Michael, Ella and Me

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“Yeah?” He rolled over and looked over at me sleepily.

“Fuck me.” He kissed me gently, stroking me face, I hungrily kissed him back. I yearned for him. We had been apart for so long. Ella died, and then Michael and I drifted in our grief. I stroked his face, I held his face and kissed him hard, trying to tell him my need, trying to tell him I loved him. He pulled away, briefly, coming back to me hard just as hungry, he almost growled as he kissed my face, my neck and my shoulders. I moaned, “Oh God.” Michael travelled the length of my body kissing me, licking me, turning on my fire. I grabbed his shoulders and flipped him on his back and did the same, kissing him hopefully turning on his fire, and hopefully bringing him back to me. I stroked his cock, he moaned, he was in bliss, “Michael, fuck me.” I held up a condom, he opened up one dark eye, smiling. I opened up the pack and put the rubber on him, I moaned. I didn’t realize just how much I missed him. I kneeled in front of him, he humped me then he pushed his warm cock into me. “Oh God.” I cried out, it was as if he was just taking my cherry for the first time. My hands clenched the sheets as Michael pumped rhythmically. I had Michael back. He groaned, sped up his pumping, as he slammed into me, hard.

“I’m coming” He groaned.

“Oh God.” In unison we slumped over, Michael still inside me, he began to caress me chest and stomach, playing with my little hairs. I sighed.

“Is that what you wanted?” He asked coldly, pushing me away. Wounded I looked at him, at his dark eyes and his impossible eyelashes. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom and climbed into the shower, figuring he wouldn’t hear my cries over the cascades of water.

Michael, Ella, and I had been together for five years until Ella and our one month old son died in a car accident. Now a year later Michael still wasn’t working, I had thrown myself into my writing and we had drifted. I wanted my husband back. I needed him to go back to work, to start acting again, to start living. I got out of the shower, startled; Michael was standing there in tears.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I am angry at you. You’re living and I don’t know how to start living again. I’m stuck. I miss Ella. I miss our son. Shane, what do I do?” I looked at him.

“Phone your mom. Phone Jennifer. Take a shower. Eat something. Read a script. Talk to your manager. Love your husband.” I choked on my rising anger. I loved Michael, but Christ he pissed me off. He grabbed me, hugging me softly then harder, grasping my back, holding me tight. He held me. I didn’t think he was going to let go.

“Shane. Shane. I love you. I love you.” He whispered, he began to caressing my face with his left hand and his right hand cupped my ass. My husband held me tight I felt encompassed I took his hand and led him back to the bedroom. I pushed him on the bed, he flopped backwards, sighing. I crawled on top of him.

“Listen asshole, you have to start living. Find something you like and do it. The Comic-Con is coming up and Scott and Jennifer are asking if you will do it. There are voice-over orders in for you to do. Everyone has been understanding, but our time of mourning is up, time to get out there, Michael. Okay, end of speech. I love you. I love you. I miss you. I want you. I ain’t going anywhere, but you ever fuck me and fuck me over like that, I will be fuckin’ angry – like sleeping in the other room angry.” My voice cracked and Michael looked shocked.

“Shane, I’m sorry, really…It’s gone, the grief, the pain, the deep pain, it’s gone. I’m sorry I took it out on you. God anyone else would have walked, but you…”

“I’m your husband, asshole…we may not have done some ceremony, but I do believe in better or worse and sickness and health. We lost our wife and our son. We had to grieve, each in our own way, I accept you did it in on your own way, but I was afraid that if I didn’t do something I would lose you forever.” I loved him, his emotions deep, as did mine but mine didn’t come up to breathe as much. The phone rang, jarring us out of our emotional entanglement, we looked at each other. “Get it.” I said, rolling off him, allowing him to lunge for the phone.

“Hello.” His voice was still husky from our emotional confusion moments earlier, “Yeah. Scott. Sure, I’ll come to Comic Con. Shane needs an All Access Pass too. Thanks. Yup. Email me the shit. Thanks see ya.” He came back to bed with a carefree smirk smile dangling another condom in his hand, “Can we try again?”

I was choked up.

