Lovers Reunited

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It’d been a few years since Janet had seen David. She felt so many nervous butterflies as she walked to the hotel they were meeting at. David had booked them a room at a hotel and planned a full evening of fun. Janet hoped it would be as wonderful a connection as she remembered.

As Janet walked in she saw him from behind finishing checking in. He was still as handsome as she remembered and his hair seems thicker in person and still dark with only a stray gray hair even as 40 was around the corner for them both. His ass looked amazing and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it and feel what his new workout routine had done. Her emotions almost got the best of her as her eyes welled up with tears. She slid up next to him and he felt her presence and turned. As soon as he saw her a huge smile lit up his face. “Hi” he said as he hugged her and Janet’s fears started to ease away. He still felt like home.

Room key in hand, David led her to the elevators. Before the doors even closed they were wrapped around each other kissing passionately. His tongue parting her willing lips. She hugged him tightly and melted into the kiss. When the doors opened, he grasped her by the hand and led her down the hallway to find their room. “Does it feel perfect for you too?” he asked, looking at her as they walked. Janet was still feeling so shell shocked by the powerful waves of emotions crashing over her that she could barely nod in response, but he saw the answer in her eyes and said “Of course it does.”

Once inside the room, she regained some composure as they got settled. As her butterflies calmed the excitement for what was to come built. Janet was still nervous that after years apart they would be out of sync and the connection wouldn’t be as perfect. They always shared openly about sex and their desires and had even begun masturbating together with some regularity over FaceTime since the pandemic had kept them apart so their bodies were still familiar. Janet approached David, hoping for the best but not even dreaming of what was to come.

David pulled Janet close and kissed her deeply. She felt like the kiss could go on forever, his supple lips moving in sync with hers. She moved her hands to his hair as he ran his up and down her body. She pulled back slightly as he tugged at the hem of her shirt and he pulled it off over her head and removed his own shirt and immediately went back to kissing. He deftly removed her bra without breaking his rhythm and Janet sighed in ecstasy as her sensitive nipples grazed his bare chest.

David tugged at the button on her jean shorts but then pulled back when they didn’t slide off easily, “Take everything off, I need to feel all of you.” They both quickly disrobed and David guided Janet on to the bed. “You’re so hot, how are you still this beautiful?” he asked.

She stared back at him hungrily, “You look amazing, I can’t believe it.” she said as she caressed his abs and finally got to fully appreciate his ass and his penis was already rock hard and ready making her salivate. Aging hadn’t made them any less desirable to each other.

They resumed kissing now naked with their bodies entwined embracing tightly. After a few more minutes of sensuous making out, David began to work his way down Janet’s body, kissing along her neck, her 36C breasts paying attention to each nipple, down her soft stomach and then teasing along her inner thighs. Janet reclined back enjoying the sensations and the building anticipation of experiencing David’s excellent technique again.

He focused in on her clitoris licking softly, gently teasing her. He continued with the barest flicks of his tongue for a bit and slowly increased the intensity and then added his fingers to the mix. Using her juices that had begun pooling for lubrication almanbahis to work first one and then a second finger inside. The combined rhythm was building Janet’s desire and then he reached up with his free hand to pinch her nipples and sent Janet over the moon with her first orgasm of the day leaving her panting.

Now Janet was desperate to feel his penis inside her. She caressed his head and shoulders to get him to lift his face from her vagina, “Please, I need to feel you inside me…” He would lick her for hours to multiple orgasms if she let him. He moved up the bed and resumed kissing her as she reached down and caressed his rock hard member. She loved tasting herself on his lips and tongue. She guided the head of his penis to her entrance, rubbing it in her juices to prepare for pulling him inside. As she guided him in and he moved his hips and they became one she finally felt whole again. He was the piece of her that had been missing and now reunited they still fit perfectly together. He resumed kissing her on her lips and neck and she passionately returned the kisses as he set their rhythm. “You feel amazing,” he sighed as her post orgasm aftershocks made her walls contract around his penis.

