Lydia’s Awakening Ch. 02

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Lydia’s lesbian students and sex partners Gloria and Cathy had asked her to ditch her man Steve if the 40-year-old professor wanted the two girls to continue their relationship. Lydia, who recently discovered her libido and penchant for girls, always confided in and consulted her online friend “Readyforyou’, and hence placed before him her problem.

“Since you don’t like Steve and you love the two girls, I see no reason why you can’t get rid of Steve whom you have been seeing only for two weeks,” he said.

Those were exactly her thoughts and she had just expected ‘Readyforyou’ to echo her sentiments so that she would not feel guilty.

“Jeez, these girls are playing with you, using you, making you do things to prove your loyalty to them. Oh! They mean no harm, but just want to control you. Whether Steve is with you or not doesn’t matter to them. What matters is that you obey them and carry out their slightest whim. But you ask them to leave you alone, they will. Since you love them, you prefer to play along with them. But you can always quit,” ‘Readyforyou’ finished his lengthy preachy summing up, at the end of which she felt glad she had him as a well-wisher. He would look out for her in this mean world. Having spent most part of her life in erudition, she felt totally lost in the new realm of modern slavery, mind-control and what not. As much as she was dependent on ‘Readyforyou’, so much she needed the two girls also.

She thanked Gloria and Cynthia for invigorating her sagging sex life and she did not want to lose her new found libido and end her salacious romp. On the other hand, Steve, also a professor, was dispensable, thanks to his insipid love-making as well as his boring outlook towards life.

Two days passed as she waited for a proper opportunity to call it quits with Steve and without a call from Gloria. The professor sought refuge in her dildo, her constant companion, even as she realized how addicted she had become to pleasuring her pussy and her butt hole; her favorable disposition towards anal sensuality came as a surprise to her. A few months back, she could never have pictured herself stimulating both her pleasure portals while watching herself in the mirror.

Ending her wait, Gloria’s call came with a query: Did Lydia ask Steve to take a walk. When Lydia assured her she would do so soon, Gloria paused for a moment, sought assurance that Lydia would listen to her regarding Steve and told her she and Cathy wanted to see her that evening.

Later, when Lydia told ‘Readyforyou’ that the two girls were coming to her house in the evening he asked her phone number as well as Steve’s. The professor readily gave it to him though she knew it was not safe to give phone numbers and personal details to unknown persons. But what the hell, she had been virtually having online sex with him for quite sometime and trusted him. However, she asked him why he wanted the numbers.

‘I may come to your city and will call you before I visit you,” he said.

That sounded reasonable but before Lydia could ask why he wanted Steve’s number, ‘Readyforyou’ had logged off.

That evening, Gloria and Cathy came to Lydia’s house and immediately they settled in bed for a steamy session. Gloria took a twin-edged dildo and sat in front of Lydia and inserted one end in the professor’s bush covered lust passage and the other in her own shaven wet crevice. They balanced themselves on their hands and moved their pubis to accommodate the dildo which soon disappeared into their gaping gaps. In between kisses, Gloria as usual began calling Lydia ‘cunt’, ‘slave’ and ‘bitch’, while Lydia, as was her wont, used milder words like ‘honey’, ‘baby’, ‘sweets’ and ‘darling’. Not to be left alone, Cathy stood over Lydia’s face allowing her to eat her bald pussy and then went to Gloria who too tasted her. After a few more minutes, Gloria raised her legs and stuck the dildo in her pussy and asked Cathy to bend in front of her so that the toy would enter her ass from behind. Trabzon Escort Lydia helped the girls take the dildo inside them and sat on Gloria’s face. When the three were moving in heat and passion, suddenly Steve appeared at the bedroom door. Lydia was shocked to see Steve who was staring in disbelief at Lydia squatting over Gloria. The two girls looked at a stunned Steve and coolly continued as if nothing had happened. Steve left in a huff, but Lydia was unable to move as Gloria was holding her thighs and deep-licking her and the professor was too far gone into the sensual realm to stop. They surged ahead in the pursuit of carnal gratification and soon all three reached their explosive destination in a series of convulsions.

“That was Steve, wasn’t it? He won’t come back in a hurry, that is for sure,” Gloria said and laughed joined by Cathy.

As they lay panting, Lydia wondered what the hell had happened. How did Steve come here at this time and that too without calling her first?

But her thoughts were interrupted as Gloria began preparing for the next round. Asking Lydia to lie on Cathy, Gloria knelt between their thighs and took turns in using the strap-on on both orifices of her friend as well as the professor. Lydia forgot the embarrassment of being caught in the act by Steve and began enjoying the invading dildo which Gloria expertly slid in both her holes one after the other. Gloria soon ended the sexual foray by licking them both.

