Melvin’s Magic Love Juice Ch. 07

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The phone rang in Courtney’s hand, and for a split second, it frightened the living crap out of her. It was just so unexpected that when she’d pick up the phone to confirm her date tonight that it would come to life with a shrill cry in her fingers that she almost dropped the receiver with a shriek. Instead, she got a hold of herself and answered, her slim finger pressing the talk button.


“Hi, Courtney? It’s Melvin,” the voice on the other line said.

“What a coincidence! I was just about to call you,” she said with a smile. She always found it funny how things like that worked. She twirled the phone cord between her fingers; Courtney hadn’t switched to a cordless because she wasn’t sure what she would do with her hands if she didn’t have something to play with during conversations. It was one of her little tics.

“I just wanted to make sure that we’re still on for tonight,” Melvin said, his voice obscured by the snap, crackle, popping of static; she assumed that he must be on his cell. Courtney’s hazel eyes moved to a hanging mirror on one wall, and she gave herself a quick looking over. She still had some work to do, but she figured she would be ready. The only x-factor would be the nervousness that kept her stomach in knots.

“Yes, of course. Pick me up at eight?” she said.

“Sounds wonderful. I’ll see you then,” Melvin replied.

“I can’t wait,” Courtney said, and she wished Melvin could see the size of her smile.


Melvin flipped his cell phone closed and tucked it down the pocket of his jacket. A sense of overwhelming relief flooded over him, and his face felt a little flushed with a warm glow. He sighed. He still had his date with Courtney tonight; she would not be standing him up. At least, not yet.

“So how’d it go?” Morgan the witch asked, a thin grin creasing her lips. Melvin didn’t understand why she asked him questions when she probably knew the answer anyway; she just liked to tease him. Were all supernatural beings so coy and trite? Not that Melvin minded; it was better than having her being some kind of cackling, evil monster like the Wicked Witch of the West or something.

“Good. We’re still on,” he said. Morgan nodded and pushed her long dark ponytail over her shoulder.

“I told you as much. When will you ever learn to listen?” she said.

“Maybe when you stop feeling the need to be so mysterious all the time and just talk straight to us. You know, for a change,” Bridget Briswell said from her position next to Morgan. She sounded annoyed, but then her face brightened and broke out into a musical laugh. “Not that I mind. I think you just do it because you think it makes you sexier.”

Melvin’s eyebrows raised. The two women seemed on much friendlier terms after he’d taken Morgan’s Rejuvenator and passed out for a few moments; before then, Bridget had treated Morgan with a mix of distrust and disdain, only because she felt so protective of Melvin. Bridget was his lawyer, after all.

“Well, it does make me sexier, don’t you think?” Morgan said playfully.

Bridget hesitated, ran a hand through Morgan’s black hair and said, “Maybe.”

Melvin swallowed. Something was definitely going on between the two of them. How long had he really been out? It had felt like only a few seconds but…

His thought was broken by Pachelbel’s Canon in D, the chosen ring of Melvin’s cell phone. He fumbled in the pocket of his jacket and raised the phone to his ear, mashing it on before the song could make it all the way through.

“Hello?” Melvin said.

“Melvin, it’s Richie. Sorry to interrupt whatever’s going on with that Briswell chick, but your ex is on the hunt. She was over here today and… well, we should talk. Meet me in your office. She even had a run in with Crabapple,” Richie Golding’s voice buzzed in Melvin’s ear. Melvin’s brow knotted, and he felt a disgusted twist in his stomach. Just when things were looking up, Abby had to show up with her surgically enhanced breasts and ruin everything.

“I’ll be right there.”


His mind racing as he walked through his building’s lobby towards the elevators, Melvin didn’t see the woman mopping, the wet floor, nor the bucket of soapy water until he’d lost his footing, slid a about a foot and knocked it over, its foamy gray contents squirting across the floor. The cleaning woman, a young woman with most of her hair tucked under a tan baseball cap with the word “Janitor” written across the top, flashed him a look of undisguised disdain.

Bridget had dropped him off in front of the building and drove off to park in her reserved space in the garage, and Melvin was glad that she wasn’t here to see him sliding around the tile like one of the Three Stooges. He had fallen sharply to his knees, and he struggled to get up, murmuring quick apologies.

“Didn’t you see the sign? Wet floor, buddy,” she said, her mop held threateningly in her hands.

