Luci Meets an Erotic Writer

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Once again I must thank ‘The Big Bopper’ for all his help.

Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement, even the nasty one’s.

I keep getting asked what I like, plus what do I look like.

I am 34, 5-9, natural blonde, past my shoulders, 34–25–34, slim, non-smoker, social drinker. My drink when I do is Bacardi and Coke. I enjoy sex, scuba diving, swimming, I am also a flight attendant, which I enjoy very much.

Also in my writing, I do not like using the words cunt or pussy. Don’t ask me why, it’s just me. Also, lots of my stories are based on true things, which I have done in the past, and some things that have happened to me as a flight attendant. Thanks for reading and supporting my efforts.

We had taken off at 10-30am bound for Hong Kong, which is around a 10-hour flight, touching down about 9pm. So that by the time we get to our hotel, it’s around 10-30pm, so most times all you want to do is have a shower, relax, go to dinner, and have a few drinks, for in Hong Kong all the night life does not start until late.

I work in 1st class and business class, which I have done for a couple of years now. I was 23 at the time, and I was still getting used to business class. I was showing the business passengers to their seats as they boarded, asking them what they might like to drink before we take off … usually it’s champagne. I had looked at the passenger manifest, seeing who might have joined the flight at this city, for you have to make sure you know who is who. We might have a movie star or politician, some celebrity, and they like to be made a fuss of, makes them feel important, that’s part of my job.

I noticed a tall, quite well dressed guy come aboard, I held out my hand for his ticket, then took him to his seat, asking him “What would you like?”

He smiled at me, saying “You are the first flight attendant who has asked me something like that, I may take you up on it later,” and he winked at me.

I suddenly thought of what I had said and I felt myself start to blush.

“It’s okay, Luci,” he said, leaning over to read my name tag, “but then again you might never know.”

Once again, I could feel the start of a blush, wondering who he was. What does he do? He seemed so confident with himself. So I decided that I will have to find out before we land, I am very inquisitive.

We were lucky going up to Hong Kong that day, as Business Class was not very full, allowing us time to stop and chat to the passengers. They like us to do that, even take pictures with us. More so the Asian’s, they love to put their arms around your waist, so you have to be careful where their hands go. Some try to feel your bum. I find it very interesting, talking to the passengers, it can be surprising what other people do.

We even get hit on, some guys will even offer us money to spend the night with them, or even a couple of hours. I know some girls do … I was once offered $1000 for a night, they love true blonde girls. And I am definitely a true blonde.

We took off on time, so I went around serving some drinks, coffee, or tea, whatever they required. Every time I passed that guy, I could feel his eyes burning into me. I lifted my heels a bit higher knowing it would make my bum swing, wondering if he knew that I had no panties on, just my tights. I stopped once, looking around quickly, seeing him watching me walking past. He gave me a smile, which I returned.

When I got to that guy, I smiled at him, “Hi, what would you like to drink?” this time putting the emphasis on the word ‘drink’.

He laughed back at me, saying, “So now you have taken back the offer that you gave me.” Once again, he had made me blush, “Now I have nothing to look forward to,” he added with a nice smile on his face.

I don’t know why, but I felt those feminine feelings we females sometimes get … you know, when we like someone. I could feel my body tingling, wanting to get to know him better. He had me puzzled, wondering what he does.

When I went back to give him his drink, just a soda water with lime, he pulled out the small table, but it seemed to be stuck. So I put the tray with the drink on it, onto the empty seat next to him, so that I could help with his table.

Now, the uniforms we have are quite nice, buttons all down the front, but have to be down by our knees, we are not allowed to have it any shorter. I had undone two buttons at the bottom, and at the top.

I leant over him as I tried to get the table out, he pulled as well, and then I felt my breast rub onto his shoulder, as we both struggled to get the table out.

We both seemed to stop at that moment, like an electrical charge had gone between us. He looked up at me, then down to the opening at the top of my dress, as my breast lay against his shoulder. With the top two buttons undone, he would have seen down my cleavage, as I had no bra on. ‘I wonder if he can see my so hard nipples?’ I thought.

I stood up as the table slid out, “Hey Luci,” he said, eryaman escort “I think I should introduce myself before we go any further.” He held out his hand, “My name is Chris, I can see that you are Luci with an i,” looking again at my name tag.

