Meeting Her

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The dream was withering away. I was coming back to consciousness. For many years, I have loathed this process of coming back to surface, saying goodbye to the bliss of my dreams and getting back to my lonesome life. The one where I seem not to exist, and feel like I do not matter.

But this morning was different. I felt rays of sun warming my forehead. Was the scar on my forehead shining in the light? I wondered. The rustle of leaves and morning traffic felt like music to my ears. There was dampness on my cheeks, I was waking up and this was a blissful awakening.

My face was buried in her cleavage. I open my eyes, and her closed eyes and serene face is the first thing I see. Resting my cheek on her neck I kiss the mole on her collarbone. Smelling her sweet and sweaty aroma. Her black hair cover my eyes partially.

I was naked under the sheet, she wasn’t. I remember her waking up to call home, and me helping her put on her bra and panty. Both Black.

Her legs were intertwined with mine. My hands tracing her spine. I want to unclasp the hook of her bra. To fondle her breasts. Kiss and caress her perfect curves. I fidget a bit with the hook, trying hard to open it. I succeed in my fourth attempt, had she been awake she would have let out that giggle of hers before giving me a peck on my cheek.

Her breasts heave a little and then ease with freedom. I let the unhooked bra linger there, on her ample bosom. She is blissfully asleep. I don’t want to wake her up…yet. We hardly slept last night. And she needs to rest.

But I’m only human. And I know I might wake her up with what I was about to do. Would she be mad?…No, I don’t think so.

I squeeze her half covered soft breasts gently, tracing her nipples from over her bra, delicate patterns on the brassiere running smooth between my fingers.

“You have a seamless touch, you know that?” She breathed in my ear last night when I unzipped her golden-yellow dress. I look up at her now, relieved that she is still blissfully asleep.

I suck on her nipples, feeling the soft cloth between my lips and her skin. My hand sliding up and down her bare back. Her crotch is pressed tightly, against my body just below my belly button. Our legs are intertwined, as if we both have emerged from a single root.

I close my eyes and continue sucking her nipples that have hardened now. My hand slid lower. Just above the periphery of her panties. Gliding my hands further down, over her ass I pull her crotch closer to my body. I want her to straddle me like last night. Not leaving even centimetres of separation between us. Her body gives a slight twirl and I further tighten my embrace.

I peel the bra away, exposing her gorgeous skin, and her beautiful breasts. The dimly freckled areolae surrounding her protruding nipple looks glorious against the sun.

“They are yours”, I recall her moaning.

My hands caressing them unhurriedly. Little dewdrops of sweat linger between her breasts, I lick them. I taste lust mixed with lure. As I suck at her nipples I am reminded of her hands in my hair. Bringing my face further closer to her breasts. Rubbing me on her moist breast. Pleading me not to stop. The sing song of birds outside is punctuated by her silent moans now. I feel a bulge in my crotch. My naked dick is pressed against her lap. Feeling the softness of her panties.

I suck hungrily at her breast which have become damp with my spit. I just can’t get enough. I so want to kiss her delicate lips. But I know if I do, she will wake up for sure.

And I am planning to wake her up in a different manner.

But my lips move near hers. Her lips are parched and I desperately wish to moisten them. Bursting like rain on desert sand. Both of us devouring each others kisses. My lips are so close to hers that we are breathing each others’ air now, air which is thick with delightful intoxication.

I kiss her on the lips lightly and hug her close in my protective embrace, her nipples pressed against my chest my naked crotch clasped in between her legs. I feel moisture spreading over her panties against my crotch.

Gently, I hold her for a while. I feel her stirring out of sleep. How long before she wakes up I wonder.

My hand lingers on her waist. On its way inside her panties. I give her a slight twirl so that her breasts are fully exposed and she is lying on her back now. My hand slides further down. Under the delicate elastic of her panties.

‘Fuck this feels good!’

I could feel the narrow strip of hair inside her panties. Which to me feels like cotton candy… I rub my fingers over it, breathing heavy. I try resist an urge to insert my fingers inside her which almost feels like resisting my urge to cum.

