Love at First Sight

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Love at first sight.

After a long and busy period of time, I finally had time for a short vacation.

Via a nice internet site I found a bungalow park in the middle of the country, in a beautiful green area. Just what I needed now. Peace and a lot of hiking and no busy city.

After checking in and unloading my car, it was time for a refreshing shower. Then i put on a nice sun-dress and started exploring the park and had a drink on the terrace of the restaurant that i discovered. It was a beautiful park. The houses were situated around a small lake. Due to the warm weather, many children were swimming here. All in all, it looked very cozy.

There were still a lot of people walking. Two dogs who were in a playful fight with a thick stick came down to me. They went up in their game and they did not see me anymore and before I knew, I lay on the ground with two dogs on top of me.

“Storm and Mistral come here”. The dogs looked up and walked to their boss. A big man with a beautiful red beard, approached me. It was a very handsome man.

“Did you hurt yourself?” He asked. “Sorry, i just took them off the leash and then they went crazy”.

Gentle but strong hands pulled me up. Confused i had remained laying. there I stood with a red head and smoothed my dress. He was really big. I did not reach till his shoulders, and looked in beautiful dark eyes.

“Is everything really good with you, did not hurt yourself?”

“No, everything is alright”, I stammered. I was a little confused about what happened to me. But I don’t know if it was because of the dogs or because of Bas, as he later introduced himself.

“May I invite you for a drink or something, because that’s the least I can do for you now.”

“That’s sweet of you, yes please” i answered.

Storm and Mistral were attached to the leash again, so that they could not cause any more accidents.

Together we walked to the terrace. Bas ordered a whiskey and i took a white wine. He lived nearby and sometimes walked his dogs here in the evening. I Ümraniye Escort told him that I had just arrived and that I had never been here before. I asked him if he could give me some advice. “Well” Bas said, “if you like, I will pick you up tomorrow and i will show you around a bit.”

“Yes I like that. great. I like to come with you.”

“Then I will be here again at 10 o’clock tomorrow,” he said.

As a farewell he kissed me on the cheek.

I felt like a crushing adolescent.

That night a beautiful man with red a beard prevented me from sleeping. I had butterflies in my stomach. Strange that this man i just met had such an impact on me. I felt like a puppy in love.

At 10 o’clock he arrived. There was a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in the car. It was difficult for me to keep my hands in my lap and not put a hand on his leg. His gorgeous hands on the steering wheel and then that great slim body. It seemed like a feast for me to discover all that.

We arrived in a beautiful nature reserve. The heath was still blooming and a flock of sheep was sleeping under the trees. It was not really crowded, yet there could be see hikers everywhere in the heath and in the wood already.

Soon we walked hand in hand. It felt so familiar as if we had known each other for years. We enjoyed the peace and the country’s breadth. You felt almost alone. There was a very different atmosphere around us. Also in the conversation we found each other, liked the same things, and Bas had a good sense of humor.

After walking for an hour we found a bench at the far side of the heath and close to the first trees of the forest.. Occasionally some hikers passed us.

Bas looked at me and said “I think you’re beautiful” and he kissed me.

“Your handsome too” i said and i kissed him back. His lips were soft and tender and he put an arm around me and pressed me gently against his chest. It felt delicious. I put my head against his shoulder. A moment later he lifted my head and kissed me again on my mouth Ümraniye Escort Bayan but now he pushed his tongue between my lips. Me and my mouth surrendered to the heavenly feeling he caused in my body.

His hand slid under my blouse and found my boob and my nipple immediately became hard under his soft touch. A tingling went through me. His kiss became more intense and my hand slipped over his back.. What a lovely body he had, so hot and soft. It was a pleasure to caress him.

His grip on my boob became harder and I felt relaxed, did not want him to quit. For a few moments we were disturbed by hikers.

Then he rearranged his position such that we could face each other. Our lips once again met. It was wonderful to make love to him here at this bench. His tongue in my mouth was pure pleasure.

He laid my leg over his leg, and gently raised his hand over my thighs upwards. I stroked his nipples and his smooth belly. I could feel the tension in his lower abdomen. He lifted the hem of my blouse and his lips found my boob and he licked my nipples.

God this is delicious, you are so sweet, you make me so horny, you’re so nice.

His fingers pushed my panties He gently touched my clitoris. I trembled and pushed me closer to him. My hand opened his pants and took his hard dick out. I gently caressed his shaft and the tip of his cock. I saw in his eyes, that became dark, that he enjoyed it. The pressure on my clitoris became firmer and he gently squeezed it.

I got so hot. I pushed him a little backwards and bent forward. I wanted to take that beautiful cock in my mouth. I kissed the tip of his cock and pushed my tongue into the slit of his cock, which was already moist. Mmmm, his reaction was great, he trembled, while i took his shaft in my mouth. I licked and kissed him and meanwhile I took his balls in my hand and gently pulled on it.

My tongue went down his long cock and took a ball in my mouth. His hand pushed me back to the top his cock. It was such a pleasure to suck him. Escort ümraniye I pushed his skin up and down to make him even more excited.

Meanwhile, I pushed my finger against his anus. His hands lay on my head and that gave me a great feeling. He moaned. The moment I put my teeth gently in tip of his cock, he pushed his fingers into my cunt. Het found my G-spot and pressed it. I could n t help but moaning loud.

This was so delicious. Gently, his fingers went up and down, I felt my cunt getting wet. Ooooh, i became sooo horny. Just before he shot his load, he pushed me away, and laid me down on the bench. He pulled my panties all the way down and he spread my legs. With two hands, he stroked my cunt and looked at the dark pink lips and gently pulled them apart.

Then he pushed his tongue against my cunt and began to suck and lick softly. I screamed and pressed myself against his searching tongue. He sucked and licked my clitoris and teased me by pushing a finger in and out my cunt a few times. I squirmed under his warm mouth. “I want you honey, I want all of you” I said.

“Patience” he said “I want to enjoy it for as long as possible”. He kept licking me and then i came and came and came, heavily breathing and moaning loud. Slowly he pushed himself to his knees and lowered his body over me. I pulled towards me with my legs all around him. I wanted him inside my body as deep as possible.

Moaning like an animal he slipped in, pulled back and pushed deep into me again. O my God. What are you doing with me. My cunt pulled on his cock and swallowed it completely. My cunt gently squeezed his cock. Deeper and more powerful, he pushed his cock into me. Whenever he pulled back his cock, I pushed up, i did not want him to leave my cunt. Oh yes honey, delicioussss.

He squeezed my boobs and pinched my nipples. With my hands on his buttocks i pulled him deeper in me. He started to bump harder and faster. In a violent explosion, both of of us orgasmed. He jerked a few times and then layed still on top of me. Our mouths found each other in a hot lovemaking. Intertwined we kept laying there for a while, just enjoying each others presence.

Bas took me back to the park. We did not speak much but just enjoyed the afterglow after this fantastic afternoon. He kissed me and i took his hand and took him inside the cabin.

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