MaryAnn Ch. 01

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It was eight o’clock and the party was officially underway. MaryAnn turned to the bar to fill her glass one more time. It was a BYOB party and her bottle was Liebfraumilch, her favorite. White wine put her in a mellow mood and made everything seem pleasant.

As she reached for the bottle, she felt an arm go around her waist and pull her gently backwards. She looked down and saw it was a black arm, and a muscular one to boot. Then she felt something hard and big rubbing against her back, an erection.

“Hey lovely blond lady, like to have some fun” the man asked?

MaryAnn was not a prude — but being fondled in front of people! At an ordinary party she would have been offended to the point of throwing a royal fit. But this wasn’t an ordinary party. This was MaryAnn’s and Ron’s night to host their group’s aperiodic swinging party. They were a good couple for it. Both were mid-forties, both good looking, and both worked hard to stay that way.

MaryAnn was 5’3″ 123 lbs and had a pair of 32C breasts which still defied gravity. Ron was a six footer and in top-notch shape. He had been a an enthusiastic but mediocre basketball player at a small, intellectual Eastern university. They lived in a condo on the beach and both were avid runners and ocean swimmers. MaryAnn was one of the best boogie board surfers on the beach. She got as many looks for how she could shoot the curl in a big wave as for her tight wet suit.

Now the talented lady was being challenged to another sort of athletic contest. It was eight o’clock and that was when the fondling was supposed to start. The arm belonged to Roger, the newest member of their small swinging group. Roger was a linebacker with the Chargers. He was often touted as the biggest, baddest defensive player in the league. In his own words he was the meanest motherfucker as well.

MaryAnn thought he was the strongest, sexiest man in the Golden State, perhaps the universe.

Inviting Roger had been Ron’s idea. Ron was almost always the innovator in such things, but MaryAnn found she nearly always enjoyed his innovations. Her husband had long wanted to make the parties interracial, and he had the enthusiastic approval of all the wives. The little group of four couples finally agreed to expand by one couple and Roger and his wife broke another color barrier. Now, MaryAnn Ankara escort was firmly in his grasp.

She turned to him, looked up at his smiling face and said, “Hello you big fucker. What you going to do with me?”

Discretion was set aside when the party started. “Fuck” and all other vulgarisms were de rigueur when the bell rang. Roger certainly wasn’t reticent about using any words, “I’m going to stick a big black cock into your pink pussy and fuck you until you scream with yo pretty ass off.”

She looked up at Roger’s rugged face looming over her by a foot, smiled, and pulled it to hers. He put his lips on hers and they kissed. It was a sweet kiss at first then she felt his tongue on her lips and she opened her mouth. Mismatched or not he was a hunk, surely the strongest man she had ever touched, let alone French kissed.

As in a cheap novel she melted into his arms, partly because she loved to show off and the others at the party were watching, partly because she had little choice, and partly because she wanted to. Roger wasn’t just exciting on the gridiron. His body seemed to be made of steel. She never felt so many muscles in her life. As for the others watching, were they shocked? jealous? It didn’t matter because before the night was over the footballer would have satisfied the fantasies of four horny, middle-aged, white women,

But for the time being he was hers alone. As she and her man of the moment kissed, his hand went to her ass. He got a good feel. Her derriere was covered only by a thin negligee and a sheer pair of panties, the approved female uniform of the day for their swinging parties. Men were expected to either be naked or to be wearing only a pair of shorts.

Roger grasped one cheek, nearly enveloping it in his hand, and pulled her tight to him. Then she reached down, pulled his boxer shorts aside and grasped his cock. It was big, but not of the legendary size touted in the chat rooms. Still she was sure it was enough to make her scream with delight, if used right.

The same arms and hands that had nearly torn opposing players’ heads off now gently slipped her nightie over her head. Then he slipped her panties down and off. MaryAnn glanced at her watch. The party had been in session three and a half minutes! Things were happening fast.

She asked, “How you going to do it, stick that big Ankara escort bayan black cock into me?”

“Y’all like it standing?”

