Me and My Girls Ch. 04

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Before reading this it’s highly recommended that you read the earlier parts

I took the phone call a few days later. It was a Jean calling from Marcia Clement’s office.

“Marcia would like you to have dinner with her at her home tomorrow night at eight,” Jean said adding, “she’ll send a car to pick you up from the agency at 7.30, you can change there if you need to. OK?”

I stammered a yes even though the plummy, voiced Jean hardly listened and didn’t really wait for that.

Again the enormous assumptiveness of Marcia and the way that she used her bloody secretary to make the date with me annoyed yet at the same time impressed me. To be truthful it also thrilled me that she wanted to see me again for I’d heard nothing from her after she walked out of my room in Scotland leaving me on the bed totally worn out and sobbing.

She was as bright as a button, friendly, charming and gregarious, caring, polite and attentive all the way through the pre-dinner drinks and the lovely salad and pasta meal served by a Philipino girl who was very petite and pretty. Marcia was so different to how she’d been in my room but so similar to how she had been at the previous dinner we’d shared. As we sipped brandy from big crystal snifters she asked if I’d enjoyed the last time and I nodded that I had. She took a big swig, put the glass down and then said quite firmly.

“Good, I’m pleased because I want to have you again. Tonight, now.”

The change in her was amazing and this authoritative manner sent a shudder through me. Was it of fright, anticipation or pleasure? I didn’t know but immediately she started that way I felt my will dissolving and myself coming under her control.

“I want you to go upstairs to the first bedroom on the right, get undressed and lay on your front in the middle of the bed,” she said without batting an eyelid. I didn’t move so she went on, “and I mean Amanda, do it now.”

I was powerless to refuse and meekly I got up and went up the stairs. It wasn’t a large room, but then this was incredibly expensive Hampstead, but it was beautifully furnished in Victorian style which, actually, I don’t really like. The bed was covered in a deep crimson throw and was one of those old fashioned jobs with huge sturdy looking bed heads and footings. The walls were dark and there were a couple of chairs, a stand alone wardrobe and a dressing table all in a dark wood, mahogany I guessed.

Out of her presence I couldn’t hardly believe I was actually taking my clothes off and doing what she had ordered but when I heard footsteps on the stairs I hurriedly laid down on my front as she had told me. I was somewhat frightened of her and as I said earlier very much in awe of her as well.

I became captivated by Marcia very quickly. The truth probably is that she captured me that night. Needless to say I had never been treated like that before. No one had treated me with that combination of worship over my physical being but an almost total disdain for my emotions. Nobody had so taken control and applied such a dominance on me. I had never been treated with such disdain, so much matter of factness, almost to the point of being abused and degraded. But in a way of which I had absolutely no comprehension that, maybe, was the magnet. I was certainly drawn to it as powerfully as an unlike pole is drawn to a like one.

I looked up as she came into the room carrying two glasses of wine. Handing one to me she sat on the bed in a long, bright red, silk robe she’d changed into and smiling asked, gently how I was. She softly ran her fingers up and down my spine and over my shoulder muttering how beautiful I was and what a lovely body I had. She could not have been softer or more gentle or more caring and tender as she kissed me and then started caressing me. Slowly and so expertly, I could now acknowledge, she built up the desire and tension in me until I was literally panting and sighing. She was so different to last time, kissing and gently stroking me making me feel wonderful, so desired and so female.

She kissed my breasts, caressed me all over using her fingers and hands so expertly on my pussy and bottom and nipples. Opening her robe she pressed her nipples to my mouth making low growling noises as I sucked and chewed on them. Pushing me onto my back she knelt beside me as she continued stroking me softly and tenderly building me up further and further. Smiling and grinning at me encouragingly and tenderly I could hardly believe it was the same person as before.

