Listen Up, Kitten

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“We’re going to play a little game. Okay, kitten?”

“What kind of game?”

“It’s easy. I tell you what to do and you do it.”

“No! I’m not going to do anal! You’re not going to trick me into doing that!” Leah wagged her finger back and forth in the air at her boyfriend, Liam. They had been together for less than a year, but more than six months. She wasn’t really sure of the exact timeline but she knew that it was her longest relationship. She had never been very good at keeping guys interested and she was starting to wonder what it was about her that made all of her previous boyfriends dump her.

“No, I don’t want you to do anything like that. I want you to play with yourself. I want to see how you masturbate. I won’t even touch you and I won’t make you have sex,” Liam explained.

“I don’t know…”

“Come on, Leah. I’m just trying to have a little fun with you. Can’t you just have fun with me for once?”

“Are you saying I’m not fun?” she asked, her insecurity obvious to him.

“I’m saying that you are the kind of person that can’t just relax and play a little game with your boyfriend.” Liam’s brow furrowed with disappointment.

“Okay, okay, fine!” she quickly exclaimed, hoping to recapture Liam’s interest in her. She knew that she was insecure but she could hardly help it.

“Okay! Now we’re talking. Get out your toy box then,” Liam gave her a naughty sidelong glance that made her pussy a bit wet. She gulped down a lump of nervousness that had formed in her throat and reached under her bed to grab her box of toys. She retrieved the key from the drawer in her nightstand and unlocked the box ceremoniously. There, nestled inside were more than a few dildos, butt plugs, and other wonderful things. Liam smiled. He had intimate knowledge of all the things in Leah’s box.

“Now what?” Leah asked, her face fraught with concern.

“Take off your shorts,” Liam commanded her.

“Okay, fine.” He smiled as they landed on the floor in a heap.

“Now your panties.” He watched her closely as her panties came off and he could see the familiar folds of her pussy. He had wanted to watch her fuck herself for a while now. He’d been watching a lot of cam girls lately and he always thought of Leah as he watched them, wishing that they were her. Now, he would have her do all of the things that he liked to watch the cam girls do. Now, she would be at his command.

“Like this?” Leah giggled as she spread her legs open so he could see her cute, little pussy. She was a gorgeous girl with dark hair that she had bleached blonde. She had nice, round tits and curvy hips and ass. He loved the thickness of her thighs and the way her pussy looked like it had never been touched, like the smooth Sefaköy escort snow after a snowfall.

“Now grab your biggest dildo. I want to see you work that pussy open.”

“Okay,” she said as she rifled through the box until she found the perfect dildo. It was about ten inches long and 8 inches around. She grabbed the lube and prepared the dildo for her pussy.

“Not so fast. Finger yourself first. Get yourself ready. I want you to finger yourself the way you would if I wasn’t around. I want you to work your fingers inside of you.”

“That’s not how I would do it, though. If you want to see how I would do it let me show you. Do you want to see?” She looked so eager to show him and he really did want to see her.

“Show me, kitten.”

“Okay,” she put the dildo to the side and she changed her position so that she was face-down on the bed. She had one hand reached down to her pussy and she was rubbing her clit as she literally humped the bed. He watched her breathing change from strong and deep to fast and shallow. He watched her body tremor with pleasure as she quickly and efficiently brought herself to climax in a way Liam never would have imagined. He wondered if all women masturbated like Leah. The cam girls had never done anything like what he had just seen. He wanted to see more.

“What about the dildo, kitten? Would you ever use it if I wasn’t here?”

“Probably not. I don’t really cum from penetration.”

“Well then, will you do it for me? Like a show? Show me what it looks like, kitten? I’ve wanted to see you fuck this dildo since the first time you showed it to me.”

“I’ve never actually used it,” she admitted, “but I’ll try for you.” She grabbed the dildo and opened her legs, giving him a sly, little smile that he found so very sexy. His cock was stiffening and so he pulled down his own pants and underwear so he could sit on the bed and stroke himself as he watched her.

She pushed the thick dildo inside of herself and began to slowly work it all the way in. He was shocked that her tiny, little pussy could take so much of the thick plastic dick. He could hear the sound of her wetness as it squished against the dildo each time it entered her. He stroked himself as he watched her working it in and out. He grabbed her left hand and guided it up to her clit.

“Go ahead and touch your clit too, but don’t you dare cum, kitten. Don’t you dare fucking cum!” He could see that his words were affecting her. She touched herself as she continued to use the dildo on her pussy. She didn’t cum. Instead, she let out a scream and stopped fucking herself, panting as she tried to catch her breath.

“I almost came! Wait, why am I not allowed to cum?”

“This Escort Yenibosna is about me today, kitten. It’s about my cock and getting me off. I just want to see you play with your pussy. I want to be in charge of it when you cum. Play along and be a good girl.”

