Maria and Her Boys Ch. 12

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I am in my late forties now. My sex drive seems as high as ever. I am sure some of that is about the youthful energy of my lovers. They always have so much energy when they’re only twenty-one years old. Or twenty. Or nineteen — like my Brady was when I chose him.

My libido will slow down eventually and I wonder how I will see myself once that happens. Because I never wanted to become the woman I am now – driven by my lust. Now I am glad for my choices and so happy with who I am. A cougar, if that’s what you want to call me. Or a predator after young cubs, boys who are barely men.

As far as being a cougar is concerned, I’ve never approved of that term. And I wonder if its accurate in any case. There is a certain thrill in the chase, I suppose. Though it is also risky and stressful. At my age I need to be so careful because my reputation is vital to my business. But its not the thrill of the hunt that makes me want to find these boys. The real excitement and satisfaction comes from having them in my bedroom, being naked with them and uninhibited. I get to share in the excitement of their youth, just as I did when I was their age. Only now thrills are so much greater with a young man in my bed because I am experienced and in control. Perhaps its true that sex is wasted on the young.

I still get nervous about showing my body to a new lover. Even if he is barely a man, young enough to be my son. I’m proud of my natural assets but no woman likes to be judged. Even though I work hard on myself it would be crushing if a new boy suddenly decided he didn’t want to have sex with me.

Luckily their youthful lust does some of the work for me. And then I extract their penis, feeling its throbbing power, and they are so willing for me to teach them how to have sex like a true man.

In a way I am only making up for lost time – those wasted years of dreary sex with my unsatisfying ex-husband. So I have wondered why not have more than one? Looking back, there have been times when I’ve screwed more than one boy in the same week. That has been heavenly. And quite slutty, I suppose. But, for one reason or another, my ideas of having two lovers have never quite come to pass. Its been a quick fling with one young man while waiting for my next date with my regular. And perhaps it was better that way. Less risk of discovery and public shame and fewer worries that one of them will want to be my permanent boyfriend.

That time away from Brady, however, convinced me that I need two regular boys. Its not that I need more of the same boy. I need more young men with their sexual power and the eagerness to please me. I suspect that is what Jill enjoys with always looking for a lover on the side — the variety and the idea that she can choose what she needs. Perhaps I could be like her with a mid-week lover and the other as my weekend screw. I will gladly keep them both a secret as they each grow and learn to pleasure me in different ways. But I am getting closer to the day when my sexual peak turns into a valley. So I need to act soon.

Matthew will be my new lover. He will be just as thrilling as any of them. I finally progressed beyond admiring him at the gym. At least we know each other’s names. And I have started showing him more of my cleavage whenever I am able to work out near to him. Its obvious he enjoys looking at me although I wonder if he realises that I know he is perving. He may not yet understand why I spend so much time looking at him.

He is a little under six feet tall with sandy blonde hair and nice blue eyes. I have noticed that he has quite a lot of hair on his chest and that’s very attractive as well. He is a quietly-spoken young man. I like that he has good manners. I also like his determination to improve himself, watching as he works on his wonderful, youthful body. I do not judge Matthew even if I know he will never be as big and muscly as he hopes for. He does have a fabulous body — eye candy — with his definition and his hard muscles.

But, after many nice smiles between us, we finally spoke and I had his attention. As always, I had a plan and was proceeding with just the usual caution.


The next time that Brady came to my bed was very different for us. Actually, it was almost a relief that we could be quieter and gentler after the incredible intensity of our first sharing of anal sex. Its true that Brady is usually content to follow my lead. That’s another advantage of young men. I was finally ready to talk and our naked intimacy made it easier.

He had sent me a string of messages since that morning when I finally surrendered to my curiosity. I could tell that he had been excited by it. He also wanted to be caring and to show concern for me. Not enough older men understand why that’s important.

I wanted to tell him how it had felt for me. And how much I had enjoyed everything he had done for me that day. My fear of that penetration hurting had been replaced with a curiosity for the ecstasy I had experienced. But I was Şişli escort bayan concerned for him, too. Did he enjoy his first experience of anal sex? Did he find it confronting that me, his older lover, had suggested it? Did he find it disgusting and dirty?