She leaned forward so that she could chew my nipples and slid her knee between my thighs pushing them open a little. Slowly as she orally loved my breasts she pushed her knee upwards until the part just above it pressed right against my pussy. It felt wonderful for my whole body was tingling with sexual expectancy. She pressed it harder and I felt myself pressing back. She kissed me and used her hands on my breasts pinching ataköy escort my nipples with just the right amount of pressure to fill me even more, if that was possible, with the need for sexual relief. Her knee pressed harder against me and I felt my thighs involuntarily squeezing it. I squeezed it harder and harder and she pushed more firmly. I squirmed against it and she began to fuck me with it. Or was it me fucking myself, or me fucking her leg. I didn’t know and it didn’t matter for I was getting exactly what I wanted and that was for this amazing woman to fuck me any way she wanted.

I orgasmed very heavily and put my arms out for her to cuddle me but even as I was in the early intense, throes of that climax she got off the bed and walked out of the room. I could hardly believe it for the pangs of my orgasm were still bursting through my body and the woman who had caused that and with whom I wanted to share it had left me.

I lay there my hands between my own legs finishing myself off my body racked with the sensations of the orgasm and with the deep sobs that I couldn’t prevent. She just left me there for ages and I didn’t know what to do. “Surely she’s going to come back,” I thought. But as time wore on I began to doubt it and started to get dressed. I wandered down the stairs and could see no one or hear anything so I let myself out and went home alone.

This was the crazy thing about Marcia, the surprises she sprung on me. One moment loving and tender the next ruthless and uncaring. Most people would have thought after that demeaning experience with her that I would not have wanted anything more to do with her. I thought that at first but about ten days later, prissy mouth Jean called again and said that Marcia wanted me to have dinner with her at Le Caprice, one of London’s smartest restaurants. I was determined to say no, but like a little lamb I didn’t and agreed that I would meet her there at nine the next evening.

Again she could not have been more wonderful or considerate company and she introduced me to several minor celebs in TV and films calling me her “special friend.” I was a little embarrassed for they must have known she was lesbian and that by association I must be as well but I could do nothing about it and just enjoyed the glitzy evening in the company of the rather trendy group of people.

In the chauffeur driven car she immediately and without saying anything to the driver put the interconnecting, darkened window up and taking me in her arms kissed me deeply and very passionately. Typically though she didn’t seek my agreement just as she hadn’t about me going back to her place. It was just all assumed. She knew that she had a power over me and she exploited that to the full by suddenly getting the bill, telling a waiter to call up the car and bundling me out of the restaurant and into the back of it.

Her hands were everywhere and her tongue was probing down my throat.

“Just look at them,” she said nodding at the people standing on the pavement just a foot or two from us, “wouldn’t some of them pay big money to be able to see in here? Shame that it’s all blacked out though so they won’t be able to see your tits when I get them out will they?”

I was shocked that she would even think of such a thing but again the control she seemed to have over me together with the, what I had to admit was, exciting idea of not being seen but being in her arms, got to me. As we kissed so her hands undid my top. She pulled it apart and after fondling them for a while lifted my breasts from my bra. She sat me up straight in the middle of the large back seat and chewed my nipples.

“Put your hands behind your head and sit up straight,” she ordered and I did.

She licked and chewed them as she slowly rolled my skirt up until it was bunched around my waist and I sat there in my panties and self support stockings and with my boobs freed from my bra. I have to admit that when we stopped and people tried to look in I did get a surge of excitement at being like that so nearly in public.

As we wound our way through the heavy traffic in Camden High Street so Marcia urged me to kneel on the seat facing her.

“Now play with those titties of yours,” she said as her hand went between my legs and began fondling me.

It didn’t take long, but then it never did when I was with her, for the pleasures of my orgasm to start and I climaxed just as we went slowly by a bus queue near the tube station. As the feelings rushed through me so I looked out of the one-way window feeling strangely excited at doing what I was with so many total strangers so close by but knowing they couldn’t see me. The feeling I got when two young guys stared straight at me and smiled and pointed were awful. I threw myself onto the seat pulling my clothes back around me as Marcia laughed.

I asked how she could do such a thing to me but she didn’t reply and simply sat avcılar escort there staring out the window in silence ignoring me as if I was nothing.

