Love Is a Drug Ch. 01 Pt. 04

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Big Dicks

Two weeks went by, and the time came closer when he was due to meet Mr Lorenzor. This Thursday afternoon for this rather intriguing meeting. He still hadn’t told Theo a single thing, and the weight was becoming heavier on his shoulders.

He was becoming a hindrance to the business; not wanting to leave the flat or even be left alone, so it was up to Andy and Cal to carry out all the jobs at the moment singly, luckily trusted clients.

He had some counselling, pretending it was a homophobic attack. The police almost getting involved, but managed to convince that it was much his fault than theirs as he provoked them. That these two imaginary guys started on Theo and he stood in.

It’s not uncommon for it to happen here anyway, so it was dropped.

Before the big day, Andy and Cal managed to wheedle him out. The local club was having a karaoke night and knowing just how much he loved to sing, also thought it might help bring him out of his hysteria.

It just so happened that the manager liked to dabble in a little white stuff every now and then, so Cal provided a little for him at a very low price and they got a few drinks on the house. Free drinks and Theo were a great combination. The problem was he had been drinking a little more than usual lately. It probably wasn’t really a good idea to encourage him but it got him to step out of the enclosure and have a night out for a change. His two mates acting as bodyguards and assuring he will not come to harm.

Trembling, Theo stopped at the doors, the bouncer well known by the three smiled at them and gave them a friendly wave.

“Evening Cal, Andy, Tiny -T,” He nodded, seeing Theo wrapped in a leather jacket, arms folded protectively around his body. God he fucking hated being called that!

The bruises had faded a little but his grazed lip was still visibly dark with a healing scab, But asked no questions.

“Evening Bazz,” Cal chirped, London accent rich in his tone as he greeted his old school friend from back in the old days. A champion boxer and built like a brick shit house.

“Not seen you here in a while.”

“Ah well, busy busy you know,” he winked.

Barry also knew their business, though he never touched the stuff.

“Oh yes, good. No misbehaving here though,” Banter in his tone he knew them well and Cal wasn’t the type to go around just offering gear to anyone.

He didn’t even know that Trev, the manager liked a little sometimes.

“Course not.” He smiled widely.

“Have a good evening Lads,” Bazza replied, letting them jump the queue and pass through the doors.

Once inside the club, they perched on the stools at the bar waiting to be served. The young, raven haired Greek looking barmaid greeted them with a warm smile. “Usual boys?” She asked as she rised to their familiar faces.

“Yep, cheers Jani.”

Theo was fidgeting, tapping his feet nervously on the floor. Cal and Andy hadn’t noticed that he was still apprehensive about coming out. They’d dismissed it like the normal routine.

“You ok angel?” he whispered, seeing the worry in his face.

“Yeah I think so.”

“You will be alright. Come on, drink this and just relax.” Andy passed him the double vodka Jani had just finished pouring.

He frowned at him as he clumsily clasped the cold glass, almost dropping it. How could he forget what had happened to him? But then he realized he didn’t; Andy didn’t know the full details, but still he was acting too casual about it all for his taste.

“On the house, complements of management,” she said as Cal wafted a twenty note under her nose. Of course he knew they would be, but he still wanted to be courteous.

“Then have one yourself darlin,” He charmed.

“No thank you, not while on duty, but thanks anyway” She blushed and curved her rose-tinted lips into a flattered smile. ” Ok …Just a tomatoe juice then.”

“Trev about?” he then asked casually bobbing his head to the side.

“Yeah he’s just out back, I will let him know you’re here.”

With that she called him, and the man in question soon appeared, a wide grin on his face, his arms open wide.

“Calvin!” He called, moving through the hatch to embrace the dark haired man. “How are you? Nice to see you.”

“You too mate, yeah we’re good.”


“Never better” He saw the smaller guy wince slightly beside him.

“Jesus Tiny-T, what have you been doing, fighting with the furniture again?” Trev laughed, stroking his dark moustache which was heavily peppered with grey, remembering the last time they where here. He’d gotten so drunk he wacked his head on the bar as he fell off the stool.

The others didn’t smile, and owner’s face dropped when he noticed the solemn expressions.

“A bit of trouble that’s all. Nothing heavy just had a dodgy client.” Andy cut in.

Cal rolled his eyes. ‘Big mouth.’

Theo elbowed the redhead, then was intently glaring at him with dark eyes. He really didn’t care for having his dirty laundry aired in public. Or again to be call that!!

