Lost Wife in Poker Game

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This is the story of the first time that my good buddy got to fuck my wife under the idea of winning her in a card game

For those of you that don’t like the lifestyle of wife sharing, don’t waste your time and mine reading the following events.


It all started with a game of cards between a friend of mine and I. We where at his house drinking and playing poker for small change and he was winning almost every hand. Tony loved it as he hates losing.

The trouble started when I was down to my last $30 and the game was up to $100. Tony would not let it go and insisted on upping the bets but as I had no money left, Tony said to put my wife Tracy down as my part of the missing money. Tracy, who was there overheard what was going on and was so pissed off she split.

Low and behold I lost the hand and Tony cleaned up the chips that were on the table. I didn’t take the part about my wife seriously and he didn’t mention it so we finished the night drinking. Tracy came home two hours later having spent the evening with a girlfriend and inquired about the stupid game. When I said I’d lost she grunted and went to bed.


This next part of the story is from Tony’s point of view told to me.


The next day was a Sunday and I was home alone just kicking back on my own when the doorbell rang. What do you know it was Tracy, my buddy’s wife. She was dressed up as if she was going to a club with a knee length skirt and cotton rap around black top that rapped around each breast, showing exactly how big they were. When I say big, I mean big. Her skirt was stuck to her figure showing her big round ass. Her cotton top was not really the kind of thing big girls wear, as it did nothing to hide her true size but she seemed ok with it.

I invited her in giving her a big smile and asking where Stormin’ was?

She informed me that the prick was asleep from the drinking of last night. Once in my sitting room she got right down to business.

“So how do you want to do this?” she asked. “You won the game so I’m yours for now,” she continued staring at me with a straight face.

“Hey Tracy we where just kidding around you know that,” I said laughing and trying to make her relax.

“That asshole used me as a bet and he’s going to pay, I’m not here to argue,” she continued sounding a little pissed off.

“I’m not sure what to say Tracy I’m sure Stormin never intended to make you do anything.”

She walked around the room as we spoke and I couldn’t help notice her legs and ass as she was wearing high heel shoes making her legs look mouth Ankara escort watering to me. Her ass was crammed into the skirt and I could make out the exact shape of each ass check. Not having been a tit man before, her tits were always standing out in my mind as her most pronounced feature, sure as heaven turning me into a tit lover.

“Don’t you find me attractive?” she asked looking at me when she said it.

What was I to say; I could already feel my cock twitch. “Of course I find you sexy, but you’re my buddy’s wife.”

She stopped where she was and in one swift movement she pulled her tight skirt up to her waist facing me. “Not right now, I’m not. Right now I’m yours if you want me.”

Holy shit, she was wearing black stockings and suspenders and the tiniest pair of panties that showed her pussy lips.

She stood her ground looking me right in the eye. I must have looked dumb, as I couldn’t manage a word. She then opened the button on her top letting it fall open revealing a black lacy bra that was having trouble containing her massive bust. Her two breasts where spilling out over the top making the bra look two sizes too small.

“Tracy you don’t have to do this,” I stammered. She reached around her back and unfastened the clasp of her bra. I knew her breasts where heavy, but they stood out in clear view. They had almost no sag as if they were fake, but I knew they were true tit’s with large dark brown nipples. She then walked right up to me standing in front of me so close I could smell her perfume.

“Don’t you like big tits?” she almost purred at me.

“Listen Tracy you’re my buddy’s wife and I don’t want any trouble,” I tried but she just smiled and fell to her knees before me. Oh shit, I thought. I’m not going to be able to stop, if she gets my cock out.

And what do you know — she reached over unzipping my pants. My cock was of course rock hard in my shorts and it sprang up in front of her face like a flagpole. She peeled back my foreskin exposing my knob that was leaking pre-come already and engulfed my cock whole into her hot mouth.

Man this lady knew how to suck cock I could have come on the spot as she bobbed her head up and down my hard shaft. She stopped sucking looking up at me with a filthy grin on her face and said, “Your cock is beautiful,” and then continued giving me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.

Looking down at her I could see her huge breasts swaying back and forth as she bobbed her head.

“Be careful or I’ll come in your mouth,” I warned breathing hard.

“Not before you give my pussy a good seeing to,” she replied stopping Ankara escort bayan and getting to her feet.