With every thrust the tip of his cock bumped against her cervix and his balls slapped against her. He was tailor made to fit her exactly. He leaned up, breaking their kiss and started fondling her breasts and then pinching her nipples, sending chills through her body. He looked into her eyes and said, “I want to come in your mouth and feel you swallowing.” Janet nodded, “I want every drop.” She knew receiving oral was a rare treat for him and she loved sucking his cock and was excited to service him as he had just serviced her. He pulled out and rolled over onto his back.

Janet began working her way down his body kissing his lips, neck, and chest. Then it was her turn to make a pit stop at his nipples giving them tender licks while his insistent member pressed against her. She kissed down his stomach and then along his inner thighs before finally arriving at his penis. He loved how she was building up anticipation for him and taking her time to make this special for him.

She licked him, tasting herself as she cleaned him off and then began sucking on his bulbous head and taking more of his shaft into her mouth. She used her hand to massage the portion of his shaft she couldn’t take into her mouth without gagging and gently caressed his balls with her other hand. He’d shaved clean for her and they were so smooth and tantalizing, she had to feel them in her mouth. She released his head and licked down the shaft to his balls while her hand replaced her mouth massaging the head. David’s sighs and moans let her know he appreciated all she was doing. Once she had properly enjoyed his balls, she licked back up his shaft and took his head back into her mouth. She sucked on him while using her tongue to massage the base of his shaft. She felt a few spasms and tasted his cum, happily swallowing it down.

Expecting him to go flaccid she moved up to kiss him, but David said, “I’m not done.” Janet smiled as she realized she had just gotten his precum, remembering his loads were always more impressive and geyser like than the few spasms just now. He pulled her up for another kiss before she could go back down to finish the job.

She decided to mount him and ride him for a bit before returning to swallow his full load. As she leaned down kissing him, she guided his cock inside her for the second time. Now with her on top, David begged, “Grind on me, I want to be as deep inside you as I can be.” Janet lowered herself all the way down and started moving her hips in a figure eight pattern in small tight circles. Again feeling his head press against almanbahis giriş her cervix, this time with her in control of the pressure. She used her muscles to massage his dick inside of her. “Oh my god, you feel so amazing.”

David let his head fall back feeling his own waves of ecstasy and focused on not cumming yet. Janet watched him getting closer as she gently caressed his nipples. He reached up and returned the favor, pinching hers like she preferred. This sent shivers through her and she knew she wouldn’t have the willpower to stop and swallow the first full load like he wanted if she didn’t pull away now.

She climbed off him as he told her “Lick it clean, I know you love tasting yourself on me.” She immediately cleaned his cock with her tongue and then started sucking on the head while her tongue massaged his shaft. As she sucked though, she felt his hands reach down to her shoulders and she looked up. “I need to feel you close to me, come back up here and kiss me again,” he asked, so vulnerable. Janet’s heart melted and she saw in his eyes what missing her for so long had meant. They were starved for each other and she moved back to his lips, slowing things down with more tender kisses for a few moments with their bodies entwined from their arms around each other in a tight hug to their legs tangled together.

But his throbbing penis needed relief, and she felt it pressing against her. She reached down, massaging it with her hand while continuing to kiss and give him the closeness they both craved. When he felt close, David said, “It’s time.” And as she moved down to suck on him his own hand replaced hers around the base of his cock, jerking it while she positioned her mouth over the head. Once she started sucking, he moved his hands into her hair, holding her in place so he could fuck her face as her tongue massaged the shaft with every stroke. He started cumming and she felt each spasm along her tongue. He filled her mouth and she had to pull back to swallow, but she didn’t release him. She knew his favorite part was how she sucked every last drop out and she moved her mouth back down the shaft and used her tongue to lick up along it, pushing each droplet up and out into her mouth and licking the tip to ensure she got every bit.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he sighed, “Let’s cuddle now.” Janet released him and moved up the bed to be by his side and in his arms. She felt so at home and at peace. He truly was her safe harbor and all her fears and worries were gone, replaced with blissful afterglow. But they both still wanted more. It had been too long and once was not enough. She desperately wanted David to cum deep inside her.

