Margie’s degradation Part 2

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It had been a Friday night when Steve and Tony had come for the wonderful sex session that I told of in Part 1; the two following days, Margie and I had still been so sexually worked up that we had long and lustful sessions together each night, and couldn’t stop talking about all that had happened.

Monday came around and it was back to work for the pair of us. I usually work long days, and with the traveling, don’t get home till around six at night, whereas Margie works in the front office of a local engineering company, and is home at about 3:30 in the afternoon.

Anyhow, getting home from work I was greeted by Margie, but then as we talked, I sensed that she was somehow different in some way. It was hard to put my finger on it, she seemed a bit nervous, or troubled I thought.

After a short while Margie asked me whether I’d organized anything more with Steve and Tony. I took it that she wanted more of the wild group sex that we’d had on Friday, and I laughingly said, “you little slut, you’re wanting more already.”

She didn’t laugh in response, but said that it wasn’t that at all. “Did you organize anything more with them?” she asked seriously and in a way that she wasn’t joking.

“No,” I responded, becoming serious as I didn’t know why she was suddenly so serious about it.

“Truly?” she said quizzically.

I assured her that I’d thought no further than our session with them on the last Friday night.

She paused a bit and said nothing more.

I looked at her questioningly and held the palms of my hands out in a gesture of “what?”

Margie paused for a moment, then said, they were here waiting for me when I got home this afternoon.

“What!” I exclaimed in surprise and shock. “What did they want?” I knew that it was a stupid question as soon as I said it.

“What do you think they wanted?” Margie said in a slightly sarcastic tone.

“So they fucked you?” I said more as a statement than a question.

“Is this what you wanted? Do you mind?” she asked.

“Well …..,” I began, trying to process this development. “Yes and no,” I said hesitantly and not quite sure what I did think of it. “Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“What would you think if I said yes?” she said teasingly.

“Well I suppose it’s only normal for you if you did,” I replied.

“What would you think if they were lining up other men for me?” she continued.

“Oh no, I’d draw the line at that,” I said, not sure where this conversation was headed.

“Well it’s too late to draw the line, because they brought two other men with them,” she said quite matter of fact.

I was stunned, then I thought that she was leading me on, but she assured me that it was true and I believed her.

Fuck! This whole thing had gotten out of hand and I knew that unless Margie were the one to put a stop to it, there was nothing bursa üniversiteli escort that I could do.

I later on messaged Steve and Tony. “So she told you all about it, did she.” Steve messaged back. He told me that they took the other two guys, thinking that it would be a rape session with Margie, but in fact she was eager and willing to be fucked by the four of them.

“We want to totally and utterly ruin both your wife and your marriage,” he told me.

I didn’t know what to think, on the one hand it excited me that Margie was being turned into such a slut and a whore, and yet on the other hand I nostalgically looked back to how pure and good she had been when we were first married.  


Some four or five weeks had gone by, during which time Tony, Steve, and their two friends Peter and Ted, had visited many times to use and fuck Margie. On these occasions I could only sit back and watch as they fucked and physically abused my wife; they didn’t want me getting in the way.

Anyhow here I was again, watching Margie on all fours while Steve and Ted took turns holding her head and fucking her mouth and throat until Margie was gagging and choking with tears in her eyes and saliva and cum drooling from her mouth. At the same time Peter and Tony where taking turns vigorously fucking her ass, absolutely pounding their stiff, hard cocks up her ass with such vigor that she was rocking forward with each slamming thrust, and giving a gasping grunt each time the cock slammed home.

I was slowly stroking my hard, precum dribbling cock as I watched, though careful not to get to the point of cumming, as I wanted to keep myself for later on when I would have the thrill of fucking her beautifully sloppy cum filled cunt.

Eventually Peter lost control and with lots of grunting and verbal abuse for Margie, he pumped her ass full of his cum.

Slumping down exhausted, he sat there panting for a minute, then turning to Steve, he said that he’d go and get the dogs.

“Dog’s?” I asked, sitting up and taking notice.

“Yeah we’ve got two beauties for your slut to suck and fuck with,” Peter replied as he got dressed.

“Oh no you won’t!” Margie exclaimed, also taking notice, “that’s going a step to far.”

“Shut up you fucking whore,” Steve snarled, grabbing a handful of Margie’s hair and screwing it around until her face contorted with pain and she was whimpering. “You’ll do what you’re fucking told,” he told her. “There will be a lot more than just sucking off a fucking dog before we’re finished with you.

In the meantime Peter headed off and I heard his car drive off.

The fucking went on, and I wondered what Margie would be thinking regarding the dogs, however she showed no let up in her enthusiasm for being fucked and abused.

Tony was the next escort bayan to cum. I could tell her was getting close because of his savage pounding of Margie’s ass, and his lustful groaning. He then stiffened up grasping her waist and I knew that his cum would be pumping out inside her intestines.

