Making the Sale

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Grace Mallinex was putting the finishing touches on her presentation. She was hoping to make a deal, it was a good property, a single-family house, split level ranch style, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, no problems, the inspection had come back clean. Newer carpets, recently upgraded plumbing and electrical system, reshingled just last year, and sewer lines replaced 2 years ago.

Grace was working hard. Her boyfriend had dumped her for some 18-year-old giggly teen. In his book, her 28 years old was too old for him, the jerk. He was 35 and seemed to be chasing some fleeting vision of youth. Good riddance to that loser.

She knew she looked good, a natural redhead with a light spray of freckles across her face, neck, and shoulders. Grace stood at 5’7″ tall, 120 pounds, Grace’s set of 34B’s nestled in the cups of her bra, a nice curvy flare to her hips, and sleek sexy legs. It wouldn’t be a problem to find a new boyfriend, a better boyfriend.

Her client texted her, said she’d be there in 5 minutes. Grace went out on the patio deck, it was surrounded by bushes, completely hidden from the street. There was a 4 person hot tub, laid out like a square, and she unlatched the cover, moved it back, and turned on the jets. She wanted the client to see this, could be a major selling point.

Back inside, she heard a knock, answered it, and her client, Angela Wittmer walked in. Angela was about 45, she was 15 years older than Grace, 5’9”, and about 140 pounds, with a mane of golden blonde hair, she had hefty 34DD breasts. Grace shook her hand, and she wondered idly what it was like to move with those generous dairies leading the way.

”Angela welcome, I think you might like this place.”

Grace knew her client was coming out of divorce court, fortunately, her husband was quite wealthy and had given her a generous settlement, and she was eager to move on with her life. What Grace did not know was that Angela had basically torpedoed the marriage, when her husband had come home early one day from work and had found her between the legs of her yoga teacher, Lissa Laramore, that sweet young thing, no more than 22, long black hair, cocoa-colored eyes, that warm, inviting smile, slender and very flexible and very, very bi-sexual. Angela was also very bi, it had taken very little time before the first time between the sheets, the female body was so soft, so feminine, so unlike the male body. Lissa knew how to tease her, making Angela beg for it, and when she delivered, Lissa turned her into a whimpering shaking mass of an all-consuming orgasm. When it was Angela’s turn, she adored licking at Lissa’s sweet pussy, so similar to her pussy, yet so different, Angela had felt a rush of pride as she brought Lissa to a shuddering, juicy orgasm, her pussy giving Angela’s face a flood of juices, Lissa’s voice crying out her climactic pleasure. Lissa cooed to her about being bi-sexual, if you don’t go both ways, you’ll miss half the fun.

They had been going at it for almost a year before that fateful day when Roger caught her going at it with Lissa. It had been a painless divorce, quick and easy so that no sordid details came out.

That was the reason that Angela wanted a new place. A break from the past, the main reason, of course, she was hoping that Lissa and her could pick up where they were. Angela was eager to welcome Lissa back between her thighs, and hopefully have Lissa as a regular part of her sexual life. Maybe even move in with her, so she could wake up every morning with the glorious sight of her lover next to her, nude and ready for sweet morning loving.


”So, let me show you around.”

Grace led the way, highlighting all the points that would be selling points, the spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, nice, spacious living room, all the upgrades done. Angela seemed to be very receptive to the house, and Grace figured it was time for the piece de resistance, as she led Angela out to the patio.

”And, for those days when you need to soak away, a 4 person hot tub!”

Angela was very taken, she had a feeling she’d be using that hot tub a lot. She and Lissa would have such a good time, frolicking in the hot bubbling water.

“How about if I test it out? Any objections to me hopping in?”

Grace replied, “No, not a bit. The owner is all moved bursa eskort out, so we have the house to ourselves.”

Angela started to unbutton her blouse, she looked at Grace and said softly, “How about if you join me? There’s nothing like the feeling of being nude in a bubbling hot tub.”

Grace could feel the undercurrent of sexual tension. She’d been on a dry spell, nothing but masturbation since her shit of an ex moved out 4 months ago. She wasn’t sure she wanted to act on it, she’d never fooled around with a client, but she was motivated to sell this property. The customer is always right, ran through her mind.

Grace was aware of Angela’s eyes on her as she stripped to her undies. She looked up, saw Angela unhooking her bra. As the bra released its cargo, she looked closer, what were those shiny things that she saw?

Angela answered it for her, when she said, ”Like my nipple jewelry? Gold nipple rings, no piercing, and the little gold chain dangles. My nipples are always so pokey, so I decided to adorn them. The rings fit just right, and it makes me feel sexy.”

Angela pushed down her powder blue panties, and she stood naked. She enjoyed the fact that Grace couldn’t take her eyes away, looking all over her full body. She let Grace get a good look. She saw her eyes moving, from her ring adorned nipples, down over the gentle swell of her belly, and right between her thighs, she saw the approval as Grace saw she was totally hairless and well waxed, with a tight, coin slot pussy opening.

Angela cooed, ” No undies, gotta get naked for the hot tub, strip right down Grace. There’s no one but us ladies here.”

