Melissa’s Sweet Ass

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Note: I had fun last time I wrote a true story, so I thought I’d write about one of the wildest sexual encounters I ever had.


When I first met Melissa I literally could not see her. It was a dark night on the mountain, and the only visible things were the stars and moon. Eventually we got a small fire going, and across the flames I could kind of make Melissa out. Basically I could just see the outline of her. It certainly seemed like she had a nice body. As for the face, I had no idea.

A day later I saw her in the light. Her body was incredible, just incredible. Her boobs were average-sized, but she was only 20 so they were firm and full of life. Her stomach was flat, pierced, and exposed. She was showing quite a bit of leg, too, in her tiny daisy dukes. Her thighs were light brown and looked powerful. But it was her ass that was her true gift. It was big and round, and not hidden at all in her tiny shorts. I simply wanted to grind up against it.

Now her face, that was a different matter. I guess you could say it was a face with character. She was Mexican, but she didn’t look like it. Her skin was fairly pale, and her hair was dyed blonde. Her complexion was bad, and her eyes were lazy. But she did have nice lips, with ruby red lipstick. They were the kind of lips that I thought would look nice wrapped around my dick.

I only saw Melissa for a short time that morning. I invited her to come for a hike with me, but she was busy. The whole point in inviting her was that I was hiking to a swimming hole, and I wanted to see that ass with no clothes on. But since she declined to come, I knew I’d have to work to see her incredible backside.

I think it was two nights later when I crossed paths with Melissa again. We were both at the same party. She was drunk. I was drunk. But her drunk was different than mine. I was 28. I won’t say I knew how to handle my liquor, but I could more or less drink without making an ass of myself anymore. Melissa was still at the age where she still wanted to drink and get loud and wild. That was fine by me.

I didn’t even really have to flirt with her. I just talked to her like she was a normal human being I wasn’t trying to fuck, and yet she was still all over me. She ran her hands all over my body as she spoke. I liked it. Trying my luck, I explored her body a bit. I put my hand on top of her exposed thigh, and she responded by putting her hand on top of mine. She smiled and looked in my eyes as she did. In the dark, sitting around a fire, her face looked good. I got hard as I thought about her mouth making love to my cock. When no one was looking I got really bold, and took my hand off her thigh so I could give her ass a squeeze. She gave me a light, playful slap on the chest. “Damn,” she said in an over-exaggerated Mexican-Spanish accent. “You’re a bad boy.”

I shrugged and smiled. She laughed and took a quick glance around the bonfire. No one was paying us any mind. Seizing the moment, Melissa grabbed my package over my jeans for a micro-second. She laughed when she felt how hard I was. All I could do was shrug.

Eventually people started filing into the cabin where the party was happening. Melissa and I remained outside, and we kept drinking heavily. Due to the excessive drinking, I kept having to get up to take a piss. I’d found a spot right on the side of the cabin I was fond of. On the last of those trips, Melissa came stumbling after me. I’m not really sure why.

At first I didn’t know I’d been followed. It wasn’t until I finished peeing and turned around that I saw her standing there, leaning up against the cabin. She was smiling. She could have just gone back there to take a piss herself, for all I knew. But I didn’t ask any questions. Instead I walked right over to her. I stretched my arms out on both sides of her and pressed my palms up against the side of the cabin, essentially trapping Melissa in. Thankfully she didn’t panic. Instead she turned around, all submissive like. With her back turned to me, she briefly jiggled her ass. She was once gain wearing daisy dukes, but this time I could see a beige thong peaking out the top. “I like that thong,” I commented. “It looks like you’re the naughty one.”

She blushed. At least I assume she did. The only light I had to work with was a dim porch light. “Oh my god!” she said feigning embarrassment. “I didn’t know you could see that.”

“It’s fine by me. I think it looks great on that sexy ass,” I said as I grabbed it.

I pulled her thong up higher, so that the tiny string lodged itself between her pussy lips. While I did this, she grabbed my other hand and put it on her ass.

No more words were spoken. I put my arms around her waist, unzipped her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. With her shorts around her ankles, she bent over completely, making sure her ass was pressed right up against my crotch the whole time. Then she began to twerk. She was an East L.A. city girl at heart, and she canlı bahis knew what she was doing. Her ass was rippling all over my cock, and yet the poor guy was trapped underneath my jeans.