This was one sexy lady, in all the time I’d known her I never looked at her in this way and I found myself envying stormin’s sex goddess. She removed her skirt and went over to my sofa sitting down perched on the edge. Not losing eye contact she opened her legs spreading them wide.

She still had on her panties which where jammed into the folds of her pussy lips and with her right hand she pulled the fabric to one side. I could now see her meaty pussy for the first time and it had me almost coming on the spot, it was shaved completely bald showing the two lips open and glistening with juice. She then ran her hand across her pussy opening it more letting me see the pink interior before moving up to her clitoris and rolling it with her fingers.

“I thought you might want to rip my panties off so I left them on,” she said grinning up at me.

I was between her legs in a flash kneeling in front of her my cock in hand transfixed as she masturbated right there in front of me.

“My pussy is so wet I think I’m going to come,” she moaned and arched her back pushing her massive breasts out at me, she was making herself come not one foot from me.

I reached up taking both tits in my hands, and digging my fingers into the soft flesh.

“Ram your cock into me quick I’m coming,” she almost shouted at me pulling me to her by my cock and pressing it up to her open pussy.

It slid in to the hilt and she let out a loud moan not stopping the work on her clitoris her hand a blur. Her pussy was on fire soaking wet, the muscle from her pussy sucking my cock deeper into her. I started pounding her hard right from the beginning slamming my cock into her hungry cunt.

“Yes! Don’t stop, fuck me hard fuck me!!” she cried out going into convulsions totally impaled on my cock.

She stopped playing with her pussy grabbing her own breasts with both hands mauling them and pinching her nipples as I rammed my cock into her as hard as I could really pounding her.

I have never had a woman come so much and I couldn’t even take the credit as she did most of the work.

“Take me like a dog!!” she cried out pushing me off her hard and rolling her great mass over onto her knees. Her ass was wide and huge already soaking wet between the crack from her leaking pussy.

I shuffled up behind her inserting my cock back into her pussy, slamming it in hard. With each trust into her I pulled her back onto me with such force causing her ass checks to shake and wobble about. I grabbed Escort Ankara her panties and yanked them hard tearing them off her in one swift movement.

“Fuck my ass your bastard give me your big cock,” she was having trouble breathing as she panted away below me.

She straightened up freeing her breasts letting them flop wildly back and forth. She buried her head into the fabric of the sofa and began screaming obscenities into the cushions, the half of which I couldn’t understand.

A couple of minutes more and she raised her head, her hair stuck to her head from sweet and growled at me, “Give me your cock up my asshole, I want you to fill my tight ass with your meat!”

I wanted to marry this lady. This was the total sex goddess that every man dreamed of having. I pulled my cock out of her dripping cunt and pressed it up to her asshole.

“Ram it in hard!” she ordered pushing back at me.

Holding her hips hard I shoved my cock into her tight puckered ass going half way in before pulling out only to repeat the process this time going all the way.

All she said over and over again was, “Oh yes fuck my ass, fuck it hard please I want to come!”

She was already coming ramming her ass back onto my cock with such force I had trouble hanging on.

“Don’t come in me, I want it in my mouth,” she panted not slowing down.

I was just about there now my cock felt like it would burst, “Take it all you filthy whore,” I managed slamming into her.

“Yes! Fuck me like a whore, I’m your fuck slut do me!!” she was shouting at this stage.

I whipped my cock out from her ass on the verge of coming, she understood what was about to happen and spun around and sat on the sofa in front of me. She grabbed my cock like she hadn’t had one in years and began to suck me like a wild animal, she’d suck me then pull out jacking my cock hard at her face.

Within seconds of this treatment I shot a massive wad of spunk that hit her square on the forehead dribbling down her face. The second wad hit her nose and lips where by she once again engulfed my cock sucking what was left down her throat. I was cumming so much, that there was spunk leaking out each side of her lips and she let it run down her chin onto her sweaty tits.

My knees buckled and I fell to the floor completely spent. She too fell back onto the sofa also spent breathing hard smiling at me. “Shit that was a good fuck!”

At this point, Tracy filled me in on their new lifestyle and how I was setup at the poker game the night before.


That was close to sixteen years ago now, and Tony to this day still talks about the first time with my wife, as probably the most memorable. Tony didn’t stop there. They fucked almost the whole afternoon away that day until I came calling on my wife. The two of them have been fucking ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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