I took his hand, feeling the strength, yet the tenderness in it, he had long fingers, nice, clean, well looked after hands. He seemed to hold my hand a bit longer, as he placed his other hand on the top.

“Luci, when you have your break, would you mind bringing me a coffee, so I can talk to you?”

“Well I have to be careful.”

“Okay, but what if I tell them I was asking you what to see, and where to go, in Hong Kong. I am quite sure that would be part of your job, talking to and helping your passengers,” he said, still holding my hand. I don’t know why, but it felt so nice with him holding it, I had no wish to withdraw it, but I knew I had to.

“Okay, what I will do is get you some brochures, then I can say you asked me about Hong Kong, okay?”

“That would be great Luci, then I might get to know you better,” he said winking again, letting go of my hand as I smiled at him.

I went to the small galley, where everything is kept, to start to get the lunches ready, thinking about Chris. Even though I was 23, I had already ‘been’ with an older guy. If you had read my previous tale, ‘Elder Lover’, you would know that I do prefer older guys. I loved my previous experience very much. I have been with a younger guy since, but it was nothing compared to older guys.

So I could not help thinking about Chris, wondering ‘Hey, he might try to get me to join the Mile High Club.’ But I didn’t think so, he was more the type of guy who would like to go out for dinner, somewhere expensive, nice and quiet, secluded, private, maybe dance with him, maybe let him feel me up a little. He might ask me if I would like to go to his room with him, for a drink or a coffee. It would be all up to me, no pressure from him … I love that in older guys, they take their time to really love you, let you enjoy all the experience they have with their hands, and tongue, not like lots of younger guys.

We had been flying for 2 hours, it was time for my break, before we started to serve lunch. I told the other crew where I would be, that some passenger wanted some information about Hong Kong. So I went to see Chris, feeling a bit of excitement inside my body.

He greeted me with, “Hey Luci, I was beginning to think you had forgotten me.” He was smiling, “so how much time do you have?”

“How long would you like me,” I said mischievously, and quickly thought ‘Oh God, why did I say that, what will Chris think now?’

“Now that’s a question, Luci,” he said, as I gave him his cup of coffee, “so okay, tell me all about Hong Kong.”

Being in business class, the seats are fairly big, and wide, so I sat on the outside one. Chris was in the window seat, my legs were turned facing him.

He pulled out the small table so that I could show him a map of Hong Kong, with Kowloon on the other side, which is the mainland of China. As I leaned forward, I knew that he was looking down my dress. I had undone another button, just for devilment, so I knew he could see the tops of my breasts, but possibly not quite the hard nipples. I looked up quickly, catching him looking down my dress, “Hey, the map is down here” I said teasingly.

“Yes but this is a far better view up there, Luci,” he said “please don’t take this the wrong way, but you are so beautiful. I just wish I was a bit younger, I would love to take you out for dinner when we get to Hong Kong.”

What is it with you guys, you might be surprised at the number of younger girls who prefer older guys with them. There are no strings attached, but younger guys … well, enough said.

I could feel my body starting to tingle as my knees brushed against his legs. I leant over the table to open the map, and he kissed my arm, saying, “I love your perfume Luci, what is it.”

Why I do not know, but I could feel my body starting to respond to him. There was just something about him that got to me. Was it his beautiful clean well looked after fingers, I could just imagine the feel of them running all over my body, touching me, caressing me, probing me. ‘Oh God, what am I thinking?’

“It’s Bvlgari, ‘blv’ for short, a French perfume, I get it in duty free, you can even get after-shave for men in it, if you wish, it’s very nice.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, if it is as nice on me as on you, I will try it. Maybe I will have to get you to show me where I can get it.”

I smiled at him, thinking if only he knew where else I had put my perfume, for whenever I shower, I put some at the back of my knees, also on my sex mound, which is totally shaven. I regularly go scuba diving, and there is nothing as bad as pubic hair sticking out of your costume, as you take off your wet suit.

As I went to pull my arm away to turn the map over, the folder he had under it slipped. eryaman escort bayan I went to pick it up, but some papers he had been writing on fell open. Wow, I could not believe my eyes. I saw the words ‘cuckold’, ‘huge cock’, ‘firm tits’, ‘juices mixing’, ‘pounding away at her’, ‘she had her arms around his neck with her legs wrapped around him, hanging onto him.’

