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Big Tits

Note: this is a story of girl-girl sex in which the principle suffers an accident and subsequently uses a feeldoe to recapture her sex life.


Amy had graduated tops in her college class. She was pursuing her dream job. She pursued a full, healthy, bi-sexual life style. She had both male and female friends and enjoyed them equally and often and they all enjoyed her. She enjoyed sex and sought it out.

When she was 25 she was in a major automobile accident that damage to her pelvis area. Her labia, vagina, clitoris and clitoral nerve sheath were damaged severely and required considerable reconstructive surgery. After she healed she discovered that deep penetrating intercourse would be too painful. She no longer had a g-spot and her clitoral nerve sheath was so damaged that her clit was desensitized. Sex had been a big part of her life.

She realized that she would not be able to maintain a meaningful and satisfying sexual relationship with a man. Her focus would be with women. She was OK with that. She liked everything about sex with a woman. She discussed her sex life with her doctor who recommended that she contact a manufacturer of feeldoes. Possibly there was a feeldoe or they could make one for her that would enable her to have an acceptable sex life. She would have to tell her partners, though, that her vagina was not functional. She, though, was capable of pleasuring orally and with a phallus, a feeldoe, she was confident that she could satisfy them. She didn’t know if she could get sexual release.

When Amy felt ready she contacted one of her closest girl friends, Josie, and explained her situation. Her friend quickly agreed to take her “virginity”.

Josie was a few years older. She was also bi-sexual but tended to lean towards women. She found a good, competent cock more difficult to find than a competent woman. There was also less drama. She and Amy had spent many nights enjoying one another’s company. Amy had found Josie’s pussy to be one of the wettest that she had encountered. Josie tasted so good.

Josie had visited Amy often when she was in the hospital and during her recovery. She was aware of what Amy had gone through and the impact it now had on her life style. When she arrived at Amy’s apartment, they greeted one another warmly with a brief kiss on the lips before hugging tightly for an extended period of time. They kissed one another on the cheek as they released their hug. The hug was one of a deep connection.

They chatted for a while, each enjoying a glass of wine before adjoining to the bedroom. The feeldoe was on the bed stand along with a bottle of lubricant. Amy explained that she would insert it later. She wanted to feel Josie mons-to-mons.

They stripped and crawled into bed facing one another. Josie asked Amy about things sexual.

As Amy was sharing about herself, Josie was caressing her arms and shoulders and face, moving in from time to time to kiss her on the lips. As Amy began to anticipate the kisses and move in to receive them, Josie began kissing her more deeply. Amy returned the kisses and soon the caressing and talking stopped and it was all about kissing. The kissing became more passionate, more lusty. Amy had a hunger that had been building for months. Amy needed more.

Amy pushed the covers down some and scooted down to latch onto Josie’s teat with her mouth, encompassing just above Josie’s areola. She just held it there enjoying the moment before lathing it with her tongue and moving slightly to capture Josie’s nipple and play with it. She moved her head down to reach the other, lower teat. (Josie was lying on her side.) In doing so, she felt the higher one on her cheek. She pressed her face into Josie’s chest. Oh, it had been so long since she last had her face buried in boobs. It felt so nice. She recognized another yearning.

She scooted further down without any intermediate stops and pressed her mouth over Josie’s pussy. She ran her tongue between Josie’s labia, feeling them, collecting Josie’s nectar and savoring it. She spread Josie’s legs apart and buried her face into Josie’s pussy between her labia. If she thought that she could she would probably try to put her head up Josie’s vagina. Instead she accepted that all she could do was lap up Josie’s nectar. She began dragging the flat of her tongue from the bottom to the top of Josie’s valley ending at Josie’s clit which she would arouse with the flat of and tip of her tongue .Her hunger was great. Her wanting and hunger arouse Josie and brought her to a resounding orgasm.

As Josie recovered, Amy reached out for the feeldoe and lubricant and inserted Bayan Escort Gaziantep the feeldoe into her vagina. She worked it around so that it felt comfortable.