“Uh huh!” I nodded as I kneeled in front of him, slowly playing with his cock first with my hand kartal escort and then I took his semi-erect cock in my mouth, gently sucking just enough to harden him up and hearing him moan, I felt his fingers run through my hair. Oh, he was enjoying this as much as I was. I leaned back, smiling my teasing smile and Michael had his sexy sleepy smile as he handed me the condom. I tore the pack and placed the condom on his beautiful cock as Michael fumbled with the lube. I leaned against the bed, feeling Michael coming closer to me. I bowed my head as Michael rimmed me with his fingers smearing lube on my ass, again. I moaned. He slowly entered me, pumping gently, whispering my name. He stayed close, just moving his hips, we were making love. The sparks were there. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the sensations of the feeling of my husband so close, his cock inside me pulsating sending ribbons of light into my brain. Michael quickened his pumping, I clenched my fists, and he placed his hands over mine.

“Shane.” He drawled, “I’m coming.” He pumped, slammed hard and leaned into me. I slumped against the bed, spent, drained, and just like my husband. We stayed connected until Michael moved slightly. “I love you, Shane.” He got up, pulling me up to my feet, kissing me. I crawled on the bed, Michael crawled onto the bed next to me, and we fell asleep. Time had no meaning, no definition we woke up later, the sun was still shining or was it just arriving for a new day?

Michael and I had met under unusual circumstances. He was in Vancouver filming on location. I was living in Vancouver; I was a struggling writer and had just finished my graduate work at UBC. I was walking down Robson Street when I noticed Michael sitting at a café; I sat at his table, shyly introducing myself. I just wanted to meet him. I liked his acting, I boldly asked about his new movie. He said it was a new TV pilot. We chatted for a while and a gorgeous woman joined us, kissing Michael then introducing herself Ella.

Ella and Michael invited me along for supper, I grateful accepted. We went to a nearby steakhouse called Kobe. It’s a place where they make a show for preparing your food Japanese style. It was great. I was charming, witty, flirtatious and a little out of control. I was totally attracted to both Michael and Ella, but I didn’t think they would accept a third into their bed or their life, especially a guy like me. We emerged from the restaurant giddy and telling little stories of our childhoods.

“Shane, come over to our hotel room for a drink.” Michael said huskily.

“Sure.” We headed for Hotel Vancouver. I hadn’t been in too many fancy hotels, but wow. I kept my cool, like going into snazzy upper eulachon places was no big deal. Michael and Ella walked in casual; I was a bundle of nerves. We entered their room, hell it was a suite, a series of rooms. Michael sat on the bed; Ella was behind me.

“Come on Shane, relax.” The invitation was clear.

“Um. Michael, Ella. I am very attracted to both of you but there is something you have to know about me. Umm have you heard the word transgender?” I looked at them, kind of prepared to run out the door. Michael looked at me, got up, walked over and hugged me. Then he kind of padded me down, checking to see if I had a cock, I have a very small one, only a couple of inches fully erect. Ella walked over and hugged me.

“Interesting, why us Shane?”

“I just wanted to say hi to Michael them we got to talking and you joined us and I found myself very attracted to you both. I’m not a publicity hound or anything like that. I like you guys.” I looked at them, not knowing what to say or do. “I sometimes forget that under my clothes I don’t look like other guys.”

“How about we get together tomorrow afternoon? I’m filming ’til 3 then I’ll go back to that café. We can meet there, how about that Shane?” Michael smiled. I melted.

“Sure. I’m looking forward to that. It was great meeting both of you.” I hugged Michael and Ella and then quietly left their suite and went back to my grimy little room on the Eastside. The next few weeks Michael, Ella and I met up for coffee and meals, getting to know each other.

“Shane, let me drive you home.”

“Sure.” I felt a little dread, Michael and Ella lived in luxury and I lived in poverty, but I had class. I hadn’t told anyone. Well I did tell my best friend, Sherry that I was dating a couple but I didn’t name drop. I was evasive, I hated doing it but Michael and Ella deserved my loyalty.