I place my chin on her collar bone and kiss her chin, feeling her soft skin which feels like silken on a wound. I cannot resist it anymore. I glide my face downwards, from her collarbone through the cleft between her breasts and further down. My lips and tongue leaving a moist cevizli escort trail all over her body as I slide down, and then I reach her belly. I linger longer there as I kiss her belly. Lost in passion. Rubbing my face on her soft skin. In between my kisses I find the tip of my tongue slide inside her belly button. I feel her body sway slightly up as my chin touch the periphery of her panties, and I go further down…

…but before I tell you how I wake her up, don’t you wanna know how I met her first?


My bedroom looks brighter than usual and the sound of the waves submerge the sound of meagre traffic on the road below. I glance outside and then back inside.

I look at her angelic face. Peaceful in the early morning glare. The sheets cover her partially. Most of her hair cascading down her back, more rebellious ones stay on her face. Peacefully asleep like her. I move back a strand from above her elegant nose. I kiss her lips gently again , and then her forehead. After tucking her properly under the sheets, I head out to the kitchen to fix us a breakfast.

My clothes spread around the passage. Her dress on the couch. The plates from last night were sitting still on the dining table where we had our dinner together, naked. And desert later, which we ate from each other’s mouths. Devouring kisses mixed with vanilla ice cream, coming back for cream and lips fervently, wanting more after every bite.

The beach looks deserted from my window. The clouds are grey but gaining color. I’ll make some scrambled eggs and toast. I loved the beacon sandwich she made last night.

Last night. The more I recall it, the more improbable it seems. Yesterday, when I woke up at around this time, the sky was still grey. I woke up alone on the same bed where this beautiful woman is asleep now. My ritual of living the same day began like every other day before it.

The spirit was high in my office, as the week was about to end. Nothing exciting for me. I don’t do weekends. I was quietly working in my cubicle, listening to my fingers punching the keyboard.

The day went by without any intrusion. I ate my lunch alone at the cafeteria and then headed to the 6th floor podium of my office. I like the breeze blowing gently through my hair and the view of the skyline is breathtaking from there.

I reached the open podium and sat on those miniature chairs taking in the thick silence of my life, which was broken only by faint car horns down below. The sun was sheathed under the rain bearing clouds. The podium was flooded in gentle light.

At about 7.10, after finishing my work I was in my office parking lot. As I pulled over the curb, the thrumming on my car roof and mizzle on my windshield told me that it had begun to rain.

‘Guess I wont be going to the beach tomorrow’ I remember thinking.

My tongue longed for something I hadn’t tasted ever. Was today the day I finally started drinking? Maybe not. I think I should give loneliness some more time to do the deed.

My car wheeled on the vast labyrinth of roads this city had, I had taken a detour to find a 24 Hour shop to buy a pack of Cheetos and a 7 UP. There was none in sight. With no intentions of staying out in rain longer than required, I decided to head home.

As I turned over to take the road to my apartment building, I saw a woman sitting alone at a bus stop near the church. Drenched in rain, hugging herself in the cold. Slowing down at the bus stop I lowered the car window,

“Can I help you?” the rain partially suppressed my voice…but it reached her.

She stood up and approached my car. She was wearing a golden yellow gown which means when she bowed down on my window to talk to me, I could see her deep cleavage and the delicate chain necklace dangling ahead of it from my peripheral vision. She had beautiful hazel eyes, I was careful not to look anywhere else.

Opening her palms in the air, and smiling at me she said, “I’m back from a friend’s wedding and I haven’t checked into any hotel yet and cannot call an Uber because my phone just died”.

The church was right across the street. And I could see the wedding guests returning to their cars, and driving off hastily. The rain was in all its glory now.

“If you could charge my phone for 15 mins, I’ll have enough juice to call the cab and then I’ll be out of your hair,” her eyebrows creased and her lips curved in an apologetic smile.

“Please. Come in. The rain is not gonna stop any time soon.” I said.

“My dress is wet and I’m all messy”

“It’s okay, come in or you might catch a cold,” I tried to be as reassuring as possible.

“Thank you, I’m Monica” she said as she came around to the passenger seat. I took her phone and connected it to the dashboard charger.

“Hi Monica, I’m Julian. I was gonna make a quick stop ahead at the grocery store, I hope you don’t mind,” I said.

“By all means. We can stop there,” she was trembling erenköy escort in the cold. Luckily my job demands that I suit up every morning for the office. Which means I could gave her my jacket to warm herself up a little.