Being honest, I felt somehow different. I felt a little braver. We’d done something that most women avoid and lots of men dream about. I was the same woman and, yet, I still worried that I’d gone too far. Its OK for Jill, I know, but I was wondering if my passion for more and more sexual pleasure was leading me somewhere I could regret. Did Brady think I was a pervert? I was liberated but I had strong doubts about having a man in my bum again.

“Other people do it,” I explained to Brady. “I wanted to know why they like it. And you were so good to me. You were so patient. I felt safe and you helped my enjoy it.”

“I didn’t know what to expect but I wanted to do it because you asked me. It was good you showed me what to do. It feels different but I saw how much you liked it and that made me really excited as well.”

“I wish it wasn’t so clumsy. But we have tried it now and we know.”

We were totally naked and holding each other. My C-cup boobs were pressing against his chest and his fingertips were stroking them softly. I had my arms around his slender, young body holding his bum in my hands. It was pleasant to be intimate in that way.

“It feels great,” he went on. “And after a while it was like normal sex. I thought I was gonna shoot in there.”

I felt a little aghast at that. A man ejaculating his stuff into my bottom? Oh no, I’d not thought about that and in the moment it was something I was not ready for – at all. Wasn’t that too far towards being disgusting?

“You are a good boy for me,” I said softly, trying to take my mind from such thoughts. “I am glad it was you.”

“And there was no mess or anything. I thought with all that screwing you hard I’d get stuff on me.”

He was right. I’ve read about the problem of “shit on dick”. Perhaps we were lucky that first time. I had tried to empty myself in advance but I couldn’t be sure. Not that I would have minded but I wouldn’t want to make Brady upset or turned-off.

“Anyway,” he added breezily. “We will get better once we’ve done it some more.”

I didn’t reply. I merely smiled and hugged him closer. Brady had given me some food for thought. In one part of my brain I’d experimented with sodomy and had already decided I’d never try it again. I have to find a limit to my slutty behaviour and that surely means not having anal sex at the drop of a hat. But my sweet boy was telling me that he is expecting more. He wants to thrust his young manhood into my bum again. I don’t think I want to disappoint him.

At that point I realised that he was rock hard in my hand. Just thinking about sex makes him turned-on. That is the true reward for enticing a young man to my bed. He is ready for action whenever I need. Holding his hardness made me feel the same. It was almost unconscious when I started to stroke him. I felt the first gentle throb and sensed the way his body was reacting. I shouldn’t have been surprised since my I know his body so well.

It wasn’t long before his dick was at it full size. Wonderful! I slipped my hand down, cupping his lovely sack. As much as young men focus on their penis, a woman with experience knows its better to spread their pleasure. We kissed and I was almost as hungry as Brady. And, like always, I felt like taking charge. I felt like he had earned something special. I fondled his balls till I knew he was aching for me to touch his curvy shaft.

“Let me do this for you,” I murmured to him.

I lay him on his back and straddled his yummy, young body. Sometimes a woman needs a man with a man’s body. But that hard body soon goes soft again. My Brady might be soft and not quite manly but I get so horny from having him beside me – or on top or underneath.

Using my toned thighs, I squatted over him. My hand held his cock so it was pointing straight at my vag opening. I wasn’t sure if I was wet enough. Perhaps I should have asked him to use his tongue on me. But I wasn’t going to delay.

I lowered myself, using the spongy tip of his penis to separate my labia. Just the feeling of him against my entrance was making me crazy. I tried not to moan as I started to take him inside me. Brady was staring at me, my legs and my boobs. I love riding him and even though I wasn’t fully wet I started trying to lower myself onto him. Then I found the best angle and suddenly he was halfway inside me.

We both groaned as I started to bounce on his wonderful hard dick. After a few seconds my wetness was flowing fully and I sank all the way, impaling myself on that young, throbbing cock. He felt so perfect in there, filling me up with his powerful manhood. I just had to rest at the bottom, enjoying his shaft buried inside me.

“Maria, you are the best.”

I pulled his hands to my big Escort Sultangazi boobs. He knew what to do and I felt my vag pulsing as he squeezed them hard and rubbed my aching nipples.

“Take your time,” I told him.