Grace hurriedly did so, blushing, she knew that Angela had caught her staring. She could see that Grace was just a little shorter, maybe a couple of inches, a little thinner, the exposed skin whiter than Angela’s all-over tan, the naked breasts were smaller, looked like a 34B, with stiff pokey nipples, her vaginal opening was shaved clean, and a 1-inch landing strip of curly red pubic hair stretched up from just above her opening.

Grace moved, climbing over the rim of the tub, and Angela feasted her eyes on Grace’s ass, that high, tight white tush, mmmm, that looked so nice. Angela was feeling the lust perking up. Grace was a very sexy-looking lady, and Angela wondered if she even gave vent to any lesbian desires. She was eager to find out.

Angela followed her into the bubbling hot water, and they sat on opposite sides of the tub, enjoying the bubbling water.

Grace asked, “So, what do you think of the place?”

Angela replied, “Very interested, I love this hot tub! I’m going to try something I’ve never had the chance to try.”

Her hands dropped down, and Grace’s eyes opened wide as she saw where her hands were aiming for. She looked at Angela’s face, saw the smile, then her soft growl of pleasure as the hands found their target. Grace was startled, this wasn’t right, masturbating in front of me! I should stop, get out of here, and end this right now. That first reaction was quickly washed away as she saw the sexy curvy body getting into it, expressions of pleasure crossing her face, as Angela lovingly pleasured herself.

Angela moaned, “Ohhhh, yes, so nice…why don’t you join me Grace? It feels so nice.”

Grace wondered for a fleeting second if this was right, but watching Angela pleasuring herself without a trace of modesty had set her own pussy simmering with lust-driven need. She locked eyes with Angela and slid her hands down, seeking her wet heat. When she felt her fingers find the spot she gasped, her clit was so hard, it hurt.

She saw Angela smile again, and she purred, “Yes, sweet baby, stroke it, just like I am doing.”

Angela let Grace masturbate for 30 seconds, Grace’s body stiffening, oh yes, she was so ready for it. She was not going to let Grace stroke one out, she had better plans for that. Time to make her move.

She moved forward, and Grace opened her eyes. She was spellbound as Angela crossed the short distance between them, that wonderfully curvaceous body coming for her. The heat in her eyes made Grace’s pussy pulse with excitement, and when Angela held out her arms, Grace floated forward, her legs wen around Angela’s hips as they were quickly in a tight in bursa bayan escort a close clinch, Angela brought her mouth to Graces, when their lips came together, Grace moaned, opening her mouth, and a warm, wet tongue slid in, eager to bring her tongue out to play.

They clung to each other, long tongue-filled swirls of passion. Grace had never been kissed as passionately as she was being kissed right now, and she moaned into her lover’s mouth.

Angela broke the kisses, and grasping her ass cheeks, lifted Grace a bit, the buoyancy of the water helping. Grace felt a warm wet mouth attaching to her left tit, mmmm, licking and laving, suckling at her left nipple, she adored having her nipples stimulated. She stroked Angela’s head, purring with pleasure.

”Oh yes sweetheart, suck my tits, makes me feel so good.”

She could feel the pulses of sucking pleasure heading straight for her pussy, Angela switched back and forth, making her nipples fiery red, throbbing points of pleasure.

Angela cooed, ”Like to suck my tits, baby?”

Grace quickly lowered her head and teased the fat, stiff right nipple. She was fascinated with the nipple jewelry, gold nipple rings, no piercing, and the little gold chain dangles. She was enjoying teasing the nipples, but she wanted more.

Apparently, so did Angela, as she took them off, and laid them on the patio hot tub cover. She cooed, ”Now, suck my tits, suck them hard, go crazy on my tits!”

Grace was happy to do so, now she could get those fat, stiff beauties completely in her mouth. She adored the feel of Angela’s stiff, proud nipples poking into her mouth, and she licked, sucked, laved, and nipped, switching from left to right, spurred on by Angela’s cries and moans of pleasure, and she whispered endearments to Grace as she was stimulated so nicely.

Angela wanted to eat her sexy cunt, so she stood up, turned around, and carried Grace to a corner of the pool. She gently placed her on the rim, helping Grace to lift her legs clear of the water, and spreading them Grace looked down, saw her legs splayed so wantonly open, and Angela’s lust-filled smile.

“Now, you need a good cunt licking, don’t you?” At Grace’s excited moan, she continued, “I am going to lick your hot cunt, and make you explode! I’ve been munching the carpet with my yoga teacher for a

year, and I’m very, very good!”

She knelt and ran her nose all over Grace’s pubic region. She could smell the delicious scent of rising lust, swirling her tongue around.

“You smell lovely”, Angela whispered, “I can’t wait to taste you fully.”

Grace could feel Angela’s fingers gently spreading apart her inner lips. Grace was so wet, she could see her juices bubbling up, her cunt aching for some attention. Angela lowered her face, and Grace felt her tongue reach out and make contact. Angela started gently, Grace barely felt the first soft caresses of her tongue.