Lying alone in bed after the girls had left, Lydia felt glad her brief affair with Steve was over, and she was saved the embarrassment of having to lay it on the table for him.

It was only when she chatted with ‘Readyforyou’ that she found out what happened.

“You gave me Steve’s number, remember? I told him that I was his well-wisher and you would be having a sex session with the two girls in the evening and he could see for himself, if he did not believe me. How’s that?” he asked. That explained the sudden appearance of Steve at her house.

“My god! Honestly, I should be angry with you for doing that, but since you helped me out, I thank you,” she said.

“I am sure, I can find ways in which you can thank me. Now that Steve won’t bother you, I can fill the space between your thighs,” he said.

“You are welcome,” she said apprehensively. What if it was a case of out of the frying pan into the fire? After Steve, she was not sure about men and her own ability to choose the right one.

Exams kept the students busy though they came now and then to relax and for guidance from Lydia in their lessons. There was no word from Steve, and Lydia mentally thanked ‘Readyforyou’ for that. A mutual friend said Steve planned to leave city and join another college. Lydia felt elated when the girls slept in her house after sex and studying. Her chat sessions with her friends too touched a peak. All was well for the moment, she thought.

But tragically, after the exams things changed dramatically: the girls hardly came to see her. They said they were going to be with their parents after the exams and would pursue a career of their choice in some other city.

“That was bound to happen with the girls. Didn’t you see it, or didn’t I tell you? In cases like these, the seduction part is interesting. The girls were in it for the seduction. Once the kick of seduction and making a woman do what they want is over, they lose interest. And they start looking for new women so that they can begin all over again. That is the interesting part. You understand? After sometime, sex becomes repetitive and boring, like it does in a marriage. They have exhausted all innovations also, and hence they have lost interest in you. Don’t feel sad about that,” the all-knowing ‘Readyforyou’ tried to console her.

She tried to come to terms with the fact that the girls had disappeared from her sex life and she cursed herself for not seeing it earlier. Lydia took to using her dildo often and sought refuge Escort Trabzon in her online friends, particularly ‘Readyforyou’ and ‘her lesbian friend Openpetals.’

During a long and passionate chat session with ‘Openpetals,’ Lydia pleaded with her friend to come and live with her as she had no one else.

“You can eat me all day and I can do the same to you. We can share a dildo and you can fuck my ass forever and I can cover your face in cum. You will see I am a fantastic lover, please come to me,” she shamelessly pleaded.

After a brief silence,’Openpetals’ said: “I am sorry, but I am not a woman but a 65-year-old man who can’t get it up. I confess I am a freak who tries to act as a woman and seduce women. I hope that would revive my sex life but it seems to be failing. Sorry if I hurt you in any manner. Goodbye.”

Lydia had expected some such thing to happen as the site was teeming with such fake profiles. But all she wanted was some activity which would kill her boredom and her dull sex life. She sighed and felt sorry for the poor man and never felt let down or angry at the fact that she had been taken for a ride.

A week later, ‘Readyforyou’ said he was coming to her city and would drop in on her. Lydia was glad that she was having company at last but, at the same time, was apprehensive after the recent unmasking of ‘Openpetals’.

Later in the evening when the doorbell rang, Lydia open the door to see a tall, handsome well-built man standing at the doorstep.

“I am Tom, aka ‘Readyforyou,” he flashed a smile and extended his hand and she took it, her hand shivering a bit. “You see, I am not a fake profile. I was not lying about anything, you see,” he said.

“Yes, I can see that. And I was not lying too,” she blushed and felt he had cut off 20 years of her life.

“Jeez, you lied that you were average looking, but I see you are hot and I already have an erection to prove that,” he said.

Lydia laughed and, despite a racing pulse, felt comfortable with him as she did when she chatted with him. She brought a beer and sat next to him on the sofa and noticed that he was not having her on when he said he had an erection which appeared as if it would burst out of his jeans.

He sipped the beer and leaned sideways to kiss her and she responded with an open mouth. In between kisses, he finished the beer and stood up and took of his shirt, revealing his flat stomach and gym-shaped chest and toned biceps. Lydia kissed his belly and tongued his belly button as she slowly unzipped his pants and let out his throbbing protuberance. The huge tool sprang out and hit her chin, asserting that he had not been exaggerating when he said he was big. She mouthed his balls and stroked his monster, which was 8 inches. She thanked God for sending along this macho hunk who loved to warm the beds of older women. Lydia struggled to take the huge throbbing penis in her mouth but succeeded while he watched her patiently with hands on his hips.

