Memories Of Our Babysitter Ch. 02

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All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.

Due to circumstances, it has been a while since CH 1, but I recently saw Cass, (real name) the babysitter in this story, now a happily married woman and the memories came flooding back. These are real events, as I remember them. I can’t recall the dialogue word for word of course, but the flavour of it is as near as I can get.

It may be worth reading CH1 first, but there are enough references to it in CH2 to make it a stand- alone story if you wish.

As in CH1, this is the background to the time and place.


This story is based on real happenings that took place in the mid 1980’s in the United Kingdom, when the internet was barely an infant and not available to the majority of individuals. As for mobile phones, they were huge, solid, brick-like blocks weighing over two pounds and were owned by only the very wealthy. This meant that knowledge of sex was gleaned mostly by looking at adult magazines aka Playboy, Hustler and so on which were often bought by older brothers or sisters. Certain books like ‘Tropic of Cancer’ that were ‘borrowed’ from someone’s father’s collection also worked a treat. Hearing playground chat amongst more or less ‘informed’ friends, proved popular too.

Finding out officially what ‘sex’ was all about was mainly limited to the teachings of the Biology teacher who, if he/she was confident, would talk you through the reproductive cycle of humans or if not, would tell you how frogs and newts reproduced (not very useful and definitely not very sexy!). Boys and girls were nowhere near as mature or knowledgeable about sex at age 18 compared to many of today’s 14 or 15 year olds, thanks mainly to the multitude of internet ‘information’ that can be accessed by anyone that can type ‘sex’ into a search engine.

All of this is to set the scene for you, to make you aware that in the late 1970s, early 1980s, unlike the present, many boys and girls at age 18 were considerably naïve when it came to actual sexual encounters and in the UK (as is now) anyone over the age of 18 could buy and consume alcohol.


It was about ten days after the first incident that we needed Cassandra to babysit for us again. My wife who was a nurse had again picked the short straw and was working a full night shift, which coincided with one of my late shifts, that didn’t finish until around 11pm. On the last occasion when I had arrived home, we had had a drink together and following an increasingly intimate chat, things had got a little out of hand, resulting in some heavy foreplay that probably shouldn’t have happened. Although she seemed fine when I eventually drove her home, I was a bit concerned about how she might feel now, having had some time to think about it.

I remembered that Cass had asked if her boyfriend could occasionally keep her company in future and I had agreed, albeit reluctantly, on condition that she promised to make sure she was not distracted from her main job of making sure the children were ok. Having only just turned 18, her mom was strict with her, and we had agreed that it would be better if she wasn’t aware of the arrangement. I assumed that he would be there with her this evening and would take her home once I arrived, so any lingering awkwardness would be avoided.

I was surprised therefore to arrive home about 11:15pm and find no other car on the drive. I opened the front door and went inside to find Cassandra sitting on the sofa in the living room with the lights dimmed, watching TV alone.

“Hi Cass,” I said, in my best, normal, ‘nothing ever happened last time’ voice, “is everything ok?”

“The children are fine and fast asleep.” she said, a bit subdued, “they have been no trouble.”

“Thanks Cass, that’s great, I will just go and check on them and then I’ll take you home,” I said, turning and quietly walking up the stairs.

We trusted her with the children, so as I expected, they were just as she had said. After watching them in their untroubled sleep for a few moments, I closed the door quietly and walked back downstairs to the living room. I turned the lights up a bit and sat down on the far end of the sofa and looked over at Cassandra.

I took in the sight of her, dressed in a white, short sleeved shirt and a tartan mini skirt, that I noticed was certainly ‘mini’, as I could see a good deal of thigh. Although something seemed not quite right with her. It looked as if her eyes were a bit puffy and slightly red and although she was looking at the TV, it was clear she was not really engaged with the programme. She seemed to be shaking slightly too.

“Hey,” I said, “are you ok, are you not feeling well?”

“I am not sure I want to talk about it Pete.” she whispered, and dabbed at her eyes with a tissue.

“Has something upset you?” I said, immediately beginning to wonder if it had anything to do with our last encounter and what she was thinking. Also, she had never called me by my first name before and I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

“I don’t know whether I should say anything,” she whispered again.

