Meeting The Couple

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[The third, and final, story about 40 year old Dave (me) and 19 year old Ryan. Note: You’ll get this one better if you’ve read “The So Called ‘Photo Shoot'” first. I apologize for this story being so long. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know!]

* * * * *

The phone rang for the fourth time with no answer. I decided I would give it one more ring and then hang up. As the fifth ring began my apprehension about this call was dissipating, as I was sure there would be no answer. I now could honestly tell Ryan I had tried to call but hadn’t been able to reach them. I was off the hook, at least for the next day or so.

I was trying to call Roger and Susie. This was the couple who had left a note on our car indicating that they had observed Ryan and I, making love outdoors in the State Park two weekends ago. They had said they were interested in meeting us, and although I was somewhat intrigued by the notion of getting involved with another couple, I was blown away by Ryan’s interest in doing so also. I really thought she was going to be so embarrassed by having been seen outdoors naked while performing sex acts, unknowingly for complete strangers that she would never want to be seen by them again. Yet, all week long she kept pestering me to call.

“I’m curious.” she kept saying.

“About what?” I would reply.

“About what they have in mind.” She’d answer.

“What if they want to have sex with us? Sharing partners and all….you know?”

“Well, maybe I’d be interested in that. Wouldn’t you?” She’d counter smiling.

I had to admit, it did sound quite tantalizing and erotic. Roger and Susie were pretty cute from our first impression when we met them for only a moment on the trail. But I didn’t know them, or what kinds of things they were into, or anything about them. Here I was calling them and planning to offer ourselves to them for god-knows-what. I was titillated, yes, but also a bit nervous. Just as I was about to give up and put down the phone there was a click. “Hello?”

“Oh, um”, I stammered, “Is this Roger?” An instant sweat broke out on my forehead.

“Yep, this is Roger. Who is this?”

“Well……my name is Dave. I’m the guy who was at the park two weekends ago and my girlfriend and I found your note on our car.”

“Oh yeah!” Roger exclaimed. “We had just about given up on you. We thought maybe it wasn’t your car…….oh….was it your car? Are you the guy we said “hello” to on the trail? The couple having the…ah…”picnic?”

“Yes….that was us.” I said sheepishly. “So, I take it you saw us and what we were doing?”

“Oh…yeah. I’m sorry, I hope you don’t mind. Susie found you through the binoculars and we couldn’t help but watch somewhat. I’m embarrassed to admit it though.”

“Oh that’s okay. What can I do about it now? That’s the chance we took.” I stated matter of fact. “But tell me. How? Where were you?”

“Well, we were down at the edge of the river about a quarter mile south of where you were. Susie likes to bird watch so we had a binoculars and a pretty good telescope with us and she caught you while scanning for falcons.” Roger explained.

I laughed to myself as I thought something about Susie’s success in finding a bird of a different variety. I might have said that to Roger, but I didn’t really know if I was that comfortable with making jokes yet.

“I kept telling her to stop spying on you but she kept reporting to me what you were doing. I hope you’re not mad at us.” Roger said, sounding sincere I thought. “I gotta tell you,” he continued, “We had the best sex we’d had in months that night. It really turned her on.”

“Well, to be honest with you, my girlfriend Ryan was apparently pretty turned on by having been seen by you guys, because she wanted me to call you ever since we got the note. But to be honest with you, I was not so sure. I really didn’t want to call you.” I said in reply.

“I suppose I can understand that, but can you tell me why?” Roger asked. “Well” I started, thinking I’d go right ahead and get to the point, “we don’t know you guys and I’m not sure…….Are you guys looking for “swing” partners or what? What did you mean by “similarly provocative?”

Roger chuckled. “Don’t ask me. Susie had the idea of leaving the note, she wrote it, and I don’t know what she has in mind exactly. Frankly Dave, you and I sound like we were thinking the same way on this. I kept telling her we don’t know these people. What if they get mad at us? We’re giving them my phone number. But she insisted, saying she had a good feeling about it.”

“Have you guys ever done something like this before?” I asked.

“Hell NO!” Roger blurted back. “Before we saw you we never even talked about it before. Are you kidding? We could never admit such a thing to any our friends.”

“Admit what?” I inquired somewhat confused.