She wanted to see how he used his tongue and spread her thighs wide inviting him to open her pussy and partake the feast. He knelt before her and she hiked up her skirt to let him see a pantyless bush. Using both his thumbs, he parted her hair and the hidden lips gently and let his tongue run up and down and then sideways and bit her all over her mound and clitoris.

“Am I a better cunt-licker than the girls?” he asked.

“No, but you can beat Steve hands down,” she giggled.

“You bitch,” he growled and let his tongue rim her rear opening which was throbbing for action.

“Fuck my ass,” she hissed, surprising herself at the commanding tone she was adopting, something which was similar to Gloria’s.

“I can take you in my ass easily as I used a dildo just before you came,” she moaned.

Taunted by Lydia’s words, Tom made the professor lubricate his rod with her saliva and aimed it at her butt hole and slid it in easily as Lydia grunted and groaned. Teasing Trabzon Escort Bayan her clitoris, she raised and lowered her ass to derive maximum pleasure from the marauding organ. Tom entered the rear opening fully, hugged and lifted her and let her bob on his meat baton. He asked her to show the way to the bedroom and carried her to the bed, all the while holding himself firmly inside her asshole. Placing her at the edge of the bed, he held her legs apart and rode her.

“Am I the whore you expected me to be,” she teased him.

“You are complete whore, a cum-drinker and an anal slut,” he growled as he spiked her harder and harder.

He continued his abuses and his lusty lunges without slackening while Lydia climaxed by pleasuring her cunt with her fingers. Soon Tom filled her asshole with his hot white sauce that hit her like a wave. The professor lay there reveling in the feeling of being anally filled to the brim for the first time in her life. The depleted organ showed no signs of coming out as they kissed waiting for it to slide out. After a few minutes it did and Lydia watched his cream flow out of her battered hole in a white river and wet the bed. She fetched him another drink and wiped herself with a tissue paper. She found herself telling him about the fake lesbian ‘Openpetals’ and showed him the chat she had with the old man. She began stroking his cock and asked him about her girlfriend.

“How long can I wait to have sex with her, though she looks stunning. I want some action and have a life to lead. I would have been loyal to her had I been able to fuck her often,” he said.

“Oh! my poor man! Your lovely cock needs an understanding cunt, something like mine. I can offer my mouth, ass and cunt for pleasure and you can fill my three holes with your young cum day and night. Never would I dream of denying you sex, never! Why don’t you live with me?”

“I would love to, but my job demands that I stay there. If I stayed with you, what about your lesbian girls?”

“First I have to find sex partners and yes I can always schedule all of you and accommodate you,” she winked at him and stroked his mammoth hard-on as he inserted two fingers in her pussy. Lydia sat on Tom’s erection and took her favorite dildo from under the pillow and gave it to him.

“Fuck my ass, too,” she moaned.

“You bitch,” Tom grunted and inserted the toy into her willing asshole which expanded and accommodated as it had just then been filled with his cum.

“You whore cunt, you love DP, don’t you?” Tom muttered.

“Mmm, I love that, need two dicks to please me. The girls spoiled my holes, made me a whore,” she said between gasps as his meat and the toy cleaved her gorges. They rocked slowly as Lydia wanted the dildo to remain wedged inside her ass while Tom’s organ teased each and every corner of her soaking cunt. His cum painted her vaginal walls and her orifice twitched and throbbed as she too reached her orgasm. The toy and his cock remained in her holes for sometime as they kissed and moaned in pleasure.

Next morning, Tom woke up Lydia by rubbing his morning erection against her bum. She lifted her leg slightly to let him enter her from behind. Playing with her boobs and biting her neck, he thrust deeper and deeper into her, trying not to think of having to return to work. He ejaculated his hot cum quietly and deeply inside her and they slept for some more time before Tom prepared to leave. She clung on to him as he said goodbye.

“When will you come again to taste me?” she asked.

“Soon, I too need you,” he promised and left.

Lydia took a bath massaging both her asshole and her cunt which were sore, thanks to Tom’s rock hard missile and the dildo. She loved the sore feeling in her twin slots and the twitch she felt now and then which, more than her heartbeat, indicated that she was alive.

Summer vacation was coming to an end and the next year was set to begin which made Lydia fantasize about the final year girls who would possibly be her lovers.

There was something to look forward to: Tom’s visits and the opportunity of seducing her students. Now she understood the kick Gloria and Cathy got out of seduction and felt all excited as she waited for the classes to begin.

(To be continued)

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