Medical Assistance

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It had been a long day in his surgery, and the GP was looking forward to a shower, dinner and the football on TV. The door opened and his pretty young receptionist nurse stuck her head into the room.

‘Doctor: your last patient’s here …’ she raised an eyebrow archly ‘ … Mrs Lincoln.’

‘Thank you Chrissy, send her in please.’ He smiled quizzically at her expression as she left. A sudden pang of guilt flashed through his mind: if his wife found out about Chrissy …

A woman … no, a lady, entered a moment later. She was tall and stunningly good looking, a mane of thick blonde hair flowed over the shoulders of her light grey linen suit. Her skirt was short and tight over a dancer’s legs, accentuated by the matching high heels, and the jacket was exquisitely cut over an eye-drawing bust. A brief smile flickered at the corner of his mouth: Chrissy’s eyebrow explained. He stood and greeted her.

‘Mrs Lincoln … do, please sit down.’ She sat and crossed her ankles demurely, the picture of chic elegance. He sat down and opened her notes.

‘This is your first visit here. What can I do for you?’

‘Well, my husband and I have been trying for a baby for the past six months with no luck, so I thought I’d come and get checked out.’ She had a rich and educated speaking voice.

‘Ok, before we go any further, would you prefer me to refer you to a female doctor?’

‘No, that’s ok.’

They discussed her case for several minutes, then he gave her a reserved smile.

‘Well, I will need to take some blood for a test and give you a physical examination; again, I can refer you to a female doctor if you prefer.’

She responded without hesitation ‘No, that’s fine: I’m quite happy for you to do whatever is necessary.’

‘Then I’ll need to ask the nurse to attend.’

‘I understand – for your professional protection from me bringing malpractice or whatever. However, I really would prefer not to have her present – from the sniffy feelings emanating from your nurse when I walked in I’d rather not allow her to take pleasure from what she would perceive as a humiliating situation for me.’

‘Er, … I understand your concern. I’m sure you understand mine?’

She nodded. ‘Don’t worry doctor – I’m not the suing kind. I have no financial needs.’

‘Fine.’ Sinop Escort He indicated the couch on the other side of the room. ‘If you’d please undress and get on the couch.’

She stood and before he could look away she reached behind her, unzipped her skirt and with a graceful gesture slipped it down and stepped out of it. She wore no underwear; her pubic hair was trimmed very short in a neat triangle above her vulva, which was clean-shaven. Her legs were endless. He was momentarily taken aback. She clearly recognised this, and gave him a little shrug and a brief, curtsey, flexing her knees sideways with a little open-palmed gesture and ironic grin.

‘Sorry. Can’t wear them under a skirt like this.’

She unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it off. She was bra-less, and her breasts were stupefyingly magnificent; his mouth and throat were dry, his groin stirring. She shrugged again.

‘Sorry. Can’t wear a bra under a jacket like this.’

She stepped out of her shoes, turned and sashayed to the couch, sat down, swung her legs up and lay back, flexing her body to a comfortable position.

He took a blood sample from her arm, trying desperately not to look at her breasts. She lay quietly, with that innate, detached disinterest of the attractive woman.

He turned to the washbasin and scrubbed up, then pulled on surgical gloves. ‘I’ll need to examine you now: could you please raise your knees.’

He turned round; her long legs were drawn up and widely parted. He stood transfixed for a moment. Somehow sensing this, she looked down, then with a sympathetic grin coughed softly to snap him from his reverie.

‘Sorry …’ he shook his head.

‘It’s ok,’ she said softly, then looked back up to the ceiling.

He stood at the end of the couch and looked down at her. A sudden tingle went through him as he saw her vulva – suffused gently pink, labia subtly engorged and opened, her clitoris visibly prominent. He reached round her right thigh, rested the heel of his left hand on her mons and with the index finger and thumb of his left hand he gently parted her labia. She was completely relaxed as he eased his right middle finger into her vagina. She sighed softly.

‘Ok?’ he asked quickly.

‘Mm. Fine.’

