Maintenance gone bad, Errrr GOOD

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I worked in a hotel as a maintenance manager for about 6 years when my life changed. I was asked by the front desk to go check on a room that there was a water leak in. I proceeded to knock on the door and announce myself when this 40ish yr old woman answered. I again anounced myself as the maintenance manager and she invited me in. To my surprise she said just go check the bathroom there is water leaking from the ceiling. I heard that the shower was running and thought to myself this is odd but maybe the guest just left it on. I proceeded into the bathroom and pulled the curtain away to find a 25ish yr old young lady in the shower in all her glory. Little did I know the women had set this up the day before when I took their bags to their room. Well you could imagine my shock and surprise to see this very young attractive woman with water cascading down her body and the soap bubbles leaving very little to the imagination. I must have looked like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I excused myself and tried to back out of the bath room only to back into the other woman. She informed me that she was on her way to another city with her daughter as she had caught her ex husband with a student of her daughter’s. Well I appologized for just pulling the curtain but the daughter advised me that she was wondering how her and mom could get some real maintenance. Well worried about my job I decided it would be in my best interest not to mess around in the hotel where I worked, so I asked the ladies if I could meet them at a local coffee shop that evening and we would make a night of it. Thank heavens for fridays and having weekends off. Well the mom said sure, daughter called me a chicken and asked where my sense of adventure was teasingly and we left it at that. I finished my work that day and realized that it was a long weekend so I had 3 days to play and frolic with these two women.

Let me describe them to you. Mom was like I said in her 40’s I later found out she was the same age as me, 47 and her daughter was 25. Mom has long flowing auburn hair to just above her waist and green eyes. She was a very healthy 47 yr old as she looked 25. Very fit and tight body, 36c breasts, 25 waist şişli escort and 38 inch hips. Her daughter was basically an identical twin except the daughter had ice blue eyes the could cut granite and blonde hair to just about mid ass. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm comes to mind remembering how good they looked.

Well 4:30 rolled around and I called up to the room, and daughter answered telling me that mom was showering and we would meet at a local pizza place at 6:30. Great gives me time to shit shower shave and make myself somewhat presentable for these goddesses. I got to the pizza joint and was met by the hostess and was told that my guests were waiting in the preferred customer room. I thanked the hostess and as I proceeded to the room I got a slap on the ass and looked back to see the hostess grinning. Well time to face the music I’m thinking. When I walked into the dining room I was greeted by probably the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Mom was wearing a tight black tube top and leather pants and her daughter was as equally daring but wore a tubetop and leather mini skirt. Both in heels and showing off their “ass”ets. We decided to have greek ribs, greek salad and a bottle of ouzo. Hmmmmm I’m seeing a bit of a greek theme here, Maybe…..
We ate our dinner, drank our ouzo and then had baklava for dessert. I asked the girls what they wanted to do for the night for entertainment and they both looked at me and said in unison, “YOU”. We departed the restaurant and got into my truck and drove to a nice little place out of town that overlooks the city but is very private. I know how can the great outdoors be private? Well unless you know how to get up there, its not happening. We proceeded to lay out some sleeping bags from my truck and open some wine, I come prepared and make my own wine so I have lots. We then turned on some oldies and just laid down as it was starting to get dark you could see the stars on this moonless night. Man it was beautiful.

I then looked at the mom and said I was pleased that they would want to spend the evening with me and that I was flattered by the way they dressed for me. I then asked them if they were serious or if I was just reading too much into the way they were acting in the restaurant and in their room? I told them that I loved spending time with them and that I did not expect anything else.
The daughter looked at me and said thank you for being such a gentleman but they both had talked about it and advised me that even tho the manager of the hotel was “cute” and the desk attendants were “cute” they were both interested in me as they watched how I carried myself when I was moving from place to place. They also informed me that they would sneak to an area I was working and watch me. That made me blush. Well I then looked at each of the women and gave them a non committal hug and kiss on the cheek and sat down with them. We kicked off our shoes and because it was a warm summer evening I wore walking shorts instead of long jeans.

Well we sat, talked, sipped wine and looked at the stars when finally mom decided that her leather pants were way too tight and pulled them off. Needless to say I was shocked in a good way as I looked over and saw that she was shaved clean and there were drops of moisture dripping off her clit. I guess I unconsciously licked my lips but mom just said feel free and have a lick. Who was I do disappoint this goddess? I proceeded to lick her sweet nectar and tongue her clit as she started to moan. While licking her clit I pulled her plump lips apart and let my 5 inch tongue snake inside her pussy and she just squealed. I felt hands on my belt and waistband of my shorts as the daughter undid them and removed them. I then felt the most wonderful feeling in the world. I swear it was the Hottest, Tightest, Wettest pussy on the planet. I tried to look over but mom had my head in a deathgrip as I continued to let my tongue assault her sweetness. Finally mom started convulsing and squirting her heavenly nectar into my mouth and as I tried to drink her offering I missed some and after mom finished cumming she bent down and licked her own juices off my cheek. Well if that didn’t make me any harder. Here I was I just ate the best tasting pussy on the planet and was being fucked by the tightest pussy on the planet. Mom looked down at me and asked me how I felt about breaking her 25 yr old daughter’s cherry? I just about shot my wad deep inside her right then and there but said, Hell no if this is her first cock she is going to get a world of enjoyment out of it. We continued to fuck for at least 3 hours in every position imaginable. The daughter looked at me and asked me if I didn’t find her attractive because I had not yet cum but I did continue to pleasure her mom while we fucked. I then informed her that I would cum when she was ready for me to give her all of my seed. At that point her mother looked at her and said baby, he hasn’t cum because he hasn’t made love to you. He wants to make love to us, he doesn’t want to fuck and have sex. At that point we proceeded to make love for at least 2 more hours, sucking fucking riding, deepthroating and finally me cumming in one then the other. Damn I’m glad I’m fixed. Well we looked at each other and the girls asked if there was another hotel they could stay at for the remainder of the weekend. Due to a convention in town, there were no other open rooms and they only had theirs booked for the night. Well I said you are welcomed to stay with me as long as you like I have a 4 bedroom home and only I live there. It’s a bachelors house so please forgive me, I guess the hottub in the back yard was the clincher. Well we went back to the hotel, I dropped the ladies off and they went in to their room gathered their belongings and checked out of the hotel and into my place. For a 1 night stay in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan it turned out to be quite an adventure and a nice holiday. They still live with me. I get bitched at when I cook, something about them getting fat because I cook them such good meals. Ann, and Merideth are very happy staying with me and I don’t mind the company in the hot tub and my Jacuzzi tub. I really love both of these women and they both know it. But with me having 2 failed marriages behind me, Merideth having a failed marriage behind her and Ann having a very sour taste in her mouth about marriage, We have a great relationship. We work, we play we camp and fish like any normal family, but I get some great benefits from not being “The Family Guy”

This is my first attempt at writing and I ask that you be honest with your comments. Constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

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