Magic Part 3 Mesmerized

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Magic stood their in the darkness of his room. His mind was obsessed with a stranger he met through his email. Her name is Kandie; she seemed to walk out of his dream into his life. Oh-god, he just had to have her! First, he wanted to drive her desires higher than they had ever been, then when they meet…..the magic will turn into pure ecstasy! He sat down and began writing her another enticing email.

“My sweet Kandie,
I found myself so wanting, last night, that I discovered myself standing there in the darkness stroking my hardened cock. I imagined you kneeling naked before me, taking me in your mouth. As you lick and suck my cock, one hand was moving up and down the length of my thickened shaft as the other fondled and massaged my balls. I could feel cum building up in my balls.

As I jacked off, your desires have me captivated. I know you want to taste my nectar as you take me deep in your mouth. Perhaps it was the build up of the accumulation of our letters we have written, for finding release will not take long. My grip on my cock tightened as my hand moved faster. I imagined you now grabbing my ass as you pulled my cock deep into your throat. My cock tightens and will soon release is heavy load.

Then, for a moment, the only reality that was real was as my fingers entwined in your hair as you knelt before me. I thrust my cock completely into your wanting mouth one last time and came! My hot, sticky cum filled my hand as I imagined you hungrily swallowing my cum. Mmm that felt so good.


Kandie felt her nipples harden and clit twitch as she read Magic’s email. Oh my god, she had to have this man! She wanted to feel his cock fucking şişli escort her mouth as her tongue tantalized his shaft. She wanted to moan and scream in ecstasy as he drove his member deep into her cunt. She took off her shorts and panties, sat down in only her t-shirt, and began fondling her body as she replied to his email.

I found myself lying naked on my bed watching you stroke your cock and you saying, “Do you like what you see Kandie?” Oh god, I wanted the vision I had in my mind to come to life. I wanted to wrap my lips around your pulsating member, and suck you deeply as your fingers, and tongue worked their magic on my cunt. Oh fuck, I have never been so wet and aroused!

As I sucked you deep, one hand was massaging your balls and the other stroking your shaft. I wanted to taste every inch of your wanting cock and swallow your sweet load. As I sucked your cock, my hands were taking my eight-inch toy, and ramming it deep into my cunt then back out, and then vibrating it on my throbbing clit. Oh my god, I usually take my time cumming, until I cannot stand it anymore.

This time, I closed my eyes and screamed, “Fuck I’m cumming!”

You were fucking my mouth harder, and your fingers were pinching, and rolling my nipples. Oh baby, I love a titty man! I stopped sucking you for a moment only to say, “Fuck my mouth, and then fill it with your cum, lover! “

I then deep throated you, moving my mouth up and down your pole, as my teeth lightly touch your skin. As I did this, I felt you tremble and knew you would soon blow your load down my throat.

Magic you are right, the suspense of the stranger fucking me has driven my desire higher than they have ever been. I envisioned you knocking on my door and telling me, “Strip baby, it’s time you were fucked like you deserved to be, deep and slow, then hard and fast—all night long!”

My mouth gripped your cock like a vice and when I nibbled the head or your cock, you could not hold back any longer. You thrust your cock deep into my throat and you let go of your sweet nectar. I swallowed hard making sure I did not miss a one delicious drop.

Ooooh Magic, it was so fucking real! I could feel your hands caressing my hairs and tasting your cum on my lips. Then for a moment suspended in time, we kissed. We were mesmerized the fantasy became a reality.

I opened my eyes and I looked around, I was once again alone, but naked and covered with cum! The magic continues!

”Come to me my magical lover…make my desires come true.”


When Magic opened her email, he wondered if he would find Kandie’s phone number and address. He knew she wanted him and her desire was almost to the point where he wanted her to be.

He thought about asking her when and where, but he decided to tempt her more!


Intoxicated with anticipation you feel the familiar warmth of sexual excitement washing over you. You know that the pleasure and bliss you desire are just moments away from becoming reality! You knew how much I wanted sex, needed sex. I could no longer ignore this deep hunger within my loins!

The intensity of my desire makes your body burn hot with excitement. Your body wanted to experience sexual pleasures to the heights of ecstasy!

I want to kiss and suckle your breasts. To touch and fondle them, holding them in my hands, massaging them delighting in the softness. Then roll your nipples between my thumbs and forefingers as they stiffen in excitement. They stay hard as I kiss and suck on them, pulling on them with my lips and playfully teasing them with my tongue. You get so hot and horny your pussy aches with want and anticipation.

My cock has gotten so hard it throbs with excitement. Oh, fuck I need to feel the wet softness of your pussy wrapped around it. Knowing this has your cunt nice, wet, and ready for my hard cock. You‘re now wanting to feel the heat and the hardness of it moving inside of you, rubbing against the walls of your cunt.

It feels as good as it slips between the lips of your pussy and penetrates into your wetness. The rush of ecstasy washes over you each time it slides in and out, repeatedly. All you want to feel is my delicious cock fucking you as you lift your hips greeting each of my thrusts.

I hook my arms under your legs at the knees lifting them up over your head, spreading your hot, wet, pussy wide.

I start driving my cock inside of you, satisfying that burning desire deep in your loins. My cock touches the bottom of your pussy with each stroke; your loud moans of pleasure fill the room. With each thrust, I’m fucking you faster and harder! Your pussy feels as good as it tightens around my cock as if it seems to be sucking my cock

Suddenly I give you one last good hard thrust shooting my hot sticky cum deep inside of you. Your cunt gives in to the rush of orgasm that washes over you as you cum on my cock still buried deep in your pussy.”

Magic XOX.”

Kandie sits leans back in her chair and cums hard! Once again she was captivated by his spell!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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