Margie Gilday Ch. 04

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I finished up at the motel on Columbus Day and Lenny put an extra two hundred dollars in my final check. “It’s just a little way to say thank you,” he told me. I couldn’t thank him enough, not only for the extra money, but for all the help and advice he had given me.

Lenny also told me that Suzanne wouldn’t be coming back next year. “I just think it was getting too much for her. Not the work so much as the dragging the vacuum cleaner and cart all over the grounds and then breaking her wrist. Well,… she’s going to missed. I’m losing my two best workers,” he laughed.

I thanked Lenny again and left the motel but instead of heading home I swung by Suzanne’s house to check on her broken wrist and see if she might entertain the idea of working at the Red Wheel.

“It’s not that I can’t do the work, I just won’t have time to do it. Check out’s at eleven and check in’s at two and I’ll be cleaning up after breakfast and taking care of guests so I need someone that’s reliable to clean the rooms. I can only pay you what Lenny paid but, being a Bed and Breakfast, there should be some tips involved.” She seemed to like the idea and said she’d take the job after I told her that there was a vacuum cleaner on both floors so she wouldn’t have to lug one up and down the stairs.

I got back to the Red Wheel to find that two rooms were booked for the first week of January and a message on the phone inquiring about a room for the third week. I returned the call and, after a pleasant conversation, I booked room three. These were my first clients and I was so excited I ran over to tell the news to Jen. She wasn’t in a very good mood as the girl that was covering for her over the weekend didn’t do anything and Jen was stuck with four days of work. Her mood changed however when I told her I had booked three rooms in January.

“Great!” she exclaimed giving me a big hug. “I needed some good news today.”

She wrapped rubber bands around three stacks of printed card files. “I’m going to drop these off at the hospital and pick up todays reports. Do you want a pizza?”

“Sure, we can talk about an idea I had. It may require your great wisdom.”

Jen rolled her eyes. “Just call Benny’s in twenty minutes so the pizzas will be hot when I pick them up.”

On her return the two of us settled in at the breakfast room table with two pizzas and a couple of wine coolers.

“So, what’s this big idea you have?” Jen queried.

“I thought I’d decorate the place for Christmas and have an open house. I’d invite everyone who had a hand in getting this place ready. They’d all get to see the finished product and it would give me a chance to thank all of them.”

Jen loved the idea and volunteered to help in any way she could. I got my notebook and started writing down the names of everyone I should invite. When I got to Suzanne’s name I told Jen that I offered her a housekeeping job.

“You know,” she started, “I guess I would have brought it up sooner or later. You won’t have the time to serve breakfast, check guests in and out, and clean the rooms. One, if not all of those duties would suffer and you can’t afford that. Once this place is open it’s all about PR.”

Jen went to use the bathroom when a car pulled into the driveway and stopped in front of Jen’s apartment. I walked onto the porch to see a woman knocking on the apartment door.

“Can I help you?” I asked in a friendly manner.

“We’re looking for Jen Taylor,” came her response. We walked toward each other and met in the middle of the driveway. “We’re friends of hers and wanted to see her new place. We’ve been putting it off long enough,” she half laughed. “This where she lives?”

“You’ve got the right place but she’s over here with me. We were just finishing a pizza. I’m Margie Gilday by the way.”

Molly Kozlowski,” she said, shaking my hand. That’s my husband and chauffeur, Tom. Ankara escort We own the gift shop over in Waterville.”

Molly beckoned to him. Tom shut the car down and joined us. Jen was cleaning off the table when we entered through the kitchen door but dropped everything when she saw her guests.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Your name came up today and you know how Tom gets,” she laughed. “We decided to have dinner at the Elk Horn and since we were right down the street we picked up a little celebration wine and a house warming gift.”

“Well, I think we’re done here. Let’s go over and I’ll show you around. You too, Margie. Grab your coat.” Jen ordered.

“I don’t want to impose on your guests…”

“Will you stop?! You’re not imposing at all.”

The four of us got to Jen’s where she proceeded to get the wine glasses from her new wine rack. “I got the rack a few weeks ago and Jim installed it. I offered him ten bucks but he wouldn’t take it.”

“I just laughed. “I’ll make sure he put’s it on his time sheet.”

We settled in and Molly gave a toast to Jen’s new place. She then handed Jen a nicely wrapped box complete with ribbon and a bow. Jen carefully opened the gift and took out a teddy bear wearing an apron and holding a spatula.

“It’s Barbecue Bear!” Molly declared. “Since Tom likes to barbecue, we thought you’d could name him Tom.”