Wanting to feel that skin on skin contact, I unzipped my pants while Melissa continued to grind up against me. I worked my zipper with one hand and slapped her ass with the other. “Hit it harder,” she said.

My zipper was down, but my pants were still on my hips. All of a sudden there was a more pressing matter at hand. Reaching back, I gave her a nice open palm slap on the ass. It was loud as hell. We were right underneath a window, and I wondered if people in the cabin were aware of what was going on outside. If she was self-conscious about that thought, Melissa didn’t show it. “You like that ass?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah,” I said stupidly.

“Kiss it,” she said, then giggled.

With my jeans still barely hanging on I kneeled down. This girl was a freak, and I was loving it. I planted a wet kiss on her plump cheek. She then bent over and slapped her own ass. “Again,” she said.

I did as I was told, and then some. I grabbed two handfuls of ass and started planting kisses all over that full moon butt. I got so carried away I began to bite and suck on her flesh. She must’ve liked it, because she grabbed my head and forced my face deeper into her ass. I was holding nothing back, and her ass was covered with my saliva. Finally she grabbed my hair and forced my head away from her perfect booty. She turned around to face me. We were both laughing. I don’t think either of us could believe what was happening. “Are we really going to do this?” she asked.

I didn’t respond. I spun her back around and slammed her up against the wall. With one arm I kept her pressed up against the cabin, and with the other I pulled my pants down. I pressed my rock hard cock up against her thigh. I could literally feel the blood pulsing through my dick, and the head was large, and fully engorged.

Keeping my penis pressed against her milky thigh, I slid her thong to the side with my hand. She was already dripping wet, but I wanted to tease her some more. I ran my finger up and down her slit, each time focusing more and more on her clit until eventually it’s the only thing I was rubbing. Her juices were dripping all over my fingers. Unable to resist, I stuck my fingers inside her sweetness. With my free hand I grabbed my rod and rubbed the head of my cock all over her ass. Her whole backside was dripping with her juices.

I was completely ready to be insider her, and I let her know it. “You ready to fuck?” I asked.

“Ummm,” she moaned. “Fuck me, baby.”

She reached back and grabbed my dick, pressing it right up against her spicy snatch. She slid the head up and down her slit like she was running a credit card. Once she was completely ready for me, she took her hand off my cock and making a ‘v’ with her fingers, she spread her labia apart to invite me in.

Literally the second the tip of my penis entered her everyone at the party came storming out of the cabin. I quickly pulled out of Melissa and pulled my pants back up before helping her with her own. We crawled out from the side of the cabin in the nick of time. I asked a friend what was going on, and he said everyone was going to the river for a midnight skinny dip.

For some inexplicable reason, I was completely ready to drop what I was doing to go for a swim. Lucky for me, Melissa was into it too. We started walking in the direction of the river, but Melissa was stumbling all over the place. I’d know she was pretty drunk, but I’d underestimated just how drunk she was. In dawned on me she was at the point where she might actually have to puke. Still, I didn’t really care. I figured since I was real drunk too it was no big deal.

Unfortunately the other girls we were hanging out with didn’t agree. “We need to get her back home,” one of the girl’s named Kara said.

I couldn’t believe my ears. “She’s fine. You can make it to the river, right Melissa?”

“I’m fiiiiine,” she stammered.

“Shit,” I thought.

“Okay let’s get her back home,” Kara said again.

Kara was a friend of mine, so I thought I could appeal to her. I pulled her aside, and told her how badly I needed to get laid, and how everything was okay. I volunteered to walk Melissa back home myself, but Kara was having none of it. She gave me a big, long lecture about how Melissa was too young for me, and it wasn’t right to take advantage of a drunk girl. It was an argument I wasn’t going to win, so I gave up and went skinny dipping. I’d gotten part of my dick in a girl, and I’d seen a whole bunch of titties at the river, and yet when I passed out on Kara’s floor, I couldn’t help but think the night had been a disappointment.

