Marking His Territory

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Moving up to the deck, Leigh watches the crew nervously a moment before relaxing enough to move to the railing. A few of the crew members leer, but most respect their captain well enough to ignore the tempting display the slave puts on as she watches the ocean sweep by.

“What are you doing girl?” Vilani’s voice comes up behind Leigh as she leans against the railing. His hand roughly take hold of her ass, squeezing it for his own pleasure.

“I was just watching the ocean.” She answers, a catch in her voice as Vilani once again trespasses upon her person. Unnoticed by the slave, a dangerous gleam comes into the man’s eyes.

“Perhaps missing your home? Your country?” leaning close, the silk of his clothes brushing against her skin, his hands moving gently up her back, caressing…

A quiet sigh, almost a sob as Leigh nods, simply whispering…”Yes.”

Letting his fingers curl cruelly into his collar wrapped around Leigh’s neck, his whisper is menacing…”Yes, what?” he reminds her in a silken whisper, his mind already racing with ways to punish the lapse of speech and thought…making him hard against her ass.

Breathing out, her fear building up with anticipation as Vilani serves up a reminder of her precarious position…shifting, feeling her cunt go slick between her legs, a shot of arousal as he tugs on her collar…the pressure wrapped around her neck erasing thoughts of homesickness. “I-I’m sorry Master.” A pause before she whispers…”Will you punish me Master? I forgot my place.” Shifting, pushing back her ass against his hard cock.

Vilani groans at the girl’s request, taking a step back. “Brace your hands.” He orders brusquely. His fingers lovingly work over the buckle of his belt, “Bend over.” Watching as his slave takes a step back from the railing, bending forward enough that the glistening wetness of her pussy is visible to his hungry gaze as her ass curves enticingly with her position. Motioning two crew members to move, the rough and ready men grasp the girl’s wrists, bracing her still siirt escort against the railing.

Tugging his belt free, the leather whispers against the silk of Vilani’s trousers as he commands, “Beg me slut to punish you, I want to hear how much you want to feel the bite of my belt.” Taking a step forward, his arousal painfully obvious through the pants as he traces the looped belt over Leigh’s ass…a caress as he waits for her words.

Whimpering softly, shifting under the soft touch of the leather, unable to see the man she obeys behind her…her body twitching in nervous anticipation of his first touch. “Please Master? I need to be punished.” Another jerk, one simply a reaction to the unknown before she continues, “Please Master? Spank me?”

A cruel smile decorates Vilani’s face as he waits, pacing behind Leigh, making her wait, not knowing when the first blow will land, shifting he lashes out, the doubled belt heavy in his hand as he strikes his slave. Reveling in the sharp slap of the leather against her ass, his breath heavy as a red strip blossoms against her fair skin. Purring at her squeal of pain and the buckling of her back to get away from the belt. “What do you think slave?”

Feeling the soft caress of leather against her burning ass, tightening in anticipation as the belt is lifted up, only to whistle back down against her soft skin, a second stripe branded. Sucking back her sobs, Leigh answers quietly, “Yes, Master…please.” Her fingers clenched in the crew members hands as they continue to hold the wayward slave as the captain, her master punishes the girl.

A few more slaps of the belt wielded in the hands of a Master, expertly decorating his sluts ass, enjoying the view of her white skin marked with the heavy kiss of his leather belt. Watching his little slave writhe under the pain of his punishment, her tears sending desire straight to his already hard cock…

“Turn around.” Ordered hoarsely, Vilani’s hands working apart his pants as the crewmembers release the girl, letting sincan escort her turn around, wincing from the burn against her ass. “Are you my slut Leigh?” questioned with a low growl as her master drops his pants, his hand cradling his majestic cock…stroking the length with loving attention.

Answering with a tear streaked face, Leigh nods as she whispers, “Yes Master.”

Smiling as he takes a step forward, his cock bouncing lazily as Vilani reaches down, pressing his fingers into a wet slut cunt, stroking a minute until the girl’s knees threaten to buckle with the sexual tease…”What do you want whore?” drawing his fingers up, Vilani waits to pinch, twisting hard on Leigh’s aroused clit before asking the last question, “What does my little cumslut want?”

Sagging with the cruel pressure on her clit, her fingers curling into Vilani’s shirt as she whimpers, “You to use me Master.” Gasping out as her body writhes to and from the pain centered on her cunt. “Beg me cumslut…” whispered dangerously as Vilani pushes the girl away with the hand holding her clit, letting the skin pull before releasing…

“Please Master, please use your cumslut.” Whispered as Leigh follows the leading push, the back of a crate hitting her knees.. following the faint nod she sits down, gingerly wincing as the wood reminds her of the stripes whipped into her ass…

“Spread your legs, show me how much you want me.” Vilani orders brusquely, his hand going back to stroking his cock…teasing the girl by making no move to touch her. Wincing Leigh does so, her legs spread lewdly, much to the crewmembers delight as they watch their captain abuse his latest toy. “Touch yourself babygirl.” His voice oddly gentle…”Show me where you want me to mark you, beg me for it.” Groaning softly, the slave obeys, her hand snaking between her legs, dipping into her dripping cunt to tease herself before drawing up to rub against her clit, “Here Master, mark me here, please.” Her voice faint with desire…already building up sinop escort her arousal beyond control.

Another cruel smile twists Vilani’s lips as he holds his aroused cock, closing his eyes momentarily to release a stinging flow of urine onto his naked slaves cunt. Her gasp and then moan of pleasure has his eyes returning to the scene…a pure feral grin as he watches her finger her pussy under the stream of piss. “You like that, don’t you my little cunt?” stiffening he stops the flow, watching his slave with an evil gleam in his eyes.

“Oh yes, please Master, piss on me.” Rocking on the crate, Leigh’s face screwed up in a mixture of pleasure and pain as she rubs her piss stained pussy under the gaze of her Master and his men…reaching up with her free hand, fingers twisting her nipples, tugging as she continues to beg, “Please Master, use this slut’s body.”

Her slip into Gorean cadence making the man smile as he starts to pee again, the stream directed in a hot flow onto her pussy before trailing up her stomach to splatter on her tits, marking each nipple she abuses before moving back down, filling her cunt with the acidic stench of urine… “Please Master, let me cum.”

Glancing at his crew members, some who are rubbing their crotch lewdly as they watch the debased display of sexuality, his answer is final, “No, not yet my precious whore.” Taking a step closer as the stream trickles away to nothing…”Later, I promise.” His words a soft whisper of delight and menace as he reaches forward, drawing the girl close to his cock head, the tip glistening with golden drops of piss.

Marked with the scent of her Master’s piss, Leigh understands the gentle pull, her mouth opening to suck in his cock…the taste of his urine strong on her tongue as she lavishes attention to his cock…whimpering softly as her body still begs for release.

Curling his fingers into the girl’s hair, he slowly takes control away, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, feeling her throat constrict around the tip until he is fucking her mouth, moaning his pleasure until with a roar of completion he cums, marking his cumslut in a second way. “Good girl, my good little pleasure slave.” Shifting down his kiss gentle, encouraging the girl on her path to becoming his personal sex toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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