Low/High Drive

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1. Her view

He stood in front of me with the water from the shower cascading off his perfect bronze body. His hard penis was in his hand and he was starring at me. I was up against the back wall of the shower posing for him with my breasts pushed out and my back arched making my stomach flat and sexy. I urged him on by running my hands over my breasts and under them. I pinched my nipples and pulled them away as he stoked his penis faster and kept his eyes glued to my body.

We previously were making love in the shower but I got uncomfortable before he could finish and cum so instead I told him to pleasure himself and cum on my boobs when he was ready. He was getting close, and my show was speeding things up quickly. I ran my hands down my body and in between my legs and mashed my wet hands on my still erect clit and rubbed it and my lips while watching him stoke his hard purple headed monster.

His penis increased in color and hardened and I watched the water drip off of his tight balls. His legs were flexed and I knew his butt was clenched tight, pending his eruption.

“That’s it honey, I know you’re close, cum on me,” I spoke still fondling my body. My nipples were again between my fingers and I bit my lip as he watched and stoked.

He moved forward signifying he was ready and I dropped to my knees. He blocked the shower with his back and stood over my breasts as I held them together and up for him to deposit his hot load. He was stoking furiously and I heard his moan, followed by a burst of white semen that shot out of his head and splashed up my cleavage to my upper chest and then dripped back down and ran off to the ground. He was shaking as more of his semen hit my boobs and I stared at his orgasmic penis spewing his load. He sprayed me well with more long ropes and then his penis began to just drip down onto my body and floor.

“That was awesome,” he exclaimed letting go of his hard penis.

It was the first time we had done this in the shower, usually he just pulls out and squirts onto the floor and it runs down the drain. I think he really like painting my large breasts much better. I didn’t mind, Tokat Escort just as long as he didn’t hit my face, and it was really easy to wash off once he moved out of the way of the water.

We dried off and got out and he put lotion on me and we left the bathroom and laid down naked on the bed.

“That ought to please him for a while, at least good enough for a week or more.” I thought.

It seemed like he always wanted it more than I did. It frustrated him and I gave in and would do it but most the time I would just lay there and go through the motions. I could do without it and it didn’t faze me one bit. Some times he would take forever to orgasm and I had a suspicion he was masturbating between our sessions. I just wanted him to finish up so I could go to bed so I learned that if I moaned and acted like I was into it he would orgasm faster. He denied masturbating but I didn’t believe him, but I guess I shouldn’t blame him and he didn’t bug me as bad anymore like when we were first married.

He has tried all sorts of things to get me to do it more. Porn, erotic stories, toys, and filming us but nothing mattered. The porn just pissed me off, as did the stories, I knew he was comparing me to the girls on the films and I would never come close to them. I hate giving blowjobs and almost never do it. But I let him do oral on me all the time. I guess it’s selfish but I can’t stand the taste, smell and it hurts my mouth. So I try and give him sex once a week and sometimes I’ll do a hand job in bed for him but that’s about it.

This last shower together was way out of my element, for me to actually play with myself is almost unheard off, I hate the warm squishy wetness of my vagina and I only played with my nipples because I knew he would like it. I hate the mess of sex and so he has learned to pull out most the time now and clean it up with a towel so I don’t have to try and make it to the toilet before his semen runs out of me. He’s ejaculated on my boobs a lot and that’s fine it feels pretty good but never in my face and I won’t ever suck it when he’s done or taste his juice. That’s just nasty.

He snuggled Tokat Escort Bayan up to me and put his hand on my breasts and spooned me from behind until I was fast asleep. Hopefully he wouldn’t bug me for sex for at least a few days now.

2. His View

She was bent over in the shower and I was ramming my hard cock deep inside of her from behind as the water hit my back and ran down my body. I had a hold of her hips and buried all I had into her over and over. She wasn’t moaning at all and I could tell she wasn’t really into it again. She moved away from me then and stood up against the back of the shower and looked back at me.

“Why don’t you help yourself out and shoot on my boobs today,” she said arching her back and pressing her large round orbs out.

Shit she looked incredible and that made it even worse for me. The fact that she was so damn hot and didn’t really want sex that much was torture for me, but this was new. For her to say that was way out of character and what she started to do next almost never happens. I watched as she began fondling her rack and pinching her nipples and my hand went instinctively to my hard wet cock. I watched her intently and stroked rapidly as the hot water vibrated on my shoulders and back. She was playing with her pussy now, something I’ve only seen one or two times the whole time we have been married. I guess the wet and gross feel she complained about wasn’t as bad when she was in the shower and wet already.

She looked amazing and watching her masturbate and fondle her nipples had my balls tight and my cock as hard as it could get. I knew I was going to blow in a few more strokes and moved forward to see what she would do. Holy shit she actually dropped to her knees for me and I was hopping she was going to suck me to a climax but she didn’t even reach out. She just held her tits together and I continued to stroke until I shot my large load onto her chest and tits. It ran off on to the shower floor and as soon as I was done she stood up quickly and washed herself off with soap and I turned off the shower.

I tired to tell her how awesome it was Escort Tokat but she just gave me half a grin and wanted me to put lotion on her back for her. Then we went to our room and snuggled. I don’t know what else to do, I want sex way more then she does and have tired many things to get her to want it more. The couple of times when we were first married that I got her to watch porn with me was good at first, she got really wet and liked it when we made love but then felt so guilty about watching the porn that she said she didn’t want to do it again and was afraid I would compare the women on screen to her. We haven’t seen porn together since.

I’ve gotten so frustrated with being rejected that I don’t even try anymore to seduce her and just wait until she wants some but even then I think she is doing it for me cause she thinks its her duty not that she really wants too. It’s pretty obvious when she just lays there and doesn’t even touch me or act like she is enjoying it. And then when I take to long she accuses me of masturbating on my own instead of liking how long I take. I though women liked it longer?? Not this one.

I deny masturbating; I can’t deal with her being pissed off, even though she is right on. What does she expect? I mean shit I want it everyday at least so I let her sleep and turn on the computer and watch free porn until I get worked up enough to rub one out in the bathroom. Not everyday mind you sometimes I resist and the when we finally do it, I cum quick and my load is huge, so I think that tips her off as well. I now usually masturbate the two or three days after we have had sex and then build back up before the end of the week so when she does finally do something it looks like I have waited.

When we do have sex its pretty boring actually, she’s on her back and it missionary or I kneel in front of her. Some times she’ll get on top facing me but as far as crazy positions or her taking control it rarely happens. I use to bug her a lot for sex and when she wouldn’t give it up I taught her how to give me a hand job in bed and she’ll do that once in a while now but always seems put out and complains it hurts her arm and hand.

Anyway so now that she’s done her ‘duty’ for the week and acted different she will probably try and go even longer until the next time, since it was ‘so good’ for me. Whatever, I’ll just wait until she’s willing again. What choice do I have?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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