Little Sister

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For Piper


Wesson was tired. The plane had been an hour and a half late, and traffic from the airport had turned a 20-minute drive into 90 minutes. All he wanted was his bottle of rye and Fontana’s delivery — a deep dish pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni. Instead, he got Katie.

She was sitting in the living room watching TV, a glass of wine on the coffee table. Butch Cassidy was on. “Isn’t Katherine Ross pretty, Mr. Wesson?” she said.

Katie was Alex Worth’s little sister. Alex had been best friends with Wesson’s daughter, Annie, before Wesson’s wife had divorced him. In the period after his divorce, Wesson had discovered, much to his amazement, that Alex’s little girl crush had been much more than that. But Alex was in London on a graduate program. Katie, on the other hand, was on his sofa.

“Katie,” said Wesson. “What are you doing here?”

She sipped the wine, licked her lips. “I borrowed Alex’s key,” she said.

Wesson, standing in back of the sofa, groaned. Literally, like a character in a bad play. Katie, needless to say, was not supposed to know about the key. She was not supposed to know about he and Alex, either. Obviously, they had tried to be discrete. But discretion was relative for a newly-divorced 49-year-old man and a 23-year-old who was discovering the joys of submission. They had fucked in his house and in hotels, of course, and a couple of times in his car. They had even fucked in her house, in her bedroom — an experience that left Wesson weak-kneed every time he thought about it. The room was filled with little girl stuffed animals, just like his daughter’s had been, and had the same sort of pink bedspread. Alex had ridden him, with her heavy, full tits bouncing, and she had been moaning, begging, mecidiyeköy escort “More, Daddy, more. Leave your cum inside me, Daddy, please Daddy.”

Katie looked at the TV. “Yeah, I know about that day at the house.” Katherine Ross was quizzing Paul Newman about the Spanish he needed to know to rob banks, and Newman was cheating. “I came home after you left, and I saw Alex on her bed, with your cum on her tits. The door was wide open. She was just lying there, touching herself, sucking your cum and her pussy juice off her fingers. She was so out of it, she never even noticed me. The only thing she could think of was getting off again. Who’d have thought Annie’s dad could be that good?”

Wesson knew Katie was telling the truth, because Alex had called him that night and had told him what she had done after he had left. They had come again as she told him, taking phone fucking to another level.

“And your point is, Katie?” Wesson asked.

“No point, really,” she said. Katie was four years younger than Alex, and looked as different as sisters could look. Alex took after her mother, an attractive, dark-haired woman whose family came from southern Italy; Wesson had loved to watch Alex undress, her long dark hair on top of her breasts. Wesson would call her his little Daddy slut and she would shudder in pleasure. No one was sure who Katie took after, for she was as light as her sister was dark, as small-framed as her sister was big. Katie was in her second of college, and still looked like she was in her second year of high school. She dressed that way sometimes, too, with pigtails and clothes from the girls’ department at Target.

Katie reached for the remote, muted the TV. She turned around to look at Wesson, and he got his first good look at taksim escort her. No pigtails, but she was wearing a red Hello Kitty tank top and black yoga pants. She wasn’t wearing a bra; Wesson wondered if she was wearing panties.

“My parents are in the Hill Country on that wine trip you recommended,” she said, and Wesson couldn’t take his eyes off her nipples and how the tank top rubbed against them. “I kept thinking about how hot Alex was, lying there after you fucked her. I get off on that a lot, you know, thinking about that. It makes me so wet. So I came over.”

Wesson started to say something, then something else, and then a third thing. He finally decided not to say anything at all. He just kept looking at Katie — her tits under the tank top, how young she seemed, her pussy and how wet it was.

“How good did my sister fuck, Mr. Wesson?”

“She was amazing, Katie.” The words just came out, before Wesson realized what he was saying. “Tight and wet and hungry and eager and she gave me all of herself and when I thought that was it, she found more to give me.”

Katie slipped a hand under her top, starting squeezing a nipple. “Where did you fuck her the first time?”

“Here. On the sofa. About where you’re sitting. I spread her legs and buried my face in her pussy and she grabbed my hair and pulled it and begged me to make her cum. And she tasted so good and when I bit her clit, she gasped and came almost at that instant.”

Katie’s eyes were soft and her top had ridden up above her tits. They were small and pink, and the tiny nipples looked like butterscotch. Katie had her other hand under her pants and it was going up and down as Wesson told her what had happened.

Wesson walked around to the front of the sofa, stood over beşiktaş escort Katie. He reached down, took her hand out from her pants and kissed the fingers, smelling her as he did, and then sucking her first two fingers, one at a time. She shivered. “Take your pants off, Katie,” he said, and she slid out of them. Her pussy was glistening, and she had shaved. On the muted TV, Katherine Ross was telling Paul Newman and Robert Redford that she wouldn’t watch them die.

Wesson put Katie’s hand back on her pussy, and she used two fingers to pinch her clit as quickly as she could. “Then I got on top of her, Katie,” and he climbed out his pants and shorts and stood in front of her, his cock in his hand, teasing it. “And Alex spread her legs as wide as they would go and I put my cock in her and pushed and pushed and she shook her head back and forth and made little girl noises and I pulled almost all the way out and then I pushed back in,” and Wesson’s hand was around his cock, stroking it and he watched Katie close her eyes and rub her pussy faster and faster.

“Don’t stop, Daddy,” she said and he could tell she was getting close and his cock felt so good in his hand and he could smell how wet she was and he knew he was getting close, too. “And I pushed back in a third time and a fourth time and Alex was so wet and slippery and I knew I was going to cum in her and I knew she needed it and she wanted it and she was squirming from side to side and panting and gasping and begging for Daddy cum, and then I came inside her, Katie, Daddy came inside his sweet, nasty princess.”

And Katie was panting and gasping and her eyes were squeezed shut and Wesson knew she was watching him fuck Alex, that she had seen the whole thing that day in Alex’s bedroom, and then the vibration started and her body shook and she came, and as she came his cock felt it and he came, too, and his cum shot out and onto her thighs and her belly and her tits and she opened her eyes. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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