Lovebites Ep. 06

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There was a knock at the door. Lady Christine moved to open it, but stopped just second to glance at Sophie. The look was intended as a warning for the young vampire to be on guard.

Any supernatural letting a fixer into their home was taking big risks — that much was common knowledge, but this situation called for a professional.

When Christine opened the door she there was a flash of color and movement. The full-blooded vamp turned around startled to find her guest standing there looking amused.

Rebecca said flatly ” You called?”

She phrased like a question, but they already knew the answer. Christine hadn’t worked with, or contracted Rebecca before but she heard from several reliable sources that this woman was the best fixer in London. Hell, the whole of Europe even.

One tale told said she had once killed a arch-mage conjurer in the American Embassy in Paris without raising so much as eyebrow, let alone an alarm. The real kicker to that story was not only that it was in fact true — but that Rebecca had done the job entirely of her own accord, after the idiot wizard in question had been stupid enough to criticize her beautiful tattoos within her hearing. Never mind that Rebecca’s hearing range was far beyond the norm, or that it could penetrate solid stone buildings.

Christine was still a little thrown off by Rebecca’s entrance but she was composed enough not show it when she spoke.

” Yes. We” She said gesturing toward Sophie “Need some assistance. My lovely Sophie here is still young, and she needs time to get her bearings. The problem, as I see it, is that we may not have it. I had a premonition last night. It concerns a local softbites coven. Recently it seems as though they are getting the jump on vampire activity.”

“Just say what needs to be done, and i’ll get to work.” Rebecca was all business.

“First, I wish to know how they are divining vampire presence. Then, if necessary you may need to do some killing. Its really not my style to get needlessly violent, but if this pattern persists it shall become much harder for all of us to get things done. Worse still it may keep our numbers from growing and at the same time see theirs grow to unimaginable proportions. That, my dear Rebecca, is unacceptable.” She had made her pitch and now stood waiting for a response.

“Well, I can’t say I’m too thrilled with a job that only has a ‘chance’ at getting physical. As needlessly violent, IS my style, but your point is well taken about the difficulties for us all, should the softbite population get out of control. I heard just last week that a Moscow coven is bragging about it’s unprecedented number of fresh initiates. The events may be connected in some way. I shall enjoy looking into it I think.”

Rebecca left her true reason for motivation unsaid. Every job presented new chances to acquire special skills. This one, may very well be something that would bring those smug full-bloods to their knees. A position she personally would love to see them in, all the better for groveling at her feet.

“I’ll be in touch soon.”

With that Rebecca was gone again in a blur. Christine and Sophie were left looking amazed and a little uneasy after the meeting. Christine spoke.

“I want you to stay on your toes around that one. Fixers are unpredictable at best, and this one seems a tad too eager for my taste”


Rebecca was quick in locating what she thought was the coven’s base of operations. It had been surprisingly simple really. The bitches were always so fond of church architecture and what passed for subtlety in their circles seemed like a red flag for anyone who knew the lore of a city.

The church in question had been the site of a rather grisly virgin sacrifice in the 1700’s and was rumored to be very haunted. Witches couldn’t resist such things, they quite wrongly assumed that a history of such events made their protective wards stronger and thus made their hideaway harder to detect.

This might be the case with a supernatural just born, but Rebecca had enough experience to know better. She licked her lips in anticipation of a fun night ahead.


Yevette was was growing a little annoyed with her sister-witches. Ever since Emmaline’s initiation Alana had become enthralled with the younger girl. Their playtime sessions seemed a non-stop marathon of sighs and moans. In certain circumstances this would not have been an issue.

Perhaps if they had invited her to join them in their games she would have felt different. Still, she envied their kocaeli escort passion and energy. It seemed to Yevette that even immortals got tired after a while.

She had been doing a disproportionate amount of travel lately. Her gift for Seeing had grown more powerful over the past few months and the larger Softbite authorities had taken notice when they’d discovered more of ways to put it to use.

She had just gotten back from Russia, and the cold hadn’t seeped out of her bones yet. Yevette had orders to carry out, but she would need some things first for a very elaborate ritual.

She thought of asking the girls to come along but rightly figured that they were off in Emma’s bedchamber having fun. So, she would go to the apothecary alone.

Just as Yevette opened the door to the church she saw a hazy flash of light pass and felt a sudden poke at her neck. She fell limply into the arms of Rebecca’s silent companion and creation.

Dolly caught the body and looked to her master for approval. Rebecca’s smile told her she had done well.


Rebecca’s familiarity with the London’s old underground tunnels helped her locate the perfect place for the planned interrogation. It was an old prison of some kind, small but efficient. Rebecca wondered if it might have been used by one of London’s wealthier citizens who had need of a single holding cell and what looked like the tools of torture.

There was a metal table and stocks in the middle of the room. They were the old fashioned kind they used to use for public punishment, the ones that had holes for a prisoners head and hands and forced them to stand bent over while they were either flogged or held so crowds could throw rotten fruit at them for a laugh.