At her house she changed again and apologised profusely saying that it had just been a joke and begged me to forgive her as she gently massaged my shoulders and ran her hands through my hair that she knew I so liked.

“Come to bed with me Amanda, let me make that wonderful love to you,” she cooed in my ear her hands finding my breast and squeezing with just the right amount of pressure.

As usual I was powerless to resist her and quickly we were both naked in her bed. She was so gentle and loving, kind and considerate as we kissed and caressed each other. She licked all over my body and gave me a lovely orgasm with her tongue on my clitoris. She brought wine to the bed and I lay in her arms recovering from my climax feeling warm and contented, wanted and loved by her.

Inevitably it had to happen. It was a natural next step, the last bridge for me to cross. I slowly started slithering down her body. I wanted to give her all I could, do to her everything I could and provide her with the ultimate pleasure another woman can. My first taste of another woman was fine. I didn’t feel dirty and it didn’t feel out of place. It came very naturally I suppose. I knew what I liked and guessed that’s what she would like as well. Doing all those things with my lips and tongue as my hands stroked her legs that were wrapped round my head, the most amazing thing was the realisation of the affect of what I was doing on her. To hear her panting and moaning, to feel her body stiffen and her hands grab my hair. To listen to the grunts and animal like growls and to feel her pussy pressing back against my mouth. And to realise that it was me bringing about this change in her and providing her with so much pleasure and excitement thrilled me.

We slept together for the entire night for the first time. During that and the next morning when we again made wonderfully tender and absolutely satisfying love, she was so kind and comforting to me that I of course forgave her for the trick she’d played even going so far as to say that in retrospective I now found what she had caused me to do exciting.

“Not,” I smiled, “that I want to give a repeat performance.”

“But you would if I asked wouldn’t you?” I looked at the hard look on her face but maintained my spirit and said,

“No I wouldn’t Marcia and I hope that you would never ask me to.”

She flew into a rage at that and started screaming that I should want to do anything she asked of me. She went on and on of how ungrateful I was for she had taught me all I knew and that she’d given me so many untold pleasures and brought such excitement to my “pathetic copywriter’s life.” I began to cry and felt very frightened by this amazing mood swing but she simply ignored me and told me to “fuck off to work , the tube station’s just around the corner.”

I was determined to end it with her. I was very aware that I was into the lesbian scene with her to far too dominating a level and that I was in over my head. Since Scotland with her I hadn’t been with a man and that was starting to worry me. Although I had been fairly relaxed at playing around with Susie and Sharon, this was a far more intense experience and I felt that perhaps she was leading me down a path that would lead to me becoming lesbian. In any case I didn’t hear from her for a week or so and just as I thought that I was free of her a massive bouquet of red roses turned up at the flat I shared with my cousin. A similar bunch was waiting for me at work both with just the letter M on the card. A courier arrived at the office with a large parcel for me and inside I found a pair of leather boots from Gucci. At home that evening there was another parcel waiting for me. Opening it I found four matching Janet Reger bra and panty sets and two Perla waspies. Again just the letter M.

Just as I was going to bed the phone rang.

“I am so sorry Amanda, so very, very sorry” Marcia breathed down the phone. The combination of the lovely flowers, the presents and her contrite tone started to get to me and I felt my resolve weakening.

“I want to make it up to you,” she went on and then explained that she was going to her place in Marbella for a long weekend on Friday and would I go with her. I tried so hard to resist but on Friday afternoon there I was on a plane from Stansted airport bound for Malaga. I got a taxi and gave him the address that Marcia had faxed over and about half an hour later I was being shown by her around her lovely house up on a hill just outside Marbella. She had travelled out earlier and had been by the pool when I arrived so was wearing a just a bikini.

Not even mentioning the previous incident she kissed me and immediately started to undress me. Again I became totally submissive to her assured and commanding beylikdüzü escort nature and actions and gave myself fully to her on the couch in her living room.