“Oh eryaman escort I am sorry,” in remorse knowing that in that trade you had to expect a little trouble from time to time. Inside unsympathetic, just as long as he had a sample he really couldn’t care less. Play with fire, you will get burnt right?

“Oh well, no harm done, you still have your knee caps.” He looked down at this now fuming man and giving him a little patronizing pinch on his cheek.

That was it he saw red and the fire burned in his stomach, his eyes widened, mouth pouted, but before he said or did anything Cal was stood in front of him, holding his wrists tightly in a split second reaction.

“You wanted something?” He asked Trev calming restraining Theo from behind seeking to distract him, chuckling low in his throat to indicate there was no trouble.

“Yeah, you have some?” He whispered close to his ear.

“Out the back?” Nodding discreetly moving a little and gesturing with his eyes for Andy to keep Theo under control.

Before he could move, Andy’s large hands replaced Cal’s holding him from behind his back. As soon as the men disappeared out of the back door, he turned and glared hard up at him.

“Behave,” He hissed clenching his teeth. “Can’t go starting a fight with the bloody manager, we will be barred for life and lose a customer.” He gripped the smaller man harder who started whimper and struggled. The memory still raw as the pressure on his body brought it back. His breath started to quicken in panic and Andy let go, realizing what he was doing.

Rubbing his wrists as the grip was released, written of disgust on his face.

Andy’s face flushed. He was out of order doing that, but it gave him a thrill seeing this sexy man struggle and whimper under his strength.

To be honest he was becoming more and more pissed off with his behaviour over the last ten days. Stupid and weak for not dealing with what had happened. ‘Toughen up Theo!’ He had stressed after a little dispute the other day when they argued about holding up the profits.

“Jesus… I’m… sorry.”

“Fucking Prick!!” Theo yelled letting the boiled anger bubble to the surface.

“I’m so sorry. I…”

“…No Andrew, you don’t do you? You have no fucking idea!!”

From the backroom and even over the music of the DJ, Cal could hear his boyfriend shouting.

“You’d better keep him on a lead tonight Calvin, he causes any trouble then he is out.” Trev stated sternly.

“I’m sorry Trev, I will go see what’s up.” He coolly replied, hoping to defuse the issue.

He had done the drop as quickly as he could and both men walked out innocently, returning to the bar where a very angry Theo was spitting at his colleague in fury, and very close to punching, with his fists clenched so tight they turned white.

.”…Yeah fucking money is all you care about!” He barked.

“Hey hey angel, sweetheart what’s the problem?” Rubbing his shoulders and tapping his neck with kisses (that he knew was his weakness) as he still threw daggers at the taller man.

He was already pretty tanked on the few drinks and a hit before he’d even left the flat.

“He is my problem, thinking he can treat me like a bloody child!”

“Shh.” He soothed as Trev watched with intent, scowling warning.

Cal just smiled at him and spun his man around, staring into his eyes hoping to impart some composure to him.

“No it was my fault, I was a little heavy handed,” Lowering his head in shame.

In understanding, he flttened his lips knowing he was truly sorry.

“Sorry Theo so insensitive of me.” Andy held out his hand and he hesitated before reluctantly accepting the hand shake.

“Drink?” He grinned, knowing how to soften him up.

Theo’s soured lips crept into a smile, blinking slowly in acceptance.

Calvin exhaled hard returning to sit on the stool, nodding at Trevor who smiled back. Like a western brawl after the sherif had walked in. “Fuck sake.” He grumbled under his breath, downing his Bourbon on the rocks in one large gulp.

Two hours passed quickly and the club was soon packed with enthusiastic singers. Some pretty good some just plain bloody awful, but it was just entertainment and that was all the mattered at the end of the day.

“I bet you can do better than him.” Cal slurred over the crowd’s cheers.

His boyfriend was swaying a little, already forgetting the little disagreement.

After several more drinks he’d lightened up with the distraction of a good night of entertainment. “Nah,” He grinned.

“No really, I bet you can! I have heard you sing in the shower, you have a voice of an angel.” Fluttering his pretty dark eyelashes.

“Piss off.” His lover blushed with embarrassment, hunching his shoulders.

“I never heard you sing, come on go up there. I’ll even join if you want.”

“Oh no way Andrew. You want to clear the club with your cats strangling tones?” Cal laughed, swatting him.

“Oi.” Andy moaned. “I’ll have you know I have been unfairly criticized about my voice. eryaman escort bayan I actually can pull off a few good ones.”