I looked up at him, feeling myself starting to blush, I could not help but stare back at the words on the page. He started to laugh, “Hey, it’s okay Luci, now you have found me out, I am a writer, I write stories, some of them for a website called ‘Literotica’. It is a sex site, where people enjoy reading sex stories, have you read any?” he asked.

I knew I was blushing so much, I just could not stop looking at what I had read. I looked up at him, with my mouth wide open in surprise. He laughed, “Hey Luci, it’s not that bad, is it?”

He held out his hand as I passed over what I had just read, thinking ‘Oh God, what a fool he must think I am.’ Just then, one of the other girls, Sandra, waved to me, indicating that they needed me back in the galley. “Hey, have to go, it’s your lunch time, what would you like?”

‘Oh God,’ I thought, ‘I have said it again.’

Chris looked at me, “Luci, if you would not mind, I would love to take you to dinner when we get to Hong Kong, then you can have anything YOU like,” he said smiling, “and then I can explain better to you what I write. Would you please consider it, no strings, just dinner.”

I had stood up, ready to go. But for a moment, I just stood there, my mind working overtime. I was dying to hear about his stories, plus for some reason, I knew I could trust him.

“Okay Chris, let me think about it. Tell me, where are you staying?”

“The Holiday Inn,” he replied.

I looked at him in amazement, “Hey that’s where we always stay.”

“Wow great, so we can stay there, and have dinner if you want, but hey, it’s entirely up to you. Or we can go out, whatever you want Luci.”

“Let me think about it, okay?” With that, I took his order for lunch, going to the galley to prepare it.

“So what are you up to with that guy, Luci?” Sandra asked, smiling, “he seems very nice, what does he do?”

‘God, I could not tell her he writes sex books.’

“He … err, he writes books, he has a few published, he is going to Hong Kong to see some of his publishers,” I told my fellow flight attendant.

“He seems to like you quite a lot,” she said smiling, “I would not be surprised if he asks you out before we get to Hong Kong. Hey, if you don’t, let him know I am available,” she said winking.

We served lunch to the passengers, asking them what they would like to drink. Sandra, the other girl I was talking to, made sure she got to serve Chris his drinks, but it was just fun. I knew she was just teasing me, and maybe Chris.

After we had served lunch, I was asked if I would go and help the girls in Economy Class, for one of them was not feeling too good, so I did not have time to talk to Chris again.

Sandra asked me if I wanted to give him any messages, which I declined, I knew I would have time to catch up with him before we landed. I was very disappointed, not being able to talk to him, tease him, as he did with me. I knew then that I would like to have dinner with him, and see how far things would go, thinking about what he had written in his books. Would he do one about a flight attendant? Now that would be interesting.

About an hour from Hong Kong, I went along to Business Class, just to see how Sandra had been treating Chris. “Hey, he has been asking about you,” she said.

“What did he want?” I asked, trying to appear disinterested.

“You might as well go and see, here is a coffee he asked for, take it to him. God, I will be glad when we get to the hotel, a nice long bath, then something to eat, then a disco. I might get lucky, or some guy might,” she said laughingly, “do you want to come with us?”

“I will see, but a nice massage would do me, from a nice big hunk,” I replied jokingly.

I smiled at Chris as I took him his coffee, “Wow Luci, so you are back to look after all my whims,” he said.

“I’m sorry, not really, they are really busy in Economy, one of the girls has taken sick, so I am covering for her. I just wanted to see how you are, has Sandra been taking care of you?” I asked, smiling.

“She certainly has, I thought it was the guys who were supposed to hit on you girls,” he said with a glint in his eye.

“Well, you have touched lucky then, just think she is in the same hotel too.”

He reached up, and took hold of my hand in both of his, telling me, “Luci, I asked you to go to dinner first, you are still the number one. Are we still on, or don’t you want an old guy tagging along?” He gave me that warm smile again.

He gave my hand a squeeze, sending tingles all through me, I could feel my body starting to respond to him, and all he had hold of, was escort eryaman my hands.

I laughed, “Hey, less of the old man stuff, you look to be only around 48, 49. So how old are you then?”

“Wow, thanks Luci, I am 57,” he said frowning, “now I know I have no chance of taking you out for dinner. So what do you have planned for tonight?”