I was bouncing again, slowly. His delicious dick was going to make me cum. I moved my hips so I could make him touch all the right places. I had wanted this screw to be for him. But my own lust was taking over and turning me into that wicked cougar I love to be.

Trying to hold-off my first orgasm, I focused on his body. I stroked my hands on his chest as he played with my boobs. I thought about his young, full balls underneath me. And I watched the way he was enjoying my boobs.

But it was no use. Between my lustful thoughts, the rubbing of his dick inside my vag and his soft moans, I just could not hold back. I started to bounce harder and deeper. My vag was soaking and I could even hear my wetness as his shaft worked in my opening. Then I started to cum and there was no thought of trying to stop that.

As usual, I was cumming almost non-stop. What a display I was giving my young man as I rode his cock and made my boobs bounce in his face.

“Oh, Jesus… fuck, Brady…”

His bendy shaft somehow feels so perfect inside me when I ride him. Or maybe it was just the sheer pleasure of abandoning my senses and losing my mind in my lust. My eager young man was lifting his hips, driving himself further into me and giving every inch of his lovely cock. I was still moving my hips, getting him to touch me everywhere inside my vag.

“Cum, Brady,” I called out. “Just shoot into my hole.”

“I’m close, Maria,” he warned me.

“Don’t wait,” I gasped as that news only made me cum harder. “Shoot it all for me.”

Out of control now, wanting to feel him shooting into me, I was humping up and down. My boobs were bouncing and my thighs were really working as I chased every last orgasm I could get from his cock filling my vag. I might have broken him but at that point I wasn’t thinking of that. I was cumming so hard and I so much wanted to make him climax deep inside me.

“Now,” he groaned. “now now now…

“Yes, give it to me…”

I was cumming all over again as I felt and heard his wonderful climax. I jammed down hard on his cock and his hips lifted high into me. I couldn’t feel his pulsing but I imagined his manly stuff shooting out of his hard cock and flooding me. His groans of release were music to my ears — so beautiful and so erotic. I kept humping Brady till I was sure that he had shot every drop into my vag.

He’d given me a nice, big load. I’d expected he’d have been busy with Emily. But I guess its normal for a young man to have really full balls. And Brady is virile and wonderfully powerful when it comes to sex. When I finally rolled off, quite a bit of his stuff dripped from my vag. It was all over his lovely shaft as well so I licked him a little as I tried to mop-up the ooze between my legs.

I had that familiar buzz after a good screwing. Riding Brady had really made me cum. I can always make good use of a screwing like he gives me. But I know him well and I could see how much he’d enjoyed it as well. That makes me even more content. And that day I was still thinking about what I might give him as a special thank you for indulging my exploration of anal sex.

Those thoughts were still in my head after I had cleaned him up. I was lying between his legs, enjoying the sight and the feel of his naked body. For so many years I only had a podgy, sloppy body to fire my lust. I know that I choose my young lovers and obviously I like them to be more of a slim shape. Brady does not have big muscles and never goes to the gym. But he has the body of a young man — an almost man — which I find so attractive.

I played with his balls for a time, running my fingers through his hair and softly stroking and massaging them. He took a little while to learn how to enjoy being touched like that. So its fun when I get the chance.

After a while, I was kind of daydreaming while my finger was running along that cute ridge of skin underneath his soft pouch. I don’t take for granted his impressive reaction — not at all. But he is so often hard for me and I was just enjoying touching his balls and stroking between his legs.

Since he loves my boobs so much, I rolled over so and pressed them around his penis. My soft, firm boobs caressing and surrounding his manhood. I heard his soft sigh of pleasure. Resting on my elbows, I moved my boobs up and down on his penis, pressing against him so that my flesh was massaging the shaft. It was erotic and sexy for me to pleasure him like that. And without the need for energetic screwing.

I even gave him a few licks, flicking my tongue around the head of his cock and along the thick swelling on the underside. He was enjoying all of it, even stroking my hair as he moaned quietly.

It was actually very indulgent of me to take so much time to pleasure Taksim escort Brady like that. I am proud of my boobs, though. And it seems like he can never get enough of them. Brady is not like my foolish ex-husband. His hardness felt good against me and it was fun to get him so worked-up by using mostly only my boobs.

