Little Shop of Pleasures

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“We need to go shopping,” Monika said as we lay in bed that morning.

Shopping – the tradeoff for sex, it felt like to me. Monika and I had been together for about a year and it seemed like she wanted to shop every weekend.

I liked walking behind her in stores sometimes, at 5′ 5″, she had a cute bounce and perky body that was always fun to watch. But hours on hours of looking at purses or blouses or dinnerware was not that exciting.

“Aw baby, we did that last weekend. How many pairs of shoes do you need?”

Monika turned on her side, and ran the flat of her palm over my abs. As she moved lower, she lightly scratched my skin.

“I think you’ll like this shopping trip. I need your opinion on what to buy for our trip.”

She finished the sentence as she dragged her nails over me, closer and closer to my stiffening dick.

“I need to see what makes you want me,” she said, sliding her hand into my boxers and gripping my shaft.

It danced in her fingers as she stuck her tongue in my ear.

“Don’t you want to help me find some new bikinis?” she whispered.

I did and she knew it. She knew I fell for her when I saw her in a red two-piece at my buddy’s pool party. Her taste was a little conservative, she did not wear thongs. But her pert b-cups always filled a top sweetly and her rounded hips and athletic thighs flowed out of a full bikini bottom very nicely.

After I told her how much I liked the red bikini, she wore it to bed for our one-month anniversary. First she blew me as I fingered her pussy through the fabric. Then she left it on as she rode me reverse cowboy.

Later we roleplayed – she “caught” me jerking off in the shower. By then she had changed into a light green bikini with pink trim – one she said she bought as my anniversary present. I got cum all over that one too.

I could not eat breakfast fast enough before we went shopping. Instead of the mall, we went to a surf shop that had just opened for the season.

We were the only customers in the store. As we walked through, the clerk pretty much ignored us, her cell phone kept ringing while we kept looking around.

I was already getting hard as we walked by racks of bikinis in every style. Monika had worn tight spandex shorts, her pert ass cheeks were enticing as she walked ahead of me.

I was also watching the front of the store. Because I took my eyes off Monika, I bumped into her as she reached for a floral string bikini with a triangle top.

“Mmmmm, feels like you would like this one,” she said with a giggle as she rubbed back against me.

She held it up on its hangar, bright yellow with orange and lime green flowers, one each where her nipples would jut through Sinop Escort the top. With a laugh, Monika draped it over my shoulder and continued through the aisles.

The music kept pounding, some dance beat that always sounded the same. Monika was working her way closer to the dressing room, down a narrow hall but out of view from the counter.

Along the way, Monika grabbed a horizontal blue and white striped suit with a halter top. Turning to me, she held the bottoms over her shorts.

“How does this look?” she asked with a laugh.

“I’ll need a closer inspection,” I said, now feeling like my cock was magnetized to following her through the store.

The last rack near the dressing room held a line of tankinis. Monika stopped to look at them and I stepped in behind her. I cupped her ass cheeks, then reached around, moving two fingers up and down over her shorts.

Lifting her blouse, which fell over her sweet ass, I pressed against her while sliding my hand inside her shorts.

“Stop it, you naughty man,” she said as she leaned back against me. She opened her legs more as I caressed her soaking pussy lips. “We’ll never make it home if you don’t stop.”

I pushed a finger inside Monika’s hole, it was tight and sopping as she wriggled against me. Standing behind her, I was able to finger her and rub her clit with my palm as she gave in to the moment and clutched hard at the swimsuits she carried.

“I need to try these on. Give me about two minutes,” she said as she leaned back and kissed me. I pulled my finger from her pussy, smelling it as she sauntered away.

Whatever it was that the girl at the counter was talking about, it kept her so busy she did not notice as I edged closer to the dressing room. I looked over both shoulders to see if she was watching and to see Monika appear at the swinging doors of the dressing room.

She smiled slyly and waggled a finger at me. I trotted to the room like a puppy headed for a treat; I could still smell the depth of her musk on my finger and I wanted it all over my face.

Monika stepped back so I could see her in the dark blue and gold tankini. It came halfway down her stomach, so her pert navel winked at me and I noticed her nipples pressed hard against the top.

Monika caught me by my forearms as I stepped towards her. She pushed and turned me to the padded bench where she had dropped her clothes.

“This is a “look, no touch room,” she said as she backed away.

She twirled around, looking at me in the mirror as I enjoyed her heart-shaped ass spin by me. The bottoms were full, and framed her pert cheeks as she leaned forward, hands on the mirror, and swayed back and forth.

“So, do you Sinop Escort Bayan like it?” asked Monika when she turned around again.

