Meet the Teach

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I couldn’t believe that I actually got one of my stories published. I had the hard copy in my hand and I had planned on mailing you a copy but then my company advised that they were sending me to Texas for some training and I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

I hated traveling, but was looking forward to surprising you. It wasn’t a long flight but the heat was thick and heavy with humidity and I was eager to check into my hotel room. I had the evening free because I didn’t start training until the morning. Once I got comfortable and cooled down I pulled up my lap top and logged into my email. Luckily you were on and I was a bit nervous because I have never done this before.


Me: hey you

luvemlarge: hello my friend, how are you doing?

Me: I am doing great; I have a surprise for you….

luvemlarge: oh? Are you coming to see me? eg

Me: how did you know? 🙁

luvemlarge: stop kidding me

Me: I’m not kidding, I just checked into my hotel room. Do you know where the Day’s Inn is?

luvemlarge: yes.

Me: do you think you could get away for a bit and come see me? I’d hate to come all this way and not see you…

luvemlarge: yes of course, I will be there in about 30 minutes.

Me: I’m in room

14 just come on up.

luvemlarge: ok great see you then.


I made sure I was dressed for you; I wore a black summer dress and was barefoot. I had stopped by the circle K on the way in and bought a six pack of margaritas and I had one open so it would help me relax. I was lying on the bed watching bad TV when I heard the knock on the door; I adjusted my dress and opened the door.

“Hey there” I said and I let you in.

“It’s a pleasure to see you in person Nora” you are very dashing, dressed casually with jeans and a button up shirt. You smell amazing.

“Can I get a hug?” I ask nervously.

“Definitely” you say, as you pull me towards you and wrap your arms around me.

“You feel amazing” you whisper in my ear and kiss my neck.

“The feeling is mutual” and I grab your hand and lead you farther into the room.

“I have something to show you before anything” I go to my desk and grab the book. It’s about 100 pages, like a small harlequin book, but it made me proud none the less.

“I got published!” as I present it to you I can’t contain my joy.

“That is very exciting Nora” you say, thumbing through it.

“I could never have done it without you Stephen. Look at the acknowledgements” I watched nervously as you read it.

‘To Stephen, you had faith in me and helped me reach it. I will forever be grateful. You are a great teacher.’

I could tell you were touched with the acknowledgement.

You looked at me with heavy passion filled eyes, and I knew that I had pleased you a lot. You put the book down and came towards me, my heart starting to race.

“Is there anything else you think I could teach you?” you asked, running a finger down my cleavage making my skin goose bump.

“Oh I am sure there is a lot you can teach me. One is never too old to learn” I grasp your hand and maneuver it to cup my breast. I can hear you take a deep breath, and watch as you lick your lips.

“Would you like a taste?” my voice husky with lust.

You just nod, mesmerized as I pull the top of my dress off one shoulder and release one breast from the cup. My nipple puckers at the exposure, and is ready to be taken in your mouth. I hold my breast up for you and you lick around the areola first, closing your eyes as if tasting a fine wine. My pussy automatically reacts, and I can feel my juices starting to flow. You take the full nipple into your mouth and suckle ever so softly; you wrap your free arm around me and pull me closer into you. I hold onto your shoulders and you spin me towards the bed, you release my breast bostancı escort and all that could be heard is our breathing.

“Take the dress off please” you request, I can feel you hard against my tummy and I eagerly follow your request.

I place my moist tit back into the cup and I pull the dress over my head, now I am standing in just thong and bra and you devour me with your eyes.

“You are beautiful Nora so full, so lush.” You grab my face between your hands and come in for a kiss. You are a very sensual kisser; you start off slowly by sucking on my bottom lip. I wrap my arms around you and I open my mouth to let you in, your tongue delves in and caresses mine and we engage in an erotic battle. I wrap my lips around your tongue and begin to suck on it, this drives you crazy. You reach around me and grab a cheek and squeeze. I growl in your mouth.

You pull away with a loud ‘smack’, lips shiny with my saliva. My lips are swollen from the assault and my breathing is quick and shallow.

“Your ass is amazing, it completely fills my hand” and you give it another squeeze.

“Please lay on the bed….” Another request I comply with.

As I crawl on the bed, giving you a view of my big ass, I look over my shoulder “don’t you think you have me at a disadvantage in the clothing department?”

“I guess I do” you smile and begin to undress, you take of your shirt and pants and I can see your erection through your boxer briefs.

