Military School Ch. 01

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This is the story of a late bloomer…..a kid that never had much to do with anything sexual all the way into his late teens. I am sure there are a lot like me out there, but most of us are too embarrassed to admit how long it took for us to reach full sexual awareness. I guess it depends on your up bringing and where you grow up and who you happen to grow up with. I was in Catholic School all my high school years and the Nuns basically scared us all away from sex and sin. In an environment like that you just don’t ask the right questions and ignore any strange urges that might bother you from day to day. For some reason the first 18 years of my life were totally innocent and free of any, shall we say, lustful thoughts. That ended pretty quick when I went to Junior College at a military academy. I hope you enjoy my story…………..

Part 1

When you are a young man of 18, you don’t realize how wonderful it is to be free of any relationships and capable of getting a hard-on any time you feel like it. I remember back when I had just been sent to a military school for being pretty unruly. I resented my parents and really had decided if this is what they want…….. To get rid of me……… then that’s what they are getting. I was going to form a life of my own and not worry about anyone but myself. This was a big thing! It was anyone’s guess as to why I didn’t go to a normal junior college with girls and normal life. It still pisses me off when I think about it.

I was a real late bloomer for my age. I remember had found a couple porno pictures in my fathers drawer. They were not hardcore cum shots back then, just a shot of a girl sitting on a cock from behind. You know the classic picture. I realized then, you must just stick your cock in a woman and that was it. Actually I thought maybe you pissed in there or something. I didn’t know about cum or orgasms. The nuns, in school, nor even my father ever told me a damn thing, so I ended up doing some weird things.

I can think back to fucking a hole in my pillow. It was a foam rubber pillow. I cut a slit in the cover and tried to hump it when I would get a hard-on. I remember I tried pissing in it once and regretted it for a long time. I pissed maybe a cup full. I didn’t think it was much fun after all, but then I had a pillow full of piss that I didn’t want anyone to find. I had to sleep on it for a couple weeks until it finally dried up and stopped smelling so much. It wasn’t fun sleeping on a piss damp pillow that smelled for two or three weeks. I am surprised my mother never found it. She must have wondered where the smell was coming from but never found it.

After that fiasco I started playing around with my ass. I would stick my finger in an inch or two and fool around. I also played with a plastic rod that was sorta like a small dildo. It was about 10 inches long. I would probe around whenever I was alone, especially when I was in the bath tub; of course I had to be careful that no one came into the bathroom when I was playing. I would always get a boner that anyone would notice, so that my play was limited. It sure felt good pushing the rod in and sorta wiggling it.

I also remember that I would piss on myself at night. I would lie in my bed and squirt a little piss on my belly and rub it all over myself, I have no idea why that was pleasurable to me back then but I know I did it. Through all this I never knew about actual stroking.

All this play was what I did up until I was sent away. I also never knew about Cum or that it even existed. That was until I met my new roommate at school…………my world changed pretty quickly from that point forward.

The school I was sent to was Hell. They were fanatic disciplinarians and had the entire system set up to basically make you a robot. They said “jump” and you said “which way….sir”! I was pretty innocent. I really never experienced any sexual encounters other Ankara escort than getting a hard-on and wondering why I felt the way I felt when I had one. You know something is feeling strange and good at the same time but not why it did.

My roommates’ name was Joe and we both knew, pretty quickly, that we would get along together and found it easy to talk. It didn’t take much more than a few days until we were telling each other our innermost feelings…….these included cock play. We hadn’t said too much about it until the first night I felt the bunk bed moving and looked down from the top bunk to see Joe playing with himself. My seeing him didn’t seem to upset him at all. He just looked up and said, “I hope it’s OK with you if I jerk off at night, I always have to shoot a load before I go to sleep.”

I had no idea what he was talking about but said, “Hell no, we all do it don’t we?” I was too embarrassed to tell him I had never heard of this jerking off thing. I laid back and realized I had gotten a hard-on watching him play around so I moved my arm to simulate the bed movement that Joe was making.

When he stopped, I stopped. Joe said, “Man, I needed that. I haven’t jerked off since we got here. Fuck! I shot a quart! How’d you do?”

I mumbled a weak, “Ya, me too,” and we when to sleep.