“Well,” Roger hesitantly said, “I think Susie wants a couple we can share more intimately with, more honestly with, about our sex lives and our etiler escort desires. We’ve talked a little in the past about what it would be like with different partners and with groups and stuff like that. But we never, ever talked seriously about actually doing it. But Susie thought that since we don’t know you, but we DO know you like more adventurous sex, that maybe we SHOULD get to know you. Maybe you have some ideas we can share. I think that’s what she’s looking for. The friends we have would never believe we were interested in such stuff, so we can’t talk to them.”

“That sounds okay to me.” I replied, but still felt sure they were looking for sex partners. “I understand exactly what you mean. Ryan and I have shared just about every secret I can imagine and it has made our relationship so dynamic. It would be fun to expand our circle of intimacy to include the thoughts of another couple. But I’m not sure we have any ‘expertise’ to bring to the table.”

“Well then we’ll all be experimenting, won’t we? So should I tell Susie you want to meet us?”

“Yeah, sure” I said. “Ryan is insisting.”

Roger and I made plans to meet Friday night at a restaurant we both were familiar with. We figured we should get together at a neutral sight and see if we really liked each other first. Then we talked a little about our relationships with the girls and about what we do for jobs, finding out we are both self employed and just basic general knowledge stuff. He sounded like a great guy and for so many of the things we talked about we agreed perfectly with each other. Maybe Susie’s good feeling was going to turn out to be correct. I firmed up the plans for Friday and said good-bye.

Ryan was really excited. I don’t know what she thought was ultimately going to happen. Maybe the two women were using their intuition or something, because she was just thrilled to be meeting Roger and Susie. Her enthusiasm was causing my imagination to run wild. She seemed to understand what they were looking for and surprisingly, she seemed open to it. Every time I thought about the potential relationship that could develop from this meeting I got a hard on. The thought of sharing Ryan with another man and sharing another woman as well, was just so arousing. Friday couldn’t come fast enough.

Of course, nothing seemed to go right on Friday night, so Ryan and I were running late. We finally got to the Restaurant about 20 minutes late. I was hoping Roger and Susie hadn’t given up on us thinking we chickened out. Problem was, I was thinking as I pulled into the parking lot, I wasn’t sure I’d recognize them. I was sure hoping they’d remember us. It seemed that we’d be pretty easy to identify though, given our age and race differences.

I was relieved when Roger spotted us as we entered and came from their table to meet us.

“Dave, right?” He questioned.

“Yeah, hi Roger, sorry we’re late.” I responded extending my hand, “Good to meet you, officially, this is my friend, Ryan.” “Yes, wow, hi Ryan.” Roger sort of stammered, “You’re even prettier than I remember.”

“Oh brother, good line.” I was thinking as I snickered under my breath. But Ryan seemed mesmerized. Roger was a pretty good looking guy I had to admit. Hopefully, I thought, Ryan doesn’t think he is better looking than me. I quickly told myself my insecurity was being immature so I tried to put any jealousy out of my mind. Roger was about an inch taller than me with a similar build. He did appear to be in a little better shape than I. But hey, Roger is only thirty-four. I was in better shape at thirty-four myself. I consoled myself with the fact that Roger’s hairline had receded quite a bit more than mine and what was left of his light brown hair on top was thinning as well. He had a handsome face and a very polite and pleasing manner. We followed Roger to the table.

“They’re here, Sue.” Roger announced as we reached the table. “This is Dave and Ryan.”

“Hi Susie” I said, “We’re so sorry to be late.”

“Don’t worry about it” Susie assured us. “It gave Roger and I a chance to have a drink, relax and catch up with each other. We haven’t seen each other for a couple of days.”

Ryan greeted her as well and we both shook her hand before sitting down. She was really cute. I hadn’t really noticed on the trail how cute she was, but I thought I can’t say THAT. Not after Roger just said the same thing. I’d look like an idiot. So I tried a different approach.

“You know, I didn’t get a good look at you at the park, has anyone ever told you look a lot like younger Kyra Sedgewick, the actress?”

“Oh thanks” Susie responded smiling, “yes, people have told me that.”

“But you’re cuter in my opinion.”

“Oh wow, Dave, you and I are gonna get along just fine.” And She giggled while giving me an appreciative look. I was about to drift off in a daydream about what it might be like to kiss her very sexy lips when from out of no where, eve gelen escort BAM! Ryan kicked me under the table. I guess to remind me that she was still there and that she wasn’t quite ready for me to start flirting with Susie so quickly.