“Say Anadolu Yakası Escort anything about what?” I nervously asked, certain now that she had thought about what we had done last time and had had second thoughts. “Com’on Cass what’s the matter, I can see you are upset about something,” I said gently.

There was then one of those pauses where I could only hear my heartbeat and the drone of the TV in the background, my heart was beating faster and I felt my stomach tightening up, thinking of the repercussions if she had decided to tell anyone. I rode out the silence and wait for her to speak.

After what seemed like an age, but was probably less than a minute, she said quietly, “It’s my boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend,” I repeated like a parrot, letting out the breath I didn’t know I had been holding, “what about him?”

“Well, you know you said he could come and keep me company here occasionally.”


“He sort of, did tonight…at least for a while.”

“So why did he leave?” I asked.

“It’s a bit personal and embarrassing,” she said, “and I am not sure you can help.”

“Look, I could do with a drink,” I said looking at her, “how about I get us both one and if you want to, you can tell me what’s happened?”

She nodded her head.

“Lager ok?” I asked.

Another nod.

I returned with two glasses and handed her one, noticing that she had muted the TV sound and had stopped dabbing her eyes. I sat down beside her, putting my glass on the coffee table in front of us and swivelled slightly to face her, resting my left arm on the back of the sofa.

I waited until she had taken a few sips of her drink, then said, “So Cass, why don’t you start at the beginning and tell me why you are so upset, don’t be embarrassed, we are friends, you can say what you like to me, it won’t go outside this room.”

Once again there was silence for a few moments, so I drank a little of my drink and waited.

“Well,” she finally said, a little above a whisper. “as I said, he did come over and it was nice to start with, being able to sit and talk without my parents listening in. We weren’t talking about anything weird or anything, but it felt as though we could talk about anything if we wanted and no one would ‘tut’ at us, if you can see what I mean.”

“Ok,” I said, “I understand, a bit of privacy is always nice.”

She took a gulp of her drink and continued, “We chatted about all sorts of things and I was really relaxed with him, until he suddenly put his hand on my leg and started stroking it. I didn’t mind at first, but then…” she paused to drink some more, “it’s awkward telling you this, I am not sure if I can.”

“It’s ok Cass,” I said, giving her nearest arm a quick stroke with the back of my right hand, “I’m not your dad, I won’t judge you and you don’t have to be shy with me.”

“He …well…he just pushed his hand right up my skirt, in a sort of rough way,” she said quickly, a red flush gradually moving up her neck and face. “Before I really realised what he intended, he had his fingers touching me…you know, where you did before… but it felt very different. It was almost like he was forcing himself onto me and all the pleasant atmosphere of earlier just disappeared. While I was struggling to get his hand out from under my skirt, he must have unzipped his jeans with his other hand, because the next thing I saw was his ‘thing’ sticking out of them. I was scared to make too much noise in fending him off in case it woke and frightened the children”

By now her face was very red and she was taking large sips of her drink. I thought she might be on the brink of crying again, I felt relieved that she had also mentioned that we had been fairly intimate last time and didn’t seem unhappy about that experience.

I shuffled over on the sofa and put my arm round her shoulders, “Did he… emm, do anything more,” I asked, hoping the answer would be no.

“No, but I am sure he would have tried if I hadn’t fought him off. I told him to leave and not to call me again,” she said, relaxing slightly against me.

“He doesn’t sound like a very nice guy, so maybe you did the right thing. Don’t worry though, you are an attractive young girl, I am sure there will be others that will treat you better,” I said, and remembering how she liked it last time, I ran my fingers lightly in her hair.

At this, she snuggled in a bit closer, turning slightly, to put her head on my shoulder.

“Thank you,” she said, “for listening and being easy to talk to, I daren’t tell either of my parents, I think they might stop me seeing anyone else for a while if they knew.”

“I am glad I could help,” I said, my fingers now under her hair, gently massaging her scalp as we talked. Are you feeling a bit better now Cass having told me?”

“Mmmm,” she whispered, “thank you for listening, and that’s so soothing too.”

I knew from the last time we had been in this position that she enjoyed having her scalp gently massaged and her hair lightly pulled. I continued moving my fingers around in her hair and up and down the back Kartal Escort of her head, feeling her moving her head slightly like a cat when stroked.