The following nights were all the same. I would fake jerking off, and I found I really enjoyed watching Joe. It was dark so I could not see his cum. He would shoot into a towel and then stuff it in his laundry bin. I started faking that too. I’d jump down and stuff a towel in my bin and hop back into bed hoping Joe didn’t catch on to my fake act.

Weeks went by and one night Joe said, “I bet I am bigger than you.” He stood and peered over the bed at me and said, “Let me see your cock.” I sheepishly pulled back the covers and exposed my semi-hard-on. Joe reached over and measured me with his thumb and forefinger. When he did this he actually reached over and held my cock straight up as he checked the length. Holy Shit! Did I ever get a rush when he grabbed my shaft and rested his hand on my balls as he measured me.

Joe laughed and said, “Ya, I was right. I’m about an inch longer than you. Look…….”

I looked over the edge and saw him holding his cock and his open fingers to show I only came up to the ridge of his cock head. Joe just stood there waiting for me to say something. I said something like, “it ain’t the size it’s how you use it.”

Joe laughed nervously and said, “ya I guess your right……….ah……did you ever jerk off with anyone before? Me and a buddy used to play around a lot. It’s sorta fun doing it to each other.”

I could tell he was really nervous, so I quickly said, “Hell…..I never have tried that but what the fuck…..I’ll try anything once.”

You have to remember I was only a virgin. I had no idea what he wanted to do. Joe said, “Shit man, it’s great, come down and sit next to me, I’ll show ya.” He was starting to act like he was in a candy store….all excited and jumpy.

I crawled down and sat next to him on his bunk. He pulled his pajama bottoms to his knees and sat next to me. He sorta leaned back and showed his stiff uncut cock to me and said, “Pull your pants down so I can get to you.”

I was scared to death….I had no idea what he was planning on doing. I sheepishly pulled my underpants down and let my cock spring up. Joe immediately reached over and took my shaft in his hand and started to pump up and down. I could hardly breathe. It felt soooo good! I knew he expected me to do something to him so I reached over and held his cock. I had never done anything like this before and was really engrossed in how his cock felt in my hand.

It was soft and silky on the outside but felt like a hard bone inside. He had a fairly large foreskin so his cockhead was only partially exposed. As I started to duplicate what he Ankara escort bayan was doing to me I could see his glistening cockhead appear and disappear as I stroked him up and down. I could not take my eyes off him. He was giving me feelings I had never had in my life. I examined and played gently with his shaft and foreskin. I lost track of time.

Joe started to sort of hump into my hand as I stroked and said, “Oh shit! I’m gonna cum…..I gonna cum….aaahhhh”

As soon as he started to moan I felt his cock spasm. I had never really seen him cum before. I stared in amazement as cum started to shoot from his cock and land on his leg and on my hand and arm. He seemed to shoot 4 or 5 long ropes of cum and eventually started to dribble out onto my hand and down onto his balls.

I was shocked! I did not expect anything like that. I jumped up and grabbed for the towel hanging at the foot of the bed. “God damn it!!! What the fuck are you doing? Shit, you got stuff all over me!” I whipped it off of my hand and frantically wiped my arm off.

Joe was laughing and said, “What the fuck did you expect…..shit… give a pretty good hand job!”

He was actually still trying to hold onto my cock but I turned away and said, “Fuck you!” and jumped back in my cot.

Joe started to wipe himself off and said, “Shit man, if ya had told me you didn’t want to get cum on ya, you should have warned me. Come on, I’ll let you cum on my hand if it will make you feel any better.”

I said, “Don’t worry about it, I’m going to sleep.”

I took advantage of the situation to hide the fact I didn’t cum and rolled over with my back to Joe and put my head on my arm. I realized then, that I still had some of his cum on me and I had it right under my nose. I smelled the strong Clorox odor and wondered exactly what the hell that stuff was. It didn’t smell like piss. Looking back I am surprised I just laid there smelling the cum on my arm and didn’t do anything. I don’t know how long I did that until I wiped it off under my pillow. I do remember falling asleep as I smelled Joe’s cum from my pillow. I wonder if that was the start of my problem today…….I am a Cum Slut.

Over the following weeks Joe talked me into jerking him off several times. I was always ready and willing and I was always careful to avoid his cum stream. As soon as he shot his load I would always beg off and tell him I was tired or something and that I’d finish myself. I was mortified I didn’t shoot any cum like Joe. All I had was a raging hard-on each night and no idea how to have an orgasm…..or even what an orgasm was. I was totally unaware of the feeling of an orgasm.

