Loosening Up Bk. 08 Ch. 26-30

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Ava Addams

Chapter 26 — Adulting. Merry Noel

Heather, Alice, Scarlett, Athena, and Dave stood just inside the large room. The room was a hodgepodge of decorating styles. A few band posters hung on the walls, along with some notable pieces of original art. A large king-size bed backed up to one wall. Two separate desks were in the room a few feet apart, each with a large Apple iMac on it with a vibrant screensaver catching the eye. There was also a flat-screen television and a cushy loveseat.

Across the room there was a door to an ensuite bath and shower area. In that short hallway were side-by-side walk-in closets full of teenage clothing for Rose and Matthew as of an hour earlier.

Heather sighed, “I guess this is where I congratulate the two of you for being adult enough for all of us to approve of you living together before you head off to college and do it anyway.”

Rose giggled, “The kids in school call it ‘adulting’ and we have been ‘legal’ for ages. Of course, we thought we were ready five years ago, but in hindsight we weren’t. Thank you all for allowing us to live together, and mom, thank you for giving up your master bedroom to us. I promise we’ll take good care of the house and not be an embarrassment to anybody.”

Scarlett rolled her eyes, “Yes, honey. Just keep up with your birth control pills. I don’t want any ‘oopsie shits, guess what happened’ conversations. My press agent already has migraines because of MY lifestyle. All she’d need was to hear that my offspring had fallen off the rail. You would be a bigger splash in the gossip columns than Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol when she got pregnant out of wedlock as a teen.”

Rose said, “It’s not like we haven’t been making love for a while. We are not only very careful, but we are very committed to each other. Both of us have some great plans for our education and careers.” She pointed at the computer on her desk. I’m teaching myself how to build apps and Matt has the guts of these machines mapped onto his brain.

Dave added, “The academics have to stay up there, too. As adults you have …:

“Dad, we know … we’re both ‘A’ students. We help each other, plus Toby and Danica have been helping us since they’ve taken most of the classes we have, often with the same teachers. They were pack rats and even had their old tests and papers that we can use to bootstrap into something better. They’re saving a lot of their freshman class assignments to help us, too.”

Rose said, “Speaking of that, I’d like your permission to test out of plane geometry and trigonometry. I know the material in those subjects like the back of my hand, and I’d like to take something more challenging. There’s an Introduction to Calculus course that looks like fun, as well as a biochem class.”

Scarlett looked at the other adults, “Fun? I would have never called a math class fun, at least when I was in school. Maybe there’s something to this adulting stuff we should try.” She laughed.

Dave and Scarlett had an aside, and then told Rose to arrange for test outs. They would be glad to intervene or write notes on her behalf if her instructors gave her any problems.

The five adults left the ‘kids’ to their own devices. As they walked away, Dave noted, “You know even when they’re forty-five, they’ll still be the kids.” The others laughed.

Dave peeked in as the last to walk down the hallway. Rose had gotten on her computer and seemed to be working on some kind of app. Matt was on his computer and had just called up a TED Talk on human psychology.

As they got out of earshot, Athena said, “I have a small confession to make. I started to make love with Matt and Rose about a year ago when they became of age.” She waited for some kind of reaction, but the others merely looked at her in questioning way.

“You’re not mad at me?” Athena posed.

Dave responded, “Athena, I love you and I know you care deeply for all of the children. You do yeoman’s work to help with the younger generation. I know that any of your actions with any of us come from a loving and supportive place. I’m not a bit angry. You’ve held up this end of things for Scarlett and me, while we’ve been off doing other crazy things.”

Scarlett hugged the dear girl to her. “I’m glad someone as loving as you had been their friend, lover, and companion since forever. Thank you.”

Athena breathed easier. “And it’s all right that I continue to live in the house?”

Scarlett looked shocked, “Of course. I think you’re a good influence on all you come in contact with, plus your help as my home assistant has always been outstanding. Please don’t ever even think about leaving. You will always have a home here. I don’t worry about bills, finances, or anything here; you have it all in hand.” She gestured around the mega house she’d built years earlier.

Athena shyly said, “Thank you. I love all of you so much.

The weather had finally moderated for the Thanksgiving holiday, so Sarasota wasn’t soaking in ninety-degree days. If previous Ankara escort years were an indication, the citizens and snowbirds would have about four months of beautiful weather that invited being outside, possibly even with a jacket.