“What is going on here?” bellowed a low, strained voice approaching through Tokat Escort the lobby. Melvin regained his balance and saw a thin, white-haired man with a Hitler mustache coming towards them like a moth attracted to flame. The man had on the same kind of tan uniform that the cleaning woman wore, and he looked ready to crack some skulls. Melvin visualized the angry, mustached man tearing out the uniformed girl’s heart and eating it raw in front of her eyes. Not a pleasant thought.

“Aw, shit. My supervisor,” the cleaning woman said, a grim expression on her face. Melvin caught the look of dread on the woman’s face and knew that he didn’t want have her held responsible for his folly.

“You clumsy bitch! Are you injured, sir?” the supervisor said with a vehement snarl towards the woman and a mock concern aimed at Melvin. No doubt that the man wanted Melvin to accuse the cleaning woman of incompetence or negligence or something so he’d have an excuse to fire her. Melvin wondered what the man had against her. She was an attractive woman, her ebony skin like smooth chocolate, intelligent dark brown eyes, and a youthful face with stunningly sculpted features. Not your typical cleaning woman.

“No, no. It’s all my fault. I wasn’t paying attention and just walked right through the area this young woman was mopping. I didn’t see the sign,” Melvin said, pointing a finger at the obvious yellow sign cautioning everyone with the bold letters : CAUTION WET FLOOR. To be honest, Melvin knew that the sign was hard to miss. “There was a lot going on in my mind, and I just missed it.”

“Right,” the man turned to the woman. “Tasha, you get off with a warning. But next time, put the sign where ANYONE can see it.” His voice had a sarcastic edge, careful not too sound too condescending towards Melvin, but Melvin caught a whiff of the man’s bitterness like dog shit on a flowery spring breeze. The man whirled on his heels and stormed off to crawl back into whatever dank pit of hell he’d come. Melvin knew the type well; he worked for one than one of them.

Tasha sighed, wiped her sleeve against her forehead and said, “Thanks, man. That asshole’s been after me since I stopped him from copping a feel in the storage closet.”

Melvin nodded and replied, “Yeah, I kinda got a boss like that.”

“You?” Tasha laughed and held a hand against her chest, the other still holding the wooden handle of her mop. “I GUESS I can see a guy like you being sexually harassed. Good to know it’s not just poor, helpless girls like me.” She winked and turned to the bucket to set it back up on its wheels. “Got to clean this mess up.”

“Here, let me help you,” Melvin offered, and Tasha allowed him to take a hold of the mop and bucket and push it backs towards the supply closet. Melvin still felt bad about the trouble he caused her and wanted to help her out in any way he could. Still, he knew that Richie was waiting on him; he checked his watch. He had some time to kill, he figured. He waited while Tasha pulled on the keys attached to her work belt and sorted for the right one. A dark lock of hair escaped from under her cap and slipped down her neck, curly and long. Melvin found it very becoming, and he wondered what he was doing here, standing outside the door of a supply closert with a beautiful woman. He guessed his motives weren’t entirely innocent. Tasha caught his glance and tucked the hair back under the hat.

“Kinda new here, sorry. Not a full-time cleaning woman. Just got to pay the bills,” she said, nodding towards the keys. She smiled when she found the right one and stuck it into the door.

“Well, if you’re not a cleaning woman, what are you?” Melvin asked as she took the mop out of his hands, placed it in a corner and pushed the bucket under a leaky faucet. She twisted the faucet on and started to refill the yellow bucket with fresh water. She poured in a dab of cleaning solution.

“A student. It’s my second year. Gonna be a photographer,” Tasha said distractedly, her eyes fluttering from the filling bucket to Melvin.

“Hey, my niece… well, actually, my ex wife’s niece… she wants to do the same thing. Maybe you know her,” Melvin said, his voice a little shaky.

There wasn’t a lot of room in the supply closet to maneuver, and Tasha’s ass kept brushing against Melvin. He assumed that it was inadvertant, that she wasn’t trying to turn him on, but it was happening and now Melvin wanted to do something about it. She was a young, attractive woman, and he’d had a fantasy for a long time about fucking a cleaning woman in a supply closet. The only problem was that Melvin had yet to be the aggressor in any of his sexual activities. He swallowed. He needed to find out if Morgan’s Rejuvenator really worked, right? And he had the magic love juice on his side.

“What’s her name?” Tasha asked, and Melvin was now sure that she was pushing her ass into him on purpose. Melvin reached behind him, found the door to the supply closet and shut it. Hearing the click of the lock, Tokat Escort Bayan Tasha twisted off the faucet and turned around.