It was so incongruous MaryAnn was sure he was joking. “It would be fantastic, but there is a bit of a problem.” To illustrate she moved forward, rubbed against him, and his stiff penis rubbed her belly, just below her tits.”

“Don’t move you beautiful white ass. I’ll fix that.” A nearby bookshelf held a leather-bound set of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica. Roger took a half dozen volumes and placed them at her feet.

“Here ya go.” Then Roger picked her up placed her atop a good part of the “greatest compilation of knowledge the world has seen ® (de-luxe leather bound edition).

The hostess giggled as she slightly teetered on top the books. But now she could look him directly in the eyes. This time when he kissed her they lined up perfectly. She pulled him as close to her as she could get considering eight inches of stiff cock were between them.

The other four couples were all naked and paired off for the first session, but nobody had started. This show was just too much to ignore. Things were working well. MaryAnn wanted a wild sexual exhibition and she and the footballer were going to put one on.

As he kissed her and fondled her titties, she reached down and rubbed his cock against her vulva. He put his fingers in and felt the wetness. His woman of the moment wasn’t faking it. She was getting hot. Soon she was holding him tight while moving her hips in rhythm to his probing finger.

Another wild, hot Frenchie and she whispered in his ear, “Oh Christ Ralph. I want it now, and right here. Can you give it to me hot and fast?”

Perhaps unwittingly Roger slipped into and out of the ghetto patois, “You will have to spread your legs a bit my petite goddess?”

She did and he moved in tight, his cock now rubbing her clit. She moved it up and down and felt her wetness on it. Then she stood on her tip toes and guided it in. She expected him to ease it in slowly. But he grabbed her ass cheeks with two hands and stood up sharply. It was buried in her.

She gasped, “Oh my god. Ooooh Jesus.”

Then it began, a fucking she always hoped for but seldom found. Standing there, balanced on the books, she put her arms around him and met each thrust with one of her own.” Escort Ankara

`It was erotic almost beyond belief. MaryAnn felt about ready to explode. Roger gave her another deep kiss then pulled his face back and asked, “Y’all like it lovely goddess?”

“Oh god yes, you ebony giant. Oh jesus yes, fuck me. I love it.”

“It kin get better. raise both yo’ legs off the books.”

She hesitated. Too much acrobatics could be harmful to her health if she took a spill and broke something.

“Don’ worry. I got hold of you.”

He did indeed. MaryAnn had seen his strength from the pressbox and now was feeling it inside and out. She put her arms around his neck, held him tight, and raised her legs while Roger held on to her ass with his huge hands. She was indeed in good hands with the all star.

Roger beamed at her and commenced sliding her up and down on his cock. It was absolutely, positively getting there fast.

It felt as if the noise started in the pit of her stomach as a growl, then louder and louder as a guttural moan. On each slam it got louder. Soon she was indeed screaming with delight. Then the screams became sobs. MaryAnn had been transformed from an efficient party hostess to a wild and wanton woman. She was in a state of rapture few people attain.

Her cries were synchronized with his sliding her up and down on his cock. OOOOH JESUS OOOO MY GOD DO IT! DO IT! OH ROGER FUCK ME

Fuck her he did. Finally he pulled her up and off, turned her around, bent her over the bar and she felt it slide in from the back. Then he grabbed her hips and slammed it to her again. As they continued, her hair fell over her face, her tits shook and she continued sobbing and crying for MORE MORE MORE. Finally Roger pushed her legs together making it even tighter and started with the short, rapid strokes. Then he rammed it completely in her and held it tight.

MaryAnn felt it happen. His cock twitched and he let it fly. She could feel it shooting inside her, a lot of it. Then he leaned forward and stood still.

“Oh God! That was fantastic. You some kind of hostess.” She felt him getting soft inside her. Someone handed MaryAnn her panties and she wiped herself with them as Roger withdrew and looked around the room for his next partner.

But everybody was busy, very busy. MaryAnn’s only worry had been that everything following the opening act would be an anticlimax. Nobody else in the room seemed to care. All were engaged in their own version of sex as moans and groans from writhing bodies filled the air. The party was off to the best start ever.

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