“Shoot for me again?” I asked him.

“You know that I will.”

“Swap. You should give me a tit fuck and shoot your load again.”

Well, he didn’t need to be asked a second time. My young man can always manage a second load for me. And I was very turned-on as he straddled me, that big curvy shaft practically throbbing as I watched.

The bend in his cock doesn’t make it easy for a tit-fuck. But my big boobs are up to the challenge. I wrapped myself around him as Brady started to thrust. He was gentle at first and we both enjoyed the sensations of his hardness buried in my soft flesh. His weight on top of me was more of a turn-on.

As I squeezed myself around him, Brady began to thrust harder. He is not a muscly guy but he has real power in his thrusting and I was so loving feeling the energy of his desire as began to screw between my boobs. I stuck my tongue out, licking his tip each time he poked out of the top of my boobs. His sweet girlfriend can’t give him this kind of pleasure.

“Shoot it for me,” I breathed as I watched his body looming over mine, with the heat of his hard cock rubbing between my boobs.

Brady was eager, now. He was thrusting harder. I was even having trouble holding on. But he so much wanted to give me a show. He knew I wanted to see him shoot and my sexy, firm breasts were the perfect place for that.

“Close, Maria… close.”

“Screw me hard,” I ordered him, knowing that his cock was throbbing and pulsing as he thrust between my boobs. “Keep going.”

I felt and sensed his body tense. The movement of his hips changed in an almost imperceptible way that always teel me he in the verge. I don’t know why but I opened my mouth just as he began to shoot.

He gave me the most wonderful sounds and grunts as his cock exploded and shot his thick, stick load over me. Oh, what a joy for me. Long streams of his virile stuff squirting onto me. He kept thrusting and I couldn’t count his shots but he gave me a wonderful covering.

“Fuuuuck…” he groaned.

“Empty those balls.”

He shot all over my neck and my chin. A big load went onto my chest. Some went close to my ear. A big shot landed on my cheek, from the corner of my mouth shooting up towards my hair. I was so impressed and so grateful for my young lover keeping a huge load for me like that. And I knew I was a dirty older woman for enjoying so much that my young man had covered me with the contents of his balls.

“Good boy. That was lovely.”

I let him rest for a while but this time I didn’t clean myself. It was more satisfying to lie next to him, both of us panting from our exertions, feeling the mess of his potent stuff cooling and drying on my bare skin. A thick blob of his semen was lying on my cheek and I wore it proudly. It was fun to show my slutty side to Brady.

It was only after he left that I finally moved. I took a long bath, slowly washing away all signs of his ejaculation. And I masturbated — several times. After focussing on Brady, I was in the mood for some extra relief. I lay back and played with myself for the longest time. Brady was fresh in my thoughts. But he was not the only one.


After my forced separation from Brady, I had found myself having a crazy week of intense, debauched sexual pleasure. From famine to flood, it seemed, and not my plan at all. Don’t think that this a complaint. I appreciate the freedom afforded by my sexual lifestyle to enjoy any and all opportunities. I only wonder if my ex-husband would have made the same choices if he’d known what I would be up to without him.

It will take some time to process everything that has happened — and that I did in that week. I wasn’t surprised about my experimentation with my friend Jill. Maybe only that it was more pleasant that I’d expected. I’d known what she had planned and had been trying to avoid thinking about it. But I’d let her come to my apartment and to cajole me into me first real experience. That was only my second time doing anything sexual with a woman — and my first true taste of lesbian sex. I won’t say that it was not enjoyable. My conclusion is that it was weird and exciting.

Do I feel comfortable about going further? I have not said no. Even in my own mind. It felt good to have a woman obviously aroused and eager for me in a sexual way. Would it be easier if I was seduced by someone who is not my friend? Or is Jill planning to have a threesome with a new man she is planning to find? Her business guy had been keen, of course. I really don’t think I can be brave enough to have any kind of sexual touching with Jill if there is someone watching.

My next play with Brady was always going to be intense after our time apart. I still don’t know if I did the right thing by introducing him to anal sex. Should I have waited or just resisted my curiosity? Was it the right thing for me to let a young man do that to me? What does it really show of me? Is it proof that I’ve gone too far finally?

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