One of the greatest disappointments was I didn’t know if I’d have the chance to see Melissa again. The next several days after the party were spent backpacking with bahis siteleri friends. We got rained on a ton, and my tent flooded. Lying there in that cold puddle I longed to be pressed up against Melissa’s warm ass, my thick cock sliding in and out of her.

The same day after I got back from the trip I got my chance. It was the Fourth of July and there was a party going on at someone else’s cabin. By the time Melissa showed up, I was nice and lit. I had no idea how things would play out, but I feared that she would be pissed, thinking I’d tried to take advantage of her when she was drunk.

As luck would have it, she was super drunk again, so that wasn’t an issue. She took a seat next to me, and conversation came naturally between us, but neither of us mentioned the fact that we’d nearly fucked a few nights back. My desire to fuck her hadn’t waned at all. She was looking the best I’d ever seen her, with a tight tank top bearing an American flag, and a glittery red skirt that was way too short for her. The bottom of her ass was completely hanging out. I couldn’t wait to slide my dick between those cheeks.

I didn’t know how exactly I was going to go about getting myself laid, but everyone at the party certainly made it a lot easier. A game of truth or dare broke out, and when it was my turn I chose dare. I was dared to kiss Melissa, and we shared a long, passionate kiss. It probably lasted a good thirty seconds, and clearly tuned everyone in to the fact that there was something happening between us. “You must have quite the stiffy going,” my friend Ren said.

He was right. I was aching to tap that sweet ass, but before I got the chance, I had the pleasure of having Melissa grind it up all over me. For her dare she’d been told to give me a lap dance, and she obliged. She began by turning around so her ass was right in front of my face. She then lifted up her skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She parked her big ass right on top of my junk and leaned back so that her back was pressed up against my chest. With her hand she reached back and grabbed my head. She tilted her own head back and pursed her lips. She bounced up and down on my lap while we made out. I began to bite her neck, but she reminded me she had to work the next day, and couldn’t show up with a hickey. The dare ended right there.

The party didn’t last too much longer after that. Everyone filtered out, including Melissa and I. We both knew we were going to fuck, we just weren’t sure where. Since I was just up on the mountain for a visit I didn’t have any real options to throw out there, and her dilemma was that she shared a room with another girl who was fast asleep. Not really knowing what to do, I suggested we just go back to her place and try to be as quiet as possible.

That didn’t work. We were so loud her roommate woke up the second we walked through the door. Melissa asked her if I could spend the night, but her roommate wasn’t into it. Not really having any other options, I suggested we walk a quarter mile to my car, and set up my tent in the woods. It wasn’t a great plan, but we were our options were limited.

We never made it back to my car because neither of us could wait that long. Passions were running high, and we were both dying to make love to each other’s bodies. I was the one to initiate things. With my arm around Melissa’s waist, I casually guided her off the road and into the woods. There was a nice little clearing where the moonlight was poking through, and I figured it would be a good place to get it on.

The second we got into the clearing, Melissa threw her shirt to the ground. She wasn’t wearing a bra. My hands went straight for her boobs, and my lips locked with hers. While twirling her tongue around mine, Melissa fumbled around with my belt and zipper, and was eventually able to undo them without my help. She then grabbed my jeans and briefs simultaneously, and pulled them down around my ankles. After pulling my pants down her face was level with my big, hard cock. She got on her knees. I leaned back and put my hands behind my head.

I can’t begin to describe how nice it felt to have Melissa’s mouth making sweet love to my penis. She tenderly placed my mushroom tip between her lips, and licked the sensitive underside, just how I like it. She kept one hand on my thigh, and with the other she gently played with my balls. I stood there in awe, as my dick slid in and out her luscious lips. She was so gentle with it, planting kisses on the shaft, and licking the tip like she was enjoying an ice cream cone. Then she started to suck me some more, still ever so gently. Her lips caressed my cock, bringing it closer and closer to ejaculation.

I was in total control of her. All she wanted in that moment was to get me off, to pleasure my dick. She was sucking me so sensually, but I still wanted more. I grabbed her head, at first gently. I knew she’d submit, but I didn’t want to surprise her. Slowly I pushed her head bahis şirketleri down my shaft until she was near the base. It was tough for her to swallow that much of my dick, and I could tell she did want to go further, so I let her come up for air.

