re just a couple of blokes having a bit of fun down the beach. Besides, you have a glorious cock. I would love to play round with it and suck it and lick it until you come in my mouth. Would you mind?’

I didn’t answer. I just reclined back on the beach towel and held my hardened cock up offering it to him without betraying myself by saying what I really felt.

He held it in his hand and took up a position beside me and began kissing and licking my cock at the base nibbling along the seam and working slowly up along the shaft until he began licking the frenum area just before reaching the head. My cock was straining painfully at this stage. He engulfed the head of my cock with his mouth, suspended untouched inside his mouth. I almost came at that point purely from the idea of awaiting his next touch.

Then he lightly began licking it all the way around. I started whimpering again, then as my cock felt like it was going to explode, all my muscles tensed up.

The point had come where there was no way to stop and I let out a very long, loud strained groan as I ejaculated into Robbie’s very skillful mouth. He had no hesitation in swallowing every drop of my ejaculated semen with a satisfied smile on his face.

‘Want to go for another swim Lindsay?’ he said as he stood up and helped me to my feet, watching as my still erect penis throbbed noticeably in the bright afternoon sunshine.

‘Sure,’ I replied as we walked back toward the sea with my erect cock swaying heavily left and right very conspicuously. Something had changed. Now I wouldn’t have minded who saw my erection. I actually wanted to show it off.

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