“Spare us Andrew.” Theo chuckled. “Last time you sang Sarah threw a cabbage at you in the kitchen.”

The loving couple burst into laughter. “Serenading her?” Holding his ribs in utter hysterics.

“Ok. I will show you philistines.”

Andy snatched the book from the table they now sat at, four metres away from the stage and tried to concentrate on the artists and songs. With a triumphant “Aha!” he started to write, pulling the pad away as the other two tried to cop a look. He stood, smiled conceitedly, and handed it to the person in charge. When he sat he looked smug, the two exchanging humorous looks at each other.

“Tell us then.”


“Spoilsport” Theo huffed drinking a dreg from his nearly empty glass.

“Not unless you do one.”


“Go on, show him. Bet you a tenner you will be better than he is.” nudging him with a shoulder.

Theo grinned, it did sound like a good little idea. “Ok, done.” He took the book and scanned through it.

Cal and Andrew looked at each other seeing the difference. They knew he was feeling better, much more confident and had forgotten his troubles just for tonight. They were humouring him in a way, yes, but at least it took his mind off it all.

He found what he wanted and stood to give it to the girl, only then starting to feel anxious again.

There were at least five or six singers up before he was to be called. He was quite nervous although he was doing his best to make sure it wasn’t showing.

“Nervous Andy?” Theo pushed him with his arm, almost spilling his drink on his shirt.

“No, just warming up!”

“Yeah right, that is your third drink in ten minutes,” Cal teased.

“Why haven’t you done one then?” That shut him up.

“Ah well me, I’d rather keep my professional talents for the big venues.” He choked, and laughed throwing his hair back

“Bollocks.” Andy croaked.

“No go on, its only fair, me and Andy are doing it.”

“Yes but I bet you that Andy will be shit, I need to be the judge right? And I can’t judge myself, be a little egotistical.”

Andy then made a snarky comment under his breath. “Yeah.”

“I can judge!” Theo jumped up, waving his hand.

“Bias,” Andy quipped.

“Ok then, you judge.”

“How about we go on the crowd’s cheers; the most cheers whistles, and claps wins?” Andy compromised. “Whoever wins gets a tenner from the losers.”

“Sounds great”

“Hang on I didn’t…” About to protest Cal had song chart was thrust under his nose. “Alright” He grumbled, snatching it from Andy.

“So what you doing?” Theo asked.

Pulling it away and beamed. “Wait and see.” He pinched his nose between two fingers and tweaked affectionately.

As Andy was called and did his number the couple were impressed “Fuck he’s not bad.” .

“Yes, I wasn’t expecting this, but I still know you can do better,” His lover smiled at him and kissed him on the lips, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him closer.

The crowd cheered and Andy bowed, grinning inanely and blowing kisses to the audience.

“Ok Andy, don’t get too carried away.” A comment passed Cal’s lips.

“Well done.”.

“Yeah yeah, not bad,” Cal reluctantly agreed.

“Come on, they loved me.” Andy beamed again, jubilantly taking his drink and downing it, his hands shaking like a leaf.

Calvin was next but nerves stunned him in his seat “I thought you were next Theo?” He said, a little dazzled about how quickly he was called, and secretly trying to get out of it.

“It’s ok you go, I don’t mind waiting.”

“Shit.” He muttered under his breath as he stood up and made his way to the stage.

He finished and the crowd roared. Retuning to the table and grabbed his boyfriend.


“Stop it you two.” Andy griped as Cal pulled his man on his lap and kissed him passionately.

“Your cue!” Murmured in his ear, sweetly kissing his neck. They were practically shagging one another in the chair by now.

“Go on.” Andy pushed.

This time it was slow and sweet. His voice carried, effortlessly filling the room even as his eyes glazed, staring straight at the blank wall opposite just so he didn’t have to see the audience that would make him stop in fear.

He sounded beautiful as Cal arched his eyebrows and gasped. Andy too was captivated by him; the way he would sway his hips, the innocent look in his eyes, the way he held the microphone above his face, the way he moved, sang. Oh god, he was just so beautiful!

The audience fell into a trance. The song finished and he quietly said thank you, quickly skipping off his face almost a crimson red. The crowd went mad, whistling for him to do an encore. It took a while for the lady to hold off the people and cool them down before the next singer came on.

“Fuck me! Vin wasn’t joking when he said you could sing!” Andy’s mouth gaped open, the threat of drooling not far escort eryaman off.

