Meeting You At Last

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It’s been a few days since we’ve been able to chat, so you come home from school looking forward to some private time with me. You log on and check your messages to find a rather disappointing note from me saying I will not be able to be online for a little while, and I hope that the story attached will be able to keep me in your mind. You read through it, the rest of your messages left untouched for the time being as you relax and let go of the stresses of your day enjoying my story. You finish your business for the night and lay down exhausted from your busy schedule.

In the morning hours just before you would have to wake up to start another day, you feel my mouth warm and wet around your already hard cock and partially awake to the thought that you don’t really want to be waking up yet, and really would like to continue this dream. Your eyes flutter but don’t fully open as you shift your position a little to allow me more room between your legs and stretch out to enjoy the pleasures of my mouth.

Slowly as I see you are relaxed and quiet I suck my way gently down your hard cock taking you in little by little enjoying the silky hardness of you in my mouth. Reaching the base I can feel you throbbing in my mouth and I run my tongue back and forth around before I slowly suck my way back up your shaft to the swollen head. I take my time and tease the tip, wrapping my tongue around the underside of the sensitive head, circling back and forth. Taking you back in my mouth again I establish a lazy rhythm up and down your cock, twirling my tongue around from side to side as I take you in and out of my mouth.

Soon I notice your eyes open as you awaken fully, looking down on me for the first time. Your gaze is sleepy and so sexy as you just watch me enjoy your hardness in my olgun porno mouth. I reach up, cupping your balls in my hand, gently massaging them in my palm, rolling them back and forth as I suck harder up to the swollen head of your cock back to the base, my rhythm increasing with the need I see in your eyes.

I wet a finger and slide it under you teasing the entrance to your tight little asshole as your hips rise to my mouth with an urgent need. My lips wrap more tightly around your cock and I urge you on with my finger pressed against your hole, to fuck my face. Your fingers twine into my hair as you pull me closer shoving your cock faster and faster into my warm wet mouth.

Soon, my first taste of your hot salty cum fills my mouth as I feel your cock throbbing in my mouth. I savor it for a moment before I’m forced to swallow quickly to catch the rest of your load in my mouth. I roll the last of it on my tongue as I swallow it, smiling up at you.

I crawl up the bed to your side and pull you into my arms feeling your body still hot from sleep against me, skin to skin at last. Your hands caress my face and hair as you smile taking in my features and body for the first time. My lips are full and puffy from sucking your cock, my dark eyes shining with excitement, my raven hair falling in thick layers around my face.

Your gaze drops to my chest rising and falling with my own excitement, my nipples already hard and swollen. Down my rounded belly you look, my hips curving out to my long legs where you see a patch of trimmed black hair already glistening with my wetness.

Your hands follow your gaze teasing my nipples as you run your hands over my soft skin. Your mouth follows directly after, nipping and biting at my skin, making my breath porno come in gasps and quiet moans of encouragement escape my lips. Your reach down, your fingers spreading my pussy lips, drawing wetness from inside to spread over my clit and back down my slit. I gasp as your fingertips tease my clit and then search out my hot wet core. I moan out loud as first one then two fingers ease inside me, twisting and probing, exploring the inside walls of my pussy.

Your fingers quickly bring me near orgasm, but instead you back off, and slowly kiss and bite your way down passing my pussy altogether to bite and tickle my thighs as they spread further for you. An eternity later I finally feel your tongue circling around my clit, down my slit to tease all around my hole and back up, still avoiding my clit. You nibble gently on my pussy lips, pulling them open for your probing tongue. Finally I feel your tongue on my clit and you suck it gently in your mouth before you lick it up and down and back in the circles which tormented me so. Soon my hips are rising and falling with your rhythm and you feel me tremble as I tighten around your finger and my hips rise to meet your mouth one last time pushing against you needing to keep your tongue against my hard swollen clit.

Slowly you move up over me, pinning my hands over my head easily with one hand, the other still reaching down to tease my clit. You kiss me, sharing my own juices, so hot on your tongue as you move your fingers from my pussy to guide yourself at last into my hot wet depths. You are moving slower now then I thought possible and I try to move against you to push you in further but you resist.

Moving in almost painfully slow, centimeter by centimeter it is forever before I feel you fill me completely. Then Porno 64 just as slowly you pull back out, enjoying the wet silky hot feeling of my pussy enveloping your hard cock. You start a lazy rhythm burying your hard cock deep inside me, pulling all the way back out, forcing me stay still as your swollen cock head nudges its way back inside me. My breath is coming heavy mixed with moans begging you to take me harder and faster.

You ignore my pleas for what must be the longest moments of my life before indulging me at last. Suddenly you slam your full length quickly into me fucking me hard and fast. It doesn’t seem long before you slow, and I hear your voice for the first time, asking me to get on my knees as you release my hands.

I quickly turn over not wanting to be separated a moment longer. You guide your hard cock back into me immediately thrusting as hard and fast as before. Your hands grip my hips pulling me back into you as hard as you can. I tilt my belly lower and raise my hips laying my head in my arms wanting you as deep as you could be with each thrust. You bring me to orgasm after orgasm listening to my moans as I cry out to you in grunts and prayers that you never stop.

Finally as the balance between pleasure and pain are equal, I feel you thrust with the urgency of your own cum building inside you. With a final thrust you bury yourself deep inside me, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me back against you shooting your hot cum deep inside my womb in hot gushes. As it reaches my innermost depths I cry out in my own orgasm. My pussy gets almost painfully tight as It contracts around you pulling the last drops of cum from your cock. You untangle your fingers from my hair and relax against my back for a few minutes listening to us both struggle to catch our breath, as you soften inside me.

Slowly we move to lie down side by side, I smile at you and say, “good morning hon.”, to which you grin and reply “hello love!” We doze off in each others arms to dream of what is to cum when we awake…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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