Dave went to the bar planning to open things up for the Saturday evening trade. He got a Face Time call just before reaching his goal. The call was from Ashley Steerman. He instantly guessed what the topic would be — paternity.

He moved away from the bar crowd and accepted the call. “Hi, Ash. What’s up?”

“We’re pregnant!” She grinned from ear to ear, and then turned the phone so he could also see Kyle with a happy look on his face. Dave wondered, even whether moments like these weren’t exceptionally awkward, even among Circle members who’d decided that paternity wasn’t important.

Kyle said, “Hi, Dave. We are deeply indebted to you for your assistance in this little feat. We got the lab tests back today, even though it’s a Saturday. We know the doc personally. We’re over the moon.”

Dave chuckled, “I’m glad to help out. At this point there’s not much I can do but wish everyone well. What can I do to help? Anything?”

Ashley laughed, “I think I have most of the work to do between now and June twelfth, the projected due date. I’m about three months along. I did do an IPT test and got a positive but I wanted confirmation from the medical community before I called to confirm with you. Supposedly, I’m an ideal candidate to deliver a healthy baby. I’ll email you the sonogram in which you can see the little bugger. We asked that the doctor not tell us the gender.”

“I’m so glad. So, now what?”

Kyle jumped in, “That was one of the things we wanted to talk to you about. We’ve finally agreed on a set of plans with Jack Anders. We want a decorator down there in Sarasota to take a look at the plans and talk to us about them. Do you know anybody?”

Dave said, “Two actually. Alice Grace up in Mark Worthington’s family, and one of our pledges named Jenn Whitaker. Do you want me to have both of them give a look at the layout and call you?”

“Precisely,” Kyle said. “That’s exactly what we hoped for. I’ll text Jack to give you two sets. He also said he’d submit to the city and Circle Board for formal approvals and permits and all that stuff. They don’t care about décor unless it gets structural.”

“Let me know what else I can do? I want to be sure my … errr … your … ummmm …”

Kyle laughed, “It’s okay. You can say your baby. We aren’t going to pretend this happened any other way than the way it did. For public dissemination we’ll just say I’m the baby daddy and not announce what happened. Nashville has a crazy rumor mill that would spit us out in little pieces if they really knew.”

“Errr, Kyle, you know we have reality TV crews around here all the time. Sooner or later that small fact is apt to be revealed. You might think about how you want to handle it before the revelation rather than afterwards. Ashley’s sister is our PR and news person now, so she might have some suggestions.”

Kyle said, “All right. Good thinking. In the meanwhile, just know that we are two very happy prospective parents thanks to you.”

The call ended and Dave wondered how much he could tell the other Circle members. He figured he’d get some council on that first.

Erin sat watching Josh swimming in the big pool. Like his other children, Josh was a water rat and spent as much time in the pool as mom allowed.

Dave grinned at Erin.

Erin said, “You talked to Ashley?”

He nodded and grinned.

Erin smiled, “She told me when she did the IPT test, but asked me not to say anything until she got a doctor’s test, three months had passed, and you had been informed — Daddy!”

“I just hung up with her, but didn’t touch on revealing the news. I figured you’d know how to handle things round here.”

“Oh, we can tell everybody she’s preggers. Just don’t dwell on your role in creating that wonderful situation, especially in front of the reality TV cameras. Ash told me this morning that they’re going to issue a press release on Monday. There are some concert dates they’re having to cancel or move. Ash wants to take off six months before starting up with her wildly busy life again.”

Dave nodded. “Erin, at dinner tonight why don’t you break the news. That will help keep the focus on Ashley and Kyle and not on me. A few people do know that we tried for a couple of months when she’d show up here on her fertile days, but most didn’t see her on those visits. If they did, the purpose was held close to the vest.”

“I got it. Good idea.”

Ninety minutes later, Erin stood and tapped on her wine glass to get everyone’s attention. She told the Circle that Kyle and Ashley were going to have a baby in June. There was widespread applause. She promised a few more details in the Circle Newsletter’s next edition that would come out on Tuesday.

Several of the women in the Circle smirked at Ankara escort bayan Dave, but he just smiled and nodded back at them benignly.