Angela could see the swollen. bulging clit, Grace needed to cum, NOW. She surrounded that straining bud, licking and sucking, and Grace felt the rush, then the explosion of pleasure. Her howls of delight filled the air as she came hard, body shaking in the hard spasms of her orgasm.

When she came down a little bit, Angela cooed, “Now that the first need to cum is done, let’s take you again.”

Grace watched through delighted eyes as Angela went back to licking her cunt. As her tongue started to swab more forcefully at her, Grace’s moans of delight urged her on, and soon Angela was driving her tongue deep into her hole, wrapping her tongue around her clit, and tugging on it. She was quickly bringing Grace back up to the apex again, she brought her fingers into play, and brought all her talents to bear on her aching pussy. Grace cried out, cumming hard around her fingers, gushing juices out for Angela’s tongue to lick up, shuddering through more orgasmic spasms, her squeals of delight filling the air.

When she opened her eyes. Angela’s face was inches from hers. She pulled Angela in and their mouths came together in hungry implacable lust. Grace could taste her juices on Angela’s lips.

Angela cooed, “Would you like to lick me, sweetie?”

Grace wanted to, and Angela took the position that Grace had been in, bursa ucuz escort on the rim of the tub, legs spread wide. Grace slid in between the part, eyes wide, her first time viewing a pussy up close. She felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through her as Angela’s beautiful sex was only inches from her mouth. She smelled the scent of Angela’s arousal, hot and musky, and it made her dizzy with desire. Her tight little coin slot opening was swollen up with the rush of her arousal.

”Go ahead baby, just do what comes naturally.”

Grace shyly ran her finger along Angela’s pink trail, hearing her soft moan as her finger slid inside her hot tunnel. She was eager, her tongue quickly followed, sliding along Angela’s luscious pink inner lips. Once Grace got a taste of Angela’s juices, she couldn’t stop. Grace pulled Angela’s pussy against her face, and she ate her with the first time enthusiasm, her tongue dipping deep into Angela’s fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding Grace’s mouth.

Grace felt Angela’s hands cradling her head, cooing, ”Mmmm, your mouth feels so good on my cunt Grace, keep going, make me cum!”

Grace slipped a hand down her body, her own cunt was hot and bothered, and she started to masturbate in time with the licking she was delivering. As she felt her own orgasm start to rise, she started flicking her tongue against Angela’s straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

Angela felt her lust rising quickly, Grace may be new to licking pussy, but she was learning the skills quickly. Oh my, feeling her cute pink tongue, right against…there oh yes, so good. Angela felt her clit being lashed at, surrounded by the hot wet fire of Grace’s mouth, and her orgasm turned into a rush, she could feel it racing at her.

Angela purred, ”Mmmm, yes, sweet baby, gonna make me do it, yes, unngh, unngh, oh fuck, fuck YES FUCK!”

Angela’s pussy let loose with a rush of juices, her body shaking wildly in the grip of orgasm. That took Grace over immediately, she felt her pussy squirming around wildly on her frigging fingers, crying out into the hot, soupy wetness as Angela’s pink hole gave Grace a copious flow to drink from.

When they climbed out of the tub, they were still running hot. Toweling off, Angela led the way, and in the master bedroom, Angela gently pushed Grace back on the bed. Mmmm, it was fun showing a newbie what lady-loving was like.

Angela joined her, spreading her legs, cooing, ”I want our pussies to kiss each other,” then matching purrs as they came together, mound to mound. Angela reached down between where they were joined, purring, ”I’m going to spread us open, really let out sweet cunts kiss each other.”

They started to rock together, mmmm, it was feeling so nice, they both felt the sweet tingles growing, a moment later, Angela pressed down harder, Grace called out ”Oh yes, kiss me right there.”

Grace started to push upward, eager for the sensation as their hot, wet pussies slid together.

Angela could feel her clit rising, she let out a loud moan, gasping, ”Let’s rub our clitties together.’ They started to hump at each other with increasing vigor as Grace grunted, ”Oh yes, I can feel your clit against mine baby!”

Both of them were letting out grunts, moans, and cries of passion as orgasm beckoned. Grace was writhing and whimpering under Angela’s thrusts as she pressed down hard, eager to plaster her dripping cunt lips as tight as possible Grace’s matching seam. Their clits stood up, stiff, rock hard with passion, and they were rubbing against each other, the pleasure was almost too much to bear. Their bodies were squirming wildly, crotches locked together, grinding hard at each other. Grace reached behind Angela’s head and pulled her down, lips locking together, it took only a few more moments before they broke the kiss, and twin screams of passion split the air, cumming wildly, their bodies writhing together in blazing passion.

They flopped down, drifting in the afterglow. Angela had already decided, and she purred to Grace, “You are quite the seller, you sold me, I’ll take this place, with one condition.”

Grace said, ”And that would be?”

Angela cooed, “So long as you are here, many times, to remind me what made the deal.”

Grace grinned, and said, “You have a deal!”

It didn’t take long before Angela and Grace formed that well-known number, and they 69’ed each other wildly, driving towards a glorious burst of shared orgasmic explosion. As Grace shook and shuddered, she smiled, yes, the customer is always right.

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