“Right here, Michael. Park here.” Michael pulled the car over, parking in front of my rooming kaynarca escort house.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure, I guess. It isn’t much. Michael I’m really poor.” I explained as we crossed the street and entered the Metro. I unlocked the door to my room, holding the flag out of the way for Michael to enter into my little cramped room. Michael filled my room while standing in the middle, glancing at my stacks of books, folded t-shirts and more books.

“This is where you live?”

“Yeah, Michael, this is my home in the city. I also have a house in my home village.” Michael grabbed me, hugging me then kissing me. I reached up caressing his face, kissing him back.

“Come back to the hotel.” He whispered, I think he was uncomfortable in my reality.

“Why? I like it here. This has been my home for a while.” My independence was showing through, but I didn’t want to push Michael away.

“Please Shane, come stay with us. Ella wants you to stay over too. We want you to be our lover, our third.” Michael hugged and kissed me again.

“Okay, let me pack some stuff.” I grabbed my backpacks, some clothes, my laptop, and a couple of toys I needed. Then I became part of three – Michael, Ella and Shane.

“Hey Shane?” Michael whispered I knew what was coming. Michael’s pilot was finished; Ella had left a couple of days before, now it was my turn to go back to my reality. “Shane, Ella and I want you to come to L.A. come live with us.”

“What? Michael, I can’t just up and move to the States.” I protested. Why the hell was I protesting?

“Shane, you can write anywhere. You books are selling. Hell, didn’t one of them make it onto the New York bestseller’s list? Please, come with us.” Michael pleaded. Why was this so hard for me?

“Give me a couple of weeks to get things in order. I’ll rent a U-Haul…is that okay?” I looked into Michael’s dark eyes and saw his impossible eyelashes for the first time.

“Sure. Sure. Can you be there before the end of July?”

“Think so. Sure, why not? I’ll need to get medical insurance almost immediately and a doctor.” I started to think logically.

“Shane, we’ll put you on my insurance. We will work on things.” Michael kissed me; he unbuttoned my dress-shirt, pulling it out from my black jeans. I pulled Michael’s red t-shirt over his head, kissing him in the process. We undressed falling on the unmade bed, caressing and fondling each other. I bent over taking Michael’s cock in my mouth, feeling him grow hard as I sucked. Michael pulled away without coming; he fumbled for a condom, tossing the pack at me, “Put it on me.” He growled. I tore open the pack and put the rubber on his cock and handed him some lube. Michael poured some on my ass, smearing it around turning me on more. “Bend over, Shane.” Michael whispered. I leaned over, feeling Michael’s hips quicken as he entered me. God, he felt good. I pushed back as he grinds forward. Our instincts were good. Michael grabbed on tighter, “I’m coming!” I felt it happen; Michael’s thighs tighten as he slammed harder. We fell onto the bed. Michael played with my chest hairs tickling me.

“I have to leave in the morning.” He murmured, “Do you need anything?” I shook my head against his shoulder, biting my lip. Was I a gay Cinderella or something? My rich man wanting to give me cash, fuck, should I just stay here and return to my reality? “Fuck, that sounded badly didn’t it?”

“Um, kinda, yeah.” I croaked. I caressed Michael’s chest, “I know you didn’t mean it. My royalty cheques are coming in. I think I’m heading into Middle class.” We fell asleep holding each other, but after a while we both turned over and curled up back to back under a cool sheet with sweat still dripping off the small of our backs. In the morning we got up and went our separate ways, temporarily at least.

A few weeks later, I drove into Los Angeles, using GPS I found Michael and Ella’s place. Our reunion was spectacular. Michael and Ella took me to their favorite restaurant. As we left the paparazzi was there I let Michael and Ella lead the way, I pretended to be a friend from out of town, instead of their third, I didn’t mind. I was kind of freaked out by the paparazzi’s dogged determinedness. We all got into the car, I sat opposite Michael and Ella as the driver piloted the car out of garage, the photographers snapped pictures. I bowed my head.

“Head up, Shane, or they will know you’re hiding something.” Michael encouraged, I smiled back. We got back to the house, the driver opened our doors and we clamored out and headed inside to reclaim each other.