David pulled Janet close, feeling her heartbeat slow to a steady rhythm. “Was it as good as you remembered?” he asked. Janet understood he was just as worried as her that the time apart would put them out of sync. “It was perfect like always,” she reassured him.

After they cuddled for a while, she started to feel him growing against her. Reaching down she caressed him, but David pulled away. She felt a momentary pang that he didn’t want her again but it was erased as he said, “I need to taste you again.” Janet rolled on to her back as David slid in between her legs. Her clit was still engorged from the orgasms she’d had only a short while ago and his first flick sent tremors through her.

David began working his magic again, combining the movements of his tongue with two fingers in her pussy. Pressing back against the walls in concert with her muscle contractions. As he felt the first orgasm building her started sucking harder on her clit and reached up to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples again. Janet climaxed and was ready to pull David away but this time he wasn’t stopping at one. His tongue almanbahis yeni giriş kept insisting and Janet felt another orgasm building on the heels of the first. David loved feeling Janet’s muscles guiding his fingers to different pleasure points as he worked towards a second orgasm. He moved his fingers to her G spot pressing firmly and his teeth barely grazed her clit. Janet pinched her own nipple hard as she came again seeing stars. When she was back in her body he was still playing her so deftly that she had barely a moment before a third orgasm took her. Now feeling spent, she tapped his shoulder until he broke contact. “I need a break,” she panted. He gave her one final deep lick savoring her taste before moving up the bed to kiss her deeply.

They laid side by side entwined and kissing. She felt him pressing against her thigh and lifted her leg over his. He slipped inside her and started slowly thrusting as they kissed. After continuing for a few minutes he pulled her on top of him again. “Lower yourself on me slowly so I can watch it go in.” She did as requested and very slowly took him in until she had fully encased him watching the sheer bliss on his face. She leaned down laying her frame on top of him and kissing his neck and sucking on his ear lobes. Riding him slowly, taking her time she felt his hands slide to her hips keeping her pace steady and slow. She started grinding on him again like he loved feeling himself rub against her cervix which started contracting in response sporadically.

“Gently caress my nipples,” he begged. Janet moved from his neck down and gently licked one nipple while using her fingers to gently glide over the other. They responded immediately, hardening and she gently kissed and suckled them while continuing to slowly grind on him. Once he got his fill of this sensation David asked, “Can you turn around and ride me in reverse cowgirl? The only thing I’m still missing is watching your ass going up and down on me.”

Janet happily obliged. She turned around and gently put him back inside herself. She enjoyed this position too with his balls rubbing against her clit every time she took him to the base. But this angle didn’t stimulate her cervix in the same way and she wanted that again desperately.

She turned back to look at him, too shy to vocalize asking for the position change she wanted but he could always read her needs and gently lifted her off. He laid her down and shifted himself to be above her.

Now on top of her, Janet felt David’s rock hard penis at her entrance again. She kissed him and reached down to caress him. Missionary with David was amazing because he ensured every inch of their skin was touching. His lips kissing hers, his chest rubbing against her sensitive nipples, their legs entwined and his penis fully inside pushing against her cervix as his pubic bone pressed her clitoris.

Janet was in control of her body and was contracting her muscles in time with his thrusts as she returned his kisses moving to his neck and sucking his ear lobe. Suddenly, her cervix started contracting too. Janet hadn’t felt anything this intense before, it was rhythmic now not sporadic. David’s penis was pushing against her cervix and generating a consistent pulsating response. As if it was milking the tip of his penis. He started moaning and she knew it felt just as amazing to him. He reached down lifting her hips and she wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him in deeper and fully enjoy this new sensation.

David finally let go and came deep inside her. Janet felt his seed entering her womb and was happy to know she’d be taking more of him home with her. He continued moving slowly inside her as she continued contracting around him. They melted into each other cuddling. He stayed inside her, still now, just savoring these moments joined together. Finally he slipped out and shifted down resting his head on her still heaving chest. She wrapped her arms around him holding him tightly. They fell asleep feeling fulfilled finally holding each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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