Jen thought a moment then, placing the bear on her lap, she spread its legs and stared. “This is a very poor representation of Tom,” she proclaimed.

Molly almost choked on her wine as Jen started laughing along with her. Tom had a somewhat half smile with an embarrassed look. I sort of covered my mouth and tried not to laugh. I didn’t want to give away the fact that Jen had confided in me about the size of Tom’s dick.

We spent time talking about the bed and breakfast and how it got started before the conversation turned to our exploits in Montreal. Needless to say the talk got quite bawdy and Tom was on the edge of his seat, hanging on every word. I was a little embarrassed when Jen got to the part where we sucked off the bartender. “I knew I should have taken a few mixology classes when I was younger,” Tom spoke up.

“It would be cheaper to buy a Batman costume,” I implied.

Jen laughed. “Or just get a fireman’s helmet. You already have the hose! Did you ever measure it?” Jen said to Molly amidst the laughter.

“I haven’t but he told me it was ten inches,” Molly replied.

Boy! If this guy had a ten inch cock I wanted to see it, putting aside the fact that we had just met an hour before. Jen went over to her desk and took out a tape measure. She handed it to Molly. “Here, lets get the true story.”

Molly got up and pulled Tom out of his chair. After a bit of fumbling with his belt buckle she had his pants and briefs down to his knees. Though he was semi hard I could tell Jen wasn’t kidding when she told me Tom was hung like a breeding bull. I still think the dancer at the bachelorette party had him beat, however.

Molly gently stroked Tom’s cock before putting the tape along its shaft.

“Gees Molly, That’s no good. You’ve got to measure it when it’s at its hardest.” Jen got on her knees and starting sucking Tom’s cock head while Molly stroked the shaft with her thumb and index finger. Tom stood with his eyes closed and his hands on his hips as he pushed his massive tool forward into Jen’s mouth.

I was sitting on the far end of the couch and wanted to get closer but at the same time I didn’t want to impose without being asked. I could feel myself soaking my panties as I watched the back of Jen’s head bobbed back and forth on Tom’s man meat. Jen then backed off and looked up at Molly. “Okay, measure it now before he looses some of it.”

Molly looked around but couldn’t see the tape measure that was at her feet. This was my chance Ankara escort bayan I thought as I went over and picked it up. Jen went back for more cock as Molly, again started her stroking. I readied the tape and when Jen backed off a second time she shouted “Now!” and I ran the tape over the top of Tom’s glistening cock.

Jen raised herself up and looked straight down over the tape. “Nine and an eighth,” she proclaimed. I nodded my head. “That’s what I’m seeing.”

Molly stared at Tom. “All these years you’ve been lying to me!” she stated.

Jen fell back on her elbows and started laughing. I leaned forward on my hands and laughed right along with her. Molly retained her stern look until even she couldn’t keep a straight face. She put her arms around him and gave a big hug. Tom just stood there with a huge hard-on and a pleasing smile.

Jen got back onto her knees. “Well, we’ve got him this far. You think we should finish him off?” she said, looking at Molly.

“That shouldn’t take long. He’s been stroking it since I mentioned coming here for a visit.” Molly laughed.

Tom made his way to the couch and sat down. Molly and Jen started stripping down and I just followed their lead until we were all standing in front of him in nothing but our panties.

Once Tom got settled Jen knelt between Tom’s legs and worked his cock with her hand while Molly sat to his right and gently fondled his shaved balls. I sat to Tom’s left to get a good view of the blowjob that Jen was about to administer. Jen clamped her lips around Tom’s cock and stared into his eyes before sliding her mouth down over his shaft. Right on cue, my juices started flowing. Molly’s hand fondled Tom’s balls then moved onto Jen’s left tit. She gently pulled at her nipple before cupping Jen’s large breast in her hand. “You know what he wants,” Molly whispered.

Jen’s head jerked upward and released Tom’s hardness with a loud popping noise. She looked at Tom and licked her lips. “You want to fuck my tits? Huh?”

“Oh, yea,” Tom groaned.

Molly looked at me and smiled. “He loves her tits,” she said before turning her attention to her husband. “Don’t you honey?”

Tom let out a soft moan as Jen buried his hardness between her two orbs.

“C’mon honey. Fuck those tits. Fuck ’em good,” Molly shouted.

Tom’s hips moved upward as he started his fucking motion. Jen squeezed her tits tighter around his shaft and she licked his head every time it appeared at the top of her cleavage.

