Meeting Ella’s Parents Pt. 02

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Meeting Ella’s Parents Part 2

It had been a tough week at work and Friday could not have arrived any sooner.

I had booked a restaurant near Ella’s flat and had arranged to pick her up at 7pm. We had only spoken on the phone since the events of the previous weekend, so I was champing at the bit to hold her in my arms and look into her beautiful, sparkling blue eyes.

As anxious as I was to see her, I was unprepared for the sight that befell me when she opened her flat door. What a vision of beauty! Ella was wearing a soft pink dress, with a moderately plunging neckline that exposed a titillating hint of her braless bosom. The dress was short, but not extreme, ending just above her knees. The dress clung tightly to her hourglass figure. She was wearing high heels that accentuated her height. She certainly wasn’t short, at about 5 foot 9, but with her heels she matched my 6-foot stature.

“Oh Blake, I’ve missed you,” Ella enthused, wrapping her arms around my shoulders, and planting a lingering kiss on my lips. I held her tightly by the hips and the mere touch of her body sent a shiver through my spine.

Gently, I let her go.

“I’ve missed you too Ella, I haven’t stopped thinking about you all week,” I replied.

Our eyes met and we stood silently for just a few seconds.

“I’ll get my bag, I’m starving,” she chuckled.

It was a lovely warm evening, so we strolled the short distance to the restaurant. It was a charming Italian one, having an alfresco dining area, with tables adorned with crisp white cloths, set under a trellis covered in creeping wisteria, its exquisite scent enveloping us. Our attentive waiter, who introduced himself as Guido, brought us a cocktail to start the evening. I was in no doubt that he considered he had landed the prize table as he flirted with Ella, in that typical Italian fashion, yet was able to inflate my manhood, being the partner of such a “belladonna”.

The food was fantastic, the wine superb, the ambience outstanding and the evening passed in a blur as we chatted easily, catching up on our week just gone. Eventually it was time to say ciao to Guido who escorted us to the door, no doubt gratefully for his well-deserved tip.

Soon, we were back inside Ella’s flat and with the door closed behind us, our passion exploded as we threw our arms around each other, and our lips locked in a passionate embrace. I ran my hands up and down her slender body, her perfume was intoxicating, her breath sweet. Her firm breasts pressed hard against my chest and with my hands on her bottom, I pulled her firmly into my groin. She would have felt my engorged cock straining against my pants, eager to be released.

Locked in our embrace we stumbled to Ella’s bedroom. I grabbed the bottom of her dress and whipped it over her head. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, but to my not complete surprise, she had dispensed with the need to wear undies too. Ella undid my belt and unzipped my pants, freeing my stiff cock. Immediately it was in her warm, wet mouth as she sucked determinedly, cupping my balls and squeezing them gently. I held the back of her head, encouraging her to keep up her delicious tongue lashing.

Gently, I lifted her onto her bed, laying her on her back. As she continued to suck my cock, I parted her legs exposing her gorgeous bald pussy. My tongue found its way to that glorious love hole, and I licked up and down on her swollen labia, pausing at her clit and taking it into my mouth. As I sucked, I could sense it swell. Locked hard on her love bud, I rubbed her pussy, with one, then a second finger inserted into her wet, steamy pussy. Back and forth my fingers worked and with every movement Ella became wetter and wetter. The sensuousness of that feeling was intense, as I knew that she was close to a spurting orgasm, and I was desperate to have her love juices explode over my face.

Ella rolled me onto my back and sat up on my face, my fingers still firmly inside her pussy. Her hands were on my chest, supporting herself as she finally reached her shuddering orgasm. She moaned loudly, her chest heaving as her orgasm bursa escort enveloped her, her cum gushing over my face. I was determined to savour every last drop, but I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume spurting forth.

Ella rolled off me, laying on her back, her body pulsating, her chest heaving. I looked on in awe that she could experience such unbridled passion. I let her savour the moment, but I knew that she wanted my hard cock up her as much as I did. My prick slid effortlessly into her magnificent moist, warm love tunnel. Once inside, she gripped my cock with her vaginal muscles and I have never experienced such an intense feeling as I stroked back and forth, my cock held in her firm clasp.

I slowed the pace of my thrusting in an attempt to prolong the pleasure for the both of us. I looked down to see my cock thrusting in and out of Ella’s pussy. I pulled out momentarily and rubbed the tip of my cock against Ella’s clit. She moaned soflty. I ran the length of my manhood up and down, but I sensed that I was close to cumming, and I wanted to flood my load into Ella’s cunt. I manoeuvred back inside her and pumped hard as my own orgasm grew. My body tingled as I exploded, and my own torrent of love juices filled her shuddering pussy. I collapsed onto her chest, and we lay together, breathless, our bodies entwined and sweating. I did not want to let Ella go. I knew that I had fallen hopelessly in love with her.

