Living with Elise Ch. 01

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When I met her she was just 15, but now my younger brother’s girlfriend is about to turn 20 and just damn. I guess having her around much more since she and John moved in is just making my mind race into some deeply dirty circles. Her name is Elise and none of this was premeditated, I swear. Forgive me John but your girlfriend, although you know is not my type, has something brewing in me that is yearning for her. I suppose it could be my loneliness.

She’s not hideous, just about 5″4′ and built thick, with a bubble butt I can’t seem to take my eyes off of. Her breasts? I suppose they’re about Ds, I don’t really know. Her eyes that bore into me… they’re a grey green, very intense. She must know something is going on with me, how couldn’t she? I try to keep her talking when the purpose of our conversations seems to dead end. Here I am thinking about her once again. Shit.

Today is a beautiful warm July day; I’ve got two hours before work. Suppose I should make some lunch. Maybe some… I think to myself when I hear the shower cut on. Elise is up, I smile inwardly. Maybe I should ask her if she’d like some lasagna. I make my way upstairs to her and John’s room, continue in and knock on the bathroom door.

“Yeah?” She calls out.

“Hey sorry to interrupt your shower Elise but I was wondering if I should make enough lasagna for two or just myself?” I ask.

“Um could you make the whole box and we’ll just eat the leftovers for dinner?” Elise seems to almost plead.

“Yeah I suppose, yeah that’s fine.” I answer bostancı escort bayan in return.

With the lasagna basically done being put together I hear her marching down the stairs. I was about to sprinkle the last bit of cheese on top when I heard her stub something, probably her toe on the banister. “FUCK! Fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Elise goes on shouting.

Laughing mostly to myself I throw the cheese onto the lasagna and put it in the oven, set the timer and am done with it. Elise hops into the kitchen in a towel to my surprise, holding onto her big toe and trying to keep the towel covering her modesty.

“John left my basket of clothes in the garage but brought his in. Your fucking brother sucks.” She laughs as well as I. “I don’t think he planned on you stubbing your toe to get it.” I muttered out. “Shut up Evan.” She giggled and smacked my arm.

“Don’t start that up again, I’ll hit you back.” I tried to reason with her.

“Oh no, please Evan nooo, don’t hit me…”she says in mock sarcasm”…I can take a tap or two, just not from a fucking stair post.” She sticks her tongue out.

This triggers something in me to go around the island and tickle her.

“Oh yeah? Can you handle this?”

“Evan stop!” She pleads through the laughing seizure I seem to be causing.

“Never!!” I boast out.

She is pinned against the kitchen floor when she wiggled her way from beneath me and out of her towel. I hadn’t realized till I stood up and my mind had slowed everything down. Her face ümraniye escort became full of shock, her eyes widening beyond belief, her arms beginning to cover places only my brother should see. But it was too late; at this moment I’d seen almost every thing, except her pussy. She’d turned around before I had gotten down to it. Instead I see her gloriously round booty, still slightly damp and shiny from her shower. I now want to get on my knees and kiss and nibble all over it but her voice breaks me out of my daze.

“Evan, please tell me you didn’t see anything.”

“Not a thing, other than your eyes going huge so I figured you’d dropped your towel. I’m facing the sink by the way.” I fib as I toss the towel slightly behind her.

“Oh thank God!” She shrieks and bends over to grab the towel that was kind of between her legs. There it is, her pussy; the lips are bare and that’s all I can really tell, no inner lips hanging out and it was very wet as well. Her little brown eye seems very tight; an anal virgin? God, why God? She’s so scrumptious. I now do a 180 before she notices I’m really looking.

“I’m going to get changed in the garage so don’t come out there.” Elise said sternly.

Leaving the kitchen once I hear the garage door close, I make my way up the stairs to my room and into my bathroom. I unzip my pants because the tightness of them is killing my prick. I lotion my right hand on up and get down to business. Stroking my cock up and down, throwing in some twisting every once in a while at the head. I escort kartal start imagining what it would be like to just get a hand job from Elise.

Maybe she’d sneak into my room one night when John was out of town and into my bed, whip the covers down to see I slept naked and she would spit into her hand quietly and start stroking my cock. “Yeah that’s right, mmmm, stroke my dick.” I mumble to myself while thinking of her doing so. She’d pick up speed and slow down when I’d stir to try and not wake me.

“Oh God…” She’d get up the nerve to just lick the head while her hand slid up and down my shaft. And… and… right as I’m about to cum she starts to rub lightly on my balls and puts her lips around the head of my cock catching my load in her mouth. I imagine all this as I cum into the toilet. “Ah! Yeah! Fuck!” I accidentally grunted out.

Once I catch my breath I make my way down stairs back towards the kitchen when I hear the living room TV click on.

“You want to watch part of a movie with me before you head out to work?” Elise asks me.

“Sure, whatever you wants fine by the way.” I yelled back and then thought, “Especially after that little peep show you gave me”.

Not too long after the lasagna is cooked to perfection, I bring in two bowls of the good stuff and as I’m making my way back to the kitchen I see her open the DVD player; to my horror one of my pornos is in there but I continue on my way in hopes she’ll just toss it some where and put her movie in. As I am on the way back into the living room I see she’s playing the disc; there is a man on a packed subway car touching ladies in skirts and they aren’t doing anything about it.

“Evan, what’s this video in the player about?” She yelled not knowing I was basically behind her now; with an erection growing.

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