Amy was kneeling when Josie looked at her and smiled. Amy leaned down and stroked Josie’s pussy with her tongue a few times. Josie was wet enough. She flipped Josie onto her stomach, raised her butt in the air and positioned herself behind Josie. She was going to fuck her from behind. It would be a first for her. She had never used a feeldoe or strap-on dildoe before. She was in virgin territory.

She entered Josie slowly, feeling her way in. She was also concentrating upon how the bulb of the feeldoe felt within her. She felt no discomfort. She could sense fullness. Once she had fully penetrated Josie she began pumping it out and in. Josie guided her so that the tip of the feeldoe would caress her vagina walls and g-spot as she wanted. Amy was focusing upon how the feeldoe felt within her. She quickly found the causal relationship between how she would move the feeldoe as she pumped it in and out and her feeling good. Some of it was physical; most of it though, was mental.

Josie and Amy worked at it until Josie exclaimed that she was getting close to climaxing. Josie began rubbing her clit with the flat of her fingers. Amy started pulling and pinching one of her own nipples. Her nipples were always sensitive and sometimes she would orgasm from nipple play. Josie came. Amy came.

Amy removed the feeldoe from Josie and lied down beside Josie. They kissed. They were appreciative kisses. They began caressing one another in the afterglow of their coupling.

Josie scooted down and began suckling Amy’s breast. She knew from prior times that Amy’s breasts were very sensitive. She had brought Amy to orgasm before through her breast play. As she became aware of Amy’s arousal she rolled Amy onto her back, straddled Amy’s hips and lowered herself onto the feeldoe. She proceeded to ride it tilting her pelvis to have the tip rub where she wanted. As she neared her orgasm she renewed her attention to Amy’s nipples. She tuned into Amy’s body language and timed everything such that they orgasmed at the same time. She collapsed onto Amy. They laid there, Josie’s head lying of Amy’s chest, Amy’s arms wrapped around Josie holding her tightly and Amy’s nose buried in Josie’s hair breathing in her smell.

After a while Josie released herself from the feeldoe and scooted up to kiss Amy deeply. She pushed her upper body up supported by her arms, looked into Amy’s eyes and said, “You did pretty good for the first time. You need more practice.” And smiling she continued, “I’m available.”

Amy and Josie did “practice” several times over the next several days.

When Amy felt herself ready she asked some of her friends to let the word out about her situation. There was an open dance coming up to which her crowd usually attended. The crowd she usually hung with was a mixed crowd of heterosexual and bi-sexual people. She did not want to embarrass anyone.

When the word circulated some of the heterosexual women were interested. They were curious about having sex with a woman but were hesitant because they didn’t know if they could lick another woman’s pussy. They all believed, though, that a woman knew better how to satisfy another woman. Amy was known to be a very competent lover.

Amy met Josie at the dance. She wanted Josie nearby in case she needed moral support. She hadn’t needed to worry. When she entered the hall her friends came to her, welcoming her with good cheer, hugging her and kissing her on the check. Those with whom she had shared intimacies in the past kissed her on her lips, some more intensely than others. She was climbing to a high.

The first dance she danced with Josie. Then she danced with a couple of her past lovers. Amy learned that Josie had shared with them about her “re-orientation” program. Each whispered in her ear as they danced that they were looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with her. They teased her, “Practice. Practice. Practice.”

As she was resting out a dance, a young woman approached her and introduced herself, she was Sheila, and asked her for the next dance. Amy accepted and hoped that it would be a slow dance. Sheila’s breasts prominently jutted out from her chest. If it was a slow dance Amy could get to rub boobs with her and lean in against them and feel them pushing back.

It was a slow dance. They did rub boobs. It was obvious that they both enjoyed it. Amy danced with Sheila several times. She enjoyed dancing with her. She liked how she felt in her arms. Before the last dance of the night Josie came by to ask how she was doing. She also asked, “Have you asked Sheila back to your place?”