She was shivering still. Seeing her in this state, stirred something inside my cold heart. A feeling I never felt. I wanted to make her feel allright some how, to make her feel warm again. But I didn’t know how.

In the 10 mins it took for me to reach the conveyance store, she was already asleep. How tired she must be. Her damp hair covering a part of her face. The dress was glimmering with rain drops and I saw a bit more of her cleavage, and then I quickly looked away. Starting any longer would have been inappropriate right?

But I saw dewdrops working their way from her neck and disappearing in between her breasts. And again I quickly looked away.

As silently as I could, I opened and closed the door. In the store I quickly got some grocery, beacon, eggs, towels, an extra toothbrush (just in case) and a bottle of wine and then after a lotta reconsideration – Cheetos and 7Up. I paid quickly at the counter and was out in a jiffy.

She was half awake when I closed the door again.

“I got you some towels”

“Thank you so much,” she said, grabbing one from the bags, “Are there any hotels around here?”

“I don’t think so. We might find something near the town hall, but that would mean another 45 minutes. I live right around the corner. You can crash at my place if that’s okay with you.”

The rain was pouring on us. It was getting colder. Seeing her seated alone at the bus stop, getting drenched in rain had a certain affect on me. I don’t wanna see her helpless anymore.

“I live alone, and I have an extra room which I can fix for you.”

“You wouldn’t mind? I have already caused you so much trouble.”

“Oh no. No trouble” I said. We were almost there.

We reached my parking lot of my apartment building. I grabbed the grocery bags and closed the car door. Her dress was still slippery with rain as we headed towards the passage. She was walking slowly fearing that she might slip and fall I suppose. And she did slip in the hallway I quickly grabbed her waist and her hands went up to my shoulders for support.

“Are you okay?” I said. Knowing she wasn’t.

“Yes, thanks” she said,

My hands were on her waist and her’s on my shoulder through our journey to my apartment. I carefully held her, as we entered my apartment.

I lived on the 14th floor. I placed the grocery bags on the beanie bag. Next I went to my bedroom and switched on the heater, and came back to the hall where she was patting herself dry with another dry towel. Looking around my house.

“You can crash in my room right across the passage, it has a centralized heater. Warm yourself up. I’ll fix the other room in the meantime. Make yourself at home. I’ll be right here if you need anything. Okay?”

She came close to me, and gave me a kiss on my cheek and said, “Thank you” in a tired voice and a tired smile.

I smiled back.

I went to the kitchen and she went to the bedroom. I wanted to prepare some food and coffee for both of us. I realised I forgot to tell her that she can grab my sweater from the closet and some other clothing. As I reached the bedroom I saw her struggle with the chain of the gown.

“Monica.There’s a sweater and some change of clothes in my closet.” I said, “Feel free to grab anything that would make you warm.”

“Okay! I cannot get this chain, can you help me unzip it?” she said.

I knocked twice and entered. Felt kind of strange to knock and enter a room in my own house. The bedroom floor was slightly damp. She was facing the mirror, and smiled apologetically.

“This might be so awkward for you. I’m so sorry,” I saw her reflection as I entered my bedroom. Even the creases on her forehead were perfect.

I saw her long fingers were still shivering. It would take some time for the room to become warm and I totally understood her urgency to get out of her cold clothes.

I quietly went to her, and slid the hook of the chain down. The motion revealed her bra strap, and just the brim of her panties.

“You have a seamless touch, you know that?” She said smiling, as she turned around.

It was a playful smile. I smiled back. We stared at each other for a little longer than what I both had anticipated. My heart was beating fast.

There she was. Slightly damp. In my bedroom. As she looked at me, with that pursed smile. The dress was all wet and was draping down with the weight of the rain. Exposing just the top of her bosom, forming a deep cleavage. Her hair though damp still had many drops that could be shed. I saw one rebel of a drop, venturing from her temple, coming down from her cheeks and taking off from her perfect chin, disappearing into the pool full of drops of rain that formed where she stood.

Her esenyurt escort hands were numb, I could see the way she was holding the towel. I hated the distance between us. And I wanted to remove that. I wanted to give the warmth of my body to comfort hers. I wanted a million other things, but all I could do was stay silent and watch her ravishing smile. And all I could do was smile back.