After she took a breath, I pushed her head down with a bit more force. Wanting to please my big dick, she swallowed the entire thing. She held it there too. And then she did something that really surprised me. Without prompting she reached between my legs and grabbed my ass, pulling my crotch into her face in the process.

As she continued to tenderly pleasure my penis, I could feel the cum rising in my balls. To keep from erupting I grabbed Melissa’s hair and eased her away from my dick. She understood, but she still clasped her lips tightly on my shaft as I lifted her head away.

She brought me to the brink of exploding, and my cock twitched errantly in front of her face when she stopped sucking me. But she wasn’t done yet. She was loving the taste of my dick, but she wanted to give my balls some loving to. While stroking my penis, she placed her lips on my balls and started to lick and kiss them. It was one thing to get my dick sucked, but I truly couldn’t believe I was getting my balls licked in the middle of the forest. “Damn, you’re good at that I told her.”

She planted some kisses on my shaft and then up my torso as she slowly stood up. We began to make and explore each other’s bodies. She had done such wonderful job pleasuring my penis that I felt obligated to pleasure her in return, so I slipped my hand up her skirt and placed it on her sweet spot. I rubbed it gently for a bit, before inserting my fingers. At first I fingered her nice and slow, but as she got more and more wet I picked up the speed to the point where it was almost violent. She dug her nails into my back and clawed the fuck out of me. It hurt like hell, but it turned me on. This girl was a wild animal, and I wanted to fuck her like one.

I began by lifting up her shirt. With my fingers still deep insider her, I brought my mouth to her nipple an playfully kissed and sucked it. She scratched her nails down my back until her hands were square on my ass. She pulled me in closer to let me know what she wanted. Taking her cue, I pushed her skirt up, grabbed her thighs, and lifted her up. I frantically looked around for the nearest tree, and once I found a good one, I slammed her up against it. She had one hand wrapped around my back, but with the other she grabbed my dick and slid it inside her.

Her warm pussy felt so nice on that cold night, and all I could think of was getting deeper and deeper insider her. With every thrust I could feel myself going further, and with every thrust I was aggressively smashing her up against the tree. It was primal and sexy as hell, but extremely uncomfortable and tiring. “Is this position working for you?” I asked during a quick break in thrusts.

Despite the cold she was sweating profusely, and was completely out of breath. “Whoo,” she gasped. “This is good, but I know what you want.”

She climbed off my dick and put her lips on mine. Her tongue probed my mouth, and her hand probed my cock. As the kiss finished, she dug her nails into my back and bit my lip. She then smiled, turned around, and bent over. Her ass looked so inviting underneath her slutty, red skirt. She placed her hands on the tree. I had never been with a girl that was so submissive, that was so willing to please my cock.

Her whole ass was wet and glistening from her juices, and all the lubrication made my dick slide in nice and easy. I didn’t want to thrust too hard because I was getting close to cumming, but Melissa was giving my dick everything it could handle. She knew how to work her ass, and she clapped it up and down my cock. It was more ass than I knew what to do with, but I made do the best I could slapping and grabbing it whenever I felt like it. Every time I did, Melissa moaned loudly. She didn’t give a fuck if the whole world could hear us.

Thinking it might be something she was into, I stuck my finger up her ass. If her ass had been moving before then, afterwards it was shaking like a size ten earthquake on the Richter scale. She began convulsing like crazy in the midst of a powerful orgasm. As she came, her pussy clamped down so tight on my dick it felt like it might snap off. In an instant I could feel the cum rising in my balls. As fast as I could I took my finger out of her tightness and grabbed two handfuls of ass. I pulled her in as close as I could while I unleashed load after load into her hot, wet snatch. Meanwhile she was orgasming the entire time.

I kept my dick inside her until it went flaccid and she finally stopped cumming, and when I did I pulled it out and took one last view of that glorious ass. I gave it a big, loud slap. “That was amazing,” I told her.

“You really know how to work this ass,” she said as she pressed it up against me. Knowing I might never get to play with it again, I grabbed it in both my hands and kneeled down. I gave it a quick bite and a kiss. We both started to laugh. “That was incredible,” she said. “No one’s ever taken me like that before.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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