Just as he was preparing his dishes and flatware for bussing, Paris Sexton slid her almost nude body next to Dave. She put her arms around him and hugged. “Do you have commitments for this evening? I would love to make love with you at the locale of your choosing, unless you’d want to humor one of my small fantasies.”

“I’m all yours, pretty girl. We could go to the gazebo, my bedroom or guest room, or just pick a chaise out here on the patio.” He gestured towards each place. “Do any of those fit your fantasy?”

Paris said, “You drive a modified Tesla, right?”

“I do.”

“Uhmmmm, I’d like to make love in your car. In all my growing up all I ever did in a car was make out. I know my friends were having their brains fucked away in their boyfriends’ cars, but I never had the experience. Just this once, I was hoping you might humor me … and yes, I understand it may not be the most comfortable place.”

Dave laughed and stood. He took her hand and led her between his home and the Ander’s home. He held the car door open for her, and then went and got in the driver’s seat. He said, “This will be a test for our flexibility and creativity in terms of positions. I think we’re going to have to get in the backseat for this to work well.”

Dave started the car, and drove down Airport Road. The gate onto Circle Airport was closed until the car’s transponder automatically opened the gate and he drove through. He pulled up between the two hangars, got out, and helped Paris into the rear seat of the four-door car. She was giggling.

An hour later, Paris’ naked body lay slumped over Dave’s in the back seat. They were both panting after a race to the finish line that they both won.

Paris gasped out, “My God, that was fabulous. Now, I know.”

Dave snickered, “Given that you’re over thirty you may be the last of your class to do what we just did. Most adults like their creature comforts, such as a chaise or comfy bed. By the way, you were pretty fabulous yourself. I love you.”

“Oh, Dave, I love you, too. From now on it’ll be one of the more comfortable options.”

Dave teased, “Oh, you don’t want to join the Mile-High Club. While we’re flying somewhere, we could fuck in the back of the jet.”

“YES! That’d be so cool. Just forget what I said. Any place you want me, I’m yours, and I will especially reward your choices of creative locales.”

Paris then got a peculiar look on her face. “Dave, if I pull off your cock, I’m very full of you man juice. I’ll leak everywhere.”

Dave stretched and got his t-shirt in hand. “Use this as a sponge. I’d try to eat you out but I am certain I can’t bend that way from this position.”

Paris raised her body and jammed the shirt between her legs. “Jeeze, you left about a gallon of jizz in me.”

“I do cum a lot,” Dave acknowledged. He used the other end of the shirt to clean himself off and then slipped on his running shorts.

“What now?” Paris asked. She was pulling on her monokini to hold the t-shirt in place as she hopped around on one foot.

“I suggest that we return to civilization and see whether we can each find new partners for a second round.”

“Oh, I’d like that. The first time I did multiple rounds in one night was when part of the Circle was camping out at EneRG. That was so raunchy and so much fun. I felt so naughty.”

They both got in the front seat for the ninety-second ride up to the Circle and Dave’s home. He tossed the t-shirt into his laundry, and then they went out to the patio with Paris on his arm. She was almost naked as a jaybird. He only wore his athletic shorts.

The two had no sooner sat on a couple of the bar stools, than Maddy came up to Dave. “Darling Dave, I have a strange request.” She was obviously buttering him up for some kind of request.

“At your service, madam.”

“Sex … with me and with a kind of virgin.”

Dave laughed, “Kind of? What’s that mean?”

“Merry Noel. She’s only ever been with women. She likes you a lot, especially how you treat the kids’ teachers plus Bobbie and me. She also knows you don’t have a bias against lesbians. Lastly, she keeps hearing about The Experience and feels she’s lost out on one of life’s big moments.”

“And you tried to correct her errant assumptions about that?”

“Are you kidding? I was hoping that you’d join the lesbians for an evening and do all three of us. Bobbie wants that, too.”

Dave put the back of his wrist to his forehead. “Oh, the things I do to make my baby moms happy!” He got serious for a moment, “I assume all the right pills and exams have reliably taken place.”

Maddy grinned, “Of course. I know better not to ask if there was any doubt. In this case we all just went through the Circle Health Center five days ago and it’s been just us since. We’re good. I’m not sure about Merry Noel’s thoughts about having Escort Ankara a baby. I suspect some of that journey, if there is one, will depend on what she thinks about sex with you.”