“I can’t stop staring at your ass. I can’t wait to fuck you doggy style” you breathe, as you climb on the bed behind me. I rest my head on the pillow still on my knees giving you an up-close and personal view of my ass.

I reach back with my foot and make contact with your rock hard bulge.

“Is that all for me?” I ask coyly, softly stroking your cock with my foot. You close your eyes, enjoying the friction and heat against your cock.

“What are you waiting for Stephen?” and I wiggle my big ass, making my cheeks jiggle. Next thing I feel is the sharp sting of your hand making contact with a cheek.

“Oh!” a new surge of juice seeps from me.

“Another please?!” I ask.

I feel the second sting on the other cheek, and this time I feel your strong hand stroking my pussy from behind me.

“So wet” you admire. “It’s been so long since I have felt a wet ready pussy” you continue to rub me, putting pressure with your palm and your fingers rubbing my clit over the panty. I’m panting and pressing myself on your hand. I spread my legs more to give you better access. I feel your other hand unhook my bra and free my tits, I pull the straps off and toss the bra to the chair. Your fingers have slipped beneath; what I thought was protective cotton and has dipped into my drenched pussy.

“Oh fuck Stephen your fingers feel amazing.” Moving your finger in and out of me slowly I can hear my juices slurping as you pump in and out.

“More fingers please” I beg and you slip in another finger. I have my arms crossed under me and pinching my nipples, the sweet pain is driving me crazy. I can feel your mouth now kissing my ass, soft bites here and there all the while manipulating my pussy.

“Stephen if you keep doing that you will make me cum” I breathlessly warn you. You remove your fingers from my warm moist hole, and I feel abandoned. You grab me by my hips and flip me over, and pull my soaked thong off.

“I have to see you” and you toss those aside. My pussy is fat and thick, and shaved and glistening from my juices. The aroma in the room is heady, and I can see a wet spot on the front of your boxer briefs.

“I see I have the same effect on you, which you have on me?” I can almost see you pulsating beneath the black cloth. You scoot off the bed, and you are standing at the foot. You grab each of my ankles büyükçekmece escort and place my feet at the edge of the mattress, and spread my legs wide.

“I want to taste you” you say as you get on your knees. “Hold your pussy open for me Nora” and my red polished nails split my lips open.

“I am yours to do with as you wish Stephen” your eyes light up and I hear you moan your response, it almost sounds like a growl and it excites me.

“I’d like to see my wife eat your pussy, once.” You say almost to yourself “but right now you are all mine to devour” with that last word you do just that.

Your tongue fills me, it’s hot and demanding and I close my eyes and I am engulfed by the pure male animalistic claiming. My clit is swollen and extends to play a part in the sweet tongue washing.

“Suck my clit Stephen” I beg and you more than enthusiastically take it into your mouth.

“Mm mm that’s it, suck it. Oh my god it feels so good! I love when I get head.” My body is writhing under your assault, and then I feel you slip your fingers inside me matching each suction and release.

“OH FUCK!” I moan loudly. “Oh…oh… Stephen you are going to make me cum!” I announce. The pressure is building inside me and you pressing on my G spot is expediting my orgasm.

You tear yourself off my little cock “I’m going to make you squirt Nora. Are you ready?” you announce.

“Yes… yes… please!” both of my hands are holding my thick lips open for you and you dive back in. Your mouth has latched onto my clit and two fingers are buried deep inside me, my feet are now on our shoulders and my legs are open as wide as possible. My ass is partially off the bed which gives you plenty of room to work my swollen cunt.

I am lost in a tornado of feelings, and my body is reacting instinctively. The pressure is sweet torture and suddenly everything feels like it’s coming to the top of my vagina, it wants release.

“Oh shit Stephen!” I am whimpering. “Keep going, I’m so close!” I am biting my bottom lip to stop from crying out. Suddenly the first spasm explodes.

“Oh GOD!” bursts from my lips, and I hear you growl in my pussy but you do not let go of my clit. Just then I feel your fingers put pressure on my G-spot and the flood gates open. It almost feels like I am going to pee and for a split second I worry but the feeling is so intense it’s fleeting and I just let go. A warm flow escapes me and I can hear you lapping up the liquid.

“That’s my girl, I knew you could do it!” you say proudly. Spasm after spasm is wreaking havoc on my body and I don’t want the feeling to end. I am in another world and can barely hear you from far away. Warm liquid heat escapes me, drenching the comforter and my ass.