Molly kept shouting words of encouragement to Tom as she removed her panties. She then stood up on the couch and swung her leg over his head. She slowly lowered her trimmed pussy onto her husband’s waiting tongue. “Don’t think you’re getting all the pleasure tonight, babe, C’mon, fuck me with that tongue.”

I leaned over to get a better view of Tom’s tongue working his wife’s wet hole, turning on occasion to see Jen smile as she tit fucked his erect tool. By now I was masturbating my own pussy when I felt Jen’s hand on my arm. She gently guided me to the floor next to her and we exchanged places. Jen held Tom’s hardness at the base while her free hand pushed my head onto his needy cock.

I would never admit to being an old pro at this but I’ve had a few cocks in my mouth over the last few years; never one like this, however. Not only was it long, but this one had the greatest girth to ever slid over my tongue and his bulging veins only added to the excitement of the bumpy ride my lips were receiving. I worked faster and faster as Jens hand behind my head forced my mouth to take more. I deep throated as best as I could but I was still inches from taking it all.

I released Tom’s cock to catch my breath and Jen took that moment to straddle my head and move forward onto his stiff fuck tool. I held the shaft and guided Tom’s member into her love hole. Jen’s juices coated Escort Ankara his shaft, only making it more inviting.

Molly was still riding Tom’s tongue as Jen fell forward and licked the top of her ass crack. Everyone was moaning and groaning at this point as the greed for more was taking over. Tom’s cock slipped out of Jen’s hot hole and I took the opportunity to engulf his cum-covered meat. All my senses were focused. The taste of Jen’s sweet honey, the feel of Tom’s rugged cock in my mouth, the moaning sounds of lust filling the air, along with the smell of sex surrounding me and the sight of four naked bodies all begging for more had brought me to a high that I had never felt until now.

Molly removed herself from Tom’s tongue and came down onto the couch to watch her mate get sucked off by a new mouth. “Suck him honey. Suck that fucking cock. Show him what a good mouth you have.” she barked.

Tom started to get up but I wasn’t going to release this dick unless he forced me to. Tom stood beside me and his cock sprang loose as I adjusted my position but I quickly grabbed the base of his shaft and stuffed him back into my mouth. He put one hand on his hip and the other behind my head, forcing my lips deeper onto his veined member.

I reached forward and took Tom’s balls in my hand. “Oh yea,” he whispered as he took his hand from behind my head and started stroking his member to the rhythm of my fucking mouth. Molly was on her knees to my right, spurring me on with her words while gliding her hand over my bald pussy.

Jen came up on my left and lightly pinched my nipples while fixing her eyes on my over worked mouth. Tom’s stroking got harder and faster as he let out a loud groan of satisfaction. I released his swollen cock and backed off a bit, knowing we would soon be treated to his thick reward. Strands of my saliva still connected my mouth to Tom’s glistening cock head as he jacked with more fury.

Another loud groan told us he was ready and we girls moved in closer. Like pigs at the trough we opened our mouths and waited to be fed our sloppy meal. Tom pushed his hips forward and a small amount of semen drooled from the tip followed by a powerful stream that was directed at my mouth. Rope after rope of his thick, salty cum covered our faces as he rotated his hips, making sure we all got a share. I stared up at Tom as I allowed his hot load to seep through my lips and run down over my chin. Both Jen and Molly licked my face before we all shared Tom’s reward with open mouth kisses.

All this cum swapping action seemed to please Tom greatly as he sat back on the couch and stroked his dick, never taking his eyes off us. I finally swallowed and fell backward onto the floor. Molly ran her index finger over my lips, getting what little jism was there, and applied it to my hard nipple in a circular motion. “I’m glad you could join us tonight,” she whispered.

“Thanks for inviting me,” I smiled.

When I looked over I could see Jen between Tom’s legs, sucking out the last few remaining drops of warm cum before turning around and resting her back against the couch. We all sat quietly for a few minutes before Jen broke the silence.

“Anyone want more wine?” she said with a laugh.

We all sat there naked and chuckled along with her. “None for me,” said Molly, looking at Tom. “I think we better be getting back. We left Christine to close up the shop and it’s her first time closing.”

We got dressed and before Tom and Molly left I inquired about the teddy bear they had given Jen, They told me they had plenty in the store if I was interested and that Pedit Signs did the silk-screening on the apron.

Jen and I sat quietly on the couch for a few minutes before I told her I better get back to my place and take a shower.

“You can take one here if you want,” she said.

“Nah. You said you had work to do and I have to plan for a busy day tomorrow. I’ll have the coffee going early so come on over.”

Jen gave an understanding nod and I headed back to the house thinking that if Tom and Molly were going to be regular visitors I better get back on the pill.

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