Cal looked at him in awe, bringing his glass to his mouth and chugging it down.

“Another?” Andy asked, still utterly stunned, totally jealous as the lovers clung together.

But in Cal’s mind that thing had to be arising soon. ‘Shit how am I going to tell him I have to leave for a meeting tomorrow. Is this a good time or not?’

He really didn’t to ruin the evening, loving how close they had gotten in the last few hours.

What was he going to do? Shit!

It was past One in the morning when they stumbled out of the doors, chuckling as he watched Theo’s feet crisscross as he walked linked arms with Andrew who was doing the same thing, almost tripping each other up in the process. They were singing and making a racket.

“Alright Lads, karaoke is over” He called catching them up; Theo instantly leaned into him and entwined his finger with his.

The soft smile caught his emotion of romance but inside he was screaming on not wanting to rock the boat. Maybe he should get Andy to tell him, or not tell him at all just go, but he will ask questions and wonder why he was away for so long. Sussex was a good two hours drive from here maybe longer, and god knows how long he will be at Mr Lorenzo’s? No he had to tell him and soon.

Andrew was about to call a cab when a voice spoke up. “You could always crash over ours you know.” He made a face to him getting the hint that he needed him there tomorrow to watch over Theo.

“W-hat?!” He frowned drunkenly calling from a distance.

Rolling his eyes, hand still entangled as he pulled him along to get closer.

“He said crash at ours”

“Oh, if you are sure then…”

“…Of course seems silly travelling home when we live just a couple of streets away” He moved his eyes again pointing them down to person attacted.

“Oooooh Yes of course tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Expecting an answer as Andy opened his big mouth again.

“Yes he’s…” Shaking his head frantically.

“You haven’t told him yet have you” He bit his lip and recoiled.

The hand slipped away and now the big green, black kholed eyes stared back at him.

“Oh shit babe, I was going to tell you…but” He flicked his hair from his face as he did when he was hiding something.

“…Tell. Me. What?”

“Look lets go home first yeah I don’t want a row in the streets” This intrigued more and pressed his hand on his chest to stop him from walking onwards, the eyes big and dark still glared.

“Tell me now! You swore to me no secrets and you go and break your promise. Even he knows something I don’t so… what about tomorrow?” His lips formed into a sneer.

“I said lets go home first”

“NO I WANT TO HEAR IT NOW!” He screamed into the empty side street where they turned, a few curtains twitched.

Cal grabbed his arm, and locked a palm over his mouth. “Listen to me” He held tightly. “We go home and raise hell there ok? Not here in the street where we are likely to get arrested. I have half once of fucking stuff in my inner lining of the jacket, you really want us to get caught?”

Theo softened and shook his head releasing him.

“Good, home now then.”

The Ten minute walked was in complete silent and a little tense, only steps of their walking echoed through the night. Theo sulked; Andrew plodded hands in his pockets and head lowered, looking at he ground. Things where going so well too, so calm like old times. Its fucked!!

‘Bang goes my chance’ he was thinking as tonight was the only time in the last two weeks he had been intimate with him, not wanting to touch him in case he broke as that Ken had tainted him.

Back home they came to the building and a ghostly quietness filled the hallway as they moved up the stairs lightly. Once inside Theo stood, facially challenging his parnet with his stern glares.

“I’ll go… leave you two…” Andy pointed to the spare room before wondering off to bed.

“You might need a blanket it’s not made up” Cal called trying to distract himself from that look; eyes followed him around as he sat on the sofa.

“Right O,” Andy called finding the duvet in the wardrobe.

That stare became closer, it was actually quite frightening when he was like this and fuelled with drink and drugs.

“Don’t look at me like that,” he snapped, taking a cigarette from the packet and placing it between his lips, not even wanting to look and meet those eyes he knew that were burning through him.

“Tell me.”

He blew out the smoke rather exaggerated and rubbed his forehead with his thumb. “Sit down.”

Doing as he was told on the opposite sofa; and lighting his own cigarette as he didn’t want to be near his lover right now as he was so angry at him.

“I have to be somewhere tomorrow” He started slowly and carefully.

“Where?” He almost squealed.


“But why? We don’t have contacts there do we?”

“Not until now no. I have a meeting with a Mr Lorenzo.”

“I? You mean we right?” He was smiling now, but soon it was quickly wiped off.

“No! me, I have to go alone.”

“Oh no you don’t we all go together.”

“Not this time, he wants to see me, well he will want to meet you but not right now not…”

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