Rebecca laughed now. She was pulling out her sewing needle and dipping it in an anesthetic. She had dosed it with something stronger for the capture. She hadn’t wanted her prey to have time to scream out, but now what she needed was something that wouldn’t knock the witch out, just render her temporarily immobile long enough to get the job done.

Rebecca did intend on getting the info she was contracted for, just what she would do with it was still up in the air.

Dolly laid Yevette on the cold steel table and moved over to the corner to watch the show. Her master had instructed her to watch everything, it seemed that Dolly was very much a visual learner.

Everything she saw could come in use later on, whether it was tricks of the fixer trade, or new exciting ways to please her master sexually Dolly was eager to be educated.

Yevette’s eyes began to flutter open. She looked up and knew she was in deep trouble. Her body felt numb and she was suddenly aware of a small sharp pain as Rebecca’s drugged sewing needle penetrated the soft white skin on her left shoulder.

Yevette couldn’t move a muscle save the ones in her pretty face. The witch’s icy blue eyes darted around frantically searching for something. Then, Rebecca came into view and was standing directly over her helpless captive.

The fixer was saying something, but there was a ringing in Yevette’s head that made all other noise inaudible. As quickly as she made this discovery the ringing began to subside and she heard the next words.

Rebecca noticed the change as Yevette’s eyes grew large “Ah, it seems the witch is with us now Dolly.”

Yevette didn’t know who Dolly was but had a vague memory of seeing a pair of gray eyes staring down at her just before blacking out. That must have been Dolly, because the woman standing over her now had brilliant green eyes.

” The serum will keep you immobile for a good while. You will still be able to feel everything, you just won’t be able to move or stop it.” She was addressing Yevette now and it didn’t sound good.

“Now, my dear the fun begins”

Rebecca could have gotten right down to the business of the interrogation. She had the target right where she wanted her — but that would be boring.

Besides, Rebecca knew that if she pushed her captive to the limits of arousal she would be able to leech a sample of the woman’s special ability without even being told what it was.

In this way she could find out for herself why it was so precious. This kind of leech was a temporary effect and wouldn’t become permanent unless Rebecca kept her victim close at hand, or stole it for good by killing her.

The downside to that was method might not be able to collect the fee from Christine, so she decided that she would hold off on taking such serious action kocaeli escort bayan and just enjoy the task at hand.

Rebecca leaned down over Yevette and shoved her perfect breasts in the smaller woman’s face. Yevette’s reaction was to try and pull away, but in her state she could only turn her head from side to side.

The piercings in Rebecca’s nipples brushed against Yevette’s face and gave the vampire a tingling thrill.

She commanded ” Suck them, or face the consequences witch.”

Rebecca was now straddling her prey on the cold table to get better position. Yevette’s mouth was warm on Rebecca’s glorious tits. She wanted to resist but understood that the time for fighting was not now. The fixer’s breasts weren’t big, but it didn’t matter in this case, they were more than enough to smother in the face of an immobile slave.

She pressed them together and down on Yevette, whose tongue was occupied working busily to appease and satisfy. Against logic and to her own personal shame Yevette found herself very turned on by this treatment.

She had never been dominated in such a manner, and this was only the first stage of what would be her first experience in complete and utter sexual submission.

“See the way she uses that whore tongue Dolly? She is loving this, despite the fear in those baby blues.”

Rebecca reached down and felt the wetness of Yevette’s sex and smiled wickedly. “Already soaking with want of more are we softie? Well, then you are going to love the next part. Rebecca then lifted her chest from the face of her captive and pulled her black lace panties off.

She danced seductively standing over Yevette. “Get over here Dolly, and tickle this girls feet while I show you how to make a slave beg.”

Dolly did as she was told and Yevette saw the living doll for the first time as she approached the foot of the table. Dolly’s long slender fingers explored the witches delicate feet.

First, she only felt them, running her hands along their soles and arches, caressing in between the tiny toes. It was almost like a foot massage until the tickling began.

It seems that this at least, was one skill the thrall had already acquired as as her fingers played all the right notes that would have sent Yevette screaming if Rebecca hadn’t, at that same moment occupied her mouth with fresh sweet pussy.

Rebecca had moved up on her paralyzed plaything and was straddling her face — smothering her as before only this time with her womanhood and not her breasts.

Rebecca lifted off for a second and said ” Want my snatch, tell me how much you want it.”

Again, to Yevette’s own shock, there was nothing she wanted more than to taste it again, fully and completely, till it suffocated her with it’s softness and scent.

So it was that she said her first words of the evening. “I want it…. I, I need it.”

This was said with no small effort as Dolly was still busy tickling Yevette’s feet. “Give it to me… Please.”

Rebecca was quite happy to oblige and once again squat over Yevette’s face and cut off her air as Rebecca’s wet sex became the witch’s entire world. Yevette couldn’t see anything except bright reddish light as she was being smothered. It was intensified as she began to run short of air.