Tony eased out of my wife’s ass which looked beautiful gaping just slightly and with white gooey cum slowly oozing out and dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

Peter had been gone about a half hour, but now I heard him coming in the front door, accompanied by the sound of dogs paws on the wooden floor, and much snuffling and panting. He came in leading the two dogs on leashes. They were both big, one black and one brown, short haired, young and vigorous.

“Ha now for some real depraved fun,” Steve said as he withdrew his cock from Margie’s mouth, leaving her gasping and panting.

“Now then cunt,” he said addressing Margie, “are you going to suck these dog’s cocks like a good little slut, or are we going to have to force you?”

“Maybe if we get one to lick your cunt first, then you’ll just have to reciprocate and suck his cock,” he said as he lifted one of the dogs onto the bed with her.

The dog was all eagerness, sniffing and snuffling about, then when Steve held Margie’s legs wide apart, the dog knew exactly what to do and began snuffling and licking at her juicing cunt.

As soon as the dog began doing this, Steve reached for its hairy pouch and started working on it. In a moment it’s red, wet and sticky looking cock came protruding forth. It was almost as big as a man’s cock, both in length and thickness. It was a sort of fleshy red, all wet and sticky and with red veins all over it, disgusting looking in a way.

Steve let the dog have a good lick at Margie’s cunt, something she seemed to enjoy, then he brought the dog with it’s obscene looking cock rigidly protruding, right up close to Margie’s face.

“Ewwh I can’t, it’s revolting,” Margie gasped, screwing up her face and turning away.

“Come on Margie, just give it a lick,” Steve coaxed her gently. The rest of us were all gathered closely around her, watching eagerly.

Margie looked at it closely, it was right in front of her face. “Go on, go on, lick it,” Steve softly coaxed.

Margie took the disgusting animal cock lightly between her fingers and moved her face close to it, then rubbed the slimy thing against her cheek.

“Errh,” she exclaimed with a shudder.

“Come on sweetheart, you can do it for us,” Steve urged her.

Again she took the animal’s cock in her fingers, and again rubbed it over her cheek. “That’s right Margie, show us just what a filthy, disgusting little cunt you really are,” Steve continued to gently urge her.

She again rubbed it over her face, a little more this time, both cheeks over escort bursa and over.

“Good girl,” Steve coaxed, “this is really depraved and sleazy but you know deep down that you want to be a dirty fucking slut for us and that you’re going to lick it.”

Margie was panting with short shallow breaths, “oh God,” she muttered half under her breath. I knew that she was filled with lust. She began rubbing the revolting cock over her lips.

“Come on Margie, we want you to do this disgusting thing without us forcing you,” Steve continued to urge.

Now the tip of her tongue came out and lightly touched the animal’s filthy cock.

“That’s it, nearly there,” Steve continued. “Come on, show us what a filthy depraved and disgusting cunt you are.”

Her lust was getting the better of her natural feeling of revulsion. She began to lick the cock. Now she took it fully in her mouth and was sucking it.

“Ah, good girl,” Steve exclaimed. “You’re just an animal fuck-whore now.”

We were all thrilled and expressed our feelings about Margie by calling a filthy cunt, a vile disgusting pig, and various other demeaning appellations.

Tony got the video camera and began filming. “Make sure that you get a good front angle of the slut’s face,” Steve said. “We want her to be easily recognized by anyone who knows her.

The dog was arching its back and thrusting its hind quarters forward in fucking Margie’s mouth. We laughed, “look at the dog go, it knows a fucking whore when it finds one.”

Suddenly Margie pulled away, coughing and choking. The dog had spurted its animal sperm into her throat and caught her unaware.

She recovered in a moment, but with dog cum dribbling down over her chin.

“Now then Bob,” Steve said with a grin, “you may now kiss your bride.”

“Fuck! How fucking gross!” I exclaimed, but the guys grabbed me and pushed me towards Margie who was keen to go through with this bit of fun on the part of our friends. We kissed, with Margie opening her mouth and with her tongue entering between my lips and transferring some of her saliva, and no doubt some of the animal sperm into my mouth.

All of the time that this dog’s cock sucking had been going on, the other hound had been constantly running back and forth beside the bed, watching what was going on, and giving the occasional whine and bark. “OK Buster,” Peter said as he gave it a pat on the head. “Your turn to fuck the filthy harlot now.”

Having sucked the one dog, she was quite happy to be fucked by the other, and she did as she was told and knelt down on the floor with head and shoulders down low, legs slightly parted, and hips and ass stuck up in the air. Buster was excitedly running about as Margie positioned herself to be fucked, and as soon as she was right, Buster leapt up with his front pawson her back and with just a bit of help from Peter to guide the dog’s cock into my wife’s juicing cunt, it began vigorously fucking her.

It didn’t take long before the dog pumped more animal sperm into my wife’s body, further demeaning her and leading her on her downward spiral into immorality.

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