Amy’s eyes opened wide in question. Josie responded, “Sheila has been asking about you. I think that she is interested. One of her friends told me that she is curious about having sex with a woman. She, Sheila, didn’t know if she’d want to lick pussy. When she learned that you would not expect that of her, her interests piqued. If you’re interested, ask her. You just might be lucky.” Josie left chuckling.

Amy asked Sheila to dance the last dance. Sheila accepted. It was another slow dance and they found themselves pushing their breasts together. At the end of the dance Amy kissed Sheila on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “Would you like to come home with me?”

Sheila pushed away and with a broad smile replied, “I would like that. I would like that very much.”

Sheila followed Amy home. As each drove their cars they were both anticipating what was to come. Sheila was excited. Amy was nervous.

After they settled into Amy’s apartment, Amy asked, “Would you like something, a glass of wine, coffee?”

Sheila walked over to her, took her into her arms and kissed her soundly. Breaking from the kiss Sheila said, “All I want is you!”

Amy smiled. Took her hand and led her to her bedroom. She pulled down the bed covers and sat Sheila on the side of the bed. She opened a bed stand drawer and removed the feeldoe and a bottle of lubricant and placed them on top. Standing in front of Sheila she began to disrobe slowly. Nude, she stood there in front of Sheila proudly.

Amy took Sheila’s hand and pressed her palm against her pussy. “This is for show. It doesn’t work. It is not the original equipment. You needn’t focus upon it.” She then moved Sheila’s palm to her mons and abdomen, caressing herself with it. “I enjoy being caressed here.” Amy took both of Sheila’s hands and brought them to her breasts. “My breasts are very sensitive. They adore attention. With the right attention I’ll orgasm.”

Sheila moved her hands to caress Amy’s breasts, to caress the area above Amy’s areolas, to fondle her nipples, to tease her nipples. As she did, Amy watched her facial expressions and focused upon the feelings arising within her. Sheila became aware of the effects of her fondling and teasing. She’d use that knowledge later.

Amy took Sheila’s hands and pulled her up. They exchanged places. Amy looked to Sheila, “It’s your turn. Please show me your beautiful body. Please show me those breasts that I so enjoyed when we danced.”

Sheila removed her clothes and she stood before Amy. The beauty of her body put a smile on Amy’s face. Amy reached out and began caressing Sheila’s body running her hands up and down Sheila’s sides with her palms, her mons and stomach with the back of her fingers, and coming to rest on her breasts. They were not as large as hers but where firm and tight to her body. She caressed around Sheila’s areolas. She teased Sheila’s nipples. They became fat and long, about as long as her first joint on her baby finger. Sheila had closed her eyes. Her facial expressions clearly showed her pleasure.

Amy could see wetness oozing through Sheila’s labia. She ran a finger slowly, deeply through them. She heard Sheila quietly gasp. She brushed the back of her fingers over and around Sheila’s pussy. “Nice.” She said. Sheila smiled.

Amy took Sheila’s hand and drew her down onto the bed to lie together with her. She enveloped her with her arms and brought their lips together in a “this is the first of many” kisses. When they briefly parted, she said, “I enjoy kissing. I can get lost in kissing.”

And she kissed her again, this time longer, firmer. Sheila kissed back with equal feeling. Sheila began initiating kisses. They kissed until their hunger grew so great that they both needed more.

Sheila pushed Amy onto her back and proceeded to kiss her face, her eyes, nibble her chin. She began working her kisses downward. She intended to arouse Amy by lavishing attention upon her breasts.

She started by covering both of her breasts with kisses. On top, underneath and on the sides. She nuzzled her nose and face into them. She lathed the areolas, the area right above them and nipples with the flat of her tongue and toyed with the nipples with the tip of her tongue. When she took an areola into her mouth and dragged her mouth down to the nipple where she gripped it tightly between her lips pulling it out, she felt Amy squirm. The more she did it, first to one breast than to the other, Amy’s body language became more pronounced. She began rolling a nipple on one breast between her thumb and the side of the index finger while she was sucking on the other. Amy was guttural in her moaning. She had said that her nipples were sensitive but Sheila hadn’t realized just how sensitive until now. She picked up her tempo. Amy’s body arched when she orgasmed. Sheila was stunned. She was pleased. Amy was more pleased.