The next thing I knew, the sun was streaming through the bedroom window. I could hear voices coming from the kitchen. Immediately, I realised it was Ella and her flatmate Fiona talking. Fiona had been out when I arrived last evening, and I certainly didn’t hear her arrive home. I needed to go to the toilet, so I searched for my pants on the ground and put them on.

I was unprepared for what I saw as I entered the kitchen. There was Ella and Fiona, sitting at the table, drinking coffee, both totally naked. Ella, I knew to be a confirmed nudist, but I had no idea that Fiona shared the same interest.

“Hello Fiona,” I managed to splutter out. “Nice to see you again.” I had not seen Fiona since that first night that we all met at the pub. I instantly regretted my wording, as “seeing her again” could imply that I was perversely happy to see her naked, which as it happened, of course I was.

“Hello Blake, good to see you too. How was last night?” Fiona replied.

I presumed she meant dinner, so I told her what a fabulous meal we had then excused myself as I was desperate to use the toilet.

Once in the safety of the bathroom, I composed myself. I reminded myself that I had to be mature and not make a big deal of seeing Fiona naked. This was going to take some control, because there was no denying that Fiona was very attractive with a stunning body. But I only had thoughts for Ella, so after relieving myself I strolled nonchalantly back to the kitchen.

“Would you like a coffee, Blake?” Fiona offered.

I did and replied yes please. Fiona got up and went to the coffee machine as I sat down next to Ella and took her hand in mine and gave it a gentle squeeze. Ella smiled back at me.

“Sorry Blake, I forgot to tell you that Fiona is a nudist too. She wasn’t when she moved in with me, but she soon got used to me walking around naked so thought what the heck and gave it a try and hasn’t looked back, eh Fiona, “Ella said looking in Fiona’s direction.

“That’s about it,” Fiona replied “I must admit that I love the freedom. It’s good that we can hang naked at home and when we go to the beach and all that.”

“Ahhh, so you go to Cobblers together?” I recalled the nude beach Ella took me to last week.

“Yep, we do occasionally when we have nothing on,” said Ella and we all laughed at the intended pun.

Ella’s phone rang. It was her mum, and she went to her room to take the call.

I sat chatting with Fiona, but not for long as she worked Saturday and had to go get ready. She pushed away from the table and walked towards the bathroom. No human could resist the opportunity to watch as she sashayed away, her taunt body bursa escort bayan was certainly a sight to behold.

“Mum and dad are going to Cobblers this afternoon, but not until about 3 o’clock. They asked if we would like to join them,” advised Ella when she returned.

“Fine with me. The time is right as I thought you would help me with a bit of clothes shopping this morning.” I replied.

“Sounds good to me,” gushed Ella as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. “And what are you doing with those pants on? You know now that this is a naked household, no need for them here.” With that, I stood up and whipped them off.

“Much better!” Ella cried.

Our coffees finished; we went to the sink to wash up the cups. As I washed them, Ella stood beside me and playfully rubbed my cock. With wet hands I was pretty defenceless, not that I minded. Her touch was delightful and naturally, my cock rose to the occasion. She fiddled with it as I finished washing up.

At that moment, Fiona came out of the bathroom after her shower. She looked across to us.

“Nice cock, Blake,” she chuckled and walked on.

I’m pretty sure that I blushed but all Ella and Fiona could do was burst out in fits of laughter.

Our shopping expedition was successful. I needed some shirts for work. I envied those who could now work from home as I know that if I could, I would certainly work in the nude.

It was fast approaching 3pm so Ella and I got ready for the beach. It didn’t take long. Ella was wearing a very light, almost transparent sundress. When shopping, I picked up a t-shirt and a pair of throw on shorts to wear to the beach. Of course, Ella insisted that I don’t wear any underwear. We packed the cooler with a few drinks then off we went.

By 3 pm, the beach was starting to thin out. It was easy to spot Greta and Elliott who Ella advised had taken their blue and white striped umbrella. There was plenty of space for us. Both Greta and Elliott got up to greet us as they saw us arrive, Ella and I getting a hug from Greta and Elliott giving Ella a hug and me, a manly handshake.

“Glad you kids could make it,” enthused Greta, “it’s just a gorgeous day, isn’t it?”

“Not wrong,” I truthfully replied.

We set our towels down and quickly disrobed. Ella placed her towel next to her dad and I was next to Ella.

We sat silently, enjoying the view. There were a few boats moored just off the beach. To our right there was a couple, possibly in their 50s, further up the beach there were more couples, and a number of single men, even a single female. To our left there were a few more couples and a sprinkling of single men.