That evening we popped out to a really trendy restaurant, Sinatras, in Porto Banus and watched all the goings on around the quayside with men cruising past the fantastic boats in their array of Ferraris, Porsches and the like before going into a club at around 10.00. She seemed to know lots of people as she did wherever we went and I was introduced to a variety of people ranging from young men of my age up to couples in their sixties. They were very glamorous and interesting and, in a strange way, sexy I suppose.

Marcia pulled me onto the dance floor and we moved around to a couple of quite fast numbers before the DJ put on a smoochy slow one. I could hardly believe the way she totally unselfconsciously took me in her arms and danced with me in a manner that could convey nothing other than a sexual or, at least, very intimate relationship between us. I was embarrassed at first but when I saw several more couples dancing as closely as us I got over that and began to feel grateful to her that she wanted to show her friends how close she was to me. I put my arms around her neck and pressed my breasts and tummy against her and loved the feel of her hands stroking my hair and then the touch of her tongue in my ear. She squirmed herself against me and then kissed me full on the lips before running her hands up and down my body.

I was losing control. I was so in awe of her again. It was the music, the drinks and the sheer loving intimacy combined with the tender and considerate way she’d treated me all evening that did that.

We declined several invitations to go on somewhere and cuddled up like two teenagers in the back of the cab on the twenty minute drive to her house. After another glass of wine she took my hand and led me to the bedroom undoing my short dress on the way and stroking my tummy and bottom as we walked up the marble stairs. Half way up we stopped and kissed deeply my dress coming off and dropping to the floor as we did. At the top of the landing she stood behind me and, undoing my bra and removing it, she threw it over the banisters and onto the floor of the entrance hall below. I undid the zip at the back of her dress and we struggled that off leaving that also on the floor. I gasped when I saw that she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. We kissed and caressed each other on the landing my panties being shoved half way down my thighs as her hand went between my legs. At last we were in her huge airy bedroom and I jumped onto the bed saying.

“Come on Marcia make love to me please.”

And she did. Wonderfully, considerately and completely. And I returned all she did to me with pleasure and affection.

Later we went outside and swam nude in the pool and dried each other on big fluffy towels stopping to kiss and touch frequently. Back in the house she made some tea and we drank that and more wine. Marcia slipped on a long, floor-length, flowing silk robe and I put on a tee shirt, beach dress that fitted me quite tightly. I saw that it was past three but I didn’t feel tired and just wanted this wonderful evening to go on and on.

We sat outside and kissed and caressed. She sat in the corner of a large pool sofa and I laid on it my head on her lap her fingers stroking my hair. It was as romantic a scene as I had ever been in with either a man or a woman and I loved it. My feelings towards her were now far more than just sexual. And it concerned me a little that they were so strong for I was worried just where that might lead.

Her hands started roaming over my body and slowly she pulled the hem of the dress up me until it was bunched around my shoulders above my breasts. It felt so abandoned and wonderful lying there with her in the open air as good as naked and, I knew about to made love to.

“Just one minute darling,” I heard Marcia whisper as she started to get up.” “I shall only be a moment or two,” she went on leaning over, kissing me and taking hold of both of my wrists. With a smile she said, “and until I get back you can entertain yourself can’t you?” pressing my hands right onto my breasts. I smiled as she walked away so pleased that she was being nice to me.

I heard her call out a couple of minutes later and saw her on the balcony of the bedroom.

“Come on Amanda, it’s time for us to make love,” she said.

I almost ran into the house dropping the tees shirt dress on the floor with the other clothes we’d discarded earlier. Naked I went into the bedroom and saw her standing there sill in the silk robe. I went up to to kiss her but she pushed me off, gently I was pleased to note.

“No lie on the bed,” she ordered the tone of authority and command once more back in her voice. I did as she asked and laid right in the middle of it. “Now Amanda get hold of those gorgeous titties, ” she said sitting on the edge of the bed and letting the robe fall apart at the top, as she started to stroke hers.

We looked deeply into each others eyes as we both played with our own breasts in silence. It was a very moving and highly sexual moment as the feelings got to us and our movements became more energetic.

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