Lust After Work

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After a long hard day at work, and heading home in heavy traffic, you feel exhausted and ready to end the night with a glass of wine and a good book.

Pulling into the driveway and heading up the stairs, you get the feeling that something is not right.

“Where’s my husband’s car?” you question to yourself.

As you open the door, you hear someone inside, in the kitchen. Heading that direction, you smell the gentle scent of cookies baking in the over.

“My husband would not make cookies, he doesn’t know how.”

As you round the corner into the kitchen, you are taken back at the site of a beautiful, long legged woman dressed as a maid, her short skirt barely covering her her black bikini brief panties. She is scrubbing the floors on her hands and knees. Her hair is blonde with a hint of strawberry red, skin darkened by the summer sun. You start to feel yourself lusting after this beauty, but stop yourself mid thought.

“Excuse me,” you say with a stern tone.

She stops. Then slowly turns, around and as soon as she spots you, she smiles a devilish smile.

“Wi?” she says.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my house?”

“Oh madam, I clean for you.” The maid replies.

“Why?” You continue.

“Monsieur, hire me.” She proclaims.

Confused you excuse yourself from the kitchen and search for your husband in the house. He is nowhere to be found, so you decide to call him and get to the bottom of why a strange woman is alone in the house. Alone in your bedroom, you call your husband and it rings and rings. No answer and goes to voicemail.

“Call me back and tell me why this woman is in my house alone!” You exclaim to his voicemail.

As you put the phone on your dresser and let out a soft sigh, you turn around hearing someone in the doorway. Standing there is the intruder to your home.

You gaze at her outfit that is barely covering her body. Her strawberry blonde hair gently resting over her shoulder full of life and gentle curls. The outfit a typical black mini dress with a white apron is exposing the curvature of her bosom. You see the hint of a lacy bra peeking out from where the dress does not reach. Her skirt is barely covering her black bikini briefs and exposing her tan feminine thighs. She is wearing black socks that come up to her knees.

She speaks, “Madam, is everything alright?” her French accent now subtle with genuine concern.

“I don’t know why you are here and I really don’t understand what you are doing for my husband.” You say in reply.

“Madam, I’m here to help anyway I can.” She states, as she starts walking your direction, crossing her legs every step she takes in a seductive manner.

Your eyes widening, heart starting to beat harder, you take a slight step back. “Is she crazy?” Thinking to yourself. “What is she planning on doing?”

As she approaches you, she is staring at your button down blouse. Gently she pulls down exposing your bra to her eyes.

“Madam, you are very well endowed.” She claims.

Tilting her head up to your eyes and staring directly into them, she pauses. Her scent is intoxicating and fills your lungs with pure lust.

“What is she doing? She knows I’m married and I will not tolerate this. However, I can not seem to pull myself away from her. Am I attracted to her? I’ve never felt this way before about a woman.”

You motion her back stretching out your arms as you step backwards from her.

“No. This is not going to happen.” You say in a strict tone.

The French maid steps back in confusion. maslak escort “Madam, please let me help you,” and she starts to unbutton the front of her outfit. Slowly taking each button through the hole and exposing her lacy black bra.

Her breasts only exposed from the top of the low cut bra, as you stare in amusement of how perfectly round they are. You start feeling a slight tingle in your lady parts.

“STOP!” You proclaim. “You need to get out of my house now!”

Seeing that you are upset the maid quickly buttons up her dress and excuses herself out of the room and house.

Moments later, you hear the door open and your husband calls to you.

“I’m in the bedroom.” You call out

“Where is Adalyn?” He questions.

“She is gone! I don’t know what you were thinking bringing her in here without my knowledge.”

“She was supposed to help clean around the house that’s all.”

“Next time, ask me first about who comes in our home and exposes her body to me.”

“Expose her body?”

“Yes, it was beautiful and made me think that just maybe you hired her for her looks.”

You begin to undress. Remember the maids scent as she stood close to you, looking down at your breasts and complimenting them. You try everything you can to get her out of your mind but she has become a resident in your thoughts.