“Tina Swift. I fucked her in a men’s bathroom today just like I want to fuck you in this closet, right now,” Melvin said, his heart thrumming in his chest. Tasha slowly backed against the opposite wall in the small closet, a doe-eyed look of innocence on her face. She was playing along, Melvin realized; she wanted him to be the assertive one. Chalk up another new experience for Melvin MacMuffin, folks. A woman who actually wanted HIM to take advantage of HER.

“I know Tina. She’s my roommate this semester…” She gulped. “I got drunk at this one party, and she ate my pussy out under the kitchen table. It was the hottest thing I’d ever done. Until now,” Tasha whispered. A strange smile split her lips. “Hot fucking must run in the family.”

Melvin stepped towards her, sweeping her cap off with one hand and pushing her harshly against the wall with the other. Her dark hair spilled over her shoulders, and she gasped as Melvin’s lips overtook hers. Her kisses were gentle but passionate, and she moaned as Melvin leaned into her body.

Melvin wasn’t completely sure how to proceed since he wasn’t used to being dominate in any aspect of life much less in the sex department. How forceful should he be? Forceful but not scary, he assumed, but that was a fine line to walk. He wondered how she would react to him tearing off her clothes like a barbarian.

He placed his hands just above the top button of her uniform, licked his lips in concentration and ripped her shirt open, two buttons tearing and flittering across the floor. Tasha gasped in mock surprise, and a hungry look flashed in her eyes. She liked it. Encouraged, Melvin pulled her lacy bra over her heaving mounds and took one plump brown tit in his mouth, sucked on it and then switched to the other tit. Tasha whimpered and fisted a hand in Melvin’s hair.

Time was of the essence, considering the large puddle in the middle of the lobby that Tasha was responsible for cleaning and that Melvin was expected in his office by Richie at any moment, so they wasted no time in tearing each other out of their clothes. Melvin pulled Tasha’s shirt over her creamy shoulders while she fumbled with Melvin’s fly. Unleashing Melvin’s straining meat, she stroked him with one hand, gaining heat, tickling his balls with the other. Melvin then pulled Tasha’s pants and underwear to her knees and maneuvered himself behind her. In moment, he was slipping into her hot pussy, her ass wriggling as she squirmed in pleasure.

“Oh, fuck. That’s it,” Tasha murmured as Melvin began to pump his cock into her, thrusting deep and hard. She arched her back, pushing into him, and Melvin pounded at her pussy, sweat starting to drip down his face. He blinked as a salty bead threatened to drop off an eyelash and into his eye. His hands sunk into the soft flesh of her hips, and he clenched his eyes shut. Being in control was a different feeling for him, somehow powerful and authoritative; he could do with her as he liked. Still, he could tell she wanted it rough and dirty, so he’d allow her that satisfaction. But mostly only because he wanted it rough and dirty as well.

“You like it hard, baby?” Melvin said between breaths. Tasha put her hands on the walls and grinded back into Melvin’s pelvis, taking him even deeper inside the moist walls of her vagina. Melvin gritted his teeth and waves of pleasure swooped over him and made his legs feel wobbly.

“Love… gettin… it… ROUGH!” Tasha grunted and crashed into him as another bolt of ecstasy rushed through them. She stood up just enough to allow Melvin to grasp her swinging pendulum breasts as he pumped his cock into her sopping wetness. Her titties were so huge, Melvin could hardly find a decent purchase on them with his hands. Her ass smacked against him with a sweaty clap.

The fact that Tasha was fucking a complete stranger in the cleaning supply closet hit her and took her to the edge of her lust. Tasha’s passion was overcome by a surging wave from her lower body, and she became blanketed with tingly shivers. She stifled a cry as she came on Melvin’s throbbing tool. Meanwhile, Melvin’s head swirled, and he felt his muscles clench before spewing his thick load down the side of Tasha’s cool leg. They pulled apart and took some time to catch their breath. After a moment, they slowly and quietly began to sort through their clothes without speaking. Finally, Tasha broke the silence.

“Well, THAT was interesting,” she said with a breathless laugh, and Melvin laughed with her.


Straightening his tie, Melvin didn’t see Bridget Briswell when he stepped into the elevator until she tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up, saw her and smiled brightly. She didn’t look pleased.

“You’re just getting into the elevator? Where have you been?” Bridget said, her eyes narrowing to thin slits. She frowned at him.