The weeks turned into months. Winter came and Joe and I became close friends. We protected each others back in a hostile school environment. We both knew we would get beat badly if we ever got caught playing with each other, so it was always a late night event, which became a nightly thing. I would jerk off Joe as he laid in bed and then just jump in bed and pretend to finish myself. I was becoming Joe’s slut and didn’t even know it.

About 6 months later I finally found out what an orgasm was. I can remember the incident like it was yesterday. It was very late. I was sitting next to Joe as he laid in his cot. I was jerking him slowly. He had made it clear to me that he liked it slow and soft. I had become very willing and was really getting to enjoy the experience. I had even started using hand lotion as lube when I did Joe. He really liked that. I would rub it all over his cock and knead his cock head gently with one hand and stroke the shaft or massage his balls with the other hand. I had become used to getting his cum on me and even would finish him in his own cum as he shot. My hand would be covered with white globules of cum when I was done. I found I could wipe my hand off and get into bed and then hold my hand over my face and breath Escort Ankara in the aroma of his cum. Something was happening to me….I was starting to look forward to playing in Joe’s cum and smelling it as I went to sleep.

One night I was jerking Joe and for some reason he reached over and started to stroke and squeeze my cock as I stroked his. I was getting into my hand job and was fondling Joe’s balls as I twisted on his shaft. As I did this I started to feel a sensation that I had never had before.

My stomach was starting to feel strange but very good. I felt a wonderful sensation start deep in my ass and start to flow up into my balls. Joe was not paying much attention to what he was doing. He was just stroking me gently and slowly as I ministered to his cock.

All of a sudden I felt the unbelievable rush of the most intense orgasm I think I will ever experience. My cock erupted with cum. I shot an unbelievable amount of cum over and over. It was all over my lap and all over Joe. As I shot my load Joe started to cum. We were in some sort of nether world as we both shot cum all over ourselves.

When my orgasm subsided It had been so intense my ass felt like it had a cramp in the asshole. Surprisingly Joe didn’t yell or do anything. All he said was, “Shit man that was hot. You cum a lot! Christ it’s all over….we will have to clean up before someone catches us.” The room had a strong Clorox smell and cum was soaking into everything.

After we wiped everything off that we could, we opened the window for fear someone would come into the room and smell the cum. I was still sorta stunned even as I crawled up into my cot. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I laid there for over an hour as Joe went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited that I had shot my first load that I got hard again and immediately jerked off for the first intentional time of my life. It was about time…..most guys had been through this years before.

If your good at it you can shoot several times in a night…..that night I shot four times and slept very little. I jerked off onto my belly and chest. Some even made it to my chin. I was obsessed with smelling and feeling my cum as it laid on my belly. I didn’t even wipe it off with a towel. I used my tee-shirt and sheets. By the morning I had cum spots all over my sheets and underwear.

When I crawled out of my cot and was getting my toothbrush and stuff to go to the head and wash up for the day, Joe looked at me and said, “What the fuck have you been doing? You smell like a cock!!! Shit man you have cum in your hair!!!!”

I looked in the mirror and sure enough a glob was hanging just over my ear. I said, “Ah fuck I was pretty horney last night…I must have missed some when I was cleaning up!!”

Joe admonished me…..”you better change and clean up before you go to the head ….everyone will know what you’ve been doing asshole!”

I changed into clean underwear and made sure I didn’t smell too much and went to the head to clean up. When I got back to the room Joe was standing next to my cot ….he said “Shit man you have cum everywhere….damn what the hell’s going on?”

I knew I had to tell Joe something and I knew I was hooked on jerking off as much as I could. I had already started to have a serious cum fetish. I loved everything about it and figured I had to explain. I said, “If you promise not to laugh I’ll tell you what I ‘m doing. You may not have realized before but I sorta like cum. I hope you won’t get mad but I figured you should know.”

Joe just stood there and said, “Fuck man….I’m the same way, but we have to make sure no one else finds out. Make sure ya clean up OK? Shit we can have some fun if we are careful.”

My heart jumped. I knew that Joe and I were starting a whole new relationship beyond what we had had to that point. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but you can believe I was ready!!!!!

PLEASE write me about this story….I have tried to be as truthful as possible. I would especially like to hear from other boys school grads….especially military schools…..I will respond Personally.

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