Despite this peril, the experience was one of the most erotic of her life. Yvette had never known she liked being dominated so, but it was a kink she would have to explore more if she ever got out of this predicament — though gods help her, if she died like this, she would at least die happy.

Yvette tried her best to lick Rebecca and made many muffled sounds of excitement as the fixer sat on her face. Rebecca let her prey breathe a little as she began to grind her pussy on the witch’s face. Arching her back Rebecca thrust her hips forward. Her feminine juices were now creating quite a mess on Yvette.

The witch couldn’t be entirely certain but it looked as if the tattoos on Rebecca’s hips and lower abdomen were writhing in motion. Rebecca lifted off once more and let Yvette gasp for air. When she came down again this time her sex was directly on the other woman’s nose.

Rebecca rubbed herself against the bridge of Yevette’s nose and then covered her nostrils saying ” Breathe me in, inhale the scent you little dirty bitch. I know you love it.”

Yvette did. The aroma had only heightened her feelings of lust so that when she got another taste of Rebecca’s vagina she licked and sucked at it with an animal ferocity.

Just before Rebecca came she pulled izmit escort away from her laying playmate. She would draw this out still longer and enjoy every second of it.

She was teasing her captive with hopes of enjoying the reward of a hot sticky climax to cover her face and fill her hungry snapping mouth. Next Rebecca turned around so that her ass was in Yvette’s face.

” Now you will please my other hole.”

Rebecca spread her voluptuous butt so that her cute little asshole was right over Yvette’s tongue. The first taste of it was warm and surprisingly sweet. The pheromones emitted by both women were making every lick and nibble that much more intense. The fixer rocked back and forth on Yvette’s face and smothered her for the third time.

Where the light during the last smothering had had a pink-red glow, now there was only darkness for the witch, so complete was her surrender. For all that she lacked in sight Yvette was afforded in an assault on her other senses.

The taste, the smell, the sound of Rebecca’s pleasure soaked moans. Rebecca leaned forward once more and Yvette tried to chase her with her hot tongue. She was drooling heavily and wanting more when she was taken by surprise as Rebecca seemed to relent, at least partly, in her decision to give back some of the attention she had received by working her fingers inside the other woman’s pussy.

Rebecca wasn’t done being pleased of course and soon adjusted so that she could be licked, now in both holes as she rode Yvette’s face some more forcing her leave her tongue out and work it’s magic wherever it could find flesh.

Rebecca’s fingers were expertly applied to her slave’s pussy, pressing all the right buttons in rapid rubbing motions. The friction was almost hot it moved so fast. Soon Yevette couldn’t help but cum and when she did it was thunderous and body racking ; perhaps the anesthetic had warn off. All in all it didn’t really matter at this point, as the witch wasn’t going anywhere.

Yevette’s eyes rolled back in her head and she entered the trance like state a seer experienced when having a vision. Rebecca was turned around and didn’t see the change — but as she rocked back a final time and Yvette’s tongue was driven deep inside her pussy, she too came at last.

It was messy and beautiful all at once. The kind of orgasm that has to be nursed and teased out over a long period of stimulation and results in a shuddering drawn out, mind blowing release.

With the climax came Rebecca’s first taste of Yvette’s hidden ability, as she too began to ‘see’.

The vision was hazy and almost dreamlike. But it didn’t take Rebecca long to realize what she was seeing. It was the young vampire, Sophie. Naked before her, smiling as if she knew the answer to the greatest secret in all the worlds. What it all meant the fixer couldn’t know yet, but when she came to, her path forward was clear.

Rebecca shot up and off of the witch she had reduced to a blubbering sex starved husk of her former self.

Yvette could move again but her body betrayed her desire to be submissive and she could only muster a weak cry for more as Rebecca commanded Dolly to lift up their prey and secure her still naked in the stocks.

With her hands locked in place she couldn’t so much as intone a spell and she still hadn’t regained control of her voice as she only made soft cooing noises as she was put in place.

Bent over as she was she prayed to be violated further but to her dismay Rebecca told Dolly to finish with the business and go home — the business as it turned out, was just to make sure Yvette had no chance for escape, once that was ensured both of her captors were gone from the underground holding cell.


When the fixer made her next appearance at the home of her client she burst into the bedchamber without announcing her arrival. The Lady Christine was lying in bed, back up against the headboard.

There were playful sounds coming from beneath the covers and it took Rebecca only seconds to guess who was under there, and what she was doing. Christine gasped, both from cumming and from surprise at her visitor.

Rebecca had thought hard about what she would say and she began without delay.

” I have results to report. I’ve captured the witch you needed. I’m holding her now for your own personal questioning, but, there is, it seems a catch. You must not allow young Sophie here to attend, as I fear her mere presence within range of the softebite could prove disastrous.”

Playing it delicately she elected not to elaborate. Still, she got the response she had hoped for as Christine’s worry drove her to rash action and upon being clued in on the location of the holding cell she left without so much as a thank you for a job well done.

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