Maggie’s Downfall

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Maggie Thomas has always been the center of attention, with long dark brown hair, and blue eyes, and a slim body, its easy to see why everybody talked about her.

Maggie was thrown into beauty contest at a young age, but when she got older she took an interest in the medical field. At 21 years old she was attending a local college, preparing for medical school, she was also a customer service manger at her local grocery store. It is here that our story begins.

Maggie only worked at the store on the weekends so that during the week she would have time to do her studies. This weekend was no different, she arrived at the store at 3 in the afternoon, to start her shift and like always she was greeted by her co workers with enthusiasm. Maggie got along with her co- workers, but that was probably because they did what she told them to do. Truth be known Maggie didn’t even need the job, she already had her college paid for, and every thing else she needed was provided by her parents. The only reason she worked there was because her family was friends with the manager, and she was guaranteed a position in management. For the most part she like the job, she enjoyed telling people what to do. If it wasn’t for the fact that she pretty much had her own run of the place, she probably wouldn’t even work there.

Moments after she arrived she noticed Terry clocking in, Terry was the Janitor, who cleaned the store at night, and for the most part she hated him. To her Terry was nothing more than a fat geeky 25 year old, who had nothing to offer her or the store that he worked for. Maggie saw him as a loser, and even at some point, thought he was a little on the retarded side, he never spoke much, and at times he kind of smelled bad, but what do you expect from someone who cleans toilets. Over all Maggie was happy that he worked in the back, she didn’t have to see his ugly face.

The only thing good that Maggie could think of about him, was that he did do his job well. For the most part, he kept the store clean, but she did think it was kind of funny when two weeks ago, he got in trouble because she told the manager, that he was slacking off, and refused to clean up a mess in aisle 10. Terry said he didn’t know about the mess, but he got a warning for it, and was told to pay more attention next time. Maggie was always trying of think of ways to get Terry in trouble, because she just really wanted to see him get fired.

Maggie settle in and started working, about six o’ clock that night she received a phone call from her fiance Jim. The two of them talked for about ten minutes she told him how her day was going, and he responded by telling her about where he was going to be. Apparently he was going out with his friends. Lucky devil she thought, she wish she could be out having a good time on a Saturday, but she chose to have job. What goober I am, she thought, why in the world did I choose to have a job on the weekend? The two of them finally finished there conversation with I love you, and then Maggie hung up the phone.

The rest of the night was kind of slow, with hardly any customers coming into the store. So about ten o’clock she decided to send all her cashiers and baggers home, and run a register her self. Things were going smoothly until about 10:15. At 10:15 two customers came in, and one of them she recognized right away. It was her old boy friend Mathew Rogers.

Mathew Rogers was the quarter back of her high school’s foot ball team, he was also the first boy friend she ever had, and the guy who took her virginity.

The moment she saw him, a rush of emotions went through her body. She couldn’t believe he was there, the last she heard was that he got a scholarship to go New Mexico State Samsun Escort to play foot ball. So it was a surprise to see him in town. When she first glanced at Mat she couldn’t help but check out is tight abs Proof that he was still working out, and when he turned around to talk to his friends, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of his tight ass. At that moment she couldn’t even remember why it was she broke up with him, then it came to her, Mat was both an amazing lover, and loving boy friend, but he couldn’t keep his dick out trouble. He would fuck just about any girl who would hit on him, and because of that, they broke up. She watched Mat as he went around the store, he never strayed to far, so she could see him most of the time. She started thinking more about him, like the way the two of them would sneak off in his dads truck, so the two of them could fuck, or the way he use to go down on her, and stay down there for a good ten to twenty minutes. Thinking about him kind of depressed her now, because her current boy friend won’t even go down on her, hell he barely gives her five minutes of pleasure, before busting his nut and going to sleep. Hell she couldn’t even remember the last time she had an orgasm, it defiantly wasn’t with her fiance, but with Matt, she could remember cumming every time.

Matt, and his friend finally came to her register, that’s when Matt finally noticed her, “Hey!!! How have you been!? Damn! It’s been forever since I have seen you.”

“Two years,” Maggie muttered.

“Yeah, two years.” Hey Maggie this is my friend Frank. Frank this is Maggie, my first Girl Friend.