“Monica?”, I said.

“Hmm?” She had turned to face me now, and I could see her bare back in the mirror now.

“Were you crying alone in the rain before I arrived at the bus stop?”

Words wouldn’t suffice what I felt back then. I felt a million things at that instant…listening to the rain and thunder outside…heavy silence lingering between us…

…she didn’t say anything… just kept looking at me, trying to smile, trying not to give herself away. But her dewy eyes were on my side.

Realizing I should leave her to undress, I just nodded and turned back towards the hall. I thought I could feel her stare on my nape.

Before heading back to the kitchen, I turned back to see my closed bedroom door. It wasn’t closed. Monica was standing there. Still in her dress. What followed next, was natural, carnal, passionate, lustful, sexual, licentious, and erotic but most of all what followed next was poetic.

She rushed towards me and I ran to her. And we held each other in a tight embrace. I could feel her heart racing against my chest. Her hands running through my hair. My hands tracing the curves of her waist. Pulling her close to me.

And that’s s when she broke down. Crying on my shoulder. Letting herself open as I held her together. Rubbing her back as she cried and cried and cried.

What pain does she hide inside? I wondered.

“Thank You”, was all I heard as she brought her lips close to mine. Our kisses melting into shallow breathing. Kissing tenderly at first until we just couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t realise when our kisses became sloppy. My tongue in sync with her. My hands rubbing all over her body.

She began loosening my tie and and I undid the buttons of my shirt. Soon I was standing shirtless in front of her. Her delicate fingers spread across my chest.

I pulled her dress off carefully and placed it on the couch. Maintaining eye contact all the while. She stood before me in her black velvet bra and panties. She had a beautiful mole on her shoulders which I kissed, before going back to her lips.

I lifted her up. Her hands gripping my shoulders and then my neck. Her thighs were moist and cold. I carry her to my bedroom. Where it was warmer. Carefully placing her on my bed, I attempted to remove my pants. But She took my hand. She wanted to do that.

Unbuttoning carefully. And then unzipping. She gently slid them down. She pulled me in closer and gently kissed my chest. I leaned on top of her now, our crotches rubbing together as I feeling her bra against my bare chest and her panties against my crotch.

I kiss her chin, and the triangle at the base of her neck. She pushed me down now. She was on top of me now. As straddled me, bringing her mouth close to mine. Teasing me. Her hands went down my belly button and on top my briefs. Feeling the bulge of my dick.

I bring my mouth close to hers and she quickly moves her away. Giggling. And then brings it back on mine where it belongs. Kissing me tenderly all the while rubbing my shaft.

Carefully she let go off my lips and gave me that same playful smile again. Unbuckling my belt and removing my pants. She gasped at the erection of my shaft underneath my briefs.

She rested her hips so that our groins rubbed against each other. And was grinding slowly. My hands were all over her bare back. And reached further down, now on her perfectly round ass. My hand moved with the moment of her hips, feeling her panties.

“Oh Monica!” I let out a gasp.

I was in paradise. She giggled when I tried to get up, leaning in, pushing me down with her weight without stopping the grinding. Heaving her breast against my chest. But she gave in. And at last I got up. She was sitting on me, her legs on either side of me. I wanted to remove her bra and panties. I wanted to get rid of every thread of clothing between us.

I was struggling to unclasp the hook, at which she chuckled. And unclasped it herself. The bra hung there as I kissed her mouth. Then I removed the bra, making her two perfect round breasts come to light. I fondled them. Caressed them. Kissed them and then eventually sucked on her nipples one at a time. Her moans filled the air. I couldn’t get enough. Her hands in my hair giving direction to my mouth as I sucked onto her nipples and my hands shot beneath her underwear. On the bare skin of her ass which was grinding on my crotch.

“I want you inside me Julian.” she said, grabbing me.

She removed my briefs in one quick motion and slipped below me. Now I was naked on top of her. I kissed her breasts and gradually went down. From her belly button to the heaven beneath. I removed her panties which exposed a thin strip of hair and her neat vagina. Now we both were naked. I rubbed over her clit which was already moist. Her moans ringing in my ear. It took me no time to move my lips on her clit. Her scream of joy acting as motivation. I tasted every bit of her. My Lips parting hers.

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