He probed Sinop Escort Bayan gently around, feeling her vaginal shape, then pushed his finger firmly into her to feel her cervix. He glanced quickly up at her face – still staring dispassionately at the ceiling, but her lips were now slightly parted, and her nipples were prominently erect. He eased his finger out, then carefully pushed it back in with his index finger in order to further palpate her cervix; as he pushed in, he felt her slightly rotate her hips up against the intrusion. She was now lubricating copiously, clearly in a highly aroused state as he moved his fingers gently but firmly deep inside her. He heard her breathing, and, looking up, the noticeable flush on her chest; still she stared dispassionately upwards. He was fully aroused and uncomfortable himself. This is dangerous, he thought. As he looked down, she spoke.



‘Am I ok?’

‘Yes … you’re fine … ‘

‘It’s the middle of my cycle … I want a child … no-one need know … as I said, I’m not the suing kind … ‘

He looked up, she was looking directly at him, he ran his gaze down her body – she was a sensual vision. He pulled his fingers gently from her.

‘Mrs Lincoln … I … ‘

She was looking intently at him with a yearning that had him transfixed. Without thinking he pulled off the gloves and unzipped himself, pulling out his hugely engorged penis. As he entered her she resumed her dispassionate stare ceilingwards. She felt exquisite: hot, clinging and wet; he thrust vigorously into her, suddenly nervous of Chrissy discovering them. He came intensely within a couple of minutes, squirting several days of accumulated frustration deep inside her. Completely satiated, he clung to her thighs, pressed into her.


He shook himself back to reality. ‘Er … oh God … yes, wonderful. I’m sorry.’

‘No, no need to be sorry. Thank you.’

He pulled himself from her slowly, savouring the last gentle contact. He wiped himself with a tissue, then rearranged his clothing.

‘Lie still for a while, it will help your chances of fertilisation …’ she was masturbating vigorously and came within moments, her body arching rigidly on the couch as she gasped in ecstasy. Escort Sinop She subsided slowly, then gave him a languid, satisfied smile.

‘Sorry. Couldn’t help myself either. I think orgasm will help my chances of fertilisation as well.’

‘Yes … ‘

He returned to his desk and scribbled in her notes, looking up at her frequently as she lay on the couch.

‘Mrs Lincoln, you’d better get dressed now. Make an appointment for four weeks’ time.’

She slipped from the couch and dressed nonchalantly in front of him; he watched her avidly. She sat back down in the seat across from his desk.

‘We may need to repeat the treatment?’

‘That would be very unwise here.’

‘Of course. My sister has a flat …’

‘Er, as much as I would like that, shall we just see how you are in a month, Mrs Lincoln.’

She chuckled ‘You’re very confident – what did you just let loose inside me?’

‘Mrs Lincoln, I’ve just committed an act of gross professional misconduct for which I would be struck off should you make a complaint – you have the evidence inside you. This is my entire livelihood, my family at stake, all for the sake of a moment of supreme pleasure with you, probably the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I don’t know what to say.’

‘Please don’t worry – my motives in seducing you were exactly as I said, and I know I’m quite irresistible.’

‘If you do become pregnant, what of the child?’

‘It will be my husband’s – you know that.’

‘Yes.’ He didn’t know whether to sound relieved or disappointed.

They chatted for a few minutes more on methods for improving her chance of pregnancy, then she stood and reached across the desk for his hand.

‘Thank you, Doctor, I’m sure we’ll meet again when I’m pregnant. I hope you can deliver our baby?’

‘That would attract attention – it’s normally done by a midwife.’

‘My husband could probably be persuaded to have more expert medical care in attendance, given our current history.’


She turned to leave.

‘Don’t forget to make an appointment.’

She closed the door behind her. He sat down with a thump and puffed out his cheeks in disbelief at what had just happened.

In the reception area, the woman stood in front of the counter talking to the nurse.

‘Next month? Yes … Friday 16th … that’s fine, Mrs Lincoln.’

‘Thank you.’ She started to walk away, then stopped and turned ‘Oh, and don’t wear him out – tell him dinner will be ready at seven fifteen – the kick-off’s at eight.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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