Frank, reached out his hand, and Maggie shook it. Frank smiled, “So your Maggie huh. Wow! You won’t believe how much Matt talks about you.”

Matt blushed, “Shut up dude!”

Maggie smiled, “All good I hope.”

Frank went on, “Well he’s always comparing just about every girl he meets to you.”

Maggie blushed, “Really?!?!”

“Yeah,” Frank smirked, “It gets annoying.”

Your annoying, Maggie thought.

Matt smacked Franks stomach with the back of his hand, “Dude, Shut up.”

“What are you doing in town?” Maggie asked

“It’s my little brothers birthday,” Mat responded, “but were only here for one night.”

“That’s a shame,” said Maggie, “I would love catching up with you.”

“Well,” Matt said, What time you get off work, “we could meet up with you then.”

Maggie went into to deep thought, pondering whether or not she wanted to risk going with them after work to hangout, then Matt got close to the counter, and started whispering in her ear, “Hey remember the time we went up to the lake, and we got into the back of my dad’s old pick up, and we went at it all night long, well I could take Frank back to the hotel, and get my dad’s truck, and meet you back here when you get off.”

At this point Maggie was horny, she wanted to fuck Matt so bad, but she knew she had to tell him no. She couldn’t risk being caught and having her fiance find out. So Maggie turned her head away, and said, “Sorry I have a boy friend.”

Matt looked at her, she could tell he was depressed by her answer. “Well,” Matt said, “Maybe I’ll see you again next time I’m in town, later babe.”

Matt walked off as Frank purchased the snacks the two of them had gathered. The two of them then met by the door, Frank patted Matt on the back, and the two of them walked out of the store. This depressed Maggie, not only the fact she had to tell him no, but worst of all Matt had her all worked up, and she was now horny as hell, and even worse she knew she wouldn’t even have a chance to see her man tonight, for that five or so minutes of half ass pleasure.

Maggie Samsun Escort Bayan had to do something, maybe splash some cold water on her face or something, just anything to calm her self down. Maggie headed to the Restroom, but as soon as she got there she saw the Janitor cart in her way, that meant Terry was in the restroom cleaning, Maggie stood there contemplating what to do next, when suddenly she saw Terry come out of the rest room.

“Hey! Move your stuff I got to go to the restroom.” Maggie shouted, as if she was given a command in the military.

“I’ll be done in a few minutes,” Terry responded in a soft voice.

Maggie stood there surprised, he just didn’t tell me no did he? She thought, Who the fuck does he think he is? I want him to fucking move, and I want him to fucking move right now.

Terry was grabbing his cleaner off the cart, that’s when Maggie said, “Hey! I didn’t say in a few minutes, I want you to move your shit now.”

Terry stop dead in his track, then turned to her and said, “Hey, you can’t talk to me that way, I just want to get done so I can go home, I promise I’ll be done in a few minutes.” After that Terry went into the bathroom.

Maggie was now not only horny from her conversation with Matt, she was now fully pissed off, she wanted to kill Terry, and It was at this point she decided she would not let Terry have the last word, so she followed him into the women’s bathroom.

Terry was wiping out a sink, when Maggie busted in. Listen Terry, I’m your fucking manager, and I gave you an orda…, before Maggie could finish her sentence, Terry grab her by the throat, and pushed her back against the wall.

Maggie could see the horror in Terry’s eyes, he couldn’t believe what he had just done, he loosen the grip around Maggie’s neck, but he was shaking, I’m sorry, but I don’t like being yelled at. I know your going to tell Mr. Johnson what I did, and he will fire me, but damn it, I’m not going to let you yell at me.

Maggie was in shock, she could breath, but Terry still had his hand on her neck. The whole thing was intense, and seeing the fire in Terry eyes, just made her more hornier than she already was. Maggie’s mind was racing, and as the thought came to her head, it formed words in her mouth, “Fuck Me.”

Terry, let go of her neck, and backed up, “What?”

Maggie had already said it, and now she was committed to it. “I said fuck me, you do know how to fuck don’t you?”

“Of..Of course I do.” Terry Stuttered

Maggie sighed, “Have you ever done it before?”

“Only online,” Terry muttered

Maggie rolled her eyes, “Well try something.”

