Lost and Found

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It was probably about 10 am, I wasn’t sure. I had been wandering around since day break, not knowing where I was heading. I had no idea of the approximate size of the forest I found myself trapped in; I had no map. All I had was a bottle of water but I finished it a couple of hours before.

I had stopped a few times to rest my legs. On the fifth stop I was sitting on the bank of a pond. I was making ripples with my feet until a strange smell met my nose. It wasn’t a scent that belonged to the forest. It smelled like someone was cooking.

I got up and walked in the direction of the scent. I was hungry as hell so I found myself walking faster than I did before.

I walked up a small hill and at the top I could see a cabin house below. A window was open, and I saw a pot on a stove.

The scent became stronger as I walked towards the house. I gently knocked on the door. I was surprised when the door opened before I put my arm down.

The woman stunned me for a moment. She was beautiful. She had straight, silky long black hair, and almond shaped eyes I could get lost in. She wore a long light blue satin robe that matched well with her fair complexion. We were the same height. I could tell she was older than me, but I couldn’t estimate her age.

She smiled sweetly at me. “Come in, dear,” she said.

I stepped inside. The house seemed smaller from the outside, and was quite elaborate.

She told me to sit on the couch, and that she was bringing a bowl of vegetable soup for me. I sat on the couch and examined what was around me. There was a couch opposite me, a coffee table, a couple of chairs in a corner, a bookshelf filled with old books, a fireplace, and numerous wood carvings of what looked like the human form – they all seemed to casino oyna be doing chores, like tilling fields, carrying water, etc.

When I turned to look at the woman she was walking with the bowl of soup towards me. I said “thank you” when she handed it to me. She went to sit on the opposite couch. While I was eating she was looking at me curiously – she tilted her head to the side and was examining me from head to toe.

“What are you doing out here in the middle of the forest?” I wanted to ask her the same thing.

“Well, I lost my map a couple of days ago and took a wrong path…I was trying to find a waterfall that I thought was near here…”

“Oh, the waterfall. That’s twenty-five miles away. I can help you get there once you replenish yourself.”

“Thank you. I would appreciate that.”

When I finished the soup she showed me her bedroom and said I could take a rest. When she closed the door I took off my jacket, t-shirt, track pants and sneakers, leaving just my vest, boxers and socks on. I got on to her soft twin size bed and pulled the quilt over me.

It was autumn. I was a tropical woman in a fucking cold place, and I was lost. I wanted to get out of the small island I came from and see the world, but sometimes I was a bit too adventurous.

She said she would help me get to the waterfall, but as far as I could tell she had no vehicle that could get us there.

She seemed a bit strange to me. This whole thing felt strange. She looked perfectly human, but I felt that there was something more to her. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I thought about how she got her kitchen appliances, her furniture, and pretty much anything, really. There was no store or grocery nearby, no village. There seemed to be nothing in this forest canlı casino except bare trees and maybe an animal here and there. And the way she had looked at me – like she had never seen another human before.

I was already very tired, so I fell asleep in a short space of time.

When I woke up I was on my back, and I felt bare. I tried to move my arms but when I looked to either side of me they were tied to the bedpost. I started to panic internally. Then I heard walking on the wooden floorboards, and I saw my host emerging from a corner of the room. There was an undertone of excitement in her face as she looked at me.

“I didn’t expect this,” I said calmly.

She smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. The excitement in her face was becoming more apparent as she slid her hand from my shoulder to my right breast. She kept her hand on the mound of flesh, gently squeezing it a couple of times.

“I don’t know why I find these so attractive on female humans,” she said. “They’re so soft. Yours is lovely.”

She removed my clothes when I was asleep. I felt self-conscious as she slowly took off the sheet that was covering me, even though I know she had seen everything.

She smiled at me and said “I knew you were coming here. I detected your presence the moment you stepped into this forest. You’ll get to that waterfall, but only after I’ve enjoyed playing with you. It’s not often a pretty young woman in her twenties finds herself lost in my forest.”

She spread my legs open and put herself between them. I felt myself get wet as her beautiful eyes looked down at my female part. She put her thumbs on my crotch and rubbed upwards, slowly until she reached the lips. Her thumb then went to my clit and she starts to rub slowly. I whimper as she touches kaçak casino the sensitive bare skin. I turn my head to the side and shut my eyes tight as I feel my clit getting harder. It got so hard that it became painful, but she still rubbed in that slow fashion. But when I felt the warmth and wetness of her tongue I had to give in to climax. I moaned for the length of the orgasm, and when it ended I was breathing heavily.

“I took on the form that would be most pleasing to you,” she said. “I can’t let you see me for what I really am.”

“W-what are you then?” My voice sounded cracked. I was still pretty shaken.

“Humans may call me a witch.”

I gulped.

“I’m not evil dear. Evil is subjective. I just do what I please. Now, I’m going to help you get to the waterfall. You’re going to wake up with my mark. And since I like you, I’ll give you something extra. You seem like you’ll be able to handle it.”

She crawled over to my face and plunged her mouth into mine. Her tongue slowly massaged mine as I felt her energy cross into my body. I felt my consciousness disappearing and the last I saw of her was her light brown eyes staring into mine.

Before I opened my eyes I was hearing the rush of water nearby. I felt myself lying on dirt and I sat up. Before me were the bare trees and the dusk glow. I looked to my left and saw the waterfall I had been searching for. I had to get my thoughts together. My mind tried to determine what was real. Was I dreaming this? Was I still asleep on her bed, and her rubbing me was just one of those sensational dreams? I didn’t want to believe that she was some…witch. What if I had been here for a while and had blacked out because of exhaustion? Then I remembered her saying she would leave a mark…

I felt a tingling on my chest. It wasn’t quite an itch but close. I unzipped the jacket and pulled my t-shirt to reveal what looked like the letter “I” with strokes across it on my left breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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