I took Ella’s kozyatağı escort hand and swung her around until she fell into my arms, I kissed her, and I held her face in my hands and kissed her some more, deep passionate kisses as Michael looked on. He started to undress me, Ella and then himself, flinging bits of clothing around. I caressed Ella’s breasts gently, I kissed her nipples, then suckled her, squeezing just enough so Ella felt a zing deep inside her. She moaned. Michael cupped my tiny cock; he kneeled between us and began to suck me off.

“Oh God.” I squirmed as I attempted to continue to suck on Ella’s nipples. At the same time I began to finger crawl down her body. I didn’t want to rush; I wanted to see if I could get her to climax by just sucking on her nipples and sending repetitive zings through her body.

“Ahh. Ohh.” Ella squirmed. “God, Shane where’d you learn to do that?” I released Ella’s nipple, kissing her. Michael was grinding behind her, dry humping. We were caressing, kissing, hugging, turning each other on, and driving each other sexually. Michael entered Ella, I watched his cock disappear into her pussy as she moaned and he growled. I was in awe, still after all these years; I was amazed how well human bodies fit together. They rhythmically crashed together, I teased myself, and we were intensely focused on our sexual freedom, driving each other further out there with sensation. We switched around, Ella indicated that she wanted me to eat her, she really liked it and I tried to teach Michael, but it’s hard to tell a guy something like that when it is really something that you have to learn from having had one first in the first place. While my tongue flicked Ella’s clit, she squirmed trying to get the most out of my tongue action. Michael was behind me, he groped my crotch, and then suddenly smeared lube on my ass, and he slowly entered me, and growled my name. He pumped first slowly then sped up then he mixed it up. I was confused, but I kept my eyes shut and saw the ribbons of light flash through my brain. My lovers where with me, and I was whole. Michael came, Ella came and I came then we curled up on the bed resting, catching our breath, slowing our hearts and feeling complete.

I nuzzled Ella, nosing her hand toward her breast, she giggled. Michael’s head popped up, one dark eye opened eye and he smiled knowingly. Ella began to rotate her fingers lightly around her nipple, closing her eyes wanting to get lost in the sensation radiating from her breast. Michael watched appreciating, as his hand travelled down to his cock, he wrapped his fingers his cock lightly stroking and he too closed his eyes losing himself in the sensations. I watched my lovers play like that, that itself sent glorious vibrations throughout my body. I couldn’t control myself any longer; I grabbed a condom and pulled Michael’s fingers away from his cock, whining, he giggled. Ella looked up as her hand moved south, and her legs spread wider, and she hunted for her clit, wetting her fingers by slipping them into her pussy. She sexily moaned both Michael and I looked up at her. God was that hot or what? Michael put the condom on his swollen cock and I daubed some lube on my butt wanting him so bad. Michael spun me around, entered me fast almost like he knew I needed him. Ella moved around on the bed till her pussy was mere inches from my face. I immediately began to flick my tongue against her clit, listening to her moans increase to yowls. Michael joined her chorus as did I. We lost ourselves, coming up to breathe when our bodies where past exhaustion and we could no longer think clearly. This was better than any known drug out there.

The next morning Michael’s publisist phoned asking about the strange man, Michael said nothing. We had decided to keep quiet until I had become more comfortable around LA, the paparazzi and my new lifestyle. Whoa.

“Let’s have breakfast out by the pool.” Ella said as she pulled on an extra-long t-shirt. Michael ran his hand through his cinnamon hair as he pulled himself out of bed. I walked out of the bathroom, wearing, a t-shirt and a big ass smile.

“Sure, I can cook up an omelet.” I offered both Michael and Ella smiled.

“Shane, we do have staff. But if you want we can take over the kitchen. I still can’t think.” Michael offered. I nodded.

“Right, new lifestyle. Give me some time to adjust, please.” I kissed Michael, walked over to Ella and gave her a kiss to set her on fire again. I liked doing that to her too.

We settled in, doing the mundane things in life, Michael read scripts, Ella posed for camera after camera and I stared into the screen of my laptop until the day it died.

“Damnit. Fuck sakes” I bellowed, leaving my office to prowl the house for something. I didn’t know what, something that would give me peace of mind until I could figure out what laptop I wanted to buy next. I couldn’t even make a simple decision. I concluded my problem was that I was hopelessly and completely in love with my lovers and LA.

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