“Beer time,” Elliott said and reached into his cooler and pulled out a beer for himself and a rum and coke for Greta. We had bought beer and cider, so we got out one of each. It was delightful sitting naked, watching the passing parade, drinking beer as the sun was lowering in the sky. The water beckoned, as it was still quite warm, so we all ventured in. There was no doubt that Ella and Greta were thinking on the same wavelength. Under the cover of the water, Ella reached for my cock and gently massaged it. Looking over to Greta, it was evident that her hands being under water, she had a similar intent. It felt very erotic, knowing that the girls were playing with our cocks, with the unsuspecting other nudists on the beach being oblivious to their actions. Or were they?

Having cooled off, Greta and Elliott headed back to the beach. Elliott was still sporting an erection and made no attempt to hide it. Ella had stopped playing with my cock and I was somewhat relieved that I could exist the water without a boner.

We got back to our towels and dried off. Elliott was laying on his back sitting up on his haunches, looking out to sea, his erection proudly on display. Ella who was sitting next to him, reached into her beach bag and pulled out the sunblock.

“Dad, there is still some bite in that sun, you don’t want to burn,” she declared.

With that, she dribbled the sunblock escort bursa onto his chest, which rolled down his stomach and onto his groin.

Ella started at his chest and rubbed the lotion in. She worked her way down, eventually arriving at his still hard cock. Slowly she massaged the sunblock in, lingering more than seemed necessary. Greta looked on admiringly. I looked on, somewhat taken aback, but not entirely shocked, having witnessed the family together last weekend. It was certainly erotic, and my cock soon stiffened as a result. I looked around to see if we were creating a scene. The beach had thinned out even further and there were fewer people around than when we arrived. A couple, just up from us were watching the proceedings. The husband was playing with his wife’s tits and his cock was hard as well. A little further up, a single male was playing with his cock.

Greta looked across and saw my hard on.

“Blake, you could burn too,” she stated without a lot of conviction.

She got up and took the sunblock from Ella and moved next to me. At least Ella, with fake concern or not, applied the sunblock to all of her dad, but Greta, seemed to think that only my cock was in danger of burning. She oozed a liberal amount into her hand and rubbed it straight onto my cock. It felt so good, as I lay there enjoying the attention.

Soon, though, Greta decided the job was done. She went back to her towel and picked it up and moved it about two metres from us. She lay on her back and spread her legs. The single man, who was playing with his cock walked towards us. He stood in front of Greta, looking directly at her exposed pussy.

Elliott stood up, his erection still on display. He motioned to me to stand up, which I did. We walked over to Greta.

“Blake, there is nothing that Greta likes better than for men to cum on her tits. You would do that for her wouldn’t you? asked Elliott.

I felt that there was only one response to this and the thought certainly excited me. I looked across to Ella and she gave me an encouraging nod.

The husband near us, got to his feet and walked towards Greta. The single male moved closer. Elliott and I stood either side of Greta. Soon the four of us were surrounding her and we had our hands firmly gripping our hard cocks as we wanked away, ready to cover Greta with our cum.

I looked around. The beach was quite deserted. There was another couple further up watching the action intently. There was also another single male who stood some distance away but was nevertheless stroking his cock.

The four of us stood there pumping away at our hard ons. The sensation was highly erotic, and I didn’t think that I would last too long. In fact, I was the first to cum and I shot a long, thick stream of semen right onto Greta’s waiting breasts. She had her mouth open, hoping to catch any wayward drops. In quick succession the others came, with Elliott the last to do so. He kneeled down and got closer to her mouth and sprayed his cum all over her face. She lapped it up voraciously.

Greta motioned to the single guy, still standing above her.

“Aren’t you going to rub it in?” she inquired.

He needed no further encouragement. He knelt down beside her and enthusiastically rubbed the copious spunk into her ample bosom. All the while she was fingering her pussy. She was close to her own orgasm and soon, she let out a gentle moan as her back arched and a shuddering climax ripped through her body. We watched on in awe.

Shortly, the other two men drifted away, appreciative of the show that they were afforded. Elliott and I returned to our towels.

The sun was setting, but Elliott thought we should have one for the road, a drink that is.

We sat sipping our drinks as the remaining beachgoers packed and left. As the sun set, we finished our drinks, dressed, and headed back to our cars. It was certainly an eventful afternoon which we all enjoyed immensely. We kissed and hugged and went our own way.

I had to pinch myself that I had met this incredible family. Their open acceptance of their sexuality was as refreshing as it was exciting. Ella was the most beautiful caring girl that I had ever met, and I couldn’t wait to spend more time with Elliott and Greta.

It was a pleasant drive home, filled with the thoughts of the afternoon and who knows what may lie ahead.

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