Amy pushed Sheila onto her back and kissed her passionately, mouths open, tongues dueling. She proceeded to kiss down Sheila’s body. She paused a bit at Sheila’s breasts but that was not the destination that she had in mind. She needed to put her face in a pussy!

When she got there she pushed her face, primarily her mouth between Sheila’s labia. Sheila was wet. Amy wanted to drown in that wetness. She lapped as much of Sheila’s nectar as she could. She probed her vagina with the tip of her tongue, lathed her clit with the flat of her tongue and teased it with it tips. She grabbed her clit nerve sheath between two figures and messaged it. Sheila pushed forward into her hand and mouth and pulled back when the sensations became too overwhelming. Sheila’s nectar was running out of her pussy.

Amy reached up and took the feeldoe. Sheila watched her in anticipation as she lubed it and inserted it into her pussy. Amy tugged on it a few times to insure that it was sitting right. She leaned forward and gave Sheila an open mouth kiss with lots of tongue. Then she turned Sheila onto her stomach, raised her hips, positioned herself behind Sheila and positioned and penetrated Sheila with the feeldoe. It slid in easily. Sheila helped. She was pushing back. Amy started an out-n-in motion. Every time she’d push in she’d direct the tip of the feeldoe so that it would excite Sheila differently.

Amy thought of Josie and how wonderful she was in helping her discover how to use the feeldoe. She’d have to repay her for her kindness.

Sheila was feeling pleasures that she had not experienced before. She climbed the orgasmic diving board tower quickly and could not restrain herself from running and jumping off the diving board into an orgasm. Her climax engulfed her. She collapsed onto the bed with Amy on top with the feeldoe still inside of her.

The weight of Amy on top, the feeling of the feeldoe inside of her, caused feelings to arise within her that warmed her very being. When she recovered she turned over forcing Amy off and laid facing Amy. “That was wonderful. Thank you.’ And she kissed Amy as a lover would.

They lay quietly kissing one another gently, appreciatively. Caressing one another fondly.

Amy broke the mood. “What I’d like to do is to have you sit on the feeldoe such that we can hug and kiss and hold one another while you gently ride the feeldoe to an orgasm. I want to be kissing you when you orgasm. Would you do that for me?”

Sheila smiled as she rose and help arrange Amy and herself. It was a wonderful, first time experience for both. A deep connection had been made.

As they held one another afterwards, Amy asked, “Can you stay with me?”

“Yes, I would like that.” responded Sheila.

They fell off to sleep holding one another.

In the mooring after they finished breakfast Amy left the kitchen and returned naked wearing the feeldoe. She sat on a kitchen chair and brought Sheila to straddle her lap and Amy gently pulled her down. Sheila impaled herself on the feeldoe. Sheila shrugged off her robe.

Amy held her tightly. She needed to feel Sheila’s body against hers. They kissed quietly, unhurriedly. They were appreciating one another. They were attracted to one another.

With her bare feet firmly placed on the floor Sheila began riding the feeldoe. She needed to feel more of the feeldoe in her vagina and against her clit. She kept her hands on Amy’s breasts teasing her nipples, arousing her. Amy held her. Their mouths were locked together. Amy could feel the movement of the feeldoe in her vagina. She listened intently to Sheila’s breathing.

When Sheila orgasmed, Amy did too. Their kiss became fierce, a kiss of union and sexual and emotional release. They held tightly to one another. It was better, more intense than the night before.

Later when Sheila was ready to leave they came together in a tight hug and kissed long and appreciatively. Sheila whispered into Amy’s ear. “That was wonderful. When can we do it again?”

Amy pushed back looking into her eyes. She was smiling ear-to-ear. “Whenever you want.” She leaned in and kissed Sheila again this time more passionately.

Sheila left. Amy smiled and then she giggled. Things were going to be OK.

[Nia “suggested” that I share about Amy sooner rather than later.]

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