“We are not done yet my hot Latina” and you come to lie next to me, kissing my tits and my face. I can feel moisture on your face and we kiss. Deeply.

I can taste me on you, and I want more and I kiss your face to clean the mess I made. I reach between your legs and your cock is engorged and my pussy is so ready for you.

“I want to see what you taste like” I regain my senses and press you onto your back and kneel to remove your boxers. The minute I remove them, your cock stretches relishing the release. I lick my lips in anticipation and lower my mouth to the glistening tip. I hear you suck in your breath and groan.

I wrap my lips around the tip and suckle the pearlescent drop. You taste amazing, slightly salty and silky. I circle my tongue around you and close my eyes basking in the pure power I have over your body. My mouth opens to accommodate more of you and I can feel you nudging the back of my throat.

“Sweet god Nora, you are amazing” and I feel your hands on the back of my head, holding me there. I am breathing through my nose çekmeköy escort and slightly bobbing my head. Tears squeeze from behind my lids, holding in my gag. I dig my nails in your thigh as a sign to release and you do. Slowly I release you and take a breath.

“Your mouth is another world Nora, I could have cum just from you sucking me” and you pull me to you and kiss me.

“Stephen I want you inside me, please” I beg my jaw still burning.

“Anything you’d like” and you shift position.

“Fuck me doggy style” I swing around on my tummy and prop myself up on my knees and present my ass to you.

“It would be my pleasure” you reply, with a sharp smack to my ass.

I can feel your hands on my hips, sliding over each large globe.


I bury myself deeper into the pillow and enjoy the sweet sting of the spank.

You take the head of your cock and run it up and down my ass crack. I can feel the warm pre cum coating me. You nudge my legs wider and tease my pussy with the head of your cock and I wiggle against you. My pussy is drenched and you pull out slightly and see how wet I am.

“Please Stephen, stop teasing me” I look over my shoulder and your eyes are focused on my swollen pussy.

Our eyes connect and you slightly smile and slide into me, to the hilt. Its sweet pain, your cock is so thick and I feel I am being split in two. You pause for a moment and enjoy the slick warmth of my cunt. You start a slow pounding, long deep strokes.

“Sweet fuck, you feel amazing around my cock” and you pick up your pace.

My fingers have fisted the sheets as my pussy adjusts to you.

“Harder Stephen, fuck me harder!” my voice comes out like hic-ups from your hammering. I close my eyes and just absorb the impact.

“If I fuck you harder, I will cum soon.” You advise me between breaths.

“We have time for another round, please baby just give me all you got!” I reach under between my legs and start to rub my clit, which produces more liquid.

With a grunt, you dig your hands into my hips and pummel me. My ass is jiggling with every thrust and I have planted my hands on the head board to steady myself, and you collide with my unrelenting body.

Grunts and moans fill the room along with the sound of bodies slapping against each other. You have hit my g-spot and my body starts to convulse, my muscles begin to constrict around you, milking your cock.

“Yes! Oh my god Stephen” I cry out.

“Yes, yes” and an explosion erupts inside me and I cum again, this time all over your cock. Simultaneously you dump all your cum inside me with a hard rumble. You have such a tight grip on my hips; my flesh has oozed between your fingers. My body quivers from the aftershocks and I can feel your breath on my neck. You are still inside me and slowly pull out, I suddenly feel empty and yet so satisfied.

You collapse next to me with your hand resting on my ass, softly caressing the handprint left on me.

“I am going to have to hide those hand prints when I get home” I softly giggle, you smile in response still taking deep breaths to calm your heartbeat.

“That was amazing” and you kiss my shoulder.

“Will there be a round two?” I ask hopefully. You shake your head and stand up, and start gathering your clothes.

“I wish I could, but I do have to be home. This will be a great memory to reflect on though.”

I stay on the bed, watching you dress and I can feel you oozing out of my pussy.

“The feeling is mutual Stephen, I’m so glad this worked out, you know being able to see each other.” I reach over and cover myself with the sheet. You come to my side of the bed and kiss me so tenderly.

“You made me very happy, I would love to stay and have another round. I hate leaving you like this?” I can see the uncertainty in your eyes.

“I had a great time Stephen; we are both adults with partners, so I knew what this was going to be. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t see you out?” I curl up on my side and let the sheet fall enough so you can glimpse my hip.

“Not at all, I look forward to reading another story?” you say as you make your way to the door.

“I look forward to writing a new one.Good night Stephen.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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