Dave rolled his eyes. “Oh, great. I’m the big ‘test case’ on which she’s going to base a major life decision. What a burden to carry into the sex act?”

An hour and a lot of foreplay later, Bobbie and Maddy’s bedroom absorbed the sounds of a happy screaming woman. “OH, MY FUCKING GOD! THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING THAT’S EVER …’

Beautiful blonde Merry Noel fainted dead away. She was already wrapped in Bobbie’s arms. Maddy and Dave cleaned his hand making lusty sounds to each other after he extracted it from fisting the young woman. Maddy was very enthusiastic.

Bobbie whispered, “Dave, I want you to be holding her when she wakes up, please.”

Dave teased, “Trying to make her straight?”

Bobbie laughed, “No, but if she has some bi-sexual tendencies I’d like her to discover those. We love Merry Noel and want her to live as robust a sexual lifestyle with the people that will please her the most. Maddy and I both think that’s going to be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, and not as a dedicated lesbo.”

“You’re very loving and caring — both of you. I hope you know I still you deeply.”

Dave shifted and took over from Bobbie cuddling the pretty blonde elementary teacher into his arms. She looked angelic asleep in his arms with her body twitching slightly as it tried to regain its equilibrium. Again, he kissed all over her upper body and stroked her skin and breasts in a romantic way.

Three minutes later Merry’s eyes blinked open. She was silent but studied Dave’s face with great intensity. He had his arms wrapped around her in a romantic way and she pulled them even tighter to her naked body, ensuring that one of her breasts was surrounded by the hand that had stroked her A-spot.

Merry looked off into space. “I … I’m speechless. Dave, I liked you and accepted you as my first man because of what Bobbie and Maddy said. That was a huge concession for me. Now … oh, my God … I am deeply in love with you. Maddy told me this would happen, but I didn’t realize how intense the feeling would be about you. I love you.”

Dave kissed Merry Noel. “I love you, Merry. All any of want is for you to be happy and find you full potential. Along with all the other Circle members I pledge to help you with that. Please help me help you.”

Merry threw herself back into his arms and showered kisses on him along with a steady stream of love words. Soon they mated again for the second time that evening. She made sure his cock was as deep inside her small frame as she could make it. This time she was outrageously enthusiastic and tried different moves, twists, and writhing to communicate what she wanted as well as to try to drive Dave crazy. She became nearly delirious when Bobbie lowered her pussy onto Merry’s mouth to be eaten as Dave seesawed in and out of the younger woman’s hot body.

* * * * *

Alice, Pam, and Heather were laughing but trying to contain themselves. Bobbie and Maddy had alerted them to the situation. Merry Noel was in love.

The young blonde with long tresses and a shy demeanor was as close to Dave as physically possible without being in his lap. Dave thought of the Law of Physics: two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Merry Noel was trying. They’d just finished dinner.

Sunday night dinner was concluding. Jack Anders appeared from his home with a large roll of plans under one arm. He came over to Dave. “I’m supposed to show you these so you know what Ashley and Kyle are contemplating. I FedExed a copy up to Alice Grace’s office as well.” This Alice was a fabulous interior decorator and part of Mark Worthington’s contingent.

Dave patted the empty space on the table as he pushed a few items aside. Merry helped when she saw what he wanted to do.

Jack opened up the roll to show a beautiful mega-mansion of a home befitting of Perimeter Lane and Ashley’s status as one of the top country singers in the world. The first view everyone got was his 3D-rendition of how the house would look from the street, fully landscaped. It was a beauty and would fit right into the rest of the Circle.

Jack then walked Dave through the house, commenting on special purpose rooms, the nursery and play area, the nanny’s quarters, the flow of foot traffic through the house, and so on. He then noted a special purpose room near the back of the large home. “What’s that?”

Jack responded, “A small recording studio.”

Dave pondered that and looked at the size. “That’s not adequate based on what I’ve seen. She works with a ten-piece band. We have some very large spaces up in the Circle Core. Couldn’t we create a space five to ten times what she’s set aside in the core?”

“Sure. They’re expensive.”

“How much?”

“The electronics probably run a fifty to a hundred thousand. You have to have an acoustically neutral room so it doesn’t bounce sound around like the Grand Canyon, so there’s more money. The rest is pretty normal. My guess, sum total, is around two-hundred grand if we use some of the undeveloped space we already have.”

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