“Met a girl and got Escort Tokat to know her in the supply closet,” Melvin said with a wink. He knew that Bridget of all people would appreciate his sordid adventures as she had played a part in more than one of them. Bridget turned from side-to-side as if confirming that they were the only two in the elevator and grasped Melvin’s arm with a tight grip, pulling him close to her.

“You’re just having sex with random women now just because you CAN?” Bridget said with disgust. Melvin’s eyes widened in surprise; he figured that Bridget would have commended him on the change that had taken place over his sexual nature the last two days. Hadn’t Melvin been the one to liberate her from the tight-laced lawyer bitch she was less than a week ago?

“Melvin, remember what the witch said about stepping on the wrong people’s toes. Don’t you think you should exercise a little bit of caution about who you sleep with?” Bridget whispered harshly, and her eyebrows raised in concern. Melvin licked her lips and wondered why she was suddenly so worried about the kind of women he boned. Had it been something that the witch had said, or was Bridget just…

“Jealous?” Melvin said. Bridget’s mouth gaped open in response. She stammered and realized that Melvin was partially right. She was jealous in a way, worried that she would not be the one picked by Melvin when he had to make his choice. The last thing she needed was more competition, but that wasn’t the reason she had expressed her concern. She knew that Melvin was traveling a dangerous road, having handfuls of women desperate to feel his touch and battling each other to be the one chosen by him.

“No, not jealous. It’s just that… you have to be careful playing with people’s emotions. The women you make love to, it’s not like you just fuck them, and they go on their merry way. You make a… connection, one that they’re not easily going to want to give up,” she said.

Melvin nodded. He knew this, and he didn’t like the thought of just taking advantage of women because he could. This was the very kind of thing he hated about his ex wife, using her sexuality for her own personal satisfaction without a care for anyone else. Had this what he’d just done with the woman downstairs? All the other women had been the ones to at least initiate any sexual contact, and Melvin could live with that. But now? He had Courtney to think about, the one woman he still might actually want to start up a relationship. And he cared about Bridget, too, and he didn’t want to hurt her either.

“There’s no reason for you to feel jealous,” Melvin said, leaned in and kissed her delicately on the lips. Already he could feel his cock hardening in his pants; apparently the witch’s Rejuvenator was more potent than he expected. Bridget kissed him back with her soft and sweet lips, her hands slipping under Melvin’s jacket and rubbing against his chest.

The elevator lurched, dinged, and the doors slid open. Melvin and Bridget quickly separated before they could be seen grabbing at each other like horny high schoolers.

“Your floor,” Bridget said with a smile and pushed him through the doors.


Olivia Crabapple waited for Melvin in his office. She sat on the front of his desk, a long plaid skirt dangling below her knees, and had one of Melvin’s portfolios opened in her hands. She looked up at him as he entered and smiled endearingly at him. Melvin gulped. She was not the same woman from two days ago when she was stealing his work and claiming for her own. Now she had become an almost tolerable boss, believe it or not. Olivia placed Melvin’s portfolio on his desk back where she found it.

“Melvin, where have you been? Are you ok?” she asked, sliding off the desk and stepping towards him. She reached one an arm and gripped his upper arm with one hand, a look of concern plastered across her attractive face. Her cropped, bleached blonde hair shone in the overhead lights, and her green eyes glittered.

“Yes, I was feeling a little ill after lunch, but I’m all right now,” Melvin said, unable to escape her roving hands. She roamed around him and blocked any quick exit through his office door.

“Your ex wife was here looking for you. Left a message on your desk, but I threw it away. You know better than to get mixed up with the likes of her again, right? Not when you have something better and more willing right in front of you,” she said in a soft voice, wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling him close to her.

“Abigail and I are through, Olivia. That’s not something you have to worry about,” Melvin replied, feeling Olivia’s hands unbuckle his belt and slip into his pants. His cock hardened once touched by her cool fingers.

“That’s what I like to hear,” she cooed. She slid down to her knees and looked up at Melvin with wanting green eyes. Her hands began to pull down his pants, and Melvin didn’t make a move to stop her. The Rejuvenator had made his sex drive insatiable and still hadn’t shifted to top gear. He swallowed, and his throat felt dry.

“Know what else I like to hear, my little fuck bunny?” Olivia asked, pulling out Melvin’s stiff member and licking its underside like a little girl with a popsicle. Melvin shivered in pleasure. She smacked her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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