I violated the no touch rule by reaching out and caressing her sides, moving over bare skin and the tankini top. Monika caught my hands as my thumbs brushed her nipples.

“Now stop that and tell me what you think,” she said.

“Fantastic,” I said.

“Good, now get out of here so I can change to the next one.”

I snuck back out, but the clerk had her back turned to the store and was gabbing away.

I circled more racks, staying close to the dressing room, looking as casual as a man sporting a huge hardon could.

“Pssst,” I heard after what seemed like hours.

Inside the dressing room, Monika had put on the blue and white striped bikini, with a tube top over her 34 b breasts I was dying to pull down. She dodged to the side as I reached for her, and then gave me a gentle shove to the bench.

“How does this make my titties look?” she asked as she bent over me. She cupped her pert breasts, the ones she knew I loved to cum on. “Would you like to play with them through this top?”

As I watched Monika straighten up, I realized my left hand was on the lacy green panties she wore before changing.

She put her hands behind her head and began bumping and swaying in time.

“Do you wanna fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she cooed, “Do you wanna fuck me with your cock right now?”

As I nodded and grinned, I picked up her panties. Turning the crotch to me, I gave a long sniff, then licked them as Monika danced. As the song ended, she reached down and pulled me up.

“Two down, one to go,” she said, taking her panties back and guiding me out of the room.

It was more difficult to be discreet now, my cock was raging inside my pants and I still smelled a whiff of Monika’s panties in my nostrils. I was waiting for the clerk to bust me for sneaking in and out, but whatever it was that was interesting her, it was not in the store.

After a couple of minutes that seemed like years, the sight of Monika’s green panties caught my eye. She waved them over the dressing room door like a red handkerchief for a bull.

I was almost bellowing and snorting as I stepped inside again. She had changed into the smallest, sexiest bikini we had chosen, a string number pulled high on her hips with pastel flowers over yellow.

This time, Monika had curled up on the bench, and slowly stretched herself out like a cat sunning itself after a nap. With two hands, she pushed herself up from the bench and circled me. When my back was to the bench, she pushed me down, a gentle shove I was ready to obey.

Again she turned Escort Sinop around for me, shimmying as she rubbed her near naked hips with her palms.

“Am I grown up enough for this one?” she asked. All I could do was nod.

I was out of control by now and Monika knew it. She giggled as she knelt in front of me and unzipped my slacks. It took some work pulling it past the bulge I was sporting.

I had to stand to drop my pants, and as they hit the carpet, she had already yanked my boxers below my knees. Monika pushed me back on to the bench and unbuttoned my shirt to fully expose my throbbing rod.

“Let’s see which one you like best,” she cooed, picking up the gold and blue tankini bottoms from the floor. When she held them up for my view, I could see a wet spot.

Then she draped them over my dick and began jerking me with her slender fingers. She moved the bottoms just down the shaft below the crown and tugged as my hips rose.

Monika slid the bottoms down, stroking the base of my cock as she leaned over and kissed the head. Her kisses were followed by small licks, wetting the slit and around the rest of the crown.

Monika rocked back on her heels, smiling as she dropped the tankini bottoms to the floor. She grabbed the striped bottoms, and draped them around the spot she had just sucked and licked.

“How do you think it would feel fucking me in these?” she said, slowly moving them over my shaft.

All I could do was moan, my cum was building like a lava flow and she knew it. Monika slowed her strokes, making little tugs as she blew over my cock head.

Then Monika dropped the bottoms and with a sly smile, straddled me. Our first kiss was voracious, I pulled her close and untied the yellow top with the flowers as she bucked against my hips.

I held her ass in my hands as she writhed up and down, her wetness flowing through the bikini. Easing herself up slightly, she parted the bikini and settled back over me. It took one thrust for her to impale herself, groaning into my mouth as I filled her pussy.

Her breasts began bouncing as she rode me up and down, now tossing her head back as our pleasure consumed us. The music pulsed through the room, covering our noises as we urged each other on.

I knew I was on the verge of cumming, and was not sure if I could wait for Monika, so I pressed against the bikini bottoms with my thumb, seeking her hard clit.

I found it, sending her into waves of ecstasy. She simultaneously gripped my cock harder with her pussy as her juices drenched out joined hips. There was no holding back my cum now, the first shot exploded in her on a downstroke, and she wriggled and gasped as I fired about six more spurts deep inside her.

Monika rammed her tongue into my mouth as our orgasms subsided. She lifted herself off me, my cock fell against my stomach with a small plop. She settled in next to me on the bench as we caught our breath.

“Guess we’re buying this one,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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