“Well, she was kind of pretty I guess.” You wrangle to get the words out. Your thoughts still focused on her beautiful breasts.

The tingling feeling from the love below is returning and slowly as you unbutton your blouse, you imagine it’s her. She who now has a name; that name is Adalyn. Her name is ringing throughout your body with every button that you undo. You replay in your mind how sensually she undid every button and how slowly her breasts appeared, concealed behind the lace.

“Are you ok?” Your husband asks.

“Huh?!” You stop, forgetting that he’s standing right there watching you.

“You seem kind of distracted.”

“Oh; it’s nothing. I was just thinking.”

“Of Adalyn weren’t you.” He smirks

“No, of course not love. I was thinking about work and how tired I am from all the interviews today.”

Not buying the story, your husband decides not to press any further and drops the topic. He leaves the room and heads to the kitchen where the smell of cookies has faded and now the smell of something burning is emanating from the oven.

“Well, looks like the cookies are done for.” Stated the husband, throwing the burnt morsels away in the trash. “What do you want for dinner?” he shouted

His back is to you as you stand in the entrance to the kitchen.

“I want you baby. I want you deep inside me; filling me up with cum.”

He turns around and his jaw drops in awe at the site that he sees not 5 feet from him. You can tell he’s staring at you in a lust filled way. Your brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, reaching down to the middle of your back. Your silk robe is draping over your shoulders and down to the middle of your thighs. You are wearing a, Vitoria Secret, pink bra that is covering your c-cup breast leaving much to his imagination. As he continues down from your breasts, he sees that you are wearing a matching pink thong and platform shoes to finish the ensemble.

You notice the bulge in his pants getting bigger and seductively head over to him.

“Hmm, looks like something is wanting to come out and play?” Softly speaking as you reach the the gem in pants.

Lost for words, your husband can only mumble not making any sense. sarıyer escort You lead him out of the kitchen and to the bedroom. Turning to him, you grab his hips and pull him into you. Slowly you start to kiss him on the neck taunting him as you get closer to his lips but neglecting to kiss him on the lips. After taking his shirt off, you continue the endeavor of leaving a trail of lipstick and passion as you kiss his chest from nipple to masculine nipple.

Suddenly you stop. You giggle a little bit as you rise to meet his gaze.

“Wait right here.” And you disappear into the bathroom.

Turning on the facet, he can hear the sounds of you filling up the oversized bathtub. Several minutes later you call to him.

“Come here, I have something I want to show you.”

Obediently, he enters the washroom and stands in the doorway.

“Yes?” He asks.

“Closer.” You command.

He approaches you, arms stretched out to grasp your hips and take charge of what is to happen next. You stretch out your arm anticipating what he was going to do next.

“Uh, uhh. I’m in charge you see.” Halting him mid pace.

Slowly you begin to slide your silky robe off your body. Your turn in place, back facing him and looking over your shoulder with seducing eyes of passion, reaching up and unhook your bra. Letting it fall to the floor. Still wearing the pink thong, you cover your perky breasts as you slowly climb into the bathtub.

With eyes of lust, your husband stands erect and ready to play at a moment’s notice. Now facing you, he kneels down by the bathtub as you expose yourself to him.

“You want to get in and join me?”

Without hesitation, your husband jumps up and starts taking off his pants and boxes, flashing the head of his strong member to you.

“Nope!” You say. “Leave the boxers on and cover that massive cock of yours. No playing peek-a-boo just yet.”

Compliantly, he pulls his pants off and boxers back up. Waiting for his next command, he stands.

“Not just yet.” You speak. “Come a little closer.”

Your husband takes a step towards the bathtub as you lean over the side. His cock is right in your face, ready for anything that you will give him.

Taking your hand out of the tub, you reach for those nine long inches of his pleasure tool, grasping a strong hold of his cock through is boxers. You start making a jerking motion up and down. Slowly, while he watches, he is holding back any facial expressions. You notice a little wet spot appearing where the head of his cock is resting behind the boxers. You stop the jerking motion.