With her head on my shoulder, I could smell a slight hint of perfume, I recognised it instantly as Chanel No.5, one of my favourites, a very sexy and expensive fragrance, that rose from her warm skin. This lady had gone to some trouble for her boyfriend and to be truthful, being so close to her was turning me on somewhat.

“I think it has not been a great evening for you, would you like me to take you home?” I asked.

“No, not yet, if you’re not in a hurry to get rid of me,” she smiled for the first time, “After the evening I have had, I’m enjoying just sitting here quietly with you, it’s very relaxing.”

“No, there’s no hurry, emmm… shall I top up your drink?”

“Please,” she said.

I got up and fetched another can of lager, using it to top both of our drinks up. I sat back down next to her and she immediately moved up close to me again, back to almost the same position as before. I put my left arm around her shoulders again, pulling her towards me a little and then lightly stroked her hair around the back of her ear with my right hand.

“I could put up with that all night,” she said with a gentle sigh.

With my hand almost cupping her left cheek now, I turned her head slightly more to face me, brushed the hair back round her ear and kissed her lips. She hadn’t objected the last time, but I wasn’t sure what her reaction might be having had one guy already doing something she didn’t want tonight, but to my relief, she kissed me back and held me in that kiss for a while, letting me nibble her sensual lips.

Breaking the kiss, she said, “You are so different to him, you are very gentle, and it seems like you care how I feel. He only seemed to care for himself.” And with that, she leaned in again and kissed me, she put one hand on the back of my head and opening her mouth a little and slid her tongue over my lips.

I was surprised she was being so forward, as last time I had led all that we did, Cass just being a willing recipient. I opened my mouth and let my tongue play with hers a little, noticing that her breathing had gone up a notch. Now she definitely had me turned on, my erection already pushing against my jeans. We continued to kiss, our tongues diving in and out of each other’s mouths, she may have been new to this, but she could certainly kiss. She obviously enjoyed it, as muffled moans escaped from her as we both breathed noisily through our noses, not wanting to break apart.

She jumped a little when I moved my right hand down onto her shirt-covered left breast but carried on kissing me with perhaps a little more vigour when I gently ran my palm over it, feeling the nipple harden, even through her shirt and bra.

Breaking the kiss, I ran my lips along her cheek and down onto her neck, nibbling the warm flesh just under her ear with my lips, eliciting murmurs and sighs of pleasure from her. Feeling confident that she was comfortable with what I was doing, one by one I undid the buttons on her shirt until it was fully open and slipped my hand inside, cupping her bra-clad breast and then feeling for her nipple with my fingertips. She turned her head towards me and once again and took hold of my lips with hers, slowly and sensually pushing her tongue back into my mouth.

While moving my hand around on her bra, I was surprised to find a front fastening clasp. Had she worn this especially for her boyfriend to make it easier for him? I didn’t know, but I opened it easily and with a little push, I released her left breast from its confines and began a more earnest stroking of the warm globe and pulling on her nipple. She didn’t have large breasts, but her large nipple more than made up for that. I weighed it in my hand where it fitted just nicely, then dragged my palm over the nipple a few times. After only a few minutes of this, she again broke the kiss and leaned forward. I thought that was it and she was going to get up and leave, but blushing slightly, she quickly slipped her shirt off, followed by her bra and then settled back to the same position as before, giving me access to not only touch but see her pert breasts and very erect nipples. Not wanting to neglect the gift she had offered me, I moved my head down and licked round the nearest nipple, flicking it with my tongue. Her breath came out loudly, almost as a moan. I progressed to sucking her nipple into my mouth and using my tongue to play with it, gently nibbling with my teeth. At the same time, I gave the other nipple attention with my fingers, both nubs now rock-hard, surrounded by her darker areolas.

Knowing that she was actively wanting me to touch her and by her actions had effectively given me certain permissions, was making me wonder just how far she might want to go and had made me very excited at the prospect. I was still worried about her reaction and the consequences if I pushed it further and scared her as her boyfriend had, but the little voice in my head that was saying ‘that’s far enough, you need to stop now’ gradually Maltepe Escort got fainter the more sexually excited I became. I reasoned that she was enjoying the attention and was comfortable with being semi-nude with me, so I could go further and just see how she reacted. As I had thought on the previous occasion, if I had misread the signs, I could always just say I got carried away and apologise before taking her home.