Roger seemed to know what had just happened so he said to Ryan, “Don’t worry about Susie, she flirts with every guy she meets.” Then he chuckled.

“I do not.” Susie blurted back. “Only with the guys I want to sleep with.”

“What!?” I thought with my eyes revealing my shock. I looked at Susie, then at Roger and then at Ryan who looked stunned. Susie looked at each of us grinning.

“I’m kidding!” She burst out laughing. We hesitantly started laughing with her. “I always love to shock Roger with the things I say out of the blue. I just had to say that to break the ice.”

“Yes, she does stuff like that all the time to me. Roger confirmed.

We were giggling and laughing so much now as we started being silly that I got the sense that other people were looking at us like we were nuts. But Susie’s little shocker was just the thing to relieve any of our nervousness that had lingered about the whole meeting. We all began to relax and enjoy the conversation. In fact, I was quite surprised at how much I liked these guys. Ryan seemed to like them too.

By the time we ate our meal and had emptied nearly two bottles of wine, we were really getting very giddy. Ryan finally got up the nerve to ask Susie what exactly they had seen when we were in the park. Susie looked a little nervous at first. Maybe she thought Ryan was upset about it so she apologized.

“Oh Ryan, I am so sorry about that. Didn’t Roger tell you how it happened?”

“Yes, Dave told me what Roger said. I was just wondering one thing though.”

“Yes, sweetie, what is that?” Susie said

“Did spying on us make you horny for a good FUCK?!” She said quite loudly.

“Oh my god!” I thought to myself as another wave of shock overcame me. I looked around, certain the people around us had heard her. I then looked at Roger and Susie whose eyes were big as saucers as they sat stunned and silent with just the tiniest hint of smiles. Suddenly Ryan broke the silence.

“Now I’M KIDDING!” She shouted with a smile. “You should see your faces! Oh my god you look so funny.”

We all started laughing again, so much so I though I was going to puke. “I guess Susie’s not the only one who can shock people” Ryan added proudly. When we finally settled down again, Susie spoke up first.

“Uh….yep….it did” she said matter of factly. When we realized what she meant we started laughing again. My stomach hurt so badly by then it felt like I had just done 200 sit-ups.

The girls finally excused themselves to go to the ladies room while Roger and I stayed to wait for the check. For the first time I saw Susie standing up and I couldn’t help but notice how petite she was. She was probably five feet, two, and maybe 110 pounds. No more than that. She had beautifully proportioned legs and a sexy butt. Her loose shirt had obscured an evaluation of her tits, but when she stood I could tell that they weren’t large. Just enough to be very sexy and exactly how I like them. As soon as the girls were around the corner from our table Roger spoke up.

“Oh my god, Ryan is so hot! You are so lucky, guy.”

“Yeah, I am. She is great.” I responded. “But that Susie… she is so cute, so funny. I love her.”

“Hey, do you think you and Ryan would want to come over to my house for a cook-out with us? We could have so much fun.”

“If you’re talking about the kind of fun I think you’re talking about, I’ll get her there no matter what.” I promised.

“Great! That is so great.” Roger exclaimed like a kid on Christmas morning. “I’ll pay the check.” I put up a fight over the check so I didn’t sound cheap, but in the end, I let him win. I figured it was a fair punishment for their spying on us in the park.

“Hey Dave? Do you think Ryan is up for anything?” Roger asked.

“If you think Susie will lead the way, she will be. I’m sure of it.”

“Great. I know exactly how to get Susie to do almost anything.”

“Really, how’s that?”

“Oh man, it’s so weird. We went to Hawaii last year and Susie took a class on Polynesian Dancing. Now all I have to do is coax her into doing the Hula and she gets so hot I can’t stop her. Then she’ll do anything.”

“That sweet little girl, a sex maniac? Who’d a thunk it?” I joked.

“I’m telling you, you won’t believe it.”

“Don’t tell me anymore,” I insisted. “I have to get up from the table now without embarrassing myself.” Roger and I both started chuckling.

Just then the girls returned and inquired about what we were laughing about. “Nothing.” Roger said.

“Yeah right. What secrets are you giving up about me?” Susie asked.

“We were trying to plan a cookout at my place.” Roger said trying to get fatih escort Susie off her inquisition. “Dave wants to come, how bout you, Ryan?”

“Sure, when?” Ryan asked.