“Okay, I’ll play but I think I should get to cum.”

“If you’re a good girl I’ll make sure you get plenty of orgasms later after I’m satisfied. Okay?”


“Now listen up, kitten. I want you to grab one of these butt plugs and put it in your ass for me.”

“Which one?” she asked, not wanting to pick the wrong one.

“Any one that you like.”

“This one!” she held a plug with a red jeweled heart at the end.

“Put it inside yourself,” Liam commanded. He watched as she obeyed him, slathering the lube all over the plug and then making several attempts to push it all the way into her ass. She groaned a bit when the plug finally found its way in and snapped into position between her butt cheeks. “Turn around and let me see.”

“Like this?” Leah crawled into position with her ass in front of him. The heart plug was so very cute. He grabbed a different dildo, this one a hot pink color and handed it to her. “Now stick this in your pussy while the plug is still in. You may need to clench your ass to hold it there.”

“Okay…like this?” she asked as she tried her best to push the dildo in around the plug that was in her ass. He was getting off on her struggle, so used to seeing the cam girls who were professionals just do these things without thinking. He liked watching Leah attempt to do them more. Something about her naivety and sweetness made his cock even harder than it was with the cam girls. The dildo was going deeper and deeper and he was shocked when he saw the juice squirting down Leah’s legs.

“I told you not to cum!”

“I’m not cumming!”

“Then what is all of this?”

“It’s just my natural lubricant,” she answered defensively.

He stuck a finger onto her leg and collected a bit of her wetness and held it up to her face. “Taste yourself,” he said as he shoved his finger into her mouth. She tasted herself and she looked a bit uncomfortable with it at first, but then a smile slowly played on her lips and behind her eyes and he could tell that she was still having fun and enjoying herself.

“I want you to sit on the blue dildo,” he pointed toward the box, indicating the dildo he meant.

“Where should I stick it?” she asked as she held it up, the suction cup side toward him.

“Stick it on this wall,” he pointed to the wall closest to her bed and she stood up and pushed the dildo into place until the suction cup was firmly gripping the wall and the Halkalı escort bayan dildo stood at a perfect height for her to fuck it. “I want you to fuck this dildo while you suck on this one,” he reached in for a smaller, black dildo. “For someone who doesn’t get off on penetration you sure have a lot of dildos.”

“My vibrators are actually over there,” she explained. “In that drawer.”

“Well get one of those instead of this dildo,” Liam said, putting the black dildo down. She grabbed a silver vibrator in one hand as she guided the dildo anchored to the wall into her pussy. She flicked the vibrator on and Liam watched her fuck herself as he stroked his cock.

She was bouncing on the dildo like it was his cock and he could almost feel her pussy gripping his dick with every bounce of her hips. The vibrator was bringing her close to orgasm.

“Listen up, kitten! I told you not to cum! I’m letting you use that vibrator but I don’t want to see you cum or there will be problems. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!” she screamed, trying her best not to cum. She switched the vibrator off and continued to fuck the other dildo. He knew the plug was still in her ass and he could see the need in her eyes. She needed release. She needed to cum but he wasn’t going to let her. This was about him, not her. His cock was ready to blow.

“Get off the dildo. Get down on your knees, right here in front of me.” Liam pointed to a spot on the floor and Leah obeyed, dropping quickly to her knees in front of him. “Take my cum all over your face, kitten. Look up at me. Open those pretty eyes up. Let me see you want this cum.”

“I want your cum!” She looked up at him so obediently that it made his orgasm so much sweeter.

“Yes, kitten. Here it is!” Liam lost control of himself as his cock spurted globs of cum all over Leah’s young face. Her eyes remained open and he was careful not to get any jizz in her eye. She was his girlfriend. He wasn’t a monster. He felt so accomplished, having gotten exactly what he wanted. He looked down at Leah’s face coated with a generous layer of his cum and couldn’t help but feel a pang of love for her. She was such a good girl.

“Is our game over now?” Leah asked him.

“It is.”

“What about me, though?”

“What about you?” he laughed, playing stupid.

“I want to cum too.”

“But the game is over, Leah. I just told you.”

“That’s not really fair,” Leah complained.

“Some things in life aren’t fair. Listen up, kitten. Sometimes it’s about me, sometimes it’s about you. This time it was about me.”

“Well when is it my turn?” she asked.

“Soon,” he said.

“Okay, fine,” she began to put on her clothes and she was fuming a bit inside. It wasn’t fair that he had gotten to cum and she hadn’t. She wanted a rematch. She was already inventing a new game in her head, one where he had to do everything that she said! She imagined all the humiliating things she would make him do and figured she would start by cumming 20 times just riding his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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