“Oh, would you like me to clean that up?”

He replies, “I’d like to deposit it in you instead.”

With a little giggle, you motion him to get into the bathtub with you. As he enters in the bathtub, you block him from sliding all the way into the tub and sit him on the end of it instead. Your hand on his chest is now descending to his waistline.

With a sigh of amusement, you grab his cock from inside of his boxers and pull his hard erection out of its hiding place. Slowly, you lean in, mouth watering with excitement for what you are about to do next. Stroking his erection ever so slightly, your mouth covers his cocks head and you can taste the sperm that is trying to escape. You let out little moans, telling him that you are enjoying his taste.

He reaches with his hand and grabs a handful of brunette hair, pulling it back ever so slightly. Opening your mouth, you like out a waft of air in pure pleasure. Continuing the sensual beyoğlu escort suckling of his cock, you begin to jerk him as you rise and fall on his erection. Wanting to taste more of his precum, you grab his cock harder. Forcing him to generate more and more small doses of sweet succulent cum in your mouth, using your tongue to lick up what is coming out.

He continually lets out sighs of pleasure and moans of compliance. Letting you know that he is fully aware of your ability to make him cum, or make him suffer. Every now and then, he gives a little tug on your hair making you moan with pleasure. Knowing that he’s about to burst, he pulls your head off of his cock, and slides into the bathtub with you.

The water is becoming tepid to the skin. Your body noticing no difference in the water, you turn facing away, and he slides in behind you. His muscular arms now wrapping you in their playful grasp, he cups your full breasts and toys with your erect nipples. Slowly circling your nipples with his finger, you lean back and grab a hold of the back of his neck.

Gently you moan, pushing off the front of the tub, you press hard and deep into his body. His erection still massively hard and is pressing into the small of your back. His hands still pleasuring your nipples, you slide your free hand down your side and underneath your wet panties. Slowly you start a circular motion with your finger around your clit. Your husband takes his left hand off your breast and slides it down to rest on top of your hand.

Sensually moaning, he takes your hand from your clit and moves it to your pussy hole. Forcing you to finger yourself with one finger first. As you try to add more fingers to your moist pussy, he pulls the extra fingers out, allowing you to use only one finger at a time.

Noticing that he is going soft and the water cooling, now bringing a chill to your body, together you climb out. He grabs a towel for you and starts to dry you off, as you face away from him. He dries your shoulders and lowers the towel to your chest as he starts to kiss your neck. Tingling from your vagina comes in waves, every kiss that he places on your body. He continues to kiss your back as he continues drying off your lower body.

After reaching your pink soaked thing, he gently reaches his hand inside of the panty line and slowly lowers it down. Continuing his everlasting kisses, from your back to your ass, playfully biting as he goes lower and lower on your body.

You step out of your thong and he guides your body with his powerful yet gentle grasp to bend over. Him now on his knees and you bent at the waste, he starts toying with your moisten pussy. However, he does not go straight for your clit or your vaginal opening. No, he starts with your pussy lips, licking them clean from the juices flowing out of your twat. Ever so slowly, he takes his tongue, widen as it can be, and starts from right by your clit all the way to your opening. Goosebumps emerge from your skin as the tantalizing feel rushes through your body. Holding back the urge to grab him and throw him to the ground and fucking him crazy right there, you let out a very joyful moan of sensation. Slowly as he peaks on one lip, he starts the everlasting journey of fulfilling your enjoyment by licking the other lip.

Juices continue to come out of your vaginal opening as you let out breath after breath.

“I knew this is why I married him. Beyond that we have a great relationship; he is an amazing sex partner in crime.” You think to yourself.

Your body aches with anticipation if he is ever going to just fuck you. Slamming, his 9-inches of pleasure right inside of your wasting no time nor stamina to ram you deep over and over again.

You fight the urge to take him and dominate his body. Waiting to see what he has in store next.

End of Chapter 1

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