“What’s wrong with tomorrow?” Roger questioned nodding to Susie. “Is your weekend free?” He asked us. “Ours is. And the weather is supposed to be really nice.”

Ryan and I discussed it for about two seconds as she seemed more willing than I was. We agreed to visit the next day at about 5 o’clock. Roger gave me directions to his place, which sounded like it was out in the hinterlands of Chester County (Pennsylvania). We left the restaurant and they followed us to my car. Ryan and Susie exchanged kisses on the cheek and Roger and I shook hands. Then Roger politely kissed Ryan on the lips and I did the same to Susie, although I was half tempted to slip her some tongue. As a joke of course. I should have done it because, given the mood and the wine, she surely would have cracked up, but I didn’t.

Ryan and I drove back to her place with a good deal of excitement about our new friends and the plans for the next day. I wanted very much to ask her what she thought concerning the idea of sharing partners but I didn’t. It wasn’t that I thought she’d mind the question, or even that she’d reject the idea; I just wanted to preserve the spontaneity of the next day. Not knowing for sure what would happen was the most intriguing part of the whole thing. Although I was incredibly horny for Ryan, we went to bed without making love. We both seemed to want to allow our desires to build up for another 24 hours even though we hadn’t discussed that at all. Instead we talked about how much we liked Susie and Roger and laughed about the funny things that had been said during dinner. After a while we fell asleep.

I had some things to do Saturday before our visit to Roger’s, so after having a quick breakfast with Ryan, I told her I’d be back to pick her up around four o’clock. Roger’s house was out on the other side of West Chester and Ryan lives in Ardmore, so I figured we’d need almost an hour, plus some extra time in case we couldn’t find the place. I told Ryan I would pick up some wine to take with us. She asked me to be sure to get her favorite.

“Yes ma’am.” I said while saluting. “White Zinfandel for the lady.”

“The way you were drooling over Susie I’m not so sure I’m your favorite anymore.” Ryan said teasingly. But I sensed her sarcasm was inspired by her usual jealousy. She’s so cute when she’s jealous, I thought.

“Now where did THAT come from?” I replied. “You’ll always be my favorite.”

I assured her. “But hey, Roger seems willing to entertain you if I get busy with Susie.” I laughed to indicate I was joking, sort of.

“And maybe Roger will be more entertaining than you.” she shot back at me.

“Well, maybe we’ll find out.” I said thinking that it was a chance worth risking.

“Why don’t you just get out of here if you have things more important than me.” The she added, “Oh…and in your rush to get to Susie, just don’t forget to pick me up.”

“I won’t.” I promised as I gave her a kiss. Then I left. “I hope she wasn’t really upset” I thought as I got to my car. I decided I better buy a nice present to give her when I returned to remind her how special I think she is. I added another stop to my list of things to do: Jewelry store. It was a beautiful, warm summer day and I began to think about the evening ahead and how perfect it could turn out to be.

I got everything done I needed to do and then made my last stops the liquor store and then the jewelry store. I couldn’t decide what to get her and now time was running out, so I picked out a 16 inch, plain gold chain that Ryan could wear with just about anything and asked the clerk to wrap it. I knew she liked such simple things.

I returned to Ryan’s place right at four. Ryan looked so sexy. She had a little more eye makeup than usual. It made her look a little “trampy” I thought, but I liked it. She was wearing a tight, fairly thin, low cut, blue tank top with a pair of tight, black shorts. Her clothes showed every curve and her braless nipples poked at the fabric of her tank top. The whole combination made her look so sexy. I didn’t tell her this, but the thought occurred to me that she looked like a high priced hooker. Mind you, I wasn’t complaining, but I wondered why the extra effort to look so sexy. Or should I have known?

We got in the car and I headed for Roger’s place. We followed the directions and got there rather quickly and without any mistakes. The place was pretty far off the main roads and back in a fairly wooded section. I pulled in the driveway to a really nice house that looked new within the last few years. It wasn’t a very large house, but it was a very pretty Cape Cod style set back off the road about 200 feet or more with tall trees in the front yard and at the sides of the house. There weren’t any other houses on either side.

As I turned off the engine, I realized I hadn’t given Ryan her gift.

“Oh here, I got this for you.” I said handing her the box.

“What’s this for?” she asked, opening the small package.

“Just because I love you and think you’re the sexiest, cutest, most charming person on the planet.”

She giggled while she lifted the lid off. “Oh wow, it’s beautiful, put it on me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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