Memorable Train Journey

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The next few days both of us seem to avoid each other’s gaze. My sexual awakening made me desire more of it but the fear of being found out kept me away. She also did not make any effort to encourage me. One afternoon when we happened to be alone, she took me by hand and made me sit on the sofa beside her. I immediately caught hold of her hands and wanted to kiss her but she stopped me and said:

“It is just that I saw you were sexually aroused and wanted to initiate you to the wonderland of sex myself. Every person enjoys a change and for me you were that change within the family and hence secure. I do not want to terminate our affair. It is easy for the servants, neighbours and relatives to sexually link near relatives if they get the slightest hint. Further I very much love your brother. Be patient, we will get enough opportunities and in the mean while please control your sexual hunger.”

I promised to behave. Our opportunity came haramidere escort rather suddenly. There was a function at her parent’s place, which she had to attend. My cousin was busy and wanted me to escort her. The place was about nine hours overnight train journey. I managed to get a reservation in a coupe of two berths that enabled us to be alone and undisturbed during the journey.

The moment the train left the station, we locked the door and were in each other’s arms. We kissed like two hungry animals virtually eating each other. She could easily see that I had a hard on and could not wait to put my cock in her beautiful pussy. She however made me lie down and sitting in between my legs, opened my zipper and took out my cock and started to kiss it. I was shocked by this sight but enjoyed every moment of it. She licked the entire length of my cock in a slow motion and in between içerenköy escort kissed its head. As she realized that I was about to cum she stopped and lifted her sari above her waist. She was not wearing any panty. She also pulled down my pants and underwear and again started kissing and sucking my cock to bring me back to the height of desire. She then set down on my thighs and opened her legs wide and slowly guided her cunt around my throbbing cock. I had been lying still as she had asked me to just enjoy without taking any initiative until she asked me to.

I just could not control any more and without waiting for her signal caught hold of her buttocks and was pressing her cunt on to my cock with all my strength. She then started to move in a slow in out motion riding me with such ease. The motion increased giving me more and more pleasure. She took my hand and put my finger innovia escort on her now swollen clit and started to rub it. I got the hint and took over. At the same time I opened her blouse. You are right; she had not put on any bra as well. I pressed them one by one and took the nipple between thumb and index finger and started to rotate it like a screwdriver top. She was now on the verge of explosive release, which came within a few seconds. This was the first time I had observed a woman getting her orgasm. It was a fascinating sight and some how it gave me such satisfaction.

I waited for some time and thereafter thrust up my hips which was the signal to her to move up and down again in a fast motion grinding her pussy on the top of my cock intermingling our hair in a kiss of their own! The result was a fantastic orgasm for both of us as my cum filled her vagina. Both of us fell sleep in that position due to the combined effect of mutual satisfaction and exhaustion.

We awoke an hour or so later but continued to lie in each other’s arms for some time. She guided me to eat her pussy and twice made love to each other during the journey. I did not stay long at her place and returned the same day looking forward to continue and find more ways to enjoy our beautiful relationship, when she returned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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