I looked at him smiling, “You are not that old, you are pulling my leg.”

With that, he put his hand on my leg, feeling my nylon-covered legs, sending waves of excitement up into my sex. “Yes, and it is a beautiful leg, Luci. Do you know what the most tantalising thing is? Feeling nylon on a girls legs, most of all if they are wearing stockings.”

My legs were shaking, with that tingle that we get when someone touches you, like an electric shock. It ran into my sex, my stomach, and into my breasts, he just ran his hand to the back of my knees, then took it off, which I appreciated very much, for I don’t think I could have stopped him if he had gone further. We might have done the mile high club thing, after all.

“Well they are tights,” I said with a smile, “I will remember next time I am getting dressed.”

‘Shit,’ I thought ‘why did I say that?’

“So you do wear stockings?” he asked, “now that is very interesting. So, will you let me take you out for dinner tonight, or do you have something else planned, like ‘night clubbing’?”

“No, not really. After 12 hours, I was thinking of a nice shower, a relaxing massage, dinner, and then maybe bed,” I remarked with a glint in my eye this time.

“Well that’s lucky,” Chris said, “I can do massages, I am qualified. I can do dinner, so that just leaves one,” he added, laughing, “so what do you think?”

I laughed back at him, “Wow Chris, it seems you are the complete master.” For some reason, as young as I was, I knew I wanted him to make love to me. I just knew he would be so loving in bed, considerate of my needs, like all older guys do. I knew with him writing, exotic, sexy, stories, he would have so many surprises, so many ways to explore in his lovemaking. This sent waves of excitement through me, I began to look forward to it, for I new I would not be disappointed.

“Hey, I have to go, I will leave my room number at the front desk, so that you can give me a ring, okay. Give me a chance to shower first, by then I will have decided what I am going to do.” Little did he know that I had already decided that he could do whatever he wanted to me.

We landed safely, passing through customs. I could see Chris was still there, he gave a little wave as we passed him. I looked at him and blew him a little kiss, hoping no one else saw me.

We arrived at the hotel, the Holiday Inn chain is noted for their bigger rooms, with king-size beds. Wherever I go, I stay in the Holiday Inn. No this is not an advertisement for them, it’s just the truth. Also, if ever I go on holidays, I stay at the Holiday Inns. We also get a bit of a discount, and it all helps.

When we had booked in, I rang the front desk leaving a message for them to pass my room phone number, on to another guest staying there called Chris.

I quickly stripped off, folding up my uniform, throwing my tights into the bin … that is all I wear under my uniform. Then I headed for the shower.

I had just got out of the shower when I heard my phone ringing, ‘Wow, that was quick of Chris,’ I thought. So I answered it, it was reception, “We have a call for you, do you wish to accept it?”

I forgot, it’s their way of making sure that we are okay. Why so many guys seem to think that most flight attendants are fair game, I don’t know. We are just ordinary people, doing a job. Well, that’s what I think.

“Hi,” I said, expecting it to be Chris. It was Sandra, one of the other flight attendants. “What are you doing tonight, Luci?” she asked. I could hear other voices in the background.

“Well, I think I might go down, have a massage, swim, then room service, then to bed.”

“So who will be in bed with you?” she asked, with a laugh in her voice.

“Well, you never know, depends what the masseur looks like,” I replied joking.

“Well, some of us are going to a disco, you know which one, so if you get bored, you know where we are, okay?” She whispered into the phone, “Hey, we have just been hit on by some hunks, so I thought you might be interested.”

“Hey, have fun,” I replied with a laugh, thinking already of the fun that I might have later with Chris.

“Oh we will, that’s for sure, catch you later, bye.” With that, Sandra hung up.

I went back into the bathroom, to finish getting dried, putting on a very small green thong, just two strings at the side, and one into my bum, it barely covered my sex. I must have picked up the wrong thongs when I was packing at home.

I walked out into my room, picking up the cup of coffee I had made. Then I almost dropped the cup. I froze when the phone rang, I knew it was him, Chris. I sat on the bed, nervously picking up the phone, “Hi, can I help you?”

“Oh, I hope you can Luci,” Chris said with a sexy voice, “have you thought any more about my offer, it’s all up to you.” He was using the hotel’s internal phone connections … you can call direct.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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