With this debate with myself settled in my head, and still sucking and playing with her delicious nipples, I moved gradually off the sofa to kneel on the floor, at the same time as gently pushing her left shoulder round with my right hand and easing her onto her back, forcing her to lift her legs so that she was lying full length on the sofa, her head supported by a cushion.

“What are you doing?” she asked, her eyes a little more awake than they were.

“I was just making us both a little more comfortable” I replied, still rolling my palm over her nipple, but wondering if she was going to call a halt. “I was getting bit cramped and errrr… my jeans are sort of squashing me.”

“What do you mean ‘squashing you?’

I watched a thought process and realisation cross her face, “Ohhh I see,” a blush spreading up from her neck again, “I’m sorry, you must think I am so stupid, I didn’t realise what you meant, eerr…how it would…” she stuttered, “I haven’t really had emmm. .. you know, much experience, to know you might have a problem.”

I carried on stroking her breasts, gently alternating from one to the other and down over her stomach to the waistband of her skirt, “Haven’t you seen what happens to any of your boyfriends when they see how attractive you are, and you kiss them like you kissed me?” I asked quietly.

“I haven’t gone very far with them or let them do too much,” she said shyly, “because like this latest one, the few boys I have known just wanted to get there quickly to satisfy themselves and I didn’t feel they were interested in whether I was enjoying it or not. I might have let him go a bit further tonight if he had been more loving…but..”

I noticed her eyes had gone a little moist and the last thing I wanted was for her to get upset again.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “it’s only through experiencing things that you know what you like or don’t like, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“It’s ok, I didn’t mean you, and don’t think bad of me, because I am not normally so bold, but you make me feel at ease and what you are doing feels really good.”

I leaned over and kissed her and she responded by pulling my head down and pushing her tongue into my mouth again. Now that I was on my knees, my erect cock was not so confined and stood vertically in my jeans. I could feel a small amount of moisture seeping into my underwear, she had got me to that state so easily.

The next time my hand went down onto her stomach to the waistband of her skirt, I passed over it and down her skirt covered thigh. I am sure she had worn the very short tartan skirt to impress her boyfriend, so it wasn’t far to find bare skin where her skirt ended way above her knees. Moving across to her other leg, I brought my hand back up, carrying the hem of her skirt with it. Her tongue -play increased as she felt it and she was breathing heavier still. I wanted to see what underwear she was wearing tonight but didn’t want to stop kissing her as it was clear that that excited her too.

My hand roamed over her panties, she moaned into my mouth, they felt different to the plain cotton white ones I had discovered the previous time. These felt as though they had a texture to them. I could feel the heat from her and smell the fact that she was very aroused. I slipped my middle finger down over her panties between her legs, until I came to a patch that was soaking wet. She moved her hips just slightly upwards and opened her legs a little while sucking vigorously on my tongue, allowing me to run my finger up and down pushing the material of her panties gently between her swollen labia, lubricated by the juices soaking them.

After doing this for a while, and feeling her move to meet my finger craving more friction, I let my finger slide out, to an almost audible sigh of disappointment from Cass. I fumbled around the side of her skirt and found a button which I undid and a small zip. I tugged gently at first on her skirt to see if she was happy with what I wanted to do and was thrilled when she lifted her hips to allow me to pull it down her legs and completely remove it. Releasing my tongue from her mouth, I returned to sucking her nipples one at a time and swirling them in my mouth. I put my hand down and returned to sliding my finger up and down the camel toe of her panties. She had her eyes closed now and was breathing heavily and quietly moaning, gently rubbing her thighs together. I looked down to see that she was indeed wearing a sexy pair of panties. They were black and sculptured in a sort of lace and see-though in places. That boyfriend had certainly missed a treat. The next time I reached the waistband, I slid my hand down and under the elastic. I felt the soft down of neatly trimmed pubic hair, damp now from her arousal. Repeating the earlier movement with my finger, but now between her bare pussy lips, I moved it slowly up and down, making sure to cover her clit with her lubrication and slide it over its sensitive little head.

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