Terry moved forward, and put his hands on her hips, and began kissing her neck, and down the line of her chin, mmm she thought not a bad first move, then she felt his hand grab her shirt and pull up. Maggie panicked for a second, and slapped his hands away. “No! She exclaimed, you don’t need to do that. I don’t want to have to put my shirt, and everything else back on, I just want you to fuck me.

Terry backed away, as Maggie undid her pants, and let them fall to her ankles. Then she pulled her panties Terry Immediately went to his knees, and began sucking on her clit. This move totally took Maggie of guard, but she didn’t complain. For someone who only got it on a computer, he seemed to know what he was doing, she felt him slide two of his fingers inside her, and he was moving them in and out fast. He was licking and sucking on her clit as if he couldn’t get enough of it,and because, of it Maggie was on the verge of cumming, her body was beginning to tense up, and she was about to release, but she didn’t want it that way. So she reached Escort Samsun down and smacked Terry on the head, hard to get him to stop.

Terry looked up at her bewildered, he didn’t know what to do or say. Maggie helped him to his feet, and had him put his back against the wall. Look, Maggie said, “I want to cum on your cock. OK?” Terry nodded. She reached down and undid his belt, and pulled down his pants. Then she got on her knees, and began stroking his cock, she put it in her mouth and began to suck, but he immediately shot his load in her mouth. The cum in her mouth was salty and tasted nasty to her. She had never allowed a guy to cum in her mouth before, and this was the reason why, she knew it wouldn’t taste good, Terry, had a sorrowful look on his face.

“I’m so sorry,” Terry said, I’ve never had anyone do that before, and I just couldn’t help…

Maggie put her hand up as she struggled to swallow, she was choosing to swallow, because she didn’t want to Terry to be taken out of the mood. She finally swallowed, as she was stroking his cock. She smiled up at him. “mmm, That was so good.” Maggie kept on stroking Terry’s cock until he got hard again.

Then She stood up and put one hand on the sink, while Terry lifted one of her legs, and put his cock into her pussy. Spreading her legs was kind of hard, because her pants were still around her ankles, but Terry held one leg in his arms, as he thrust his cock into her pussy, and began pumping hard.

Maggie held her balance with the sink, as Terry thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy. “Fuck Terry, she said, you sure you haven’t done this before. mmmm fuck, keep fucking me Terry keep fucking me. Oh god your cock feels so good inside me! Fuck me more Terry!!!

Maggie Gripped the sink with both hands, her body then tighten as she released and pushed back onto Terry’s cock. This caused Terry to cum to, right inside her.

Terry pull out, and fell back against the wall, and Maggie regain her balance, and put both feet on the floor. She then pull her pants up, and gave her self one good look in the mirror. She tried to straighten her hair, but she thought fuck it, I’ll just put it in a pony tail when I get back up front. Then she ran out of the bathroom.

She stumbled over the Janitor cart, and ran for the front, but when she got there she saw Mr. Johnson waiting for her. “Where have you been?” He asked angrily

Now Maggie was on the spot, “I was putting stuff back on the shelf,” she exclaimed.

“For an hour and a half,” Johnson said Sarcastically. Maggie tried to mutter something else, but Johnson said, “Look I don’t care where you have been. I’m just so disappointed in you right now. You left the front unattended for over an hour, and that is inexcusable.

Maggie had nothing to say, but it was at this time, That Terry walked up, and said I’m done with everything, can I go home.

Mr. Johnson responded, “Yeah Terry you can go home.”

Terry went behind the wall where the time clocks was.

Mr. Johnson looked hard at Maggie, “I’m sorry, but you leaving the front like that, I mean that negligence, I have to let you go. Good bye Maggie.”

Maggie put her head down, “Good bye.”

Mr. Johnson Walked away.

Maggie was still looking at the ground when Terry came from the behind the wall. “I’m sorry,” he said.

Maggie looked up and smiled, “Its OK. Now I have my weekends free.”

“Um OK.” Terry said, bewildered by her attitude.

Maggie went behind the wall, and clocked out, then she grabbed her purse, and opened it up to find a rubber band. Afterwards she walked as if she was going out the store, but before she went she set her purse on one of the register, and took the rubber band she had, and put her hair into a pony tail. She looked behind her and saw Terry staring at her. She smiled once again, and said, “Your not retarded Terry.”

“What?!?” Terry Exclaimed.

Maggie Laughed, she then made her way to the door, and left the store.

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