Little Red Car

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Big Tits

We were driving in the little red Miata on country roads that day, and there were very few other cars out in the storm. We had no particular destination and it was hardly a day for a scenic drive, but I had had a pleasantly full feeling from my big breakfast and was quite content to be taken wherever he wanted to go. It was darkly overcast with a steady rain blowing across the road, and it felt cozy to ride in the little car with the heater on and the rain drumming on the nylon top. Somehow the contrast between the wet storm outside and the warm comfort inside the car made me feel snug and comfortable. I looked over at my lover, but he was concentrating on his driving, so I turned my thoughts inward to the wonderful love we had made less than two hours before.

When we stopped at a stop sign out in the middle of nowhere, John showed me how to put the gearshift in first, then put his hand over mine to show me how to shift gears while he worked the clutch. After that first time, he let me do all the shifting by myself. It was awkward at first, but I got pretty good at it after a little practice. I thought being left handed helped. That was the closest I’d ever come to driving a car, and I kept wishing we would come to more stop signs.

On a stretch of road where we didn’t need to shift gears, I took John’s hand off the steering wheel, put it between my legs, and squeezed my thighs together to let him know I wanted it to stay there. He looked over at me and smiled, and I parted my thighs to let him explore if he wanted. After a little while, I scooted down in the seat and he put his hand right on my pussy. I took off my sneakers and put my feet up next to the seat so I could get my knees wider apart. John stroked me through my jeans and panties, and although it felt really good, I wished I wasn’t wearing anything down there. I had been wearing a long coat, but I had opened it and taken my arms out of the sleeves when the car warmed up.

John told me to put my coat back on, and though I didn’t think I really needed it, I did as he said. When John ‘told me’ to do things, it wasn’t as if he was really giving orders. He never said ‘please’, but I knew that when he told me to do something, it was more of a suggestion, and I always had the option of not doing it. Since I had learned that following his ‘orders’ almost always resulted in balgat escort something really good, I never even considered not doing whatever he said. After all, it wasn’t as if he was telling me to take out the garbage or make the bed. Of course I would have even done that if he had asked.

Then he astonished me by telling me to take my jeans off. I was even more surprised when I just started unzipping them and said, ‘Oh, okay, panties, too?’ He looked over, smiled, and nodded. He turned the heater up a little as I worked my jeans and panties off, so I was still nice and warm although I was almost naked, at least below the waist. I kept my gym sox on. Sweat shirt and blouse, too. I wrapped my coat around me, but John reached over and moved the coat so it only covered me from the waist up. There I was, naked below the waist, not even any pubic hair to hide anything, scrunched down in the seat, knees wide apart, and John’s hand on my pussy. It was a little scary, but it was also extremely exciting. Exciting in an entirely new way.

He put his finger in his mouth to get it wet then slid it into my cleft to stroke my clitoris very slowly and gently. I had put a little dab of Vaseline down there earlier to sooth the soreness from our lovemaking, and that helped to make it nice and slippery. I closed my eyes, lay my head back and enjoyed the feel of his finger on my button. I knew he couldn’t hear me over the noise of the car, but I said,’ Mmmmmmmmmmm,’ a lot. I was well lubricated inside with Vaseline and my own juices, and his finger slid easily into my vagina. When he took his very wet finger out and brought it to my mouth, I sucked and licked it clean. Mmm, pussy. I’m not too crazy about the Vaseline, but I think I can taste a little of him still in there. I thought it was a very erotic thing for him to do. Certainly something I would never have thought of doing, but I hadn’t had any experience at thinking up erotic things.

He stroked my clitoris a little longer, then he took my hand and put it on my pussy. He put my finger on my button, rubbed it a little, then took his hand away and put it back on the steering wheel. He wants me to rub my clitoris. Okay, it isn’t as if I’ve never done it before. I sure never did it with anyone around, though. Or outside. Or in a car. Or in the daytime. I batıkent escort don’t think I can have an orgasm this way, but it feels good. I’ll just put my head back, close my eyes, and masturbate. I hate that word, it sounds so ugly, like some sort of a crime. Masturbation in the first degree. The nuns say it’s a sin, but I’ll bet they never even tried it. I’ll just think of it as ‘playing with myself.’ That sounds better. Mmm

I moved the finger from my button down to my entrance and slid it into my vagina. I was pleased to find that it had shrunk to about the size it had always been (minus the cherry, of course). It’s amazing how it can get wide and deep enough to take big, warm Herman and still return to its normal size. It must be really stretchy.

It was very wet in there, so I put that finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. I put it back in my pussy then offered it to John, and he sucked it clean, saying, ‘Yummm.’ He got my finger really wet with saliva, and when I put it back on my clitoris it made it very slick. Rubbing it really felt good, so I just closed my eyes and played with myself. John put his hand over and stroked my inner thigh, and I got to feeling like I might even be able to come if I kept it up long enough. John said, ‘Go ahead, Baby,’ and I concentrated on getting myself over. I put my other hand down and used those fingers to hold my lips apart, exposing my button completely. I had never touched it before when I was that excited, and it had swollen up so it felt huge. I used another finger to pull the little hood up, exposing a part of me I’d never felt. I wish I had another hand for my nipples.

I found a spot on my button, near the tip and on the side, that was the most sensitive and concentrated on rubbing there. It didn’t take long. I was almost naked, in a moving car on a public road going about sixty, in broad daylight, my legs spread wide apart, and rubbing my button as if I was all alone in my bed at home with the lights off. I thought about all those things and found that they added to my excitement. I kept my eyes closed, pretended that John was licking me, and that did it! I felt my climax coming, and I started rubbing faster and faster. When I finally went over, my finger was going as fast as I could make it, and I had an orgasm like I had never experienced beşevler escort before. It didn’t roll over me in waves, it came really sharp, fast, and hard. It wasn’t like when we made love and I had those huge ones, but it was still very intense. All my muscles tensed, I raised my bottom off the seat, I squealed, rubbed furiously, and I had a short, hard, straining climax. It didn’t last very long, but it was really strong. I relaxed back into the seat and said something like ‘Ooommmfffff.’ Suddenly I was as limp as a rag and feeling very sleepy.

John took my hand and sucked the finger I had been using on my clitoris. Then he said, ‘Honey, I think you’d better get your pants back on.’ I looked out the windshield and saw the on ramp to Interstate 80 right up ahead. My God, those truckers we’ll be passing will be able to look right down into this little car, and I’m naked. What if there was an accident and the trucker told the doctor at the Emergency Room that he was watching a naked girl in a little red car playing with herself when he ran off the road?

I hurried and got my jeans back on and my coat closed, but I didn’t take time for the panties. John reached over, picked up the panties, and put the crotch in his mouth and chewed, making gross smacking and grunting noises. This gave me the giggles and woke me up from my after-orgasm stupor. I leaned over, kissed him on the cheek, and said, ‘That kind of got me out of control, Lover. I didn’t know I could do that to myself, I mean go over. That’s the first time I ever rubbed my button since you taught me how to have a climax. I hope my sitting beside you and playing with myself until I had an orgasm didn’t embarrass you.’

‘Embarrass me?’ He laughed. ‘Baby, it was my idea in the first place. Besides, you were the one who was naked. I’m sure you wouldn’t have done that on your own. I think I’m definitely being a bad influence on you, but you seem to have a natural talent for it. Besides, that was just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you for doing that for me. I’m afraid you’re picking up some bad habits, though.’

For some reason, I picked that time to blush, and my face and neck felt really hot. I also giggled. ‘Darling, you’re teaching me some wonderful things. Things I would never have thought of by myself. Well, I’ve masturbated before, but I never had an orgasm doing it. I never did it during the day, either, or outside, or when someone else was around, or while doing sixty in a little red car.’

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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