Lonely Road

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I was driving along the empty backroads, it had been a long trip and the short cut was only going to make it slightly shorter. It was hot in the car and I was by myself so as usual I had removed my bra and panties, leaving only my thin white cotton top and short denim skirt to cover myself from other drivers. I had been going quite fast as the roads were empty and I hadn’t seen another car for hours. Suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere a cop car was behind me, lights and sirens blaring. He must have been hiding in the trees. I pulled over, acutely aware of naked I would feel once he was up close. The cop car pulled up behind me and I watched in the rearview mirror as the cop got out of the car. It wasn’t a man as I expected, but a woman. As she walked closer I appreciated her tight uniform, and commanding walk.

“Can I see you licence please ma’am,” she asked when she reached the car.

“Sure,” I said, a little hesitation in my voice. I leant over and fumbled around in my handbag to find the card. As I leaned back, I thought I caught her staring down my top at my free breasts. She surveyed the card briefly and then asked,

“Can Escort Bayan you get out of the car please ma’am?” I was shaking slightly now but I got out, standing next her slim frame, I couldn’t believe how commanding she could be.

“Put your hands on the bonnet of the car please, Emma,” my name sounding intimate on her lips.

“But what have I done wrong?”

“I’m just checking to see why you might have been going so fast.” She put her fingers along the back of my neck, leaning in close over my bent body. She placed them gently under my hair and ran them over my scalp. It felt amazing, and I felt less like I was being searched and more like I was being seduced. She ran her fingers back down my neck, over my shoulders and down the curve of my back. Her hands then slid easily inside my loose shirt, over my tensed stomach and up to my breasts. She cupped them gently for a moment and then gave them a tight squeeze. I gasped.

“You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you Emma,” she said. “You like driving too fast with no bra and …” she paused to run her hand up my thigh and settle tantalisingly close to my moistening cunt…”no panties ‘and tease all the boys,” don’t you Emma.” They were not questions, but came surely out of her mouth as if she knew all of my desires. She took her hand away from my thigh, and brought it up to imitate the other hand that was circling my nipple. My nipples were growing erect and as she ground her hips into me from behind, I began to pant.

“Oh, you are a naughty little slut,” she said. “You like it when I do this,” and she pinched my nipples just slightly too hard, which made it feel even better, I wanted to be her sex slave, and to do anything for her. She ran one hand back down to where I wanted it most, but just teased my lips, running soft fingertips over the folds, pressing at the opening and then moving away, barely circling around my clit.

“Oh please,” I said, “I’ll do anything.”

“Good little horny bitch, beg me for it.”

“Please, please, please,” I said, my voice barely audible. She stepped away suddenly, and I almost fainted, my cunt dripping, shaking in anticipation. I was afraid to turn around, that she was leaving me like this, but I heard a clipping sound and I waited.

“You’ll like this,” she said, “bend over more.” I bent over obediently, and she rested something hard and cool against my slit.

“Shove it in,” I cried out, but she waited, enjoying tantalising me with her hips and breasts rubbing against my back. Then she did, a quick smooth motion as her night stick entered me hard and deep. It was so big and round, it almost hurt, but in wonderful long strokes of being filled. She pumped it in and out of my increasingly wet pussy, saying, “Yes horny bitch, scream for me, beg for it.” She slid it in and out, slowly and then faster and faster, reaching around to rub my clit. As she breathed on my neck and then licked up the side, I came in a hard, shaking orgasm. She kept thrusting a little longer, prolonging the pleasurable pain and then she removed it, climbed in her car and drove away. I was still so horny I had to sit in the car with my legs resting on the dashboard, playing with my clit, and shoving as many fingers as I could fit inside me as I could. Only after I’d had two more shaking orgasms could I even concentrate enough to drive. On the drive, I noticed a piece of paper just a phone number on it and I was wet all over again just thinking about dialling it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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