Locker Room Romp

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CJ was your average horny teenage guy. He’d turned 18 a few months back and was more then looking forward to the graduation day at high school. He spent most of his time doin normal stuff, playing video games, shooting some hoops after school with some of his class mates and friends…and of course, seeing as he still hadn’t found himself a girlfriend, partaking in one of the most common practices for a teenage boy: masturbating. He’d go home and abuse himself to images of girls on his computer, on the pornos he’d rented in secret….and sometimes….to the thought of his friend, Tara.

Tara had been CJ’s friend since the 6th grade, and he’d never really thought about her in a more then friends way until just a year ago, that was when she’d joined the girl’s soccer team. Before that, she’d been kind of shy, usually wearing kind of baggy clothes and sweatshirts, which had made her C-sized breasts look like A’s, CJ knew her size because he’d sneaked a peak at her spare bras while he was over at her house last month. She’d also been slightly over weight, she hadn’t been obese or anything, just had a bit of over-hang on some of her clothes, which is why she’d usually wear the baggy clothes, to hide it. But now, Tara had almost completely changed. She hadn’t changed in that she blew him off, or that she was a totally preppy bitch or something…no, though she did have a body that could rival any of the cheerleaders at school. Her pudge was gone, instead she had a tanned, and very nicely toned body. She’d started working out a lot, not just at soccer practice, but going to the gym outside of school, lifting weights, jogging…the works!

CJ had never really noticed until he walked in on her changing back into her normal clothes after a soccer game. He’d stared for a good long minute at her half naked body. Her large breasts just stuffed into her bra, still a bit moist from the shower she’d just taken…one long bronze leg lifted slightly as she was stepping into her pants…he caught a brief glimpse of her still moist, shaven pussy lips showing through the white fabric of her panties…and that’s when she’d seen him, and nearly tore his head off before he booked it out of the dressing room. He knew she was right to be mad, but he’d never known her to be that aggressive before. Either way, she’d apologized and they’d gone home together.

Today though, was the big game, and CJ was rooting for Tara as hard as he could….watching her race across the field…wondering how that sports Kartal Escort bra held in all that gorgeous tit flesh as she dodged through the other team, one beautiful, toned bronze leg shooting out, kicking the soccer ball hard away from the opposing players….she took off after it again, and CJ found himself staring at her firm, hard ass. God he just wanted to spank it so hard… He stopped and swore to himself, shifting in his seat, great, now he had a huge boner in the middle of the stands! He grunted, trying to ignore it. The game was almost over…he could try and hide it a little longer… but it was just getting more, and more painful…pressing hard against the zipper in his jeans. He bit his lip to try and take his mind from the lower pain…but found he could no more, and quickly began making his way, half hunched, half shuffling out of the packed stands, down and towards the gym as fast as he could…he didn’t even pay attention to where he was going as he rushed into the locker room, the deafening roar of the crowd behind him. He looked around slowly, making sure no one was there…then slowly sat down on one of the benches…taking a breather….wincing at the pain. Maybe it would just go down and he could go out and see what had happened…but it wasn’t going down, it’d been almost ten minutes now and it was still throbbing…he kept seeing her perfect ass, those huge restrained tits…those legs….he bit his lip again…looking around…no one was here…it was hours after school had gotten out…and besides, like anyone would come in here… He stood up, looking around…and slinked quickly over to the shower room. He moved to a dry space and quickly undid his pants, sliding his underwear down a litte, before his ten inch cock sprang out fast. He slowly reached out, beginning to stroke it…moaning loudly as he did…he could still see Tara half naked in the locker room…he focused on her legs…her tits…and that freshly shaven cunt…he moaned louder…feeling it getting closer…closer…

“Oh my god….CJ?!” His mind froze….his hand slowly stopping its pumping as he opened his eyes…seeing Tara standing in front of him, “…what the hell are you doing beating off in the girl’s locker room for?!” She asked, staring in shock at her friend.

“I…I…I thought this was….” CJ stammered, his mouth dry….but his cock still hard as stone…his eyes wandered down from Tara’s face to her still covered chest…and finally to her legs…

“Are Kartal Escort you look me up, CJ?” She asked. He quickly froze and looked at her face, which looked shocked and…he couldn’t tell what else…

“N-no…well….um….” He gulped. He felt so trapped….and knew she could tell he was lying, after all, the still rock hard cock infront of her would be telling her different. She frowned at him, looking from him…to his cock. She moved a bit closer…stopped….then smirked.

“Well, if you were…be a man and tell me. Otherwise, I’m going to go get the coach. The team isn’t coming back here yet, they’re all still celebrating…so we probably have a good twenty minutes to ourselves…that is, if you’re man enough.”

“Hey! I’m man enough!” CJ said quickly, feeling his manhood threatened here. “Fine. I was looking you up, Tara. You’re hot, and I was beating off to your hot ass!”

“Really….?” She smirked…and then reached down to the hem of her shirt, lifting it…and her sports bra up and over her head…freeing her C-cup breasts, “Well…I guess we will get to have some fun…” CJ’s heart beat a million miles per second, “….after…you agree to my terms.”

“Anything.” He said without thinking.

“Good. Get undressed. And then, hand your clothes to me.” He complied quickly. She nodded, “Good. Now, lay on your back.” She said, sliding her tight shorts and underwear over her legs. CJ watched her from the floor as she slowly moved over to him, getting down on her hands and knees, crawling slowly up his legs…till her face was level with his eagerly waiting cock, “Now…the moment you try and stop me….its over, and you’ll never get a chance at…all this again, got it?” CJ nodded. “Good boy…” She leaned down, kissing the tip of his member, licking the small dollop of precum that had formed off and into her mouth. She then slowly leaned down…taking the tip of his cock in her mouth. He shivered and let out a deep groan as he mouth slowly slid lower. She felt experienced…but CJ never knew her to have a boyfriend…how much had his friend changed since she joined this team? His thoughts were dragged back to reality as she began to slid her lips up…and he gasped as he felt her teeth scrapping gently along his cock as she went. His hands instinctively tried to grab a hold of the ground, but the tiled floor wouldn’t allow for that. Tara chuckled softly around the tip of his cock before her lips…and teeth, slid Escort Kartal completely off, “….hmm….looks like some one wasn’t expecting that….did you like it?” CJ panted softly…and nodded again.

Tara purred and slowly slid over him…sitting up as she did…till her hips were straddling his cock now…he could see her pussy lips were dripping wet.

“Go easy on me….I’m still a virgin…” She said in a mock innocent voice that made his cock twitch with anticipation. How did his friend learn to be so seductive?! She smirked and slowly lowered herself down…moaning as he pressed in slightly…a faint grimace forming on her face as she pressed him deeper…he felt the resistance of her barrier…then let out a sharp gasp as she suddenly dropped herself down, bitting her gorgeous full lips hard, letting out a sharp, stiffled squeal as she did. She shivered for a few moments…then panted…slowly relaxing…her mouth hanging open slightly…both panting softly as they adjusted to this new sensation. CJ grunted, shivering at the tight snatch that had so quickly enveloped him. He had to fight with every ounce of his will not to cum right then and there. A few moments later…Tara slowly sliding herself up and down…riding his cock slowly. CJ didn’t move, just watching her tits bouncing slowly as she moved…almost hypnotized by her bouncing, flopping breasts. God he wanted them…and he was going to take them! He reached up, grabbing to large hand fulls of tit flesh…slowly kneading them…rubbing his palms over her nipples. She gasped, but let out a deep moan…riding him slowly faster…panting loudly now. CJ moaned, rubbing them slowly still, but beginning to carefully work his rubbing in kneading into a soft rhythm with her thrusting. Tara let out soft whines, eyes shut tight as she moved. “CJ…! CJ….!!! CJ!!!” She howled, the sound reverberating around the empty locker room as she finally let out a loud cry of ecstasy, her muscles rippling across him as she began humping more frantically, and he could barely hold it in any longer…and felt his seed pumping hard and fast into his friend’s waiting cunt. They both panted heavily and soon were holding each other close. CJ panted softly and smiled apologetically at his friend.

“S-sorry…I came inside of you…” He stopped, eyes wide, “Oh god…you could get pregnant!”

“Relax…” She panted, smirking at him, eyes still shut as she cuddled against him, pulling his head down into her soft breasts, petting his hair soothingly, “I’m on the pill…I convinced my parents it was the right thing to do, what with me being 18 and all.” CJ sighed with relief and cuddled close, face pressing further into her soft breasts.

“So can I be on top next time…?”

“You wish.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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