Making Music Ch. 02

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Our choir’s next concert was coming up, and there was a lot of work to be done. One of the pieces we were slated to perform was entitled “In Remembrance”. A beautiful, lyrically flowing piece, it not only had a gorgeous vocal and piano arrangement, but also an amazing French horn part. I have been playing the horn for twelve years, ever since fifth grade, and I had tried out for the horn part and nailed it. However, I still was concerned about a couple of the more exposed solos and making it fit perfectly with the piano accompaniment.

Our choir’s accompanist happened to be none other than my roommate from choir tour, Juliet. We had shared an amazing experience together while on tour, but nothing had materialized between the two of us in the following two months since. With the concert rapidly approaching, I knew that the two of us really needed to get together to practice and focus on our music.

“Hey Jules!” I called to her both nervously and excitedly after choir one day.

“Yeah? What’s up?” she answered, pausing in the hallway by the practice rooms and waiting for me to catch up. She looked about as nervous as I was feeling.

“I would really like to go over some of the horn and piano parts with you in ‘In Remembrance’. I really want it to be perfect.”

“Sure, definitely,” she nodded with shy yet excited smile. “I’m busy tonight, but how about we meet tomorrow night around eleven over in the lounge area and then find a practice room from there, or is that too late for you?”

“Tomorrow night at eleven would be perfect. I’ll see you then.”

As she headed off to catch up with Anna for supper, she paused to glance over her shoulder at me, throwing me a quick smile and a wink. The look caused a warm, tingling sensation between my legs and I wondered as I watched her walk away, my eyes traveling the length of her body, if she was feeling and thinking the same thing as me: perhaps “next time” had finally arrived.

Though it was only a day, I could hardly stand the wait. It drove me nuts to see Juliet in choir that day. Our gazes kept meeting and then we’d both glance away shyly. All throughout choir I experienced that same wet feeling between my legs that I’d felt just the day before in the hallway. As I watched her play the piano for us, I just wanted to run up to the front of the room and pounce on her and cover her with kisses. It took all my willpower to restrain myself.

At last the time had arrived. Out of excitement and nervousness I sped over to the music building faster than I had ever driven those roads before. After stopping by my locker to deposit my coat and grab my horn and my music, I arrived at the lounge area. There Juliet was, sitting on one of the couches engrossed in her music. I watched her for a moment as she studied. She looked absolutely gorgeous. Though I had just seen her a few hours ago in choir, she had curled her hair and pinned it up, just the way I like it. She had also changed into her pink top that hugged her body in all the right places, making her beautiful curves even more voluptuous. It made me wish I had cleaned up a bit more. My hair looked nice enough, and I was wearing my favorite jeans paired with my green shirt/dress, a combination that always got me compliments, but compared to Juliet I felt like a slob.

She must have felt my stare because just as I was about to say something she looked up at me. A big smile spread across her face.

“Hey Alexa. You look great. Ready to practice?” she asked, rushing over to me, not even giving me a chance to say something first.

“Yeah, I’m ready whenever you are,” I replied.

“I thought we could go to one of the larger private practice rooms with the baby grand pianos,” she suggested nervously.

I could see the wheels turning in her head. I knew the rooms she was talking about. They were reserved for piano performance majors only; very private. Only those students had keys to get into them. We would gaziemir escort be totally alone and uninterrupted. Quite the daring suggestion considering we hadn’t been in a room alone together since that fateful night in the hotel over tour.

“Sounds great, and by the way,” I said grabbing her hand as she began to lead the way off to the room, “you look amazing.”

“Thank you,” she blushed.

We held hands for a moment more before letting go to head off to the practice room. The music building was nearly empty with the exception of a few lone instruments and voices that could be heard coming from the normal practice rooms. Our footsteps echoed as we walked down its lonely halls. There were five practice rooms for piano majors, and as we approached them, I could see exactly which one Juliet was headed towards: the one furthest down the hall with the window that was covered up.

I must have given her a questioning look, because she said reassuringly to me, “It has the piano that’s the most in tune.” She unlocked the room and we headed inside.

“So, where do we want to start?” I asked referring to what measure in the music we wanted to start.

“I thought we’d pick up where we left off,” she replied.

I thought she meant where we left off in rehearsal that day, but obviously she had other plans. As I sat down and started rifling through my bag of music, she sat on my lap facing me, one leg on either side of me, wrapped her arms around my neck and began to kiss me gently with her soft lips. Slightly taken aback, I pulled away.

“I… I thought… I thought we were going to actually practice.” I stammered.

“I’m sorry,” a disappointed and foolish look crossed her face and she began to dismount my lap. “I thought this was why you asked me here. I thought you wanted me. I feel so foolish…”

Before she could finish her apology and stand up completely from my lap, I grabbed her hands, pulling her back down and kissing her passionately. Oh how I had missed kissing her! Her arms wrapped around me in a tight embrace. My arms wrapped around her as well, my hands grabbing hold of her gorgeous, round ass giving her more support so she wouldn’t slide off my lap. Caught up in the moment, I began to work my way down the low neckline of her shirt with my tongue. But then Juliet stopped me, lifting my face back up to face hers.

“Not this time,” she said.

“I suppose,” I began, the same look of disappointment and foolishness that she had just had now crossing my own face, “I mean, we are in a practice room. Who knows who might catch…”

“No, that’s not why,” Juliet interrupted with a shy, nervous smile. “Don’t you remember? I said next time I would return the favor.”

How could I have forgotten? And with that, she hopped off my lap, dragged me out of the chair and pushed me up against the wall. She pinned both of my arms to the wall with one of her hands above my head. She gingerly began to caress one of my breasts with her other hand. She gave me a quick grin in response to what I can only imagine to be a shocked look on my face. Then she began to kiss me passionately, her free hand becoming more aggressive. She began skillfully unbuttoning my shirt and then reached around behind me, unclasping my bra (tasks that were all very impressive considering this was only her second time being with a woman). She pinched one of my already hard, perky nipples, rolling it between her fingers. A small gasp escaped my lips as my breathing began to quicken.

“I remember you like it rough,” she said in response, flashing me another one of her sexy smiles.

She then moved her attention to my neck. As soon as her lips touched my neck, I let out a moan that anyone walking past the practice room or in a neighboring one was sure to hear (which turned me on even more: the possibility of being caught is such a turn on to me); a moan that let her know that she had found the magic karabağlar escort spot. Juliet picked up on this and began working her way around my neck and collarbone. I began to let loose these uncontrollable whimpers and whines. This encouraged her even more and she began to nip at my neck ever so gently.

“Oh Jules!” I pleaded. “More! Please, more!”

Juliet let go of my arms she had been pinning to the wall. My shirt and bra that had been merely hanging on my shoulders fell to the floor. With one quick motion, she seamlessly pulled up the piano bench, sat down, and pulled me onto her lap. Her hands wrapped around my waist, sliding down to my ass, holding me on her lap much in the same way that I had done to her. She began to lick my breasts, making light, gentle, circling motions, around and around, circling closer and closer to my hard, perky nipples. Just as she reached one of them, she bit down, nipping at it, taking my breast into her mouth. She sucked on my nipple, and she sucked hard! I let out a gasp of pure enjoyment. While it was still in her mouth, she began to flick it with her tongue. I began moaning again, louder and louder.

This must have encouraged Juliet to go further, because as she continued to suckle on my breast, her hands moved from my ass to the front of my pants and began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans. Once undone, I felt her hand slip inside them. Her fingers slipped my thong to the side and she started to lightly finger my clit and my labia. Again my moaning increased in volume. There was no way someone wasn’t hearing this!

“You like that, huh?” Juliet asked coyly.

“Yes. Oh god Jules, yes.” I answered her enthusiastically.

“Now remember,” she teased, “I’m new to this, so if there’s anything you want, anything at all that I can do, just ask. I love taking orders.”

I looked into her eyes. “I want you to suck my pussy,” I ordered her.

“Your wish is my command.”

And with that, she removed her hand from my pants and slid me off her lap. I took my pants off along with my shoes and socks, leaving me only in my thong, which was still pushed off to the side and now dripping with my juices. Juliet reached for me, pulling me back onto her lap, but this time she lay down on the length of the piano bench, sliding me up and positioning me over her mouth. She began flicking my clit with her tongue, running it up and down my lips, cleaning up the wetness that she had been causing me since choir earlier.

This continued for a while, building up like a giant crescendo. Then I felt it, her tongue slipping inside my pussy. Her tongue, though less experienced than my own, was a little longer and had some girth to it. It felt so good and I was so caught off guard by the action that let out a squeal of glee. I grabbed onto the baby grand for support, banging into the keyboard.

“Stop that,” Juliet warned teasingly, pausing from her job, “someone might hear you.”

“I don’t care! Please, keep going!” I cried.

Juliet slipped her tongue back inside me. In and out she pumped it. She then went back to licking my clit, two of her fingers taking her tongue’s place in my pussy. Her fingers were nice and long and very nimble from years of playing piano. They felt so good inside me. Faster and faster she moved her tongue and her fingers. Harder and harder she fucked me. I could feel myself losing control and reaching my climax. My breathing quickened its tempo, my moans again increased to a fortissimo. Then I lost all control of my body which began to shake, my hands again causing more noise on the keys of the piano.

“Oh my goddess!” I screamed as I reached my orgasm.

As my body stopped its shaking and my breathing slowed and my moans died down, Juliet slowed down her actions as well, a nice ritardando. I slid back down to her lap, allowing her to sit up.

“Well,” she began, eyes searching for approval, “did I do a good kemalpaşa escort job? Did you enjoy yourself?”

In answer, I cupped her chin in my hand and tilted her head up to kiss her.

“I guess I can take that as a yes?” she asked pulling away.

“Oh yeah,” I replied pulling her back in and kissing her more passionately.

After a few more moments of kissing, I finally climbed off her lap and located my articles of clothing that had basically been tossed around the practice room. I even found a sock in the piano.

As I was getting redressed, I turned to Juliet. “Out of curiosity,” I began, “you didn’t just do this because it’s what you thought I wanted, did you?”

“I… I’m not sure,” Juliet stammered. “I mean, I don’t think so, but I don’t know. I’ve never felt this way about another woman, or really anyone for that matter. There’s something different… something you bring out it me that just drives me crazy. In choir I can feel you watching while I’m at the piano bench sometimes…”

“I’m sorry,” I interjected. “I didn’t mean…”

“It’s ok. I don’t mind,” she replied, interrupting me back. “I actually like it. It makes me feel… sort of sexy. It makes me want to hop off the piano bench, march over to you, grab you, and kiss you in front of the whole choir.”

“I know how you feel,” I replied, putting on my green dress/shirt, my final article of clothing. “Sometimes, I just want to run up to the piano, throw my arms around you from behind, and kiss your neck.”

There was a long moment of silence as our eyes caught and we both looked away.

“I really like you, Alexa,” Juliet finally said shyly, breaking the silence, pulling me back down to the piano bench and cuddling up next to me.

“I like you too, Juliet,” I said in a caring yet concerned voice, “but where does this leave us? What happens next? Is this really what you want?”

“I don’t know,” she answered quietly.

We sat like this in silence for a little while longer, her head on my shoulder with my one arm around her shoulders, holding hands in our laps. It was pretty clear no actual practicing was going to get done here tonight.

Finally we both let go, ending our embrace, and started gathering up our music and other such things. As I began to exit the practice room, thinking that our conversation (and most likely any possibility of there being an “us”) was over, Juliet put her hand on my shoulder. I turned to face her. Her eyes were staring nervously at the ground and she was chewing on her lip anxiously.

“Are you ok?” I asked placing a hand on her hip.

Juliet glanced up at me. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“Oh honey,” I comforted, taking her into my arms. “You’re not going to lose me. I’m right here. I’m yours.”

“I am too,” she said looking into my eyes. “Yours, I mean.”

“You mean…?”

“Yes,” she responded nervously yet confidently. “This is what I want. I want to try and make this work.”

“Are you sure?” I questioned.

“I’m positive,” Juliet replied looking a little bit more sure of herself. “I just have one request.”

“Name it and it’s yours.”

“Can I stay in the closet for a little while longer?” she asked shyly.

I giggled, thinking back on my own coming out process that had happened a few years prior. “Not a problem, Jules. I respect you; take all the time you need.”

“Thank you for being so understanding,” she replied giving me kiss on the cheek, a relieved look on her face. “Do you want to meet again tomorrow night? Maybe we can go to dining services after choir, get some supper, and then do some actual practicing?”

“Only as long as I can take you out for Coldstone ice cream for desert afterwards,” I teased with a big smile on my face.

“It’s a date,” she answered, a smile spreading across her face as well.

“Come on,” I nodded towards the door, shouldering my music bag, picking up my horn, and offering my arm to Juliet, “I’ll walk you back to your dorm.”

And with that we walked arm in arm through the now empty music building. I had no idea where things would lead to next with us, but I didn’t care; for the moment, was